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Imagine a school in Gaza. It is full of children; no surprises there. Then some comedian fires White Phosphorus into it. It is likely to be M825A1s, American 155mm artillery rounds. The rightful use, as far as it has one at all is making smoke.  Its real use is killing and maiming horribly. This all happened during the Gaza Massacre I. Jews allege that their army goes in for Purity of Arms. They lie grossly. Look for yourself. Think for yourself Decide for yourself.

From Norman Finkelstein. Jews don't like Norm, who is also a Jew because he tells the truth. 2009

Photos of UNRWA School in Beit Lahia, Gaza, Palestine, Attacked by US-Made Israeli White Phosphorus Bombs, a Documentary of Israeli War Crimes
Air bursts are more effective at scattering the pay load over an area.


It has gone a little over. The Jews may have miscalculated a bit.


Now they have got the range. This one is spot on.


This is exciting; not fun you understand but definitely not boring.


Men are getting stuck in.


White phosphorus does a lot of damage. That is the point.


Yes, it is a UN school being attacked.


The fumes are not nice.


Water is no use against it. Using sand is better.


Yes, it is a school and they do have desks.



He has found something. I am not sure that I want to know what it is.


Another round coming over. The Jews have got their guns zeroed in today.


He can't see the funny side of it.


That is one class room the less.


See the blood. It is children damaged too.


One sandal got left behind. Will it be needed again?


Maybe not. The child will not be thinking about sandals for a while.


It looks as though they got two kills there but one child lived to tell the tale. Will she learn to love Jews? I doubt it.


Making war on children is easier. Men can fight back.


They spoilt her day.


They really did.


Do you think the Americans get a warm fuzzy feeling when they see what their tax dollars are doing?



Al-Fakhura School Incident ex Wiki
The Wikipedia is in cover up mode; after all this "incident" only attacked Arabs. The perpetrators were God's Chosen People; they are a Light Unto Nations so that's all right.

See also:-



M825A1 ex Janes


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