OKC Massacre

The Oklahoma City Massacre on 19 April 1995 got 168 kills and 800+ injuries. It also got a lot of publicity at the time. It was the best attack of its type in America until the 9/11 Job in 2001. Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were fingered. Tim was executed after he refused to go along with appeals. Terry got life in prison.

The government story is that they did it to avenge The Waco Massacre and The Ruby Ridge Massacre. This was an embarrassment to the militia movement which was concerned about powerful, corrupt government. It became part of a propaganda campaign to destroy militias. It worked. But there are people who do not believe the government story. There are people who do not believe any government story. They have valid reasons. The WMD story used to justify invading Iraq is one.

The Final Jihad
Some one is not swallowing the government story. Who does believe politicians and apparatchiks these days?

Tim McVeigh; he refused to snivel to courts. He went to his death like a man.


Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine and Virginia Tech by Anthony Gregory
Mr. Gregory feels that government are perpetrators rather individuals.


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