State of Fear

State of Fear
by Michael Crichton
Is a blood and thunder novel which came my way by chance. It has more than sex, lust and violence though. There is a long, hard look at global warming and the environmental campaigning racket. Save the Muesli sounds fairly harmless if misguided but it part of a major industry which generates a multimegabuck income for its management. There is a hard sell behind the soft, warm image.

Very few people have the scientific background to understand the physics and geology of our environment. The  minority who do and it is much less than 1% of us are liable to be involved directly. It turns out that they have life styles and mortgages too. They need the money that goes into research; it is another industry just like environmental campaigning.

Doctor Crichton slips the message about very dodgy science and high pressure sales campaigns in under the radar but he has been over the ground. When a man gives sources for his assertions his stuff is checkable. When the accused say nothing and do not sue for libel it is evidence for the prosecution. To be fair he fingers big business as well as government operations and greenies.

He tells us how governments manipulate us using fear, whence the State of Fear which is the book's title. See it at page 536 on. It is a good read with real reality behind it.

PS Bjorn Lomborg deals with statistics and goes over a lot of the same ground in a different way. He has access to the data and understands it. Professor Lomborg wrote  The Skeptical Environmentalist and got hated for his pains. The World Wildlife FUnd [ WWF ] didn't sue for libel. Nor did any of them.

State of Fear has a heavy weight reading list at the back. It worth a look. Look for yourself. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. I have chosen the sceptics rather than the believers. He found those by Messrs. Beckerman, Chase, Huber, Lomborg and Wildavsky to particularly revealing.

Amazon's entry for State of Fear gives  Doctor Crichton a potted biography and he has a solid background on his own account. He is qualified in medicine and anthropology. Who ever wrote the Wikipedia entry wants us to disbelieve his science in State of Fear without giving much in the way of reason.

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The Case for Global Warming


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Searching for Safety New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction, 1998 - a sensible look at the issues.


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