Zionism and Herzl

Theodor [ sic ] Herzl went into the Zionist movement in 1896 AD and became a full time subversive. This may well have been because he was in Paris when Dreyfus was being dealt with. He wanted to create a Jewish home land somewhere. He was not too fussy about where it was going to be. The Sinai and Africa were considered. Now we are told that Israel, the Stolen Land was theirs as a matter of right. King Abdullah of Jordan does not agree - see King Abdullah I on Zionism

My first source was written by "em" and tells us that Herzl tried to influence Sultan Abd al-Hamid II, the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. He then conspired to bring about its downfall during the First World War and influence the British. Bringing the Americans in was conditional on Her Majesty's Government giving Palestine to the Zionists. This was achieved with  the Balfour Declaration. Having got into Palestine it was a matter of getting rid of the Palestinians. This was done by a mixture of murder, torture, destruction and brutality which goes under the ugly name of ethnic cleansing. In fact it is still going on. Here are some sources. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Turks and Jews in early 20th century
Is an essay by "em" which tells us that Herzl was in the Ottoman Empire subverting it. He was trying to take over Palestine for the Jews. This meant getting the Sultan Abd al-Hamid II out of the way using the Young Turk movement. They were under Jewish influence. Em refers to A Peace to End All Peace - The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East by the Jew, David Fromkin which not likely to be anti-Jewish. Em tells us that:-
I’m certainly not advocate of Islamic fundamentalism;..... But clearly the “liberation” and “democracy” foisted upon the erstwhile Ottoman lands was far worse than what anyone endured under the rule of the proverbial “sick man of Europe.” ...... But today’s Jewish “democracy” and “human rights” are hypocritical hype and cover up from start to finish. They break down nations, cultures, and religions and preach “humanism” while doing all in their power to protect their own narrow tribal interests no matter who suffers. So “preaching hate” is now code for not letting the Jews run roughshod over you.
His account is consistent with
Theodor [ sic ] Herzl  from the Wikipedia which is another operation with an agenda.


A Peace to End All Peace - The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East
by David Fromkin
Is a heavy weight history written by a Jew. This indicates where his biases are likely to lie. Amazon's review reads well but gives no indication that Herzl sabotaged the Ottomans. Nor do the reader's  reviews. One of them gives his game away by telling us that From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine by Joan Peters is very wonderful. Norman Finkelstein, also a Jew tells us that it is in fact grossly fraudulent. You should not believe everything you see in print.


The Herzliya Conference
Is where it all happens and American politicians on the make declare their undying loyalty to Israel but the media coverage is only for Jewish eyes.


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