Mossad is an Israeli outfit which does espionage. They murder people Jews do not like. It also carries out False Flag Operations. One such was a radio transmitter planted in Tripoli to send false signals, which made it look as though Colonel Gaddafi was up to something. Ronnie Regan bought the story. He sent F111s to bomb Libya. That is what the Jews wanted. They missed Gaddafi which was not their intent; he was not in his tent.

Victor Ostrovsky tells us that Mossad are not wanton killers. They are cold blooded killers. They need initiative, finance and the morals of a sewer rat. That is where they come in into their very own. Their helpers are Jews in other countries, traitors called Sayanim. Internal security is handled by Shin Bet

Mossad Motto Top: "kee betachbulot ta'ase lecha milchama"
Translation: "With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war"

(Note - This totally contradicts the Jewish ethics I learned at home, and reminds me precisely [ of ] the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion")

Bottom: "Ha'Mossad Le'modiein"
Translation: "The institute for the collection of Information"


Victor Ostrovsky
Was a lieutenant colonel of Mossad until he did a runner because they are vicious hooligans running out of control. His books tell us about major political manipulation. Of course manipulation is what Jews do. It beats honest work. One wheeze was murdering the new boss because they did not like him - or because he did not like their agenda. See Yekutiel Adam for more and better details.


Israeli Gestapo Exposed [ 31 July 2010 ]
This is Shin Bet who do internal security. Shin Bet is another charmless bunch of thugs
The arrest by Israel’s internal security service, the Shin Bet, of an Israeli Jew accused of killing at least four Palestinians has thrown a rare light on the secret police, including attempts by one of its agents to enlist the accused to assassinate a Palestinian spiritual leader.

Chaim Pearlman, who was arrested a fortnight ago, has been charged with murdering four Palestinians in Jerusalem and injuring at least seven others in a series of knife attacks that began more than a decade ago. Police are still investigating whether he was involved in additional attacks. Although Pearlman was denied access to a lawyer until 23 July, far-right groups have rapidly come to his aid, waging what the Shin Bet officials have described as “psychological warfare” by revealing damaging details about the case..........

Abir Baker, a lawyer with Adalah, a legal centre that handles Palestinian security cases, said: “The Shin Bet is facing an internal crisis over this arrest and the settlers are trying to exploit that with their campaign. “Many members of the Shin Bet are settlers themselves and think of these extremists as their colleagues, not as the enemy. The line between the Shin Bet and these extremist organizations is very blurred.”............

Unlike in the case of Palestinian attacks on Israelis, attacks by Jews on Palestinians are rarely solved, leading to criticisms that the Shin Bet is not serious about tackling the problem of “Jewish terror”...........

Yaakov Teitel, a settler who was arrested by the Shin Bet last year, is accused of his first murder of a Palestinian 14 years ago. Some observers have suggested he was only arrested after he started attacking left-wing Jews, including placing a bomb at the home of a prominent academic in 2008........

Nadia Matar, leader of the pro-settler group Women in Green, told the Israel’s Jerusalem Post this week that the Shin Bet divisional head “has to know that there is a price to stabbing Jewish brothers in the back... People have to be loyal or bear the consequences.”
Shin Bet is not part of the solution. Shin Bet is part of the problem. So are the hooligans that run Palestine, the Stolen Land. King Abdullah explains that their claim to Israel is fraudulent but then Jews and fraud go together.


British Government Invites Israel To Explain Its Use Of Forged Passports [ 19 February 2010 ]
Israel's ambassador to Britain has been summoned to a meeting with a senior Foreign Office official Thursday, to clarify what London called the "identity theft" of six British citizens living in Israel. The alleged theft was in connection to last month's assassination of a top Hamas figure in his Dubai hotel room. Although Jerusalem has not taken responsibility for the January 20 hit on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the incident seems to have spawned a serious diplomatic rift between Israel and Great Britain.......

A British diplomat said the meeting with Prosor would focus on the alleged identity theft of the six Britons, whose names appeared on the passports of several of the assailants involved in the assassination.
The alleged Brits were Jews living in Israel who acquired our passports. Mossad was regarded as competent as well as vicious. It is still dangerous.  Victor Ostrovsky left because they are hooligans out of control. His book tells us they murdered their new boss. Nowadays they are noted for incompetence as well as evil


The Mossad's Secret Wars [ 20 February 2010 ]
For more than half a century, the Mossad has been blamed for numerous killings around the world, and is often at the centre of conspiracy theories, including those surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 1998 Lockerbie bombing and the 911 attacks in the US. While some of its actions have been celebrated within Israel, the organisation has at times come under criticism for disrespecting the sovereignty of other nations and has been accused of violating international law. The Mossad was established in 1951 by David Ben-Gurion, the then prime minister of newly-formed Israel, who set out that the intelligence apparatus would provide the "first line of defence" at a time when Israel, he said, was "under siege by its enemies".
A low key summary from Al Jazeera.


Israeli Spies Concealed Two Of Their Murders [ 28 September 2011 ]
Newly released papers reveal how Shin Bet tried to hide 'Bus 300' killings
Then-chief of Israel's security service, Avraham Shalom, ordered security forces to kill two Palestinians who were captured after attack on Israeli bus in 1984...............

Majdi Abu Jumma, a suspect in the 1984 Bus 300 hijacking, being led to his death by Shin Bet officers.

Photo by: Alex Levac

According to transcripts recently released and being published here for the first time, on that night, Hazak and two former Shin Bet department heads, Rafi Malka and Peleg Radai, gave evidence that led Zamir to launch a criminal probe against senior Shin Bet officials, who were accused of covering up the killing of two Palestinian terrorists who had been captured alive after attacking Bus 300 on April 13, 1984. The order to kill the two had come from Shin Bet head Avraham Shalom.
Jews murdered. Jews lied. Jews Perverted the course of justice. Jews did what comes naturally.


Mossad Fouls Up Again
Again? Make that again and again.


Mandela Trained By Mossad In Ethiopia [ 26 December 2013 ]
"Nelson Mandela, the former South African leader who died earlier this month, was trained in weaponry and sabotage by Mossad operatives in 1962, a few months before he was arrested in South Africa........... In January 1962, he secretly and illegally fled South Africa and visited various African countries, including Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt and Ghana. His goal was to meet with the leaders of African countries and garner financial and military support for the armed wing of the underground African National Congress."
Zionist crazies used Mandela to incite Black Hatred in South Africa. It worked. In America they used
Martin Luther King. In England they are using Her Majesty's Government to import Third World aliens to create the problems of South Africa. It is Subversion, it is Treason, it is crime. How do they get away with it? See the next one.