South African Communist Party

The  South African Communist Party was set up in South Africa to overthrow the government and take power on its own account. Communists  work by exploiting grievances which are  genuine or manufactured. If they do take over they make matters worse. The massacres that followed the Bolshevik Revolution are a major example.

The obvious lever to use was the fact that the government was white and most of the population was black. The other major lever was that the government was taken over by the Boers in 1948 and they had a policy of Apartheid,  apartness or separate development.

The  South African Communist Party had a lot of Jews in it. Some or all were from Lithuania. They had the international contacts that come from being the international race and had what it took to organize international trade boycotts using the BBC and other communist propaganda operations. They worked against the farmers but not South African gold or diamonds which were controlled by the Jew, Oppenheimer. The Jew, Joe Slovo set up the training, intelligence and finance to wage guerilla war. They were the men who talked to Oppenheimer who controlled diamonds and had the money. The ANC laid on the men to carry out operations.

They were also very active in colluding with the African National Congress [ ANC ]. They set up Umkhonto we Sizwe, the  military arm of the ANC as a joint operation.

South African Communist Party Took Over The ANC And Mandela
[ David ] Stirling was the founder of the Capricorn Africa Society - a society for promoting an Africa free from racial discrimination. Founded in 1949, while Africa was still under colonial rule, it had its high point at the 1956 Salima Conference. However, because of his emphasis on a qualified and highly elitist voting franchise, Africans opposed it. Conversely Caucasian settlers believed it to be too liberal. Consequently the society was ineffective, although surprisingly the South African Communist Party used Stirling's multi-racial elitist model for its 1955 "Congress Alliance" when taking over the African National Congress of South Africa.
Well there is a surprise. Jews using blacks as front men. Jews manipulating people. Aren't they Morally superior to us?


Joe Slovo
A Lithuanian Jew operated in the SACP and  Umkhonto we Sizwe in  South Africa until he was kicked out then colluded with the BBC, his co-religionists in England and  other countries.


Rusty Bernstein
Was a Jew, communist subversive and big in the  Umkhonto we Sizwe.  He doesn't rate  a Wikipedia article but see Nelson Mandela on the point.


Lionel Bernstein
Jew, founder member.


Denis Goldberg
Was a Jew, communist subversive and  big in the  Umkhonto we Sizwe. He was captured, charged, tried and sentenced to life.


Arthur Goldreich
Another Jew, another communist, another enemy. From Lithuania?


Harold Wolpe
Was a Jew, communist subversive and civil engineer big in Umkhonto we Sizwe.


Jews Not Controlling Zuma  [ 28 April 2009 ]
At all events that is their story. They still own the mines. Pandering to blacks while controlling the money is the name of the game. It means bribing a few blacks. That is the easy bit. 


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