Morals are right conduct while Moral Philosophy is about why particular rules are moral. The point is addressed in Moral Pressures. They are defined to my complete satisfaction in Moral Philosophy then confirmed by Cicero:-

A different view is Nihilism, the idea that nothing matters. You are fully at liberty to disagree. If you wish to comment have a coherent alternative explanation. Abuse is an admission of failure, of having nothing worthwhile to say. The Wikipedia explains badly - see Morality in a separate and confusing article. Christianity takes a position with the Seven Deadly Sins. When politicians lecture us about our moral duty they are in all probability lying in their teeth in order to market Pathological Altruism as distinct from Altruism.

Is about caring for others, especially for those of family, clan, tribe or nation. Extending it aliens, in particular hostile aliens is Pathological Altruism, a contra-survival trait.


Moral Capital
Moral sense can be good; it can be sadly misguided. Large swathes of the Western intelligentsia have been misled, by the Education industry, especially humanities departments of universities. Englishmen opposed the Slave trade from a sense of decency, of fair play. Now they are trying to help the descendants of our alleged victims. This has morphed into an attack on the honest English working man, overwhelming him with a flood of Third World incomers. Who set up this attack on us; is it deliberate? It was the Invisible Enemy which means Zionist crazies abusing a sense of decency, character defect in the White Man.  Professor MacDonald explains all. 
PS It could be argued that Jews used vodka as a Russian weakness to undermine them.
The theme is how moral standards are perverted. It is about Pathological Altruism.


Moral Courage
Moral courage is about having the determination to do what it takes when it means being disliked. It is strength of character. The Wikipedia gives a clear definition. It is prone to obscurantist drivel with political issues. This time is different. The consequences of saying the right thing can be serious. A lot of people know they will be sacked if they say what they really think. A police sergeant resigned recently [ April 2013 ] before he could be sacked after expressing his hatred of Maggie Thatcher. There is just as much evil in the police force as out. The stakes for les Maquisards were far higher; torture & death at the hands of the Gestapo. Today the dangers of defying the prevailing pieties are major. Emma West discovered that when she was filmed telling Third World intruders to go back to the Hellholes they created.
Moral courage is clear idea.


Moral Philosophy
Moral conduct is about survival; not just personal survival, but family, tribal and national survival. It means looking after one's children and theirs. Helping other relatives matters too. That is where it becomes a tribal or national issue. Countries do have armies. They do give men medals for risking their lives in the greater interest. This contrasts with Multiculturalism, a Subversive movement, one which incites the importation of outsiders to break the cohesion of a nation. In fact multiculturalism is heavily promoted by Jews as a weapon to attack European civilization. It contrasts with their own enthusiastic Racism and their law of Mesirah which forbids them telling the civil authorities about crime committed by their own.
Moral philosophy is a branch of Philosophy.


Moral Pressures
Bruce Schneier, a security expert writing a book about his own subject does not sound like a promising source of Moral Philosophy, which in its turn does not sound like fun. But he has something worthwhile to say none the less. It is related to Solon's Ten Commandments. It is worth comparing with Kevin MacDonald's article Altruism's Bloody Roots, Cultural & Genetic Selection For Altruism In Humans. One answer to the pressure is Moral Courage. Its failure in the West has had appalling consequences.  Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
The source is worth reading.


Moral Relativism
Is the idea that there are no absolute moral standards; one marketed by rogues and Lenin's Useful Idiots. Therefore it serves evil.


Seven Deadly Sins
The Catholic Church also recognizes seven virtues, which correspond inversely to each of the seven deadly sins.

Vice Latin Virtue Latin
Lust Luxuria Chastity Castitas
Gluttony Gula Temperance Temperantia
Greed Avaritia Charity Caritas
Sloth Acedia Diligence Industria
Wrath Ira Patience Patientia
Envy Invidia Kindness Humanitas
Pride Superbia Humility Humilitas


The Wikipedia's article on Morality passes the buck to Ethics, which is NOT a county to the east of London. It is, in my considered opinion about about right behaviour, about how people should act to promote their survival and happiness. This means rising above personal self interest, it means acting for family, tribe and nation but NOT for foreign freeloaders who are fed up with corruption & incompetence in the Third World. That qualifies as  Pathological Altruism

Morality ex Wiki
Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct...... The term comes from the Greek word ethos, which means "character"....... In philosophy, ethics studies the moral behavior in humans and how one should act........

Ethics seeks to resolve questions dealing with human morality—concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime.
The Wiki makes heavy weather of what should be a clear idea.