Racism in Australia

Australia has its racists. Chief among them are the men who control the media. Being a Marxist is a major requirement of any one who wants to joining the ABC which the local of equivalent of the BBC. Being a Homosexual is not compulsory but it sure helps. Inciting Multiculturalism is big on the agenda. Cultural Genocide is the name of the game. Infiltrating revolutionary foot soldiers to do the fighting while their intellectual superiors egg them on and sneer at them behind their backs is part of the attack. Some action has started. Media types would have preferred it to come later so that they could infiltrate more enemy into Oz.

Political manipulators, subversives and politicians use various people as secular saints. The truth behind the lies exposes the corruption and hypocrisy.


Aboriginal girl first to face race-hate law [ 1 June 2006 ]
Some one has not got the idea. It was only meant to be used against us, not Abos. No doubt he/she/it will be straightened out. The Abos should get done for assault and criminal damage too.
Aboriginal machete gangs devastate remote township [ 24 May  2006 ]
FEUDING gangs armed with spears and machetes have run amok at the biggest Aboriginal settlement in Australia, destroying homes and terrifying families hiding from the violence. At least 28 homes have been destroyed in fighting between the Judas Priests and the Evil Warriors. About 300 men from each faction have been locked in confrontation. The fighting has overwhelmed police officers on the settlement, and reinforcements have been flown in from Darwin.
This is a triumph for communist subversives. They settled Abos in little places with nothing to do except draw the dole money and get drunk. Unemployment is 98% Was it in the main stream media in Oz? No chance.


Cronulla Riots
They were started by Lebanese thugs and used by the left to make Australians look bad. So every one was happy, except honest people.
Call for the army to halt Aborigine gang wars
Culture no excuse for aboriginal abusers
Pope makes plea for Aborigines


Lebanese in Australia
Import vicious foreigners. Tell them they are victims of nasty white man. Incite them to cause trouble then stand back and laugh up your sleeve. That is how the followers of Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist work, using Useful Idiots in Their Long March Through The Institutions


Wolves in sheep’s clothing on an extremist Islamic mission [ 27 April 2006 ]
They wear normal clothes. They speak Australian like they were born there. They were. They qualify for Australian passports. They also speak Arabic fluently using it to incite war and treason. Left wing rags don't usually tell us the truth about the enemy within. This piece slipped through.
"Islam can never coexist one under the other or one within the other," Soadad told the crowd. "When the state is established, when people see the mercy of Islam they embrace Islam in droves."
Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Cronulla Again [ 13 January 2006 ]
Lebanese oik steals and burns Australian flag. He claims that he cares about Australia. He gets three months. He had just been done for fraud. Media coverage is designed to let ethnics off lightly and finger Australians instead. That is racism too.
Islamics Incite War In Oz [ 8 January 2006 ]
That is what Islamics do. They have invaded Christendom before. See Battle of Vienna, 1683 and Battle of Tours, 732. Now  it is infiltration with post Marxist connivance and official treason as their helpers. They have turned Malmö, in Sweden into the kind of place you don't want to visit at night. The agenda was written by Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party in order to destroy civilization.
Jail for father who imprisoned his family to 'teach them Islam'  [ 8 January 2006 ]
What is the point of importing this kind of thug? He is useful as  a tool to destroy civilization. That is why Marxists do it.
Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Sydney [ 22 December 2005 ]
But it does not get a mention. Media bias as normal. Muslims were imported by Whitlam and Labor [ sic ] for their votes. Exporting them makes good sense - politicians too.
Rape Is Legal In Pakistan [ 22 December 2005 ]
So why shouldn't they do it in Oz? That is the attitude. That is the reality and the left pander to it because it is worth votes and because importing trouble makers  is part of Antonio Gramsci's agenda for destroying civilization. Post Marxism is even nastier than Marxism.
'White supremacist' faces charges [ 20 December 2005 ]
Black supremacists? Do they exist? Not in the media. They see what they want to see. They tell us what they want us to know. The truth comes down the line.
'Brown Supremacists' face charges [ 20 December 2005 ]
But you wouldn't know it from the head line. This article ran next to the one above. Are the media biased? Are they anything else? Are they  quite that blatant? Not usually but the bias is there all the time.
Racists held as Muslims talk peace [ 19 December 2005 ]
That is the story line. That is the agenda. Australians are accused of being racist without a blush. Lebanese - never. Notice that there are no Chinamen making problems.
Self-loathing is the newest hate crime [ 19 December 2005 ]
Actually it is hatred of the working classes inspired by Antonio Gramsci, chief theoretician of the communist party and eagerly embraced by left wing, middle class snobs with an agenda of the sort that will be rapidly modified if they come into contact with illegal immigrants in any quantity.
Multiculturalism And Racism  [ 16 December 2005 ]
Geoffrey Blainey's thoughtful warning of  such horrors was made twenty years ago. He was a distinguished historian and hounded out of his job for his pains. The mob that were teaching history at Melbourne University were liars systematically perverting Australian history and  post Marxists with an agenda. Keith Windschuttle and Education exposes some of them.
Keith Windschuttle says It's not a race war, it's a clash of cultures   [ 16 December 2005 ]
Christian Lebanese coming to Oz were not a problem. They even played cricket. Muslim dittos being imported by Labor [ sic ] to buy votes and power were and are. Is Labor [ sic ] the party of the people? Was it ever? Exporting their politicians and their voters would make  Oz a sweeter place.
Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Sydney  [ 15 December 2005 ]
Lebanese are burning churches down. They started with their attack on the beach at Cronlla. Now they are carrying on. Of course if it had been mosques being attacked the media would have been keen to finger Australians.
Pauline Hanson Was Right  [ 15 December 2005 ]
And the left hate her for it. They hate the sweaty, red necked, drinking classes too. They hate democracy but they are big fans of Antonio Gramsci chief theoretician of the communist party and his plans for destroying civilization. What will happen to them if they succeed? They will come badly unstuck too.


Islam is a terrorist movement  [ 14 December 2005 ]
Thus quoth Denmark's man on the spot from Sydney's very own race riots. Is he wrong? The Lebanese carried out some very nasty, racially motivated rapes a few years ago and we are supposed to have forgotten them. These things do not happen in nice places - usually. The middle class lefties sneer at the working classes. It will change when they are affected too.
Mobs riot again as Sydney race tensions explode [ 13 December 2005 ]
Choose the pictures, choose the words, choose the agenda. That is how the media operates. The first attack was carried out by Lebanese on a Sydney beach. It was written up by a local rag and escalated. The media like blaming working class peasants if they are white. They like importing foreigners in the name of multiculturalism and they swallowed the agenda laid out by Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party in order to destroy civilization but perhaps they are too stupid to have worked that bit out.
Blacks' art 'our greatest cultural gift'  [ 29 November 2005 ]
According to one, Amanda Vanstone who declared Aboriginal art "Australia's greatest cultural gift to the world". Believe her if you want. Actually their output might qualify as art and it can only be better than the insults to the intelligence which are produced by nonentities to be marketed by Saatchi & Saatchi.
Malcolm Turnbull denounces Labor MP's offensive attack on Israel  [ 29 November 2005 ]
Julia Irwin, a Labor [ sic ] MP in Oz took a position on the racist actions of the government in Israel. Turnbull objects.
“To describe the policies of the Israeli Government as 'ethnic cleansing' is offensive, especially after Ariel Sharon's courageous and universally acclaimed decision to pull out of Gaza,” Mr Turnbull said.
He does not mention the Shatila Massacre or Sharon's hand in it. Is Turnbull a Jew or a traitor. He definitely is not a fool.
Howard reassures Muslims on anti-terror laws  [ 9 November 2005 ]
If Islamics are not the target, then these laws are unnecessary. They are also bad law regardless. Howard is a dictator.
Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Oz  [ 4 November 2005 ]
Islamics in stupid hats incite war. This is crime. Ship them back to the hell holes that they created and let them whine about their problems instead of  bludging off our tax money.
Oz fears terror cells at home  [ 2 November 2005 ]
Government policy was import them to make trouble. Politicians believe in Gramsci and his techniques for destroying civilization. That is why they import them. Exporting them [ politicians too ] makes a lot of sense.
Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Australia [ 30 October 2005 ]
Islamics must be allowed to beat their wives because it is part of their culture. Are they allowed to behead thieves? That could be worthwhile. Abos, Hindus and Buddhists are also getting superior treatment.  Australians have inferior rights. Perverting the course of the law will be overcome by making the police suppress evidence of the crimes. This is a post Marxist operation.


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