Peterborough Sex Abuse Case


Peterborough is an English city in Cambridgeshire, one infested with Pakistanis as a result of the Treason of Her Majesty's Government. One result is the Peterborough Sex Abuse Case. It was all Pakistani; other Third World undesirables were involved.

Peterborough Sex Abuse Case
The Peterborough sex abuse case involved groups of men who committed serious sexual offences against under-aged girls, some as young as 12, in the English city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. In a series of trials in 2014 and 2015, they were found guilty of rape, child prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation, among other offences.[1] The men, who were of Pakistani,[2] Iraqi Kurdish and Slovak Roma[3] heritage, were convicted as a result of Operation Erle, in which Cambridgeshire police investigated sex exploitation in the area following a complaint by a teenaged girl against Mohammed Khubaib, a restaurant-owner in Peterborough.[4] Police had been alerted by the Rotherham and Rochdale child abuse cases to the possibility of widespread abuse taking place.[5]

As in Rochdale, Oxford, Derby, Rotherham, Telford and Bristol prosecutions, the victims were typically vulnerable white girls,[6] some ostensibly in local authority care,[5] who were groomed with gifts of tobacco, free meals and apparent displays of affection and friendship by the older males who were targeting them. They were then persuaded to drink vodka or other strong alcoholic drinks and coerced into sexual acts. Some were subsequently trafficked as child prostitutes. The man whose activity prompted the police operation, Mohammed Khubaib, a 43-year-old restaurant-owner of Pakistani heritage, was described during his trial at the Old Bailey as having a "'persistent and almost predatory interest' in teenage girls".[5] Khubaib also owned a lettings agency and took under-aged girls to flats under his control, where he and his friends would give them alcohol and play them sexually explicit music videos as part of the sexual grooming.[5] The nine other men convicted to date as a result of Operation Erle are reported as Hassan Abdulla, 34, Mohammed Abbas, 30, Yasir Ali, 29, Muhammed Waqas, 24, Daaim Ashraf, 20, Zdeno Mirga, 19, Renato Balog, 19, Jan Kandrac, 18, and a 14-year-old who could not be named because of his age.[4]


Reaction in Peterborough and elsewhere
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
welcomed the convictions and praised the courage of the victims in giving evidence at the trials. A police spokesman said that police had "made great efforts to safeguard these young people, win their confidence and explore what they told us" and noted that the "victim-led" investigation, a joint initiative by Cambridgeshire police and Peterborough city council, had "formally beg[u]n in early January 2013". It drew lessons from the Rotherham and Rochdale child abuse cases, which had alerted police and council officials to the possibility that similar abuse was happening in the Peterborough area.[5] One of Khubaib's victims said in a victim impact statement: "It was disgusting what he did to me. Before that happened, I was a typical 13-year-old who didn't know any better and thought that Mohammed was my friend who I had under my thumb. Now I know that he was the one with the control."[5] A spokesman for the NSPCC, a national charity campaigning for child welfare, said: "No child should experience what these girls have been through. Mohammed Khubaib subjected them to appalling ordeals but he will now have to pay for his crimes as a result of the victims' bravery in giving evidence."[5]