Cyril Smith

Cyril Smith was a well known politician, the MP for Rochdale, where so many Pakistani Perverts come from. He was also a bastard from Rochdale. Then he became 'Sir' Cyril Smith, but not for services to Paedophilia, not as far as the public record went anyway. He is now a very well known politician because his Pederasty has gone public. He got a good press from the Main Stream Media in general and the BBC in particular because it is infested with Homosexuals who pander to Paedophiles.

Cyril Smith ex Wiki
Sir Cyril Smith, MBE[1] (28 June 1928 – 3 September 2010) was a British Liberal Democrat (formerly Liberal and Labour) politician and Member of Parliament (MP) for Rochdale. Smith was first active in local politics; he served as a councillor in Rochdale from 1950 and become mayor in 1966. He entered Parliament in 1972 and won his Rochdale seat on five further occasions. Smith was appointed the Liberal Chief Whip in June 1975 but later resigned on health grounds. In his later years as an MP Smith opposed an alliance with the Social Democratic Party, however he remained a Liberal Democrat after 1989. He did not stand for re-election in 1992.

In later years his popularity was marred by the allegation that he had been involved in a cover-up of a health risk at a local asbestos factory. In 2012, following allegations of child abuse, the Crown Prosecution Service formally admitted Smith should have been charged with the sexual abuse of boys during his lifetime.[2][3]


Cyril Smith Cover Up Went Right To The Top Says Chief Constable [ 22 March 2015 ]
Revealed: Ex-chief constable who says Cyril Smith cover-up went right to the top

A retired chief constable has revealed that a ‘sinister cover-up’ of the crimes of paedophile MP Cyril Smith was ordered by a top official working for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Albert Laugharne, former Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, said that in the 1970s he was asked to lie about the 29-stone Liberal politician’s alleged sexual abuse of a boy.

The 83-year-old is the highest ranking ex-officer yet to give details of an Establishment conspiracy to protect Smith. It follows a week of revelations on how the MP’s powerful friends hid the truth about his reign of abuse...........

Yet this week, BBC’s Newsnight programme reported an instance of apparent official protection of child sex abusers that was fresh and shocking. The report alleged that in 1981, following a three-month police surveillance operation deploying a secret camera, the prominent Liberal MP Cyril Smith was arrested at a paedophile sex party at a council flat in Lambeth, South London. Boys of around 14 years of age recruited from local care homes were present.........

But with each passing week, it seems ever more likely that the pieces of an almighty Establishment scandal are starting to fit together.
The last Chief of the Met who gave serious reason to believe that he wasn't bent is Sir Robert Mark back in 1972. Skelhorn was the DPP when  Cyril Smith walked away laughing.
PS This rash of old cases may be the result of the 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry & Lowell Goddard stirring things up.


Liberals Protected Cyril Smith By Bribery - Allegedly  [ 4 April 2015 ]
As we sat taking tea in a hotel bar in Manchester, Julie, a widow in her 60s, pointed at the old and fading photographs in an album.

There, looking at the camera, was the innocent face of a 14-year-old boy. There too, looming large in the lens, was a beaming Cyril Smith, the rotund — and now notorious — Liberal MP............ For as we shall see, when Julie and her husband complained to Liberal officials, they were offered a bribe to keep quiet.

Any self-respecting party would have instantly put a stop to Smith’s predatory paedophile practices. But yet again in this still-unravelling horror story, a blind eye was turned...........

Victims were ignored and warned off. Police investigations were halted on orders from above. Files disappeared. We may as yet have glimpsed no more than the tip of the iceberg in a far-reaching scandal over many decades.
Simon Danczuk puts the boot in. Voters will decide to vote for him or against the Liberals.