Multiculturalism in Fiji

The first Indians were imported in 1879. They have been causing problems on and off ever  since. Using them was an expedient that made commercial sense in the short term. It made bad political sense in the medium and long terms.

They were being used as labourers in tea plantations but they went into trade and dominated that which they then spoilt by getting greedy. They proved their venal nature in 1939 by striking when the Fijians enlisted and served. When the Indians subsequently won power by democratic means it was necessary to prevent them taking over. Major General Rabuka led the action against them. Her Majesty's Government considered the matter and decided not to invade. Given that the Fijians are good soldiers it was a sensible decision and would have been an act of gross ingratitude. The Foreign Office has no great interest in gratitude as it proved in Rhodesia but they got it right on this occasion.

The Indian connection
Indians were imported by the Brits to work on the sugarcane plantations. This was because the tribes were at war and European diseases had been killing them off too. The first lot of Indians, 463 of them,  arrived with  the Leonidas on 14 May  1879. The Governor made arrangements to look after the Islanders and prevent the incomers taking land from them.


World War II and Fiji Indians
Indians in Fiji were being a nuisance anyway. When the war came Fijians went to the colours and served well. The Indians saw it as an opportunity to be even more of a nuisance and strike. They won in the short term but it cost them in the long run.


Permanent Revolution Say  Bolsheviks
The Fijian Army is only 99% Fijian which is a bit disappointing. It was not likely to be much concerned about the welfare of foreign trouble makers.


Fiji Breaks Diplomatic Relations With New Zealand [ 14 June 2007 ]
Helen Clark [ a self righteous, left wing rat bag - Editor ] said that Fiji "simply didn't like what he was saying on behalf of the New Zealand Government". "I understand there may be some suggestion that the Commander felt slighted at a rugby game, [ Rugby matters in Fiji - Editor ]" she said.
Fijians are sound sort of men who serve in the SAS. They object to being over run by Indians and racists like Clark who meddle. To be fair they had the gumption to do something about it.


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