Sean Gabb

Doctor Gabb is England's leading libertarian, a man with a background in history and economics. He is published inter alia by Steve Sailer links to three of his articles. They are rather good.

Dr. Sean Gabb [ Email him ] is a writer, academic, broadcaster and Director of the Libertarian Alliance in England. His monograph Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back is downloadable here . For his account of the Property and Freedom Society’s 2008 conference in Bodrum, Turkey, click here . For his address to the 2009 PFS conference, “What is the Ruling Class?” , click here ; for videos of the other presentations , click here.

Self Publishing - A Brief Guide For Beginners
Sean explains all. Fred explains modern Publishing. Fred knows about publishing because he is a writer with a serious interest in getting published. He tells us that things move on, technology has consequences, that New York publishing is going the way of the dinosaur. Who am I to argue? Not that I would anyway. If you want to write, if you want to get paid then read. Be aware that Fred wrote for Soldier of Fortune, a rather interesting magazine. It was more like working in a zoo.


Cultural Revolution Culture War
Sean explains what a corrupt establishment is doing to us and how.

10/24/09 - BBC’s Question Time and BNP’s Nick Griffin: Stumbling Into The Mainstream, Against A Wall Of Bias

08/31/09 - The British State vs. The BNP—The Post-Modern Tyranny of “Human Rights”

06/08/09 - England: The Peasants are Revolting


Puritans Know How To Run Our Lives Better Than We Do
That is what they think; that is what they are getting away with pro tempore. Sean explains. The principle is know thine enemy. The right response is to oppose their greed. All of those civil servants paid more than Her Majesty's Prime minister would make a good start. There are the Fake Charities that take millions from the tax payer. Then Charity Bosses Get Rich By Using the Poor. How? Jew Running Kids Company Threatened Rioting In Demand For £3 Million. NB The Kids Company Boss Is Fat, Ugly & Light Fingered. Shutting down the BBC would be wonderful.


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