Transmission Belts

Transmission belts is a term used by Lenin as an analogy for the Propaganda conduits that were going to tell the workers what to think. Nowadays it the Main Stream Media and the Education industry which do the same job and very effectively too. Then the Internet came along to bypass them and tell the truth.

Marxism In Practice
Transmission Belts
Lenin believed that revolutionary social transformation comes through disciplined organizational transmission belts of power and subversion. He thought that permanent social change must be secretly planned at the top and implemented hierarchically by means of a cause-and-effect system of institutional commands and responses. His ideal was a statist command structure with absolute obedience and predictable, measurable results. This is not the way the world works........ the best refutation of Lenin’s transmission belt theory in modern history is Karl Marx. Marx was an obscure, unemployed, German-speaking academic in exile during his adult lifetime, but his ideas spread quietly through the revolutionary underground. Lenin put flesh on the ideological skeleton and successfully captured the Russian State in an improbable coup.
Lenin was effective, murderous and immensely dangerous but he was not a great propagandist. The master liar of communism was Willi Münzenberg, a far better man in his chosen field.


The Naked Communist And Transmission Belts
The term was in the literature but seems to be out of favour. Here is an example.


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