Lev Leviev

Leviev is not mentioned as one of the Jewish oligarchs that looted Russia and stole 85% of its assets. This is inter alia because he didn't do it; he was else whereat the time and getting to grips with De Beers in the Diamond industry. But it seems clear that he knew aforesaid oligarchs and colluded with them. Berezovsky, a Jew on the run is only one. When it comes to crime Berezovsky is world class.

Leviev knows diamonds and deals with some very ugly characters in Africa as well as Russia and Israel. The body guards are not for show. Getting on with the president of Angola, José E. dos Santos made a lot of sense. That is where the local firepower comes from. Cutting him in on the profits helped. Being very/extremely/deeply/passionately friendly with the daughter was a good move. He helped her to get rich if no more.

His business operation in Angola is ASCORP which is short for Angola Selling Corporation. Its security operation has been fingered by a human rights mob for murder and torture. He denies it of course. Don't they all?

Then there is his connection Sam Nujoma who runs Namibia; Sam looks cheerful. With all of that money coming his way it is easy to see why. It has been claimed that the place is well run by African standards. It might even be true. With lots of diamonds and oil to go round keeping someone happy is very possible. More source is at Leviev And Finance

His marketing uses Gabriella Calthorpe as a model. She is rather scrawny but Princess Diana's niece.

Leviev is a billionaire and coming to live in London. Aren't we lucky! Brown and Blair collude with Jews. Jews like power. Blair loves money. And of course Her Majesty's Foreign Secretary, a little oik called Miliband is the grandson of a Jewish mass murderer and another soul mate in the offing. So there will be no problem about justice catching up with him. At all events Berezovsky got away with it. Hampstead makes a good bolt hole when things turn sour. Vicious chancers often need them.

Leviev racked De Beers
Leviev is a local hero........... This little-known billionaire is also the scourge of De Beers, the giant miner and marketer of diamonds, known as the "Syndicate."

Leviev was once a sight holder, one of a few exclusive direct buyers of De Beers rough diamonds. Today he is the world's largest cutter and polisher of the precious gems and a primary source of rough stones to other cutters, polishers and jewellery makers around the globe............... indeed, he has taken significant business away from De Beers in Russia and Angola--two of the world's largest producers of rough diamonds in terms of value..........

Leviev has not humbled the once-mighty Syndicate alone. But his defiance has inspired others, like Rio Tinto, owner of Australia's Argyle mine, which bypassed De Beers for the first time in 1996 to sell its 42 million carats directly to polishers in Antwerp. In the early 1990s the Russian government began selling some of its rough supply to others, despite its long-time exclusive deal with De Beers. When miners discovered massive diamond reserves in Canada's Northwest Territories, De Beers had to scramble for a piece. Its share of the rough-diamond market, 80% five years ago, has been cut to 60%. A part of that wealth comes from exploiting political connections--which has created enmity and suspicion......Even if his hands are clean, Leviev has dealt with people whose mitts are dirty. His ubiquitous brigade of burly armed guards isn't just for show.

There's no denying Leviev's clout. His relationship to Putin dates back to 1992,.......... Leviev has also become something of a go-to guy between Israel and central Asian countries, enlisting the secular regimes in those mainly Islamic states in the fight against fundamentalist terror groups. Leviev,........is a close associate of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon [ the major war criminal - Editor ] and the presidents of Kazakhstan and his native Uzbekistan. Among his pals in Africa are presidents José Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola and Sam Nujoma of Namibia.
Pushy and effective for sure. Clean? With a face like that? Believe it if you want. Lie down with a dog and catch fleas.

Diamonds - a reflected light from the depths of the earth
Another view from a Jewish source. Some of the dirt is revealed.

Was written up along with other thugs by Rafel Marques:-
Rafael Marques, public seminar at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London
Dated:29 Nov 2006
...people from the diamond rich-areas of the Lundas, in North-eastern Angola, have trusted me with their personal stories as victims of systematic violence, humiliation and deprivation of their basic rights to survive. Diamonds are the cause of their suffering. The culprits are the government, the diamond companies and private security forces assigned to protect their business ventures. [refers to Alfa-5, Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, Odebrecht, ITM Mining, Lev Leviev, Lazare Kaplan International (LKI), Endiama, Ascorp (Angola Selling Corporation - joint venture Endiama, Lev Leviev Group, Omega Diamonds) Sodiam (part of Endiama)]........
There are two sides to this story. Keeping the local ethnics happy would not be that difficult. Giving them useful work and education would cut into the bottom line for a while but save major nausea later. That is not the Jewish way - or the black way for that matter. Get it while the getting is good is basic policy.

José E. dos Santos
Engineer and President of Angola. Leviev is at it with the daughter or not as the case maybe. Santos speaks Russian and loathes de Beers so we have one thing in common. Leviev has two. Aforesaid daughter, one Isobel dos Santos looks almost reasonable in a posed photo even though her old man is down right ugly. Speaks English, Westminster School, big in business - Jewish help? Nothing on the Internet.

Sam Nujoma
Nujoma was born in the north of the country [ Namibia ]...... After years of asking the UN to ensure the ruling power South Africa released control of South West Africa, he authorized armed resistance in 1966.........The South African military easily dealt with SWAPO while simultaneously being busy with military campaigns in other countries. There has also been questions about how much fighting, if any, Nujoma actually took part in..

The director of the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) in Namibia stated that Nujoma had connections to the CIA. The organization has asked the International Criminal Court to investigate Nujoma and what they say is his role in disappearances during his term
Sam looks jovial and obviously loves bribes. He could be any easy man to deal with; just keep the money rolling in.

Diana's niece, Gabriella Calthorpe
She has a nice face but being down right skinny means she is never going to make it with Playboy. Perhaps that is why she is being used; not making lesser women envious is sensible.

Keith Dovkants
Does work for the BBC. This does not prove that he is a homosexual, communist subversive or traitor but it is suggestive. He wrote Leviev up but it is in print only [ Cyprus Mail page 36 16 January 2008 ]. You might get the impression from the carefully chosen pictures and under statements that Leviev might be clean. A look at other sources will dispel that idea. To be fair he has got to the sources.

Israel and the Congo Holocaust
Jews are wonderful caring people, victims of the Holocaust®. They would not do it to others even if they are only blacks. That is what they would like you to believe. It ain't true though. Just ask a Palestinian, any of them.

Operation Kissonde -The diamonds of humiliation and misery
..... Thus, the security control exercised by these companies extends throughout the whole territory. The methods used epitomise the systematic violation of human rights in the name of the law and the authority granted by the state. These violations have a profoundly sadistic aspect given that, in general, the behaviour of the guards of the three companies includes beating their victims on the buttocks, undressing them and making them circulate naked or semi-naked in public, as well as other rituals of humiliation...........

Similarly, K&P Mineira has a dual role in providing services to Luminas as well as Sodiam/LKI and Ascorp. On the one hand, it uses arbitrary methods, including violence, to expel the garimpeiros from the Luminas concession. On the other hand, it protects and accompanies Sodiam/LKI and Ascorp in the management and patronage of the garimpeiros. Although the Diamonds Law safeguards the practice of artisanal diamond mining, in other words, legal garimpo (Chapter III of the Law, nº16/94), for part of the local population, the Government prefers to keep them in a situation of permanent illegality.
Ascorp is Leviev's outfit. Does he care about evil when it makes him rich? Not a chance.

Protest Against Rich Jew And His Evil [ 1 February 2008 ]
Twenty-five New York protesters and dozens of Madison Avenue passers-by braved sub-freezing temperatures Monday evening to watch the award winning documentary “Bil’in My Love” on the sidewalk 20 feet from the Madison Avenue jewellery store of Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev. Leviev’s company Danya Cebus has been building the Israeli settlement of Mattityahu East on the land of the West Bank village of Bil’in, threatening the village’s survival. The film, by Israeli director Shai Pollak, documents the first two years of Bil’in’s three year creative, non-violent struggle to save its land from Israel’s wall and Leviev’s settlements.
Leviev is another Jew and oligarch who got rich very fast. He made money by doing evil and spends it doing evil. Such is the way of Jews in Russia. That is why oligarchs are hated there.

Jew Moving In On Dubai [ 10 May 2008 ]
Last month, Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev announced plans to open two eponymous jewellery stores in Dubai, but steps taken by officials in the emirate seem to indicate that Leviev’s business is not welcome there...............

“They sort of folded under the media pressure,” David Bloom, an Adalah-NY activist, said of the Dubai government. He credited his own organization — which circulated an e-mail titled “Is Dubai Helping Ethnic Cleansing In Palestine?” — as well as Arab media outlets, with embarrassing Dubai into disavowing a connection with Leviev.

“By enforcing this piece of what hadn’t been enforced with the Arab boycott, they avoided having to deal with the tricky issues about [Leviev’s] violations of international humanitarian law,” Bloom added. He was referring to Leviev’s construction of settlement housing in the West Bank.
Leviev is not on the run but he has got a large body guard, with good reason no doubt. Notice the Jew whining about media pressure. They know about that. It is why they buy all of the newspapers.

Leviev Posts $426 Million Loss [ 31 March 2009 ]
JERUSALEM(JTA)-- Russian Jewish billionaire Lev Leviev's Africa Israel Group announced the largest loss in Israel's history.

The company lost $426 million in 2008, it announced Monday. Africa Israel, which is 75 percent owned by Leviev, had a net loss of $637 million in the fourth quarter.

Leviev has been the largest donor to Jewish education programs in the former Soviet Union. The Or Avner school network, which he founded and continues to fund, has had to cut its budget by one-third.
I am all broke up about it.

Leviev Hides From His Creditors [ 14 September 2009 ]
Hundreds of bondholders owed NIS 7.5 billion by Africa Israel convened yesterday for a tense assembly at Beit Hahayal in Tel Aviv. Lev Leviev, the real estate giant's controlling shareholder, didn't come. The company was represented by CEO Izzy Cohen, vice chairman Nir Grinshpon, legal counsel Jacques Zimmerman and chief financial officer Ron Fainaro. The company has the wherewithal to pay series B9 bondholders the NIS 590 million due in November, but won't be paying them, in order not to discriminate between creditors, the chairman informed the assembly............ He didn't answer the question as to why Leviev hadn't shown up. The crisis isn't over, he added: The global property markets remain in terrible shape.
Leviev is down to his last several billion. Things are tough all over.

Leviev Defaults On His Bonds [ 14 November 2009 ]
Lev Leviev, controlling shareholder of Africa Israel, and Izzy Cohen, the company's CEO, smiled as they cut the ribbon on the Palace Cotroceni Mall in Bucharest, Romania yesterday. But certain bondholders of the global real estate company were baring their teeth in a different way, after the company made good on its "promise" and withheld NIS 550 million they were due to receive yesterday. Officially, therefore, Africa Israel yesterday became insolvent and indeed the credit rating agency S&P Maalot yesterday downgraded all the company's 13 series of bonds to D for Default (see box).
Leviev robs people. Leviev robs Jews. That is democracy.

Lev Leviev Stole More Than $1 Billion Helped By His Rabbi - Or Not As The Case May Be - http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2012/07/does-evidence-uncovered-in-a-london-trial-show-that-chabad-helped-its-patron-oligarch-steal-more-than-1-billion-dollars-123-1.html [ 7 August 2012 ]
Arcadi Gaydamak recently lost a court proceeding in London against Lev Leviev. The two billionaires are fighting over the proceeds of Angolan diamond mines. Chabad's chief rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, plays a key role in this fight. Gaydamak and Leviev gave Lazar a handwritten contract to hold for safekeeping more than a decade ago. At the time, both billionaires were Chabad supporters. But Lazar 'lost' the contract, which allegedly spelled out Gaydamk's share of those diamond mines – a share worth at least $1 billion dollars (and probably much more).

Lazar admitted on Israeli TV in 2010 that he had been given an envelope by the two men. But he claimed never to have looked inside it. Lazar claimed to have misplaced the envelope which, after all these years, he could no longer find.

That Leviev is Chabad's chief patron in the FSU, and that the contents of the envelope would allegedly cause Leviev to lose more than $1 billion, allegedly had nothing to do with the loss of the document according to Lazar.

Leviev claimed the agreement never existed.
Money brings out the worst in some people. Jews are even worse. One of them is lying, if not all.

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