Diamonds are a girl's best friend. The thought comes to mind unbidden which is interesting and significant. It means we have been influenced by popular culture, the sort generated in Hollywood and the main stream media generally. It affects girls too, especially when it comes to getting engagement rings. Why do we all think a wife needs an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring? Why have a ring in the first place? This gets us back to popular culture which is run by, whisper it, Jews. You doubt it? Read The Diamond Invention to know how diamonds carried on getting more expensive as they became more plentiful. De Beers created an illusion of rarity. De Beers created a monopoly. De Beers got rich.

Most diamonds come from Africa, in particular South Africa. Then there are artificial diamonds. They can be made. After all diamond is just carbon formed under very high pressure. How many girls have been fobbed off with artificial versions? We will never know. They come from Amsterdam or Tel Aviv, that is from Jews. The price is high and nobody is talking.

The history in brief is that Boers moved into South Africa and farmed. Brits took over when diamonds were found. The Jews were heavily involved and own De Beers. This led to the Boer Wars circa 1900. The Boers took over the government in 1948. They instituted Apartheid. The Jews pretended they thought it was disgusting. It was an excuse to incite Black Hate, to incite communist subversives like the BBC, run boycotts against farming but not gold or diamonds, the industries the Jews owned. That is how they broke the government and Boers while keeping the mines. The blacks got nothing of course. Jews laughed up their sleeves while pretending they were the victims.

The origin of the business starts earlier. The first diamonds came from India through the hands of Arabs then Jews. When India was worked out, more were found in Brazil. So it was Jews again. Then South Africa became the main source. See The Diamond Invention Chapter 8 by Edward Epstein [ Would you believe another Jew? ]

The Telegraph tells us that diamond smuggling is big in South Africa and that the place is infested with criminal Jews, the local Mafia. Believe it? I do. See Mobster Murders Stun South Africa


Blood Diamonds
Diamonds and Jews, money and Jews, trouble and Jews. It goes on and on. The phrase is a propaganda term.


Conflict Diamonds
Is a term invented by marketing men to sell the idea that De Beers should keep their diamond monopoly.


Diamonds In Zimbabwe
Diamond mining in Zimbabwe is fairly new. It did not happen in Rhodesia. It is be done by the Chinese colluding with Mugabe, an exceptionally nasty bit of work. Trying it on with the Chinese will not work. They have met his sort before. They will sort him out fast if that is what it takes.


The Diamond Invention
Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Diamond Take Over
Diamonds were found in South Africa. International financiers moved in for the kill. They made a monstrous killing. They still are. They are called Oppenheimer. They are called Jews. They are called thieves.


De Beers
Are big in diamonds. They did much to create the industry. Marketing the idea that girl needed an engagement ring at a cost of three months' wages which had to be diamond was a major triumph. Creating their very own legal monopoly was another.
QUOTE ex  engagement ring
Like all jewelry, the price for an engagement ring can vary considerably depending on the materials used, the design of the ring, whether it includes a gemstone, the value of any gemstone, and the seller. The idea that a man should spend two to three months' personal wages for an engagement ring originated from De Beers marketing materials in the early 20th century, in an effort to increase the sale of diamonds. In 2007, the average cost of an engagement ring in USA as reported by the industry was US$2,100.
Greed is good, isn't it? I do not think many men were stupid enough to swallow that one. I know they brought their try on down to a mere month's wages. It qualifies as a hidden tax paid to rich Jews.


Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in the Congo
Maurice Tempelsman is [ a Jew and ]  one of the top funders of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Templesman [ sic ] was the unofficial ambassador to the Congo (Zaire) for years, but a new Israeli-American tycoon has replaced him. In the world of bling bling and bling bang, some things change, some stay the same. The CIA, the Mossad, the big mining companies, the offshore accounts and weapons deals—all hidden by the Western media. The holocaust in Central Africa has claimed some six to ten million people in Congo since 1996, with 1500 people dying daily. [1] But while the Africans are the victims of perpetual Holocaust, the persecutors hide behind history, complaining that they are the persecuted, or pretending they are the saviors. Who is responsible?  

For Israeli-American Dan Gertler, business in blood drenched Congo is not merely business, it is a quest for the Holy Grail. Young Dan Gertler goes nowhere—does nothing—without the spiritual guidance of  Brooklyn-born Rabbi Chaim Yakov Leibovich, a personal friend of Condoleezza Rice. [2] Gertler and Leibovitch are two of the principals behind a diamond mining company, Emaxon Finance Corporation, involved in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Gertler and gang won the majority rights to the diamonds from the state mining company, Societé Miniere de Bakwanga, MIBA, found near the government-controlled town of Mbuji-Mayi, the rough diamond capital of the world.  
This is from Keith Snow, a journalist specializing in African genocide - see his work at All Things Pass.


Dan Gertler
Jew on the make, runs International Diamond Industries, murdered Kabila or not as the case may.


Lev Leviev
Is big in diamonds and Angola. He has a heavy weight body guard. It is not just for decoration.


Harry Oppenheimer
A Jew was seriously rich. He probably funded the take over of South Africa by blacks and Jews like Joe Slovo, a Lithuanian Jew operating South African Communist Party and  Umkhonto we Sizwe.


They control De Beers. They control the almost total diamond monopoly. They are criminals. They are political manipulators. They are Jews on the make.


Benny Steinmetz
Is big in diamonds. Now he is moving in on Guinea, the one in Africa. This time it is iron but when there are millions of tons of the stuff it can be very profitable. That is why the Chinese are making moves as well. Of course the blacks are not going to make much out of it, apart from a few at the top of the pile. He runs the Steinmetz Diamond Group



Diamond Take Over
This is part of a report from Chris McGreal, a left wing journo prone to fits of honesty. Jews robbed South Africa. Jews were not liked in South Africa. Cause and effect? It does look that way.

From Israel and South Africa

South African anti-Semitism had grown with the rise of Jews to prominence in the 1860s, during the Kimberly diamond rush. At the turn of the century, the Manchester Guardian's correspondent, JA Hobson, reflected a view that the Boer war was being fought in the interests of a "small group of international financiers, chiefly German in origin and Jewish in race". Fifty years later, Malan's cabinet saw similar conspiracies. Hendrik Verwoerd, editor of the virulently anti-Semitic newspaper, Die Transvaler, and future author of "grand apartheid", accused Jews of controlling the economy. Before the second world war, the secret Afrikaner society, the Broederbond - which included Malan and Verwoerd as members - developed ties to the Nazis. Another Broederbond member and future prime minister, John Vorster, was interned in a prison camp by Jan Smuts's government during the war for his Nazi sympathies and ties to the Grey Shirt fascist militia.


Diamonds In Zimbabwe

Mugabe And China Run A Major Diamond Mine [ 19 September 2010 ]
Robert Mugabe's regime claimed the diamond mines as their own, using brutal methods to make sure no-one tried to take the stones...... Yet they are not speakers of Shona, the native language of this land on the border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. No, thousands of miles from home, under a broiling African sun, these slim, pale-skinned figures are members of the Chinese military. Working alongside henchmen from one of Africa’s most murderous regimes — headed by Robert Mugabe — the Chinese are here to oversee Beijing’s investment in the world’s most controversial commodity: blood diamonds.........  
Compare Ian Smith's track record which was at least half way decent, the abuse he received from the BBC and other communist subversives with Mugabe's racism, massacres and general purpose evil. Then know that you are being lied to by the main stream media. The journo writing this one is pushing the Blood Diamonds story that Jews like Oppenheimer use to prop up their crumbling monopoly. They are just as evil. Oppressing blacks comes naturally to them. They have had a lot of practice at running slave ships to America


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