The truth is a weapon, in the Propaganda industry too albeit one that often gets short shrift. Tobias Langdon tells us in The Toxicity Of Truth that lies are weapons too; that they work especially well for the corrupt and the vicious. He is referring mainly to Socialists, to Marxists. He mentions Blair & Obama in particular. There are plenty more that could be added to a list like that e.g. Netanyahu.

Paul Craig Roberts, an economist who was in politics favours truth. His article is called Does Truth Have  Future In America? It is a good question; his answers are good too. In fact I had a few articles on truth already. Have a look. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

The Toxicity Of Truth
Suppressing truth is a way of lying. Concealment is a survival tool. So is pretending to be dangerous. These techniques work for animals and politicians. They need to be understood. Then they can be guarded against.


Does Truth Have  Future In America?
Well worth a look.


The Truth About Torture
Is more about torture than truth, but with better methods why use it?


Truth and Censorship
Does censorship pay off? It certainly does for crooks.


Truth As A Weapon
Yes, it is a weapon. Private Eye has been wielding it since 1961. It is very unpopular with various undesirables.


Truth in Publishing
A journalist explains. The Main Stream Media are in the business of hiding the truth.


Null truth to academic accusations
Academics can lie just as much as the rest of us. When their livings ride on it, they may do it louder, longer, more publicly. An Australian does not go along with one of them.