Marxist Saints

  In the Middle Ages we had our religious fanatics. We still do but they follow secular religions like Marxism. They preach brotherly love but practice hate. They are not all murderers; lots of them want to be. Recall that the Bolsheviks achieved rather better than 85 million deaths. That is a lot of hate. See the Black Book of Communism for more and better details. Here are some of their idols:-

Nelson Mandela - front man used by Jews to take over South Africa
Martin Luther King, bully, liar, fornicator & inciter of Black Hatred
Mahatma Gandhi, a Racist chancer, admirer of Adolf Hitler
Che Guevara, a Marxist murderer
Joe Stalin - mass murderer of millions
Mao Tse Tung - mass murderer of millions
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
- mass murderer of millions
Fidel Castro
, part Jew, all murderer
Kwame Nkrumah
- black thief
Ho Chi Minh
- guerrilla leader - beat the French
Karl Liebknecht tried to take over Germany
Rosa Luxemburg Jew,  tried to take over Germany
Jo Cox was a Marxist tool, one of Lenin's Useful Idiots. She was much more useful after being murdered by an Englishman, by a Patriot.
Michael Sandford by way of contrast, a third rate incompetent tried to murder Donald Trump. He will be airbrushed out of history.


The Occidental Observer Comments
The beginning of wisdom is to realize that there has, for a long time now, been an enormous Western longing to find and celebrate a Third World leader and saint. Lenin, Stalin and Mao enjoyed such acclaim at various stages, but so did Nkrumah, Ho Chi Minh, Amilcar Cabral, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez ,and various others. In every case, they were found to have feet of clay or worse. In the modern era, two men have enjoyed uncritical acclaim: Gandhi and Mandela. Yet Gandhi was a failed lawyer who had to leave India for South Africa to make a living. He denounced railways, doctors, modern medicine, hospitals and most other elements of modern life. He also regarded South African blacks as mere savages and defended the Indian caste system. Similarly, Nelson Mandela had his full share of failings. ["The Mandela Myth"; from R. W. Johnson an emeritus fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.]