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The Libertarian Alliance is England's leading libertarian organisation. with Sean Gabb as its face. This is a copy of this month's [ May 2012 ] offering with links to doubtless splendid essays.

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Dear All,

I haven't done a mailing for over a month. However, the Libertarian Alliance has remained very busy, putting the case for liberty as best it can. Here is a list of some of the things we have published. These are generally very substantial essays. Even the blog postings listed below are mostly essays. Though we have no objection to short blog postings, Libertarian Alliance writers tend to write at length. Indeed, the comments on postings tend to be rather long and elaborate. This has many advantages where debate is being progressively constrained to Twitter length. Certainly, I commend the last month or so of our writings to your inspection.

A note on our publishing habits: At the moment, we are still feeling our way towards an integrated system of publishing. Until we get there, many of our longer pieces go up first on the LA website. This doesn't allow comments. Our reason for this is that the LA website is an archive that we hope will be there for decades yet to come, and we don't think it would be appropriate to surround essays with ancient comments. But essays are all republished on our blog, and comments are unmoderated - we only take down comments if we think they will get us into trouble with the authorities. The result is a frequent duplication of effort that we increasingly feel is untidy. Also, some of the blog postings are as long as our formal essays. Some of these then find their way to the website. But, you see, we started our blog simply because everyone else had one, and we didn't realise until after the event that it would become an important publishing venture in its own right. In this sense, our publishing activities are rather like the now abolished English Constitution - great creativity and elaboration, without an ounce of strategic thought.

Whatever the case, please do look at the various essays listed below. If you want to comment, be our guest. If you want to repost anything, please be our guest in that.

And, if you feel inclined, you are welcome to use the discreet but omnipresent links that allow you to contribute financially to our efforts.


Sean Gabb

Various new essays:

Attack the System: Interview with Sean Gabb (2012)  - debate on LA Blog

See also these essays on our Blog:

The Policeman’s Your Friend — As Long As He Can Afford to Be
The Police are your friends
How surprising is that, then
Private Eye, 11th September 1970: Nothing Changes, Except for the Worse!
Freemen of the Land: A Barrister Writes Again
The Churchill Memorandum, Reviewed in The Quarterly
An unflattering but very positive review of Mr Blake’s latest
Richard Blake in The Morning Star
Richard Blake in Hungarian
Pam Norfolk Reviews Sword of Damascus
Another Review of The Churchill Memorandum
Then and Now: The Thatcherite Legacy of Totalitarian Plutocracy
Truancy and the Total State
What to do about GramscoFabiaNazism’s roaring success, and how smokers can’t find a place in society now
The Principal-Secretary-of-State-for-War will now intervene
Historical Notes 052, Understanding the Chinese (2011), by John Derbyshire
Big Brother State UK: Sean Gabb v Alex Carlile
Let us suppose for a moment, that…
Can Liberalism Tolerate Islam?
I wonder if they did it on purpose
Big Brother is Back – ID Cards Were Nothing Compared to This Government’s Snooping Plans
Should Alcohol Have a Minimum Price? Radio Appearance
Propaganda for Fiscal Embezzlement
Mill on Liberty – Old Review
Liberalism: For Nations, not Empires?
Conservative Promises
Politically incorrect film reviews – Coriolanus
Compensating the British for slavery
Gay marriage versus slavery: discuss
Essay on Debt from Outside the Mainstream
Paul Gottfried on English Blame for the Great War
$1 billion gift for the UN….what a loser.
The Navy Buys Its Ships from Abroad!
A Minimum Wage or a Free Economy?
Keith Preston on The New Totalitarianism
Evaluate and Critically Discuss
Did Marx Really Say This?
Obesity by DJW
Should Libertarianism be Cultural Leftism without the State?
A Brief Argument for English Independence
“Upstairs, Downstairs” Reviewed
The death of science: atavism returns: “green education” in schools near you

Sean Gabb
Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979) Tel: 07956 472 199

Postal Address: Suite 35, 2 Lansdowne Row, London W1J 6HL, England
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Here are some more offerings:-

New Publications

David Davies on the death of Eric Hobsbawm: One down…only a few million to go

DJ Webb on the British Constitution: The Oaths and Vows That Bind Our Society Together

Prunella Jordaine's wildly provocative defence of freedom of speech: Vox Populi, Vox D.E.I.: Division, Derision, and the Death of Free Speech

A long discussion paper on the obscenity laws: NCROPA on “Obscenity”

A draft Freedom of Expression Bill: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION BILL

Robert Henderson on freedom of political speech: Political speech and action in Britain: What is legally permitted ?

An essay on syphilis that has nothing to do with the libertarian argument, but that is fascinating: Syphilis and Theories of Contagion

David Davies on the Football Association: The “Football Association” is now a “Court” – official.


Sean Gabb on whether British citizens should ever be extradited (especially to be raped in an American prison): Should British Citizens ever be Extradited?

Sean Gabb's obituary of David Alec Webb: Obituary: David Alec Webb, 1931-2012

A reprint of Sean Gabb on Epicurus: Epicurus: Father of the Enlightenment

Sean Gabb on the immorality of foreign aid: The Immorality of Foreign Aid

Sean Gabb on the scandal of foreign aid: The Scandal of Foreign Aid

Sean Gabb on limited liability: Thoughts on Limited Liability

Robert Henderson on the right of self defence: Killing no murder – the right of the individual to defend their home

D.J. Webb on the right of self defence: False arrest of victims

Sean Gabb on a shockingly evil suggestion: Should there be Video Cameras in School Toilets?

D.J. Webb on evil social workers: Social Worker Police State

David Davies on libertarian strategy: The allure of socialism, or “Fighting Zombies”.

Film review by Robert Henderson: Politically incorrect film reviews – The Sweeney

D.J. Webb on those wicked pictures that no true Englishman should behold: The Duchess of Cambridge’s assets

A book review by Richard Blake: Richard Blake Reviews “Sword of Marathon” by Jack England

A most unflattering review of one of Mr Blake's novels: Lucid tentacles test ‘n sleeved – Hysterical Navels: Oh Aelric!

A much nicer review of one of Mr Blake's novels: Nice Review of Richard Blake’s Συνωμοσίες στη Ρώμη

A very nice review of Mr Blake's latest: Ghosts of Athens, Reviewed by The Historical Novels Society

D.J. Webb on the British Constitution: A Constitutional Daydream

Robert Henderson on Emma West: Emma West trial adjourned for third time

Sean Gabb on the Pussy Riot convictions: Pussy Riot: From a trumpet with an uncertain voice

D.J. Webb on the House of "Lords": The Other House

Sean Gabb on Scepticism: Old Essay on Scepticism

Sean Gabb on Rape: RapeCrisis: yet another “fake charity”?

Robert Henderson on the Olympic Opening Ceremony: The 2012 Olympics and the deep sporting culture of Britain

Sean Gabb on the Olympic Opening Ceremony: The London Olympics Opening Ceremony: A Grotesque and Sinister Pantomime (2012), by Sean Gabb

In General

Some of these essays - I think in particular of Prunella Jordaine - are very controversial. However, if you believe in freedom of speech, you defend freedom of speech wherever it is attacked. You don't pick and choose. We opposed censorship in the 1980s and 90s, when it was used against pornographers and sexual minorities. We oppose it now, when it is used against political dissidents - e.g., Emma West for commenting on immigration, and Babar Ahmad for running his pro-terrorist websites. Anyone who is uncomfortable with that should examine his own belief in freedom of speech.

You are welcome to comment on these essays. Our policy is never to edit comments, and only to remove them if they seem likely to get us into trouble.

Love to some of you, best wishes to many of you, greetings to the rest of you.



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