Purity of Arms

Purity of Arms is the idea marketed by Jews that weapons should not be misused in military operations. It is blatantly fraudulent but Gideon Levy seems to think that a lot of Jews really believe it. There are also Jews who believe the Holocaust® Story. Both points prove that Jews believe what they want to believe, that the truth comes down the line. Or perhaps it is simpler: a lot of them are stupid.

Of course this 'purity', this officially stated doctrine does not survive contact with reality. That is why Breaking The Silence is so important. It collects testimonies from Jews who took part in Gaza Massacre I, Gaza Massacre II, Gaza Massacre III & other criminal actions. They serve to rub Jews' noses in the truth. The stink is nasty.

The Wiki links to an article produced by a mob calling itself the High Level Military Group, which alleges that the Jews attacking Gaza made unprecedented efforts to avoid civilian casualties exceeding international standards [ whatever they might be ]. This group has a half dozen or so military men from various countries, none of which are Arabic making this claim. They are fools, rogues, ignoramuses or some combination being used as front men for one of the Innocents Clubs so beloved of Willi Münzenberg, who was Joe Stalin's propaganda chief; they are being used by the Puppet Masters.

B'Tselem is another outfit run by Jews for Jews. It covers more general evil that they carry out. Stealing land from Palestinians, raping them etc.

Purity of Arms ex Wiki
The code of purity of arms (Hebrew: Tohar HaNeshek) is one of the values stated in the Israel Defense Forces' official doctrine of ethics, The Spirit of the IDF.

According to Rabbi Norman Solomon, the concepts of Havlaga and purity of arms arise out of the ethical and moral values stemming from the tradition of Israel, extrapolation from the Jewish Halakha, and the desire for moral approval and hence political support from the world community.[1] Despite doubts when confronted by indiscriminate terrorism, purity of arms remains the guiding rule for the Israeli forces.[1] These foundations have elicited a fair degree of consensus among Jews, both religious and secular.[1]

Others have challenged this image,[2][3] but according to Gideon Levy, the "majority of the Israelis is still deeply convinced that their army, the IDF, is the most moral army of the world, and nothing else".[4] A notable proponent of this image is Colonel Richard Kemp, a retired British army officer, who called the IDF the most moral army in the world on Israel's Channel 2 News.[5] The High Level Military Group, composed of military experts from Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Italy, The United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain, released an assessment on Operation Protective Edge acknowledging [ stating/claiming/alleging that ] Israel made "unprecedented efforts" to avoid civilian casualties exceeding international standards.[6]