Pakistani Perverts

Perversion can be sexual, perverting the course of justice or just general malpractice. Whatever it happens to be Pakistanis are at the forefront along with Islamics generally. See e.g. the Rotherham Report. It is government policy to import these criminals, conceal immigrant crime and the truth; it is treason. The Main Stream Media collude with them. I do not.

Pakistani Rapists Protected By Enemies Of The People
Anyway, all that was last May. Ever since, Britain’s leftist media have done their best to try to decouple Islam and Pedorasty in the public mind. Official “reports” have helped. In late September, an Independent editorial, while serving up, en passant, an admission that “the racial [i.e. Islamic] dimension” of the sex gangs merited attention, trained its focus on a new report that dismissed this “dimension” on the grounds “that just 28 per cent” of child sexual abusers in Britain are “Asian.” To which one would reply, first, that massive evidence points to the existence in European Muslim families of child sexual abuse on a monumental scale, with only a tiny percentage of victims ever breathing a word to anyone about their plight; second, that if even the report’s figures were thoroughly legitimate, the manifest eagerness of the left to shift attention away from the long-ignored victims of Muslim sex gangs is obscene.
It is a matter of fact which might be thought relevant that Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses; that is most of them but perhaps not all. Is that a one off allegation from someone with a grudge? Perhaps before you decide look at what the Failed Messiah [ a Jew ] has to say about Paedophile perverts in  Mikva Abuse - He gave us 2,445 posts categorized "Pedophilia & Related Crimes"


Islamic Rapists In England [ 9 January 2013 ]
Fortunately for the cause of justice, the chief prosecutor who chose to put the sex gang on trial is Nazir Afzal, a man of Pakistani parentage – a fact that in a better world would make no difference one way or another but that, in the world we’re stuck with, enabled him to get away with making straightforward statements of fact that would get a non-Muslim in big trouble. It’s largely because of this invisible Islamic shield that Afzal became, in the words of Jonathan Brown, writing last May in the left-wing Independent, “the public face of the legal system’s determination to stamp out honour-based violence, forced marriage and grooming.” Ordinarily, to be sure, the Independent would prefer not to mention that such things as honor-based violence and forced marriage exist, let alone that they’re part and parcel of Islamic culture; but if someone like Afzal talks bluntly about these matters, it’s willing to nod silently when he points out that they’re real, undesirable – and, yes, Islamic. (Also fortunately for justice, by the way, the judge in the case didn’t have his head in the sand, either, telling defendants that “one of the factors” in their systematic abuse of the girls “is that they were not of your community or religion.”)

Yet no sooner did news about these “sex gangs”  – and of the years-long, sweep-it-under-the-rug approach of pusillanimous public servants – begin to trickle out than the voices of political correctness began to push back. The Daily Mail's James Tozer and Nazia Parveen noted an MP’s warning that (in their words) “highlighting the Pakistani origin” of sex gangs risks “giving ammunition to the far-Right.” Similarly, they quoted a Manchester police official as saying that the gangs are “not a racial issue….It just happens that…these were Asian men.” Naturally it’s not about race: it’s about Islam. But some folks are so PC that they can’t even be totally honest about what it is they’re denying.

One likely reason why Brown was willing to describe Afzal, with apparent admiration, as the public face of a war on forced marriage and such – and, I might add, to paraphrase him to the effect that no minority communities should be allowed to offer refuge to men who commit crimes against women” – is that the focus of Brown’s article wasn’t Islam but another “minority community,” one in which “there is still work to do.” (As if all the “work” on Islam were now completed.) Which community? The Travellers, “where children are still married off against their will.” As Afzal told Brown, “I have become aware of massive issues of forced marriage in the Traveller community. It is widespread.” Indeed, Afzal said that for him, the Travellers are “the last bastion”: “We tackled grooming gangs. Now we have to confront forced marriage among Travellers.”

Who are the Travellers? They’re a small, nomadic Gaelic group, often lumped in with gypsies, who have been a part of life in the British Isles for centuries. Full points to Afzal for wanting to protect children from this subculture’s harmful customs. But how palpably, pathetically eager Brown was to grab this opportunity to shift the focus away from Islam! Brown provided an excellent example of the stark difference between the left’s treatment of Islam and – well – its treatment of pretty much everything else. When the subject is Islam, the approach is invariably discreet, delicate, diplomatic: the euphemism “Asian” is religiously reiterated, as is the assertion that (fill in problem here) has nothing to do with group identity. But when the subject is, say, the Travellers, you can feel the clouds of anxiety lifting, and witness the willingness to acknowledge that, yes, there is a cultural issue here that deserves notice. One minor point: the Travellers, unlike Islam, pose no existential threat to British society – or the West generally. “Turning the spotlight on the Traveller community is a typically bold action by Mr. Afzal,” wrote Brown. Yeah, right: Afzal’s risking reprisal from all those Traveller terrorist cells.

Anyway, all that was last May. Ever since, Britain’s leftist media have done their best to try to decouple Islam and pederasty in the public mind. Official “reports” have helped. In late September, an Independent editorial, while serving up, en passant, an admission [ - that “the racial [i.e. Islamic] dimension” of the sex gangs merited attention, trained its focus on a new report that dismissed this “dimension” on the grounds “that just 28 per cent” of child sexual abusers in Britain are “Asian.” To which one would reply, first, that massive evidence points to the existence in European Muslim families of child sexual abuse on a monumental scale, with only a tiny percentage of victims ever breathing a word to anyone about their plight; second, that if even the report’s figures were thoroughly legitimate, the manifest eagerness of the left to shift attention away from the long-ignored victims of Muslim sex gangs is obscene.

In November, another “report,” this one by England’s Children’s Commission, sought to (shall we say) contextualize the matter of Muslim sex gangs. Discussing the report (which I wrote about at the time) with the Independent, [ the Jew ] Sue Berelowitz, who headed the report committee, spun it this way: sexually abused children “are falling through the net because of a pre-occupation with Asian men targeting white girls.” What? After all, “Asian men targeting white girls” is only one of “a number of models”; perpetrators “come from all ethnic groups and so do their victims – contrary to what some may wish to believe.” “Wish to believe”? What does “wishing” have to do with any of this – except for the fact that a small army of public employees tasked with protecting kids spent years trying to wish away the need to confront a small army of Muslim men over their barbaric behavior? Berelowitz’s report was a big hit with her fellow child-aid bureaucrats: one of them called it “a sobering reminder that child sexual exploitation…can happen to any child, in any community”; another hailed it as an affirmation that sexual abuse “can impact on children from any background.” Again, the readiness to return to the see-no-evil status quo ante was as transparent as it was repulsive.

As the months went by, the party line on the sex gangs was endlessly repeated: although MPs had “called for an inquiry into the cultural roots” of the gangs, the Independent‘s editors warned that “[i]t would be as well to be cautious before drawing too general lessons.” (As if a “cautious” approach, on the part of cops and others in authority, hadn’t prolonged so many girls’ suffering!) An Independent contributor, Susan Elkin, agreed: the sex-gang issue, she pronounced, “certainly can’t be categorised as a racial or cultural matter.” But if multicultural orthodoxy made it verboten to finger Islam, it was OK to place the blame elsewhere. Many agreed with Afzal that the sex gangs were “a gender issue,” not a religious or cultural one; in September, one Laurie Penny argued risibly in the Independent that if the authorities had waited so long before helping sex-gang victims, it wasn’t “’in the interests of racial harmony,’ as outlets like The Daily Telegraph continue to claim,” but because those authorities didn’t consider the working-class rape victims “worth protecting”: in short, “[t]he axis of prejudice here is not race, but class.” This low, dishonest denial of reality reached its nadir, perhaps, in a November Guardian piece by Ratna Lachman, head of JUST West Yorkshire, who actually argued that if official Britain, after ignoring Muslim sex gangs for years, had finally brought them to justice, it was because “institutional Islamaphobia has become part of the political culture.” Even a Muslim rapist, then, is ultimately a victim.

“There must never be another Rochdale” read the headline on the Independent‘s September editorial. But the only way to prevent another Rochdale is to be honest about what made it happen. If you sincerely want to protect girls from “Asian sex gangs,” you’ve got to understand, face, and speak the truth about the malefactors’ motivations. A good first step would be for Britons to decide, once and for all, to stop saying “Asian” when everybody knows they mean Muslim.
Mr. Bawer feels that the perpetrators are Islamics. I feel that it is more a case of Pakistanis but we agree about the evil that is being done, while Her Majesty's Government panders to criminals.


Secret Report Brands Muslim Police Ten Times More Corrupt [ 10 June 2006 ]
A secret high-level Metropolitan police report has concluded that Muslim officers are more likely to become corrupt than white officers because of their cultural and family backgrounds.

The document, which has been seen by the Guardian, has caused outrage among ethnic minorities within the force, who have labelled it racist and proof that there is a gulf in understanding between the police force and the wider Muslim community. The document was written as an attempt to investigate why complaints of misconduct and corruption against Asian officers are 10 times higher than against their white colleagues.
This will have been written before the head of the Black Police Association, a loud mouthed scum bag called Ali Dizaei went to prison for six years - since which time they have kept their mouths shut. See the next one


700 Corrupt Senior Islamic Police To Be Sacked ]
In a rare show of unity, Egypt's largest political Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, will join a vast array of liberal, leftist and secular political forces, including youth representatives from this year's anti-Mubarak uprising. They will demand that police officers and former regime officials are finally held accountable and that the army's grip over the justice system comes to an end.............

In another apparent attempt to appease the public ahead of the rally, interim interior minister Mansour al-Essawy has promised to purge up to 700 corrupt senior officers from the police force as part of the largest reshuffle in the interior ministry's history. But five months on from the protests that led to Mubarak's fall and left almost a thousand dead, only a single officer has been convicted of wrongdoing – and he is yet to be put behind bars.
To be fair they are police criminals in Egypt not England. It may even be that some are Christian.


96 Percent of Pakistani-UK Marriages Are for Citizenship Purposes [ 26 August 2009 ]
A shocking 96.6 percent of all marriages between Pakistani nationals and UK spouses take place purely to obtain British citizenship, a new survey in Islamabad has revealed. The “Baseline Survey on Forced Marriages,” conducted by the Pakistan-based “Struggle for Change” group in collaboration with the British High Commission, found that only 3.4 percent of Pakistani children are consulted before marriage and that 96.6 percent of marriages take place “mainly to attain foreign nationality or helping hand abroad.”........ Among 870 individuals interviewed during the survey, 61.9 percent respondents were British nationals and 38.08 percent were Pakistani nationals who visited the UK many times. The study also revealed that only 7.9 percent among dual nationals had an education up to post-graduation level and 3.6 percent had a UK based education — making a mockery of Government claims that only “skilled immigrants” are allowed into Britain.
Did The Guardian bother to tell you this? Thought not. The Telegraph writing for the right? Not them either. Do you ever get the feeling that the Telegraph is written by Quislings? Have a look at Mass Media 101 before you believe anything in the media. This one comes from the morgue, from August 2009. Have the Tories gotten a grip? Let's not be naive about this? Do they even care? Tories are stupid and greedy. They want cheap labour. Labour is vicious and greedy. They want cheap labour and Cultural Genocide. Pakistanis are corrupt and greedy. They want the dole.


Pakistani Councillors Get Eight Years For Vote Fraud [ 8 September 2010 ]
Five Conservative Party supporters in Bradford, including two former councillors, have been jailed for a combined total of nearly eight years for attempting to rig the voting system in the run-up to a General Election. Former Tory councillors Reis Khan and Jamshed Khan, together with Mohammed Sultan, Mohammed Rafiq and Alyas Khan conspired in a plot to use fraudulent postal votes with the aim of getting “their man”, Haroon Rashid, elected to the marginal Bradford West seat in the 2005 General Election.
It took five years to sort them out. Somebody was not trying. Notice that their man was beaten by another Pakistani. They don't vote issues. They vote racial because they are racists. It is all of a piece with a government of traitors. See  In Defence of the British Empire for background.


Pervert Abused Neurotic Women [ 26 September 2010 ]
Dr Himanshu Ghadiali told one patient who had been sexually abused in childhood that she had "perfect breasts", the General Medical Council hearing was told. The consultant psychiatrist then told the woman he "understood why people would want to have sex with her because she had a lovely figure". The doc is accused of touching the private parts of four patients. Three of whom also claim Dr Ghadiali handled their breasts during the 1980s and 1990s while he worked in the East Midlands.
He is working solidly in the tradition of Sigmund Freud, the famous charlatan. Wittering women are easier to fool.


Pakistani Perpetrator With Loot [ 26 September 2010 ]

Child abuse investigation cops swooped as evil Rana Javed - who masterminds a baby-trade racket - greedily counted the money out on a hotel bed while the mother handed her infant over to our undercover investigators...............
I can arrange a boy or girl... a Hindu or Indian or Sikh baby. Whatever the buyer wants
To push the sale through, the fixer promised a fake birth certificate for the child he called "Doll" and showed her off to our couple as if he was selling a puppy.
There are plenty more where she came from. With a population of a billion, unwanted babies are plentiful. With corruption high, forgery is just a cost of doing business.


Pakistani Paedophile Walks The Streets  [ 26 September 2010 ]
AN IMAM charged with child sex offences will spend the weekend on remand after his bail application was deferred. Mohammed Hanif Khan's legal team were yesterday due to make the application at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court. But the matter was held over and is now likely to be considered on Monday, when the defendant is due in court for a preliminary hearing. The 41-year-old, pictured, is accused of three charges of rape on a boy aged under 13, and two offences involving a 15-year-old boy. He was remanded in custody on Tuesday after appearing at North Staffordshire Magistrates' Court. Khan, of Bardsley Close, Ellesmere Port, was previously a high-profile imam at Tunstall's Capper Street Mosque, but Muslim leaders say he left his position there when allegations came to light three months ago.
Remember what Lawrence said in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom: Better a clean boy than a dirty camel under the desert stars. He knew.
PS Notice that the local comic gave him a sympathetic headline because he is Pakistani. An Englishman would have been abused.


Vicious Pakistani Racists Jailed For GBH [ 26 September 2010 ]
FIVE men who brought terror to a busy street on a Friday night have all been jailed. Tasab Hussain, Asrar Sami, Omar Arbab and brothers Nasir and Naim Aziz were convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and carrying a firearm with criminal intent following a trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court. Victim, Damien Miller, was stabbed and shot at outside the Wedgwood pub in Waterloo Road, Cobridge, on January 18 last year. He was with friends and family members celebrating his dead mother's life when he visited the pub. The defendants lured Miller outside and attacked him.

The five men were sentenced at Stoke-on-Crown Court yesterday. Father-of-two Nasir Aziz, of Wulstan Road, Cobridge, was in possession of a sawn-off shotgun during the attack, which was fired twice......... The court heard Tasab Hussain, aged 28, of Waterloo Road, Cobridge, had a [ unspecified ] number of previous convictions.
Notice that the local paper tells us but does not bother to show us the mug shots. Concealing crime is policy - and treason. Of course the nationals kept quiet especially the Grauniad, the one that tells the left wing what it thinks. See for truth.

Perpetrator 1                Perp 2                         Perp 3                          Perp 4                         Perp 5


Pakistanis, Perjury And Prison [ 26 September 2010 ]
THREE people who gave false alibis for two of the men who attacked Damien Miller have been sent to prison. Joseph Holland, aged 23, and Abul Bosher Shahjahan, aged 25, said they were with Omar Arbab at the time of the assault, while 23-year-old Melissa Jackson said her husband Nasir Aziz was at home. Natalie McDonald, aged 18, who gave a statement which backed up Jackson's, avoided prison. Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court was told the four pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice......... Judge Robert Trevor Jones sentenced Holland, Shahjahan and Jackson to six months.
Sadly some are English and fools who got involved with corruption but with a corrupt, vicious government running the country while taking bribes from all and sundry it is less easy to blame them.


Pakistani Vote Fraud Cost Tories Election Victory [ 1 October 2010 ]
Tory Party chairman Baroness Warsi has accused Labour of stealing three seats from the Conservatives at the general election as a result of voter fraud. She claimed that one of the reasons for her party’s failure to win an outright majority was the result of voting irregularities in the Asian community....... She said there were ‘at least three seats where we lost, where we didn’t gain the seat, based on electoral fraud.
A Pakistani states the fact. The Daily Mail hedges round it. The Labour Party set up postal voting to make fraud easy. They imported around 8 million foreign undesirables then bribed them with council houses to buy votes. Now they have appointed a Jew as head man. Ethnics will vote Labour with an Englishman as boss. They will not be stupid enough to vote for a Jew. Ethnics vote racial. They have not forgotten that Jews carried out the Gaza Massacre, the theft of Palestine and much other evil.
First Islamic MP Treats Law With Contemptuous Indifference
First Islamic Woman In Lords is the first caught thieving and the first to be allowed to get away with. Labour used their standard technique. They moved the goal posts so that she could lie her way out of it.
PPS The Labour Party, aka the Evil Party covered up for a paedophile because he was one of theirs - see  Mark Trotter for more and better.


Five Pakistanis Jailed For Vote Rigging - Stormfront [ 4 October 2010 ]
Five Conservative Party supporters in Bradford, including two former councillors, have been jailed for a combined total of nearly eight years for attempting to rig the voting system in the run-up to a General Election. Former Tory councillors Reis Khan and Jamshed Khan, together with Mohammed Sultan, Mohammed Rafiq and Alyas Khan conspired in a plot to use fraudulent postal votes with the aim of getting "their man", Haroon Rashid, elected to the marginal Bradford West seat in the 2005 General Election.

... Judge Bartfield concluded: "This case is so serious that, whatever has been said about you as individuals, there has to be an immediate custodial sentence. "Our way of life in this country is based on democracy. If the electoral system is contaminated by corruption and fraud, it would be rendered worthless."
Bradford councillors were among group that conspired to change ballot outcome (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus)
The main stream media covered up on this one because Pakistanis are the perpetrators. If Englishmen do this it will be all over the headlines. The media is just as corrupt as the Pakistanis but then it is run by Jews.


Pakistani Housing Committee Chief Fined For Renting Rat Infested Slums [ 9 October 2010 ]
A MASSIVE fine landed on a company which rented out “rat-infested” properties in Liverpool lead to the resignation of a housing committee chief – in Bradford. Premier Housing, based in the West Yorkshire city, was hit with penalties and costs totalling £39,180 over the state of houses in Laburnum Road and Holt Road, Kensington. A director of the company, Cllr Rizwan Malik resigned his role as chairman of the Bradford’s housing committee and is under investigation by his own Labour party leaders. -
Are Pakistanis the only crooks? Not a chance. There are Indians and all sorts.
Q. Why import them when we have our perfectly good thieves in Parliament?
A. In order to destroy England by
Cultural Genocide


Pakistani Politician Arrested For Drug Offences [ 9 October 2010 ]
A WELL-KNOWN councillor and former leader in Sheffield's war on crime has been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs. Sheffield councillor Mazher Iqbal, a prominent member of the city council's Labour shadow cabinet, was one of two men arrested in the Handsworth area on suspicion of possessing a controlled drug. He has been released on police bail while officers carry out further investigations. As an advisor for community safety before his party lost control of the council last May, Coun Iqbal was responsible for formulating the council's approach to problems with drugs, violence and other crime
Infiltrating politics helps destroy it from within. That is the point.


Pakistani Crook Jailed For Vote Fraud [ 9 October 2010 ]
A former Tory candidate and five others were jailed on Friday for using 'ghost' voters to win a local council ballot. Disgraced Tory representative Eshaq Khan and his co-defendants used fake votes to oust longstanding Labour councillor Lydia Simmons from her seat on Slough Borough Council. The audacious scam in 2007 was described by the Crown Prosecution Service as part of an 'epidemic' which threatens to destroy democracy in the UK. Eshaq Khan, 52, received a three-and-a-half year prison sentence for conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and perjury.

During the trial the court heard that Eshaq Khan, a father-of-10, had been dishonestly elected as a Tory councillor in May 2007 after a scheme in which 'ghost voters' were registered on the electoral role.
Import Pakistanis, import Indians, import Third World free loaders, bribe them with council houses and watch them breed. This is Her Majesty's Government's policy, Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition ditto. It is also < Cultural Genocide and Treason. Khan has produced another ten potential thieves.

To do the swine credit he is wearing a tie unlike that scruffy little War Criminal, Blair


Pakistanis Run Ireland's Sham Marriage Scam [ 10 October 2010 ]
Hundreds of women come to Ireland each year to marry non-Europeans – with the sole aim of securing visas for their new husbands. They are entering not only a fake marriage but also, often, an underworld of crime and abuse.......

The scam exploits an EU directive on free movement that provides residency rights for non-EU citizens who marry EU nationals (although marriage to an Irish citizen would not provide these residency rights.) Since the directive became law, in 2006, the number of people applying for residency rights based on marriage to an EU citizen in Ireland has increased steadily, reaching 2,129 in 2009, up from 1,207 in 2006. This upward trend is continuing: 1,182 non-EU nationals applied for residency based on marriage in the first six months of 2010.......

Department of Justice figures show 266 spousal applications were made by Pakistanis up until the end of August, by far the largest number submitted by any nationality. More than a third of these applications – 115 – are based on marriages to Latvian women. Indians, Bangladeshis and Nigerians have also made a large number of applications for residency in the Republic based on marriages mainly to eastern European women.......

Several other young Latvian women have not been so fortunate and have been imprisoned, raped and abused by people involved in marriage scams. The Garda National Immigration Bureau is investigating such cases.
To be fair it is not only Pakistanis. Plenty of criminals are Nigerian or some such. But with our very own Parliament of Thieves encouraging them it is a problem.


Pakistanis Arrested For Murdering Their Mother [ 11 October 2010 ]
Sons arrested over murder of mother Assia Shahzad Two brothers are in police custody on suspected of murdering their wealthy mother. They were arrested after businesswoman Assia Shahzad, 40, was stabbed to death at her family’s six-bedroom, £600,000 home in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Two of her sons, aged 16 and 21, were being questioned last night on suspicion of her murder. Her other son, 18-year-old Lukman, who is disabled, lives at the house but it is not known if he was there at the time of the attack.
Import comedians like and see what happens. Cameron wants more of them in the Tory Party. Remember that Tory is the Irish word for thief. They will fit in.


Pakistani Sex Teacher Taught Two 15 Year Olds All [ 12 October 2010 ]
A woman teacher who admitted having sex with two 15-year-old boy pupils was yesterday condemned for committing an 'appalling abuse of trust'. Hina Patel, 37, had 'full sexual intercourse' with the teenagers when she was working as a supply teacher at Birkdale High School for boys near Southport, Merseyside. Patel met the boys at her home in nearby Hightown over several weeks between February 1 and March 18, a court heard yesterday........

The school motto is Nihil Nisi Bonum – Only the Best Will Do [ Splendid motto, what? ]
Isn't it awful? I might say it never happened to me nor ever looked like it. She looks quite jolly.

Now we all have to pretend we are appalled rather than envious. We are not told what her 'victims' have to say.


Pakistani Had His Wife Hacked To Death For £5,000 [ 19 October 2010 ]
A young mother was hacked to death with a machete on the orders of her estranged husband because she wanted a divorce, a court heard yesterday. Geeta Aulakh, 28, was killed by three men who lay in wait for her. Her hand was severed as she tried to shield herself from the blows.......

Aulakh, of Greenford, admitted his marriage was in difficulties but denies any involvement in the killing. He and Harpreet Singh, 20, of Slough, Berkshire, Sher Singh, 19, of Southall and Jaswant Singh Dhillon, 30, of Seven Kings, East London, all deny murder.
£5,000 is not cheap but it is much better value than a divorce. There are tax advantages to cash arrangements.


Three Pakistan Peers Suspended Over Expense Fraud [ 21 October 2010 ]
Three peers were given lengthy suspensions from the House of Lords today after wrongly claiming thousands of pounds in expenses. Labour peers Lady Uddin and Lord Paul and crossbencher Lord Bhatia were suspended after the upper chamber approved the damning judgments of its privileges and conduct committee. Uddin was suspended until the end of the parliamentary session in 2012 and told to repay £125,349.10. Bhatia was sidelined for eight months and has already repaid more than £27,000. Paul was suspended for four months and has already returned £41,982. The sanctions are the toughest imposed on misbehaving members for more than 300 years.
Uddin was first Pakistani woman in the Lords and the first to be caught thieving. The House could have set a splendid example by trying her under Sharia law. The Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken favour of it. I did suggest this to the Clerk of Parliaments but he was not into justice.
PS This matter has a virtue. It proves that Third World undesirables can show our own thieves how to try it on.
PPS Returning stolen property is not a Get Out Of Jail Free card under the Theft Act


Bent Pakistani Copper Set Up Major Kidnapping [ 27 October 2010 ]
A corrupt police officer who 'callously' plotted to kidnap a bank manager was jailed for 13 years today
Pc Mesut Karakas, 25, conspired with Richmond Darko, 25, Ijah Rowe, 24, Jamie Lowe, 25, and Gokhan Kuru, 24, to kidnap a London-based Lloyds TSB manager in an attempt to steal money. They planned to stage a roadwork scene near the bank manager's home as a distraction while they kidnapped their victim...........

Karakas received 10 years for conspiracy to kidnap, two years for misconduct in a public office and one year for assault, with the sentences to run consecutively. He did not visibly react to the sentence........ Darko, of Grays, Essex, was found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap on October 6. He was sentenced to 11-and-a-half years in prison....... Lowe was imprisoned for 11 years, Rowe for eight years and Kuru for seven years.
Import swine like these and pretend surprise when things happen. The pig got off lightly with the misconduct in public office, although to be fair MPs get away with it totally. There is an Englishman among them. We have our own perfectly good villains without bribing more to flood in.

Police perpetrator                      Perp 2                                    Perp 3                                    Perp 4

Perp 5


Foreign Chancer Off  Sick For Six Years Costing Taxpayer £280,000 [ 31 October 2010 ]
A teacher was off sick on full pay for six years after lying about suffering a bizarre accident at work, an employment tribunal heard yesterday. Anna Yerrakalva said her teaching assistant had an epileptic fit and fell on top of her, pinning her to the floor. She claimed to have suffered chest, neck and spine injuries as a result. But an investigation concluded the teacher had lied and the classroom accident never happened. Mrs Yerrakalva, who had worked at Dearne Carrfield Primary School in Bolton upon Dearne, South Yorkshire, since April 2002, went off sick after her alleged accident in November 2003. She briefly returned, only to be [ allegedly or really? - Editor ] struck by a bus in June 2004, and she has never worked since.
There is something going on here. It is not just fraud it is why it took so long before anyone got a grip. Were they intimidated by race hustlers? An Englishman would not have gotten away with it.


Islamic Police Sergeant Was A Major Armed Criminal [ 7 November 2010 ]
A respected police sergeant who led a secret double life as head of a ruthless underworld crime family was behind bars tonight. Salim ‘Sal’ Razaq, 31, became a ‘mob boss in police uniform’ after assuming control of a drug and dirty money racket when his brother went to jail over a vicious turf war. Officers found two Uzi sub-machine guns and a 9mm Sten sub-machine gun hidden in a suitcase under the stairs, when they raided his suburban home.
They also recovered 224 live rounds of ammunition from a shed, £72,000 in cash plus a knuckle-duster, balaclava and bullet-proof jacket........

Razaq’s amazing double life emerged at Liverpool Crown Court where he was convicted of misconduct in a public office, perverting the course of justice, possession of firearms and ammunition and money laundering.
Government apparatchiks give foreign undesirables jobs then pretend to be surprised. Power is the power to abuse power. Blair knows that. So do the filth - see Secret Report Brands Muslim Police More Corrupt


Islamic Sex Abuse Trial - Two More Pakistanis Convicted [ 8 November 2010 ]
TWO more men have been found guilty of sexually abusing three teenage girls and three others have been cleared of similar charges at the end of a seven week trial at Sheffield Crown Court. It brings the total of convicted defendants to five out of the eight on trial. They were all remanded in custody before being sentenced tomorrow. Razwan Razaq (30), of Oxford Street, Clifton, was found guilty by a jury of having sex with two 13-year-old girls in 2008. His 24-year-old brother Umar Razaq, of the same address, was found guilty of sexual activity with a 13-year-old and not guilty of raping a 16-year-old. The jury also found Mohammed Zafran Ramzan (21), of Broom Grove, Broom, guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl and twice having sex with her 13-year-old cousin. He was found not guilty of two further counts of rape.

Adil Hussain (20), of Nelson Street, Rotherham, was found guilty of under-age sex with a 13-year-old, but acquitted of three other sex abuse charges. Mohsin Khan (21), of Haworth Crescent, Moorgate, was convicted of one charge of under-age sex with a 13-year-old and found not guilty of two other charges of sexual activity with the same girl. Khan and Shazad Akbar (23), of Shirecliffe Lane, Shirecliffe, Sheffield, were both cleared of four joint charges of rape on a 16-year-old girl. Saeed Hussain (29), of Hatherley Road, Eastwood, walked free after he was acquitted of two charges of inciting a 13-year-old to have sex with other men.
Shalzaad Hussain (22), of Clough Road, Masbrough, also walked free after the jury cleared him of one count of sexual activity with a 13-year-old.
Was this one all over the nationals? Not a chance. The main stream media are a propaganda machine, delighted to blacken an Englishman's name but covering up for vicious swine like these. The Yorkshire Post tells the truth though.

Moshin Khan                     Razwan Razaq                    Umar Razaq


Eight Islamic Paedophiles Arrested In Telford [ 16 May 2011 ]
Revulsion and outrage should be running rampant in England as yet another ring of Muslim paedophiles have used their perversion and hatred of western women/girls to cause harm to our daughters, nieces, granddaughters, sisters, etc.  Revulsion for what is clearly an epidemic of rape jihad by Muslim cowards who gang up and rape and in other ways defile little girls - grooming and forcing them into child prostitution.....

"According to the recent statistics given by SAHIL, a non-government organization, Punjab is on the top of the list for child molestation with 62 percent of such cases, 154 in Lahore and the rest in other cities of Punjab. I n total, 68 percent girls and 32 percent boys have been the victims of paedophilia. The number increased by 9.4 percent as compared to 2008. Statistics show that around 81 percent of the cases were registered with the police. The study shows that 2,012 children were reportedly abused in 2009 and most of them were abused by acquaintances." SOURCE

Eight Telford men in court over child sex allegations 
All the men today denied a total of 50 charges between them when they appeared at Shrewsbury Crown Court.
Ahdel Ali, 22, of Regent Street, Wellington, is charged with raping a child aged 13, sexual activity with a child, trafficking for sexual exploitation – arranging or facilitating child prostitution – meeting a child following sexual grooming, facilitating child prostitution and controlling a child prostitute.
Mubarek Ali, 27, or Regent Street, is charged with trafficking for sexual exploitation – arranging or facilitating child prostitution – controlling a child prostitute and facilitating child prostitution.
Tanveer Ahmed, 38, of Urban Gardens, Wellington, is charged with sexual activity with a child, facilitating child prostitution, controlling a child prostitute, and causing child prostitution.
Marhoof Khan, 32, of Caradoc Flats, Wellington, is charged with sexual activity with a child.
Mohammed Ali Saltan, 23, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington, is charged with rape and sexual activity with a child. Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 51, of Solway Drive, Sutton Hill, is charged with paying for sexual services with a child, causing child prostitution, and arranging or facilitating child prostitution.
Noshad Hussain, 20, of Regent Street, Wellington, is accused of having sexual activity with a child. Abdul Rouf, 33, of Kingsland, Arleston, is charged with conspiracy to cause child prostitution.
And they all got bail. Can they be serious?


700 Corrupt Senior Islamic Police To Be Sacked ]
In a rare show of unity, Egypt's largest political Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, will join a vast array of liberal, leftist and secular political forces, including youth representatives from this year's anti-Mubarak uprising. They will demand that police officers and former regime officials are finally held accountable and that the army's grip over the justice system comes to an end.............

In another apparent attempt to appease the public ahead of the rally, interim interior minister Mansour al-Essawy has promised to purge up to 700 corrupt senior officers from the police force as part of the largest reshuffle in the interior ministry's history. But five months on from the protests that led to Mubarak's fall and left almost a thousand dead, only a single officer has been convicted of wrongdoing – and he is yet to be put behind bars.
To be fair they are police criminals in Egypt not England. It may even be that some are Christian.


Pakistani Gets 11 Years For Insider Trading [ 14 October 2011 ]
Fallen hedge fund tycoon Raj Rajaratnam has been sentenced to a record 11 years in prison after his conviction in the biggest Wall Street insider trading case in decades [ if you ignore the Jew, Madoff who stole $65 billion - Editor ]. Prosecutors had pushed for 25-year sentence after convicting Rajaratnam, 54, in the biggest insider trading investigation ever conducted by US authorities.....

The recordings proved extremely damaging for Rajaratnam and his associates. Out of 26 charged in Galleon-related cases, Rajaratnam and three others were convicted at trial; 21 pleaded guilty and one defendant is at large....... Eli Richardson, a partner in Bass, Berry & Sims, said Rajaratnam should "consider himself lucky." He said the sentencing guidelines would have justified a significantly loner sentence and that the prosecutors must have been disappointed.
The Americans are prone to get stuck in with white collar crime. English courts would have been stalling for years.


Pakistani Paedophile Family Networks Prey On English Girls [ 25 November 2011 ]
Editor’s note: This was submitted as a comment on a previous blog by someone identifying himself as Mickey Meadows (comment #54910; comment is effectively anonymous, since commenters supply whatever information they want). I thought it deserved wider attention. A key point is that sexual exploitation of White girls by Pakistanis is not the result of loner psychopaths but done by people well integrated into their family networks–that indeed the exploitation is a family affair. Not surprisingly, these crimes are under-reported and the authorities are reluctant to prosecute because of the ethnic implications. So we have the pathetic spectacle of White governments so paralyzed by fear of offending non-Whites that they won’t protect their own people.

In the UK there’s a terrible problem of South Asian’s of Pakistani origin targeting underage female white children for sex. Particularly children in the care system where they are most vulnerable.

The problem has been reported a few times but it gets silenced. But from the reports that have emerged, and the cases that have come to court, the most shocking aspect of this is not just about the racial dimension, but the fact that these children get passed around from man to man—not in the way a pedophile network might do this, where the pedophiles are all social outsiders who find each other to share in their perversion. No….these Pakistani gangs pass these children through their *family* networks. Cousins, uncles, fathers, brothers, friends of the family.

From the perspective of inter-group attitudes, this makes it incalculably worse than ordinary paedophilia. Passing white children around for sex within a family and friends structure means that the concept of treating our children like meat is culturally normal and mainstream for them. They are pedophiles to our children but not their own children. They are pedophiles that treat our children like meat, and they don’t even see it as paedophilia because our children aren’t even qualified as children in their eyes.

The news media and politicians and courts won’t call it paedophilia and won’t talk about the awful implications that follow from a people who will do this to us and not even be ashamed of it within their own families and friends. They don’t call it pedophilia because it is so widespread and so roped into their mainstream, that they don’t want to ostracize the people responsible.

Our news media and our politicians are putting concerns for those pedophile criminals that treat our children like meat, actually ahead of children. It chokes me.

The passing around to relatives dimension is available in mainstream articles (see, e.g., here).
Quote from the article:

“‘No one wants to stand up and say that Pakistani guys in some parts of the country are recruiting young white girls and passing them around their relatives for sex, but we need to stop being worried about the racial complication.’”

Then in the next paragraph a confirmation of the fact our own media and police and politicians are avoiding calling these people pedophiles. Despite the fact the girls are underage, deliberately targeted, and the subject to the worst form of pedophilia which is to be passed around like meat.

“The offenders were not viewed as paedophiles but had picked the girls ‘because of their malleability’.”

I’m sorry, but if some guy views child pornography he’ll go to prison and be stigmatized for the rest of his life. But if a gang of Asian men go to a children’s home and rope children into drink and drugs before subjecting them to abuse that will probably destroy their lives, this is not pedophilia according to the media. These men should be spared that stigma.

Paedophiles are evil. We all know that. Hanging is too good for them. Pakistani Perverts are, well....... let us say different. We can't talk about them because we would get accused of Racism. That would be too awful. Of course if Englishmen are alleged to have a killed a black such as Stephen Lawrence there will be an orgy of hate. That is not Racism, not when a black is at the receiving end. In fact they will pervert the law on Double Jeopardy to get them. Having changed the law to deal with one case they still had to lie to justify a third trial, which is now Triple Jeopardy


Asian Mafia
Asia is where corruption is well understood and a way of life. Then they get to England and carry on as normal.

A couple of them. The copper got banged up but only for six years.


Pakistani Parents Murdered Their Daughter [ 7 August 2012 ]
The father who murdered his teenage daughter Shafilea Ahmed was prepared to flee the country with a briefcase of gold bars in order to escape justice, it was claimed today. Iftikar Ahmed, 51, and his wife Farzana, 49, were jailed for life last week after they were found guilty of killing the 17-year-old. They were ordered to serve at least 25 years after a court heard they’d suffocated their Muslim daughter because they objected to her Westernised lifestyle...............

The killers were exposed only after Shafilea's younger sister plucked up the courage to tell how she and her siblings watched them suffocate her in 2003.
More Pakistanis, more Islamics, more Third World savages, more Treason committed by Her Majesty's Government with the enthusiastic connivance of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. It is also Genocide.


Pakistani Mass Murder Up 26 Percent [ 7 August 2012 ]
[ The ] Violence Against Women (PDM-VAW) programme of Aurat Foundation organized a press conference today i.e. February 14, 2012, at Holiday Inn hotel, Islamabad, to share the data on violence against women during year 2011.........

The fourth annual report shows that 8539 women became victims of violence in 2011 and there was an overall 6.74 % increase in reported cases of VAW in the country as compared to year 2010......... The table below reflects the comparative data on violence against women in the last four years with percentages of increase or decrease in their incidence.



Number of Cases of VAW in Pakistan during January to December 2009 to January to December 2010

Categories of Crime

Year 2008



Year 2011


Percentage increase/decrease in VAW cases between 2010-2011















Domestic Violence














Honor Killing







Rape/Gang Rape







Sexual Assault







Acid Throwing




































.. .....It was sad to note that most of the perpetrators of violence against women were found to be the relatives of the survivor or the victim such as husband, brother, cousin, father, uncle, father and mother in law, brother in law, son or step son. Honor killing was almost always committed by male family members against female family members who are accused to have brought dishonor upon the family.
Over two thousand murders get shrugged off. But then they are only Pakistanis killed by their own. If Englishmen does that sort of thing the Main Stream Media cry to the heavens.




Pakistani Policeman Was A Slum Landlord. He Is Charged With Thieving Too [ 23 August 2012 ]
A senior policeman who ran a 'zero tolerance' crackdown on nightmare tenants owned a house that became notorious for wild parties, drug taking and violence. While Inspector Mohammed Razaq, 52, was fighting to evict thugs from a council estate in Bolton, Greater Manchester, his ten-bedroom house five miles away had descended into chaos. Neighbours created a dossier of 49 incidents in which drunken tenants at the Victorian townhouse had thrown bricks at them in the street and jumped up and down on cars...............

A neighbour said today: 'Closing down that house will give us our first good nights sleep for several years.........

Insp Razaq is currently suspended on full pay from his post after being arrested in May 2011 on suspicion of unrelated allegations of corruption and fraud. He was cleared of any wrongdoing on duty but was charged with six offences of fraud and three offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act relating to insurance and mortgage fraud.
The Pakistani does not seem to have alleged Racism yet but no doubt it will be his big excuse for fraud etcetera.


Police Allow Pakistanis To Rape English Girls [ 18 January 2013 ]
Asian sex gangs operated for a decade in Rotherham as authorities refused to acknowledge the problem, chilling police files reveal

Asian sex gangs were able to groom, pimp and traffic girls across the UK for more than a decade while authorities failed to publicly acknowledge the problem was happening, confidential documents reveal today.

A dossier of internal police, social services and intelligence reports shows that agencies in South Yorkshire were aware that vulnerable girls were being abused, but a catalogue of alleged crimes were not prosecuted. In one case, a white girl who was sexually abused by an Asian gang from the age of 12 was offered lessons in Urdu and Punjabi by her local council after her ordeal...........

The documents show that authorities were aware of a problem of offenders, largely men of Pakistani heritage, sexually exploiting vulnerable girls, but never publicly acknowledged that it was happening.

A child welfare expert, speaking under condition of anonymity, said the agencies’ reluctance to tackle street-grooming networks was ‘the biggest child protection scandal of our time’.
Inciting foreign criminals, importing foreign criminals are government policy. The police do what they are told when it comes to ignoring crimes committed by the in-crowd. We now know that the Director of Public Prosecutions allowed Cyril Smith to get away with being a Paedophile pervert because he was in politics, a friend of Heath, a homosexual traitor. The police have been at it for at least seven years - see but you get to pay Murdoch if you want to read the full nastiness.


Pakistani Criminals Ran Sham Marriage Operation In Rotherham [ | ]
A father-of-five who ran a massive international sham marriage operation from his suburban family home has been jailed for six years. Immigrant Talib Hussain, 42, was the ring-leader of a gang that flew Eastern European women to Islamabad for bogus weddings with Pakistani men, who could then apply to live in the UK under European open borders laws. The scam - which Hussain orchestrated with the help of his ex-wife from his home in Rotherham, South Yorkshire - 'struck at the heart of the British immigration system', said a judge, as she sentenced 17 members of the gang for a combined total of more than 27 years at Sheffield Crown Court.

Sham: Talib Hussain, 42, left, ran a massive international sham marriage operation from his home in Rotherham with the help of his ex-wife Rahina Zaman, right

More than 60 applications for UK visas were submitted to authorities, accompanied by fake documents and photos of the bogus weddings.

But the UK Border Agency became suspicious when they noticed the same people appeared in many of the photos - and the same clothes were being swapped between brides, grooms and guests.

Today, Judge Rosalind Coe QC jailed Hussain, saying he was the 'hub' of the operation and his house in Rotherham was the 'engine room'.


Judge Coe said: 'This was a very large, well organised, professional operation involving very many people.

'At the very hub of this conspiracy and running the operation was Talib Hussain and others.'

Seventeen members of the gang were jailed for a total of 27 years and eight months at Sheffield Crown Court including nine fake brides - four Czech, four British Asian and a Slovak.
Mohammed Ramzan, 59, was jailed for three years Mohammed Yasser was jailed for eight months
Scam: Mohammed Ramzan (left), 59, Talib Hussain's brother-in-law, was jailed for three years, Mohammed Yasser (right), 22, was sentenced to eight months in prison

Svetlana Krausova, 31, was jailed for six months after she admitted assisting in unlawful immigration Czech mother-of-one Zuzana Holubova, 26, was jailed for seven months after admitting conspiracy to assist in unlawful immigration
Jailed: Svetlana Krausova, 31, left, was jailed for six months for assisting in unlawful immigration, while mother-of-one Zuzana Holubova, 26, right, was sentenced to seven months

Judge Coe told them deterrent sentences were needed as the scam 'struck at the heart of the British immigration system.'

She said: 'Participating in sham marriages is a very serious matter. It is an abuse of the marriage ceremony itself and an abuse of the immigration system.'

The court had heard how Eva Holubova, 19, flew to Pakistan with her boyfriend, also 19, to take part in fake marriage ceremonies and was 'married' three times in the space of four months.

She told police Pakistani men offered her £250 for photos to pretend they were married so they could get visas to go to the UK.

Her boyfriend Peter Pohodko, from Slovakia, also took part in the scam and was paid £300 for 'marrying' a 28-year-old Pakistani woman he claimed to have met on his wedding day.

The phoney weddings were staged in Pakistan with 'brides' posing with their 'grooms' for photographs suggesting that they had got married.

One woman returned to the UK with £1,000 in her bag while another who went through a sham marriage already had a husband in the UK.
 Briton Sabiha Khan, 46, was jailed for eight months Slovakian Kristina Popikova was jailed for one year
Guilty: Briton Sabina Khan (left), 46, was jailed for eight months, Slovakian Kristina Popikova, right, was jailed for 12 months
Briton Nadia Qureshi, 28, who was jailed for six months after she pleaded guilty to assisting unlawful immigration Czech mother-of-three Michaela Lengyelova, 31, who was jailed for 11 months after she admitted assisting in unlawful immigration
Involved: Nadia Qureshi, left, was jailed for six months for assisting unlawful immigration to a member state, Michaela Yengyelova, right will serve 11 months for conspiracy to breach the UK's immigration laws

As overseas nationals, the Pakistanis would have been granted leave to live in the UK as 'husbands' of their spouses who, as EU citizens had the right to live and work in the country.

The scam was discovered by staff at the British High Commission in Islamabad when they noticed the multiple documents supporting applications to marry and to settle in the UK were forged.

Immigration officers discovered the sham weddings took place in various private homes throughout the Mirpur district in the south-west of the Kashmir region. The ceremonies often married within hours or a few days of meeting one another.

Operation Razorback led to 18 men and women being convicted after trial or admitting conspiring to breach the UK's immigration laws or assisting unlawful immigration between August, 2009 and September, 2010.

Prosecutor Sarah Wright told Sheffield Crown Court it was a sophisticated conspiracy. She said: ‘This was a huge, well-organised and professional operation.’

She said the brides had no intention of living in ‘settled and genuine relationships’ with the men and the sham marriages were clearly undertaken for immigration purposes.
Veronika Pohlodkova, 36, who was jailed for four years after she admitted conspiracy to assist in unlawful immigration British mother-of-two Louise Kelly, 27, who was jailed for eight months after she admitted assisting in unlawful immigration

'Professional operation': Veronika Pohlodkova, left, who recruited the brides, was sentenced to four years, while Louise Kelly, right, was jailed for eight months for assisting in unlawful immigration

Farah Khan, 43, was jailed for eight months Czech mother-of-four Nikola Horvathova, 25, who was jailed for 12 months after she was found guilty of conspiracy to assist in unlawful immigration

Bogus weddings: Farah Khan, left, was sentenced to eight months, while Nikola Horvathova, right, was jailed for one year

A total of 62 fraudulent visa applications were traced to 32 addresses in the UK and the trail of false documents led to a semi-detached house in Rotherham where the main organisers, brothers Talib Hussain and Tariq Mehmood, 27, along with Talib's ex-wife, lived.

Mehmood is now on the run.

The address was described as the ‘engine room’ of the conspiracy with Talib Hussain at its hub, and where many of the forged documents originated.

The three brought the brides and grooms together, booked the flights and arranged documents such as utility bills and bank statements - all for a small fee.

Hussain flew to Pakistan on numerous occasions with the fake brides and Mehmood booked the flights. Mohammed Ramzan, 59, Talib Hussain's brother-in-law, lived across the street from their house and played a supporting role. More fake documents were found here.

Ms Wright said of Talib Hussain: ‘He was charging considerable sums to Pakistani nationals who wanted to come to live in the UK.’

He was said to have a ‘considerable’ property in Pakistan.

Another support organiser Aftab Hussain, 36, flew to Pakistan with two of the brides. He said Talib Hussain paid £1500 for their air tickets and one of the women ‘posed for something which was not a wedding but had the appearance of a wedding.’

None of the 62 suspicious visa applications was granted, but some certificates of approval to marry were granted.

Talib Hussain was said to be the ‘most culpable’ of the gang but it was argued he did not make that much money out of it as his expenses in flights and paying the women were so high.

Many of the brides had modest means, the court heard.

Sabina Khan, 46, a single mother of three girls in the UK and a part-time lunchtime supervisor at a primary school was paid £300 for one sham marriage in Pakistan.

Mother-of-five Rahina Zaman, who was said to be poorly educated and reliant on financial support, went along with the scam although she didn't make any money out of it, the court heard.

'Engine room': Judge Rosalind Coe QC described Hussain's Rotherham home as the centre of the gang's illegal marriage scam

'Engine room': Judge Rosalind Coe QC described Hussain's Rotherham home as the centre of the gang's illegal marriage scam

Talib Hussain, of Rotherham, was jailed for six years and Zaman, also of Rotherham, was jailed for two-and-a-half years. They both admitted conspiracy to breach the UK's immigration laws.

Mohammed Ramzan, of Rotherham was jailed for three years and Aftab Hussain, 36, of Tinsley, for two years after admitting the same offence.

Eva Holubova, now 19, was given ten months in a young offenders institution and her boyfriend Peter Pohlodko, 19, both of Rotherham, got 21 months in a young offenders' institution after they were both convicted of conspiracy to breach the UK's immigration laws after a trial.

Sabina Khan, of Bradford, was jailed for eight months, Khalda Ahmed, 45, of Rotherham, got a seven-month jail term suspended for a year and Nadia Qureshi, of Sheffield, was jailed for six months after all three admitted assisting unlawful immigration to a member state.

A total of 62 fraudulent visa applications were traced to 32 addresses in the UK and the trail of false documents led to 27 Broom Grove, Rotherham (pictured)

A total of 62 fraudulent visa applications were traced to 32 addresses in the UK and the trail of false documents led to 27 Broom Grove, Rotherham (pictured)

Veronika Pohlodkova, 36, and Zuzana Holubova, 26, Kristina Popikova, 34, and Michaela Yengyelova, 30, all of Rotherham, admitted conspiracy to breach the UK's immigration laws.

Pohlodkova, who recruited the brides, was jailed for four years, Holubova for seven months, Popikova for 12 months and Yengyelova for 11 months.

Nikola Horvathova, 25, of Tinsley, was found guilty of the same offence after a trial and jailed for 12 months.

Svetlana Krausova, 31, of Tinsley, Farah Khan, 43, of Bradford, Louise Kelly, 27, of Bradford, and Mohammed Yasser, 22, of Bradford, all admitted assisting unlawful immigration to a member state.

Krausova, Khan, Kelly and her boyfriend Nasser were each jailed for eight months.

After the hearing Mark Bates of the UK Border Agency crime directorate said: 'This international crime group systematically abused the immigration system and showed a total disregard for the sanctity of marriage.'
More Pakistanis, more criminals.


Pakistani Perverts Prostituted English Girls [ 11 May 2013 ]
Seven men who ran child prostitution ring whose victims were as young as 13 are jailed for up to 18 years each

A gang of Asian men who groomed vulnerable white girls for sex has been jailed for more than 50 years.

Police say up to 100 girls could have fallen victim to the gang led by brothers Ahdel Ali, 25, and Mubarek Ali, 29, of Wellington, Shropshire. Over a three-year period between 2006 and 2009, the men targeted schoolgirls to control as child prostitutes by giving them alcohol, food and money. The Ali brothers were found guilty of numerous offences against four girls aged from 13 to 17, including rape, sexual activity with a child, inciting and controlling child prostitution and trafficking children for sex. Both married and of Pakistani heritage, they had described their victims as worthless ‘whores’, ‘slags’ and ‘sluts’.
At best they look like Third World rubbish.


Pakistani Crooks Laundered £19 Million [ 1 June 2013 ]
A “moral” man who was nominated as a community hero by a Yorkshire MP has been jailed for his part in a £19m money laundering racket. Abid Hussain, 46, of Old Park Road, Leeds, a director of store chain Abu Bakar Ltd, was part of an operation that serviced international organised crime groups in the Middle East and Pakistan to transfer what was predominantly drug money for criminals in the UK and Europe.

Leeds North East MP Fabian Hamilton [ Fool or ignoramus? No, a Jew with light fingers in fact - Editor  ] gave a character reference for Hussain, whom he had taken to 10 Downing Street to attend a community heroes reception hosted by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2010.......

The pair were each sentenced to two years in jail at a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday, having been convicted of entering into an arrangement to facilitate acquisition, retention, use, or control of criminal property contrary to S328 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

In March this year Jalil Ahmed, 36, of The Copse, Moseley; Khayam Naseem Chib, 31, of Rushbrook Grove, Kings Heath; Gary Brockway, 41, of Meadow Road, Stafford; Hussain Aziz, 32, of Kenelm Road, Birmingham; and Sahil Khan, 27, and Arman Zahir, 27, both of Widney Manor Road, Solihull, received sentences totalling over 43 years for their involvement in the same racket.
It is not an all Pakistani crime operation. People were involved too. Money Laundering is an invented crime, not the real thing. Governments -push it because it gives them power, the power to spy, to robe, to extort. That is why they like it. Was this one all over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance! It made the locals; that was about it.
PS Guido was tactful enough not to mention the GBH, arson, drug running, illegal weapons, the things they have not caught him for - see Hussain's Arson 


Pakistani Rapists On Trial In High Wycombe [ 25 May 2013 ]
A young girl was repeatedly raped and sexually abused by 10 friends in Buckinghamshire over a five-year period, a court has heard. The victim was just 11 when she was groomed and raped by Iblal Fiaz, 21, who plied her with alcohol and drugs, Oxford Crown Court was told. The girl – who cannot be named for legal reasons – believed she was in a relationship with Fiaz despite only being 11, Eleanor Laws QC said. The barrister said after gaining her trust and after she turned 12, Fiaz made her perform sex acts on his brother Khasim Fiaz, 23, and at least eight other men.......

There are 44 charges against 10 defendants but the complainant told detectives she was also forced to have sex with several other men who are not on trial...... The remaining defendants, who all deny rape and are from High Wycombe, are: Ammar Rafiq, 19, of Castleview Gardens; Mohammed Adnan, 21, of Upper Green Road; Kasam Dad, 23, of Gibbs Road; Rameez Ali, 21, of West End Street; Janaid Sharif, 26, of Cambridge Crescent and little Asif Hussain, 21, of Plummer.
Another day, another case. Is it all over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance, they are propaganda machines suppressing the truth about Third World criminals imported by First World politicians, who are traitors.


Pakistanis Using Forced Marriage [ 30 May 2013 ]
Two women could be jailed after it was alleged they conspired to force a girl to marry against her will, breaching a court order banning any arranged wedding. The girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, turned up at a police station on May 20 alleging she had been forced by her family to marry a man she had only met once, counsel for Bedfordshire Police James Weston told a hearing at Luton County Court.

The girl also alleged death threats had previously been made against her if she refused to marry he said....... The women are accused of breaching Forced Marriage Protection Orders made by Judge Arthur at Luton County Court on November 27, 2012.........

The girl had also alleged that if she refused "she would be taken to Pakistan and shot, and everybody back home would be told it was suicide".
Threatening murder is crime. Forced marriage ditto. Will the perpetrators go to prison? Is this one all over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance. They are anti-English Racist propaganda machines.


Pakistani Paedophile Pervert Jailed [ 30 May 2013 ]
A Birmingham shop worker who lured a 12-year-old girl to his home and then asked her for sex has been jailed for three-and-a-half years. Illegal immigrant Abslan Nadli, 35, of Stratford Road, Hall Green, had previously admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Judge Stuart Rafferty QC said “I am satisfied that the only reason you were asking those questions is that you wanted to have sexual intercourse with her......

Jane Sarginson, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said on the afternoon of January 12 this year the girl, who was coming back home after a dance class, went into a newsagents on the Stratford Road........ The defendant then indicated that she should go into an alleyway.

The girl, thinking Nadli had something to show her, then followed him up a flight of stairs and through a door and went into a room above shops. Nadli then asked her whether she liked boys and whether she wanted to have sex. Miss Sarginson said the defendant then gave the victim £2 and told her not to tell anyone about what had happened but she later told her father.
So it was her fault? No. The BBC suppressed this bit of truth. The Beeb has a formal obligation to tell it like it is; an obligation it treats with contemptuous indifference.


Pakistani Criminals Attack English Girls [ 15 June 2013 ]

What will the police do about it? Ignore it because they are anti-English Racists.


Pakistanis Raped Sikhs As Well [ 11 October 2013 ]
‘Rising tensions ’ between Muslims and Sikhs over hidden pattern of sex grooming
Outrage over a hidden pattern of sex grooming triggered a mob attack on a restaurant and fears of escalating tension between Sikh and Muslim communities. The restaurant targeted during vigilante action in Leicester was loosely linked to the abuse of a 16-year-old Sikh girl by a group of Muslim men. Six adults were jailed on Friday for offences against the teenager including internal trafficking, facilitating child prostitution, inciting child pornography and paying for the sexual services of a child. Their prosecution is thought to be the first in which a sex-grooming network has been convicted of crimes against a Sikh.
So Pakistanis who rape English girls are one thing. Pakistanis who do it to Sikhs are another. Sikhs act. Fair enough. We let them do it to ours while the Main Stream Media pervert the truth as normal. Certainly The Times is being evasive! Which attack? Which restaurant? Which perpetrators?


Pakistani Repatriates Sentenced To Death [ 5 November 2013 ]
The Media claim they are Brits. The media lie in spite of the names; Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khan are murderers. They are Pakistanis acting naturally. Their wonderful government will sort them out.


Pakistani Councillor On Run From Murder Rap - Tory Council Decides To Ignore It [9 November 2013 ]

Are there any Englishmen on this Council?


Rochdale Rapists Charged - All Nine Are Third World Aliens [ 10 November 2013 ]
The nine men who were charged yesterday in connection with the latest Rochdale grooming investigation are:
Freddy Kendakumana
Roheez Khan
Chola Chansa
Anjam Masood
Asrar Haider
Ali Asghar Hussain Shah
Abdul Huk
Mohammed Rafiq
Mohammed Ali
Cyril Smith
was English but he was allowed to get away with being a Paedophile because he was political. He infested Rotherham, which is just as nasty as Rochdale.


Pakistanis Murder English Lass Because She Was English [ 24 November 2013 ]
We are enriched by vibrant Multiculturalism inflicted on us by the Traitors of Her Majesty's Government with the enthusiastic collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition.

She is from Rotherham where the police collude with Pakistani Perverts.


Pakistani Corruption Is Rife, Intensive, Deep Seated & Sincere [ 23 November 2013 ]
Corruption in parts of Pakistani community is growing problem that politicians have underestimated, Government’s chief legal adviser says.
The growth in corruption is deep due to importing more. The solution is obvious - export them. This would reverse decades of Treason perpetrated by Her Majesty's Government so that won't happen.


Pakistani 'Peer' Calls Another Pakistani A Fucking Dog [ 15 December 2013 ]
The House of Lords has gone to the Devil, defiled by rogues like Blair, packed with clapped out politicians and light fingered rogues, e.g.:-
Uddin - Pakistani thief
Taylor - black thief
Hanningfield - English thief
Goudie - English thief
Ahmed - Pakistani racist
Janner - Jew, Paedophile - put in Lords to prevent people voting against him.
Getting rid of the lifers would clean it up, getting rid of the place men, chancers & general purpose spivs.

The oaf in question.


Head Of Government Supported Charity Used An Armed Gang In Pakistan  [ 26 January 2014 ]
Government policy is inciting Pakistani crooks. It works too. Ask Vaz; he knows plenty. Or look round in Tower Hamlets. Of course if Englishmen complain they get leaned on big time, by Special Branch at that. See the next one.


Pakistani Take Away Was Covered In Mouse Droppings [ 20 March 2014 ]
He got away with a £6,000 fine. He should have gone to prison, been flogged then deported.
PS He has done it all before - He just doesn't care. Nor does the Magistrate; another of them?


Pakistani Woman Gets Life For Smuggling Heroin Worth £3 Million  [ 20 March 2014 ]
Pakistanis can do justice - if the bribes aren't enough.

PS The Daily Mail pretends that she is British. It is a Racist rag.


Pakistani Medic Stole £130 From A Mother With A Sick Baby [ 15 May 2014 ]
The photo of the Englishwoman is irrelevant but she does look rather nice. The perpetrator has previous. She also asked her victim to withdraw the charge in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice.


Pakistani Thief Stole £41 Thousand On Dole While Running Curry House [ 15 May 2014 ]
He got 15 months. His old woman went down too. Flogging and deportation are better options.


Pakistani Police Woman Tried To Suppress Evidence In Attempted Murder Trial 21 September 2014 ]
A Deputy Police Commissioner was forced to quit after attempting to interfere with a murder plot trial, in a bid to stop embarrassing details emerging about a relative’s love life.

Tafheen Sharif, 32, tried to use her position to get a judge to stop her cousin’s name being published as the relative gave evidence about the love triangle that led to her fiancé being shot.........

Her boss Olly Martins, the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, was under investigation by the police watchdog at the time, after he revealed secret details of a death in custody to his boyfriend. He only learned last week that he would not be charged over the unauthorised disclosure.
This is an all Pakistani line up. Bedfordshire is run by Pakistanis & Homosexuals. At least one homosexual will not trouble the world again.


Pakistani Law Student Perverted The Course Of Justice To Beat Fine & Walks Away Laughing [ 15 December 2014 ]
Both Pakistanis lied. Both Pakistanis did a Chris Huhne to Pervert The Course Of Justice. Both Pakistanis got away with it but then they were both Pakistanis.  Chris Huhne didn't stay out of prison but then  Chris Huhne is English.


Pakistani Raped English Woman For Three Hours [ 22 December 2014 ]
The judge gave him life. It is a pity that it could not be death. He is another vicious Racist criminal imported by Cameron & his predecessors to cause Ethnic Fouling In England then Genocide. Cameron claims that Islam Is A Religion of  Peace. He lies.


Judges Pervert The Law To Help Pakistani Rapists Keep On Doing It To English Girls [ 22 December 2014 ]
Innocent people will be subjected to rape and violent attacks by foreign thugs because judges have sabotaged a bid by Parliament to deport them, Theresa May warned last night.

In an unprecedented public attack, the Home Secretary accused  judges of tearing up the British constitution by flouting a decision by MPs to stop foreign criminals using the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) to avoid being thrown out.
Are judges Lenin's Useful Idiots? Quite possibly although they should be bright enough to understand the law & the Truth. Albeit giving them bad law in the first place is Parliament's fault.


Pakistani Taxi Driver Refused Blind Customer In The Rain [ 22 December 2014 ]
He was fined £1,000.Her dog was the excuse.  Didn't he fancy his chances of rape? If he had done it he would have walked. That's how it is in Rotherham.


Pakistani Drunkard With No Licence Crashed A Car While Three Times The Limit [ 25 February 2015  ]
An unlicensed drink-driver who was three times over the limit when he crashed a friend's car has walked free after a court heard he had re-found Islam and was living a more pious life.

Asif Masood, 40, ploughed a Ford Focus into a fire hydrant in Nottingham after driving over a roundabout following a drinking binge on November 17 last year............

But Masood, who has nine previous convictions for 14 offences, walked free from court after magistrates heard he had re-found his faith [ again? ] and was now teetotal after quitting drink and drugs.
Is the Magistrate a big softie who loves all Pakistanis, one who swallowed the
Western Guilt? Having a Pakistani prosecutor didn't do him any great harm. It is rather like those police in Rotherham who Perverted The Course Of Justice by letting Pakistani Perverts rape 1,400 English girls.
PS Rotherham Police Say They Are Wonderful After Being Exposed As Racist Criminals


Third World Imports Ran Dial-A-Drug  [ 8 March 2015 ]
Dial-A-Drug aka Patel & Patel were Free Traders. Now they are prisoners doing up to 16 years. Will Cameron sort them out? Not a chance.


Third World Thug Blinds A Man & Gets Off With A Year [ 22 March 2015 ]
A multimillionaire food tycoon's son who left a toddler brain damaged and paralysed following a horror car crash has been jailed for a second time after assaulting a man. Antonio Boporan Singh, 28, was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to inflicting actual bodily harm and violent disorder after two men were punched, kicked and hit with broken bottles at Birmingham's Nuvo Bar. Singh, heir to a £130million chicken fortune, has already served 21 months in jail for causing horrific injuries to one-year-old Cerys Edwards in a crash while speeding at 72mph on the wrong side of a 30mph road in November 2006.
Flogging would make a good start. Hanging or export would be a good end. It should have been GBH not ABH


Pakistani Thief Makes FBI Most Wanted List [ 11 April 2015 ]
A British-born businessman has been placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list over claims he conducted a multi-million pound luxury car scam.

Afzal Khan is accused of conning a string of customers and financial firms at a motor dealership he ran in the US. Federal agents hunting the 32-year-old, originally from Edinburgh [ The one near Lahore ], fear he may have fled the country and have offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.
Import thieves then look surprised when they carry on where they left off.


Pakistani Criminal Arranging Fake Marriages Jailed [ 19 April 2014 ]

He was getting £5,000 a time. There are significant advantages in the tax position. He got off with a modest four years; no flogging, no hanging.


 Pakistani Pervert Tried It On With 12 Year Olds [ 14 April 2015 ]
A restaurant boss is facing a lengthy jail sentence after he became the last of a string of men to be convicted of child sex offences against girls in Peterborough.

Mohammed Khubaib, originally from Pakistan, befriended girls and then ‘hooked’ them with alcohol - normally vodka - in an attempt to make them ‘compliant’ to sexual advances.

The 43-year-old married businessman, who lived in the city with his wife and children, would pursue his interest ‘away from his home and family’, using his restaurant as a ‘focal point’.
So now we know that Peterborough is a den of iniquity, even a nest of vipers like unto Rotherham. The other perpetrators are Muhammed Waqas [ 3 years ], Zdeno Mirga [ 16 years ],Hassan Abdulla [ 20 years ], Renato Balog [ 12 years ], Jan Kandrac [ five-and-a-half years ], Yasir Ali [ 20 years ], Daaim Ashraf [ 12 years ] & Mohammed Abbas[ 12 years ]. The judges seem to have taken the point.
PS Our wonderful police there were ignoring crime, just like the Rotherham lot until the publicity stirred them into pretending to do their job.


Pakistani Rapist Comes Unstuck After His Victim Commits Suicide [ 1 May 2015 ]
A young mother who committed suicide days after she was raped has helped to convict her attacker from beyond the grave.

Masood Mansouri posed as a taxi driver before abducting and raping Ceri Linden as she made her way home from a night out in Broughton, Cheshire last summer.

Mother-of-one Ms Linden, 20, later took a fatal overdose of tablets which her mother has said was a direct result of the ordeal she had been put through at Mansouri's hands.
The centre of the Rotherham rape epidemic was Pakistani taxi firms. See Akhtara Spider At The Centre Of The Taxi Trade Web on the point. The Main Stream Media didn't tell us about how it was done. Banning all foreigners from driving taxis would be a useful step forward.


Pakistani Barrister Arrested For Perverting The Course Of Justice [ 31 August 2015 ]
A defence barrister who was criticised for his conduct in a sex-grooming trial has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Mohammed Tayyab Khan was questioned by police after the collapse this week of an unrelated criminal trial at which he allegedly advised his client to feign illness. The lawyer’s alleged conversation with a defendant who was in the dock at Stoke-on-Trent crown court is said to have been overheard by court staff.
Another Pakistani, another bent lawyer? Who would have thought it? Even if he beats the rap he is a nasty bully.


Pakistani Politician Wants £5 Thousand Bribe For Access To Labour Wallah [ 11 September 2015 ]
ANDY Burnham has been caught up in a cash for access row after meeting an undercover Sun reporter who paid a fixer £5,000 towards his Labour leadership campaign.

Faiz Ul Rasool promised to introduce our man to Burnham after accepting the cash in tenners in the back room of a London casino.

Pakistani businessman Rasool, chairman of the Muslim Friends of Labour group, said the Shadow Health Secretary was “short of £40,000” for his party leadership campaign. He offered a face-to-face with Mr Burnham and deputy leader contender Tom Watson in return for a larger cash gift.........

During the get-together on Monday, party aides accepted a cheque for £3,000 from the British wife of our investigator — without any checks on her — before he was ushered forward to meet Mr Burnham.

Last night Andy Burnham’s team dismissed Rasool as a “fantasist”. A spokesman said: “Faiz Ul Rasool has had no role, formal or informal, within the Burnham campaign.”

But the official Andy4Leader Twitter feed last week lauded his fundraising efforts. It posted a picture of Rasool at a rally in Birmingham and with the caption: “Campaign stars!”

Balding Rasool is a former butcher and market trader who lives in a £1.2million flat in plush Kensington.

He claims to have spent £1million supporting Labour and in 2010 gave £80,000 to help with Gordon Brown’s General Election campaign.

His Twitter page shows him posing with Andy Burnham at events around the country and with celebrity Labour supporters like former Liverpool and England footballer Jamie Carragher.

On July 15 — six weeks before the meeting with our undercover reporter — he made a £5,000 donation to Mr Burnham’s leadership bid, which is declared in official records.

Rasool told our investigator that the campaign needed £40,000 and urged him to give as much as possible........

Ahead of the meeting with Mr Burnham, Rasool had boasted of being able to deliver Asian votes through to his roles with the Muslim Friends of Labour [ which is corrupt - Editor ] and Labour Friends Of Pakistan.
Pakistani takes bribe. Pakistani delivers result. It was a cash transaction with significant tax advantages. Pakistan is rather like Nigeria, where bribery has a spot market. You pay, he delivers on the spot. Here it is a futures market. He delivers; the bungs come later. It makes proving crime difficult. Blair knows a lot about that.


Pakistani Thug Beats Up Three Women Near Luton [ 16 September 2015 ]
More Pakistanis, more evil or, perhaps they were Islamic thugs. Cameron claims that Islam Is A Religion of Peace.. Cameron is a liar.


Court Says Go Easy On Pakistanis Raping English Girls [ 20 September 2015 ]
White girls have been made more vulnerable to sexual abuse by a legal ruling that paedophiles who target Asian girls should get tougher sentences, campaigners said last night.

Children’s charities and MPs rounded on judges at the Court of Appeal after they said that it was right to take into account the extra shame Asian victims would feel and the damage to their prospects of an arranged marriage.
Cameron is flooding England with Pakistani Perverts and other Third World criminals because he is a Traitor using Ethnic Fouling In England to destroy civilization.


Pakistani Drug Dealers Get Four Years Each [ 26 September 2015 ]
A pair of Rotherham drug dealers caught with more than £15,000 worth of heroin and cocaine have been jailed for four years each.

Nafees Alam and Omar Ali, both 23 and living at different addresses on Selwyn Street, Eastwood, Rotherham, were sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court after pleading guilty to two counts of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs........

The drugs found in the property had an estimated street value of £15,390. Both men had previous convictions for possessing cannabis, with Alam having just been released from jail at the time of the offences after being given a 10-month sentence in 2014 for dangerous driving.
Cameron imports them by the million, just like Blair & Brown. It is what Jeremy Corbyn will do if he gets the chance. They are Traitors all. It is not just Rotherham; it is Aylesbury, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol, Derby, Halifax, Leeds, Rochdale, Sheffield
 & even Oxford, which is to say civilization. These are just known victims.


Pakistanis Tortured Daughter To Death - Allegedly [ 21 October 2015 ]
A teenage girl was beaten to death by her own family after living under a 'regime of fear' in which she was forced to lick the toilet bowl and eat her own faeces, a court has heard. Shahena Uddin, 19, who was one of eight siblings, was 'regularly punished' by her brothers and sisters, for 'crimes' such as eating at the wrong speed. Punishments would allegedly include being force-fed rice and paper and being made to stand for long periods staring into a toilet bowl..........

Suhail Uddin, 35, and his wife Salma Begum, 32 - who became the teenager's legal guardians in 2010 - are now standing trial, accused of Shahena's murder. Begum is also accused of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.

They were charged alongside Shahena's three other brothers, Jewell, 27, Jhuhal, 33 and Tohel Uddin, 24, who all deny causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.
These are the sort of vicious Third World rogue imported by Cameron & Comrade Corbyn; they are Traitors both.


Pakistani Driver Almost Killed The Queen's Bagpiper Then Laughed [ 21 October 2015 ]
Saeed Ur Rehman was fined £130 then whined about it.


Pakistani Mayor Suspended After Money Is Stolen [ 25 October 2015 ]
Britain's first woman Muslim Lord Mayor is being investigated by police over allegations of 'financial irregularities', it was revealed today. Naveeda Ikram, a councillor in Bradford who was shortlisted to be Labour's parliamentary candidate to unseat George Galloway in the general election, today insisted she was completely innocent. But Labour today moved to suspend the Pakistani-born councillor from the party until the investigation had concluded.
She alleges that she is not guilty. I allege that she is fat.


Pakistanis Whine About Being Exposed After Raping 1,400 English Girls [ 27 October 2015 ]
South Yorkshire Police Boycotted by the Muslim Community of Rotherham

Since 26th August 2014, the date the Jay Report was published, the Muslim community has been under perpetual attack and demonisation.......

However despite this we, the entire Muslim community, have been tarred with the same brush. There is a perception in the minds of many ordinary people that all Muslims are now potential child abusers, or that they have been involved in some sort of a cover up.
So now we know.
Pakistanis in Rotherham are not Pakistani Perverts; they are victims. This might give you the impression that the South Yorkshire Police has been giving them a hard time, rather than helping them stay out of prison, by colluding in crime, thereby Perverting The Course Of Justice. 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe knows a lot about protecting Pakistanis if they are Racists called 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham.


Racist Is Allowed To Hate Jews Because He Is A Pakistani [  10 November 2015 ]
British charity trustee claims 'f***ing Jews' are placing secret tracking devices in all Samsung smartphones in anti-Semitic video.....

A trustee of a charity called the Ghulam Mustafa Trust has made a video in which he claims Jews track Samsung smartphones by implanting secret devices in the handsets. In a development that sparked widespread outrage, the man who created and shared the footage has been allowed to continue to run the organisation by the Charity Commission............

Jonathan Sacerdori [ sic ], Director of Communication at the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, said: ‘David Cameron has spoken about how “ideas based on conspiracy that Jews exercise malevolent power” contribute towards dangerous extremism.

‘Yet here we see the charity commission leaving a trustee in place running a charity, when he has personally made and spread exactly such a conspiracy theory via online video and social media.
The Pakistani is not so much inciting race hatred contrary to the Public Order Act 1986 as preaching to the converted. He is also displaying his deep seated ignorance. The Charity Commission let him get away with it because he is Pakistani not English. Notice that he is in Rochdale where the police allow Pakistani Perverts to rape English girls, just like Rotherham. One of their number was 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe, who now runs the Met. Hogan refuses to prosecute 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham, a Racist because he is another Pakistani. Hogan refuses to admit that knowing that there is a case against Ahmed.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism is run by Jews inciting Paranoia, or by incompetent liars. See what Vice has to say about them at There Isn't Going to Be a Jewish Exodus from the UK
PS The Daily Mail's readers are not fool enough to believe the Pakistani.


Pakistanis Repeatedly Raped 13 Year Old English Schoolgirl [ 12 November 2015 ]
White schoolgirl who was 'sexually exploited by gang of 14 Asian men was a virgin the first time she was raped aged 13
Girl was 'raped in car parks, parks and churchyards' in West Yorkshire 
Court heard she was first raped aged 13 when she refused to deal drugs
Alleged attacker called her a 'white s**g' and laughed at her as she cried  13 men and one teenager are charged with 28 offences - the trial continues 
The West Yorkshire Police are doing something about this lot but only after the South Yorkshire Police protection of Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham was exposed. Are they less bent? I wouldn't put money on it.

One of them can see the funny side of it. He wouldn't be laughing if he done it in Pakistan.


Fifteen Pakistanis Deny Raping A Schoolgirl In Bradford
Feminists tell us that Fat Is a Feminist Issue. No doubt they would claim that rape is a feminist issue until Pakistani Perverts are Raping English girls in Bradford, Aylesbury, Bolton, Bristol, Derby, Oxford, Rochdale, Rotherham etc. Feminists are keeping very quiet about this one.
PS They got 140 year in toto - Gang who raped and abused vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl locked up for 140 years


Pakistani Finance Committee Boss Evaded Council Tax  [ 23 March 2016 ]
He tried to keep the truth secret.
PS He was too busy to show up in court.


Pakistani Woman Jailed For Bribery & Perverting The Course Of Justice [ 28 April 2016 ]
Politics graduate, 27, is JAILED after she tried to dodge a speeding fine by 'paying £450 for someone else to take three points' so she could keep a clean licence

Ayesha Ahmed, 27, of Dudley, West Midlands, was caught speeding at 39mph and 40mph in a 30mph zone in her BMW twice within five minutes by a mobile camera van parked near her home in July 2014. 

But rather than pay for an £85 speed awareness course, a £100 fine and accepting three points on her licence, the international relations and politics graduate paid £450 to a man she did not know who claimed he could exploit a 'legal loophole' which would enable her to escape punishment.........

Ahmed was jailed for three months on Monday after a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court unanimously found her guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice.
She got off with three months. Chris Huhne went to prison for the same crime but got out very early but then he is a politician.


Pakistani Is A Serial Rapist Who Likes Drunk Women [ 28 May 2016 ]
A businessman who went on a 7,000 mile ‘rape tour’ of Britain’s universities targeting women rendered helpless by cheap Freshers’ Week drink promotions was jailed for 12 years today.

Tahir Nazir from Glasgow used university events to sneak into UK student halls and homes in the hope of targeting drunk undergraduates...........

At Manchester Crown Court he was convicted of trespass with intent to commit an offence, sexual assault, attempted rape, and three charges of trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence.
The judge is an old softie but at least the police didn't let him get away with it because he is a Pakistani. Nazir is just another proof that Blair, Brown, Cameron et al have betrayed us. Merkel is doing the same to Germany which is why she qualified as Race Traitor 2015. Obama is just as much one of the Enemy Within but the Jew Netanyahu is different; he is not a Traitor being a Paranoid murderous thug, grossly Racist to boot but he for Brer Jew, just as Adolf Hitler was pro-German.
PS The Mail's picture was chosen to make him look less foreign. The Manchester Police didn't hide the truth.


Pakistani G [ 2 June 2016  ]
 Labour politician does not say he is a problem because he is Pakistani & she is Racist

Pakistani Bint Gets 15 Months For Committing Perjury To Put Her Ex In Prison [ 8 June 2016 ]
A university student who lied to police about being strangled and beaten by her ex-boyfriend and even convinced a judge to grant a non-molestation order against him, was jailed today.

Natasha Uttamsingh, 22, had threatened to ruin Aakash Andrews's career and called police claiming he had beaten her after he told her he thought they should break up.

Mr Andrews was arrested and removed from the flat they shared but detectives realised Uttamsingh had lied when they found a message on her phone which she had sent to herself from Mr Andrews's mobile saying he raped her. The single mother, who was part way through a midwifery course, also altered a medical exam form in which she had claimed police needed to investigate the made up attack.
She is a malicious liar who Perverted The Course Of Justice but got away with forgery. Blair, Brown, Cameron, Merkel and their like import Third World criminals like her with malice aforethought.


Pakistani Raped Englishwoman In Birmingham [ 4 June 2016 ]
That's what they come here for. Birmingham has been turned into a Third World Hellhole by Treason, by Blair, Brown, Cameron & the rest of the Enemy Within.


Five 'Teenagers' Tortured 16 Year Old Boy [ 8 July 2016 ]
Teenager is code for Third World criminal. The Daily Mail is prone to tell the truth sometimes but here we just have the mugshots. This bunch of scrotes are Pakistanis.

They are Islamics to boot. Cameron alleges that Islam Is A Religion of Peace. He lies in his teeth.


Pakistani Thug Attacks Third World Import [ 22 July 2016 ]
Send them back to Lahore then they wouldn't have cars.


Pakistani Thieves Stole Range Rovers Worth £680 Thousand [ 22 July 2016 ]
They were high tech thieves apparently. An English scrote was part of the gang.


Pakistani Killed Policeman [ 22 July 2016 ]
The victim was another Pakistani. Perhaps that is why it going through the books as an accident rather than murder.


Pakistani Murdered In The Punjab For Marrying The Wrong Man  [ 27 July 2016 ]
The husband of a British [ sic ] beauty therapist who died in Pakistan has claimed she was the victim of an ‘honour killing’ for marrying a man outside the family.

Samia Shahid, 28, who was originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire, died while visiting relatives in her ancestral Punjab village of Pandori on Wednesday. She was buried in a village graveyard following an immediate post-mortem in which local police claimed to have found no visible injuries or signs of violence on her body.
Did the police kill her? Would they tell the truth? It depends on who paid them & how much.


Pakistani Surgeon Claims He Is Not A Serial Rapist   [  29 July 2016 ]
Harley Street surgeon Mohamed Amrani, 53, appeared at Hammersmith Magistrates Court on Wednesday charged with 11 offences, including one count of rape, dating back to 2001, with the most recent taking place in May 2014.


Pakistani Raped Woman Repeatedly In NHS Hospital  [  29 July 2016 ]
Another Pakistani, another Rapist.


Pakistani Thieves Stole £150 Thousand By Fraud [ 2 August 2016 ]
THE founder of a Bradford flagship free school and two staff members have been warned they could be jailed after being found guilty of fraudulently obtaining around £150,000 from government grants.

Sajid Hussain Raza, 43, Shabana Hussain, 40, and Daud Khan, 44, were convicted by a jury at Leeds Crown Court of making payments into their own bank accounts from Department for Education grants given to help set up the Kings Science Academy in Bradford in 2011...........

The three were found guilty at Leeds Crown Court following a six-week trial.
They started thieving on Day One & doubtless had every intention of carrying on. Notice that it took six weeks to get a result - and make lawyers richer.


Pakistani Slumlord Making £100 Thousand A Year Out Of Illegals [ 6 August 2016 ]
The large Romanian migrant family of brothers, sisters and cousins — including a girl, Miruna, aged just two — was always close-knit. But never so close as when they were forced to huddle together in an overcrowded house with a damp, dark cellar in London’s East End.

Council officials were shocked when, during a surprise raid on the three-bedroom terrace property facing a busy road, they found 26 family members crammed together.

The Negrescu clan were told to leave these Dickensian conditions while their landlady, Zara Hussein, was traced and told that she faced legal action over renting out the property, which was licensed for only seven people, to so many.

‘Now we will have to sleep on the streets,’ said Miruna’s mother, 25-year-old Euliana. ‘We have nowhere else to go. We are being treated like criminals when we are victims.’
Your accountant will confirm that there are significant advantages in the tax position of undeclared income.


Pakistanis Are STILL Raping English Girls On An Industrial Scale [ 9 August 2016 ]
GROOMING of young girls by gangs of predominantly Kashmiri men is still occurring on an “industrial scale” in Rotherham because authorities are failing to tackle an organised child sex crime racket, an investigation by has uncovered. has pieced together shocking testimony from victims, campaigners and local residents in a large-scale investigation series being revealed throughout this week....................

It reveals how organised, criminal gangs of paedophiles are still using the town as their own personal fiefdom, peddling underage girls for sex as part of a multi-million pound crime empire..........
Rotherham sex scandal: More than 160 officers facing claims they ignored victims’ pleas
Pakistani Perverts were allowed to Rape wholesale; they still are. The quid pro quo was and still is Vote Rigging, which is wholesale too.

It keeps Labour in power. It has kept them out of prison. What are The Tories doing about it? Nothing. Why not? They have skeletons in their own cupboards to hide. Perhaps the next one helps explain an ugly reality.


Pakistani Liar Gets Six Months For Perjury [ 26 August 2016 ]
A businesswoman who twice fraudulently claimed her sister had been driving her car after being caught speeding was caught out by handwriting experts. Nosheen Sadaf was sent to prison for six months at Manchester Crown Court yesterday after her ruse was spotted by police. Sadaf, 36, who was previously banned from driving for four months for totting up penalty points, was caught driving her BMW at 38mph in a 30mph zone on the A56 in September 2014, the court heard.

But when she received a letter informing her she was to be prosecuted, Sadaf claimed her sister, now living in Pakistan, was driving the car and had taken it without her permission..........  She again blamed her sister, the court heard, giving the exact same excuse.
Another Pakistani, another liar. They went easy on Chris Huhne for same try on but then he is a politician.


Pakistani Rapists Turned English Girl Into An Animal [ 27 September 2016 ]
The family had to flee the country because the South Yorkshire Police would not protect her. They were more concerned with protecting the perpetrators.


Pakistani Thief Gets Five Years [ 1 October 2016 ]
He was running a 'free school' so it was only taxpayers' money.


Pakistani High Frequency Trader Gets Aggravation [ 5 October 2016 ]
Being near the stock exchange gives access to early information; milliseconds matter to High Frequency Traders; they use it for Front Running, a form of Insider Trading. It is crime, it is thieving.


Ten Pakistanis On Trial For Rioting In Rotherham [ 13 October 2016 ]
Ten men have appeared in court charged with violent disorder following a clash with a far-right group in Rotherham. Most of the men were attending an anti-fascist demonstration in the town centre on 5 September 2015, a month after the murder of an 81-year-old Muslim man.

The ten, who have men all denied violent disorder, are:
Mohammed Saleem (44), Mount Street, Masbrough
Nasrum Rashid (22), Fraser Road, Broom
Moshin Mahmood (18), James Street, Masbrough
Abrar Javid (38), St John’s Road, Eastwood
Sadaqat Ali (40), Milton Road, Eastwood
Imran Iqbal (30), Clough Road, Masbrough
Arshad Khan (45), Wellgate Mount, Rotherham
Shaban Ditta (32), Cambridge Crescent, East Dene.
Akaash Nazier (22), Cow Rakes Close, Whiston.
Asif Zaman (48), Wellgate Mount, Rotherham, who also denies a charge of possessing an offensive weapon in Wellgate on the day of the protests. Two men who were charged in connection with the same incident — Haseeb Alam (19), of Selwyn Street, Eastwood, and Mahroof Sultan (37), of Grosvenor Road, Eastwood — have both admitted violent disorder and will be sentenced at the end of the trial.
The two who admitted their guilt make it a round dozen. The rest will no doubt be getting legal aid; it's only taxpayers' money after all so nobody cares about it. There was "local anger" after an old Pakistani was murdered and local gloating after 1,400 English girls were Raped by Pakistani Perverts.


Pakistani Money Launderer Stays Out Of Prison  [ 14 October 2016 ]
A court goes easy on another Rotherham criminal. He was captured by Customs with £100,000. The South Yorkshire Police doesn't bother Pakistani Perverts; they are still letting them Rape English girls. See e.g. Rotherham -  Child Grooming Still Happening On Industrial Scale.


Pakistani Alleges That He Is Not A Rapist [ 14 October 2016 ]
Further that all three accusers are lying.


Pakistani Gets Taxi Licence Back After Leaving After Leaving 4 Year Old Girl Brain Damaged [ 18 October 2016 ]
It gives him fresh opportunities to kill and Rape. His victim's mother is not amused.


Pakistani Racist Punches Woman And Calls Her A Black C*** [ 20 October 2016 ]
Then walks free. Of course if he had been English the judge wouldn't have gone easy on him. Taxi driving seems to be a job that Pakistani Perverts get so that they can rape our girls. This happened in Addington where poor little Emma West lived. She invited blacks to go back whence they came then got locked up in a lunatic asylum without the nuisance of a trial. She was also subjected to a torrent of Racist hate by the Main Stream Media. That is justice in England today - allegedly.


Pakistani Rioters Are Victims Alleges Defence Lawyer  [ 5 November 2016 ]
A police commander in charge on the day [ alleged ] Nazis [ allegedly ] attacked Asian counter demonstrators in
Rotherham has been likened to a character from TV comedy Fawlty Towers.

Sheffield Crown Court burst into laughter as defence barrister Michael Mansfield QC mocked Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth for adopting hotel waiter Manuel’s catchphrase “I know nothing.” “You may think it was astonishing what he did not know,” Mansfield told the jury in the Rotherham 12 trial.

The 12 men were charged with violent disorder after a peaceful [ sic ] counter protest against the [ allegedly ] Nazi group Britain First in September last year.
The Socialist Worker is a Propaganda machine run by Marxist liars. The allegation that the Pakistanis were peaceful "beggars belief". This is the legal phrase meaning that someone is lying blatantly. Albeit Mansfield is an enthusiastic member of the Lunatic Fringe who got away with knocking someone about.


Pakistani Rapists Get 198 Years For Abuse Etcetera  [ 5 November 2016 ]
One policeman was told about these crimes and ignored the report. Police are 'investigating' or looking after their own. The South Yorkshire Police are the best that money can buy. Labour politicians in Rotherham wanted them to go easy on the Pakistani Perverts who were delivering thousands of  fraudulent Votes.


Pakistani Thief Goes To Prison [ 10 December 2016 ]
He got 27 months for stealing £98,000. He got off lightly. More and better details at £98,000 forest fraudster jailed for failing to plant a single tree but he had fun spending it.


Pakistani Thieves Stole £600 Thousand In Legal Aid [ 10 December 2016 ]
This pair of thieves were cleverer albeit they weren't bright enough to pay VAT etc. They were helped by an Englishman. We have our very own criminals without the light fingered parasites imported by Her Majesty's Government.


Three Pakistanis Charged With Paedophile Perversion [ 14 December 2016 ]
Three enemy aliens thrown to the wolves could result in a lot less Vote Rigging.


Pakistani Thief Stole £80 Thousand By Dole Fraud [ 24 December 2016 ]
She stole a mere £12,000 last time. The judge took the point and stuck her in prison. Flogging would have been a good option. Deportation and hanging would too. The latter stops all repeat offenders.


Pakistani Paedophile Pervert Kidnapped English Girl & Sold Her Babies
British girl kidnapped and held as sex slave for 13 years by rapist who SOLD her four babies
Anna Ruston was held for 13 years and brutally raped by a monster inside his own home, but is now bravely telling her story
The Daily Mirror is advertising a book; it's available from Amazon. See Secret Slave: Kidnapped and abused for 13 years

Is it true? There are Pakistani criminals who would just what Anna Ruston tells us. Does she exist? Who did it? The Mirror is vague. How long did he get? We are not told. Of course if it really had happened and the perpetrator had been English The Guardian would have led the pack; total outrage would have been the order of the day. The truth is that hundreds of English girls were systematically Raped by Pakistanis in Rotherham with the enthusiastic collusion of the Guardian, the BBC & other Traitors including Her Majesty's Government. The Guardian approves; it is evil.
PS The Telegraph isn't fool enough to believe Anna Ruston; her story is unverifiable but profitable.


Pakistani Who 'Misused Money' Stays Out Of Prison [ 7 January 2017 ]
Shazan Izziq Qureshi
....used the company, and, monies entrusted to it, to fund his own personal business dealings, which included the buying and renovating of properties in partnership with others in a joint venture.

"The investigation revealed that Mr Qureshi blatantly disregarded his obligations under the joint venture agreement and misused funds entrusted to Rejuvenate Your Business by his joint venture partners. Mr Qureshi only made good the loss by borrowing monies from one of the company’s clients, a prominent surgeon, stating that the loan was for the benefit of Rejuvenate Your Business."

Robert Clarke, head of Insolvent Investigations North at the Insolvency Service, said:  “This was a clear case of abuse of trust, which has caused much financial loss and distress to those who trusted Mr Qureshi with substantial sums of money."......... The estimated deficiency at the date of liquidation was £928,359.
The thick end of a million goes missing without any mention of lying, the Fraud Act 2006 or thieving generally. Of course being a Pakistani makes a difference; money was merely  'misused'.


Pakistanis In Court Charged As Paedophile Perverts [ 15 January 2017 ]
THREE men charged with a total of 15 offences of indecent assault against a child in Rotherham as part of an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) have appeared before magistrates.

Riaz Makhmood (38), Sajid Ali (37) and Zaheer Iqbal (39), all from Masbrough are accused of assaulting a girl aged under 14 between June 1994 and June 1995.
Now, years later the police are prosecuting the occasional Pakistani Pervert. What of the police who colluded with politicians in letting them get away systematically Raping English girls? They are walking the streets, laughing up their sleeves. The evidence of their idleness, at the very best, the ugly reality of their Perversion Of The Course Of Justice is being forgotten; it is going down the Memory Hole. The victims are only daughters of the Proles, the peasant masses.


Pakistani Stole £113 Million By Fraud [ 25 January 2017 ]
A policewoman and her bank worker husband appeared in court today accused of laundering cash from Britain's biggest ever cyber fraud. Manpreet Shergill, 33, who was attached to the Met Aviation Policing Command, allegedly helped to launder proceeds from the £113m 'vishing' scam masterminded by Feezan 'Fizzy' Choudhary. Victims were contacted by scammers claiming to be from the Lloyds anti-fraud department who would dupe them into revealing their account details. These were then plundered of vast sums of money which were transferred through various accounts supplied by corrupt bank employees before eventually being withdrawn from banks and ATMs - often just hours after the original fraud.

Fizzy, from Glasgow, made so much money he was able to send a team of valets to Lahore to polish his fleet of Porsches.........

The couple, of Slough, Berkshire, were released on conditional bail until a further preliminary hearing at Southwark Crown Court on 20 February.
Giving them bail makes it easy for them to flee the country.


Jury Retires To Consider Five Pakistanis Charged With Paedophile Perversion [ 25 January 2017 ]
The link is broken but see Five Pakistanis On Trial As Paedophile Perverts
PS They were all guilty of course - see Five guilty in Rotherham child sex abuse trial


Pakistani Surgeon Investigated For Defrauding NHS [30 January 2017 ]
A senior NHS surgeon is being investigated by police over claims he carried out unnecessary surgery – costing the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds. Orthopaedic surgeon Mohammed Suhaib Sait, 54, is being probed by his employer BMI, England’s largest private hospital chain, which also treats NHS patients..........

The BMI Hospital, Fawkham Manor in Longfield, Kent, which treats both NHS and private patients, suspended the surgeon in July 2016. He had already wound up both companies he runs..........

But since last year, doctors’ regulator the General Medical Council has stated that he is not allowed to see women alone in consultations without a chaperone.
The Mail's readers comment with unwonted subtlety; they take the point.


Six Pakistani Paedophile Perverts Convicted Of Raping English Girls In Rotherham [31 January 2017 ]
Six more Pakistanis imported by Blair, Brown, Cameron & others of the Enemy Within are thrown to the wolves. The police who chose to ignore wholesale Rape in Rotherham & the politicians who allowed it as a quid pro quo for Vote Rigging walk free.


Pakistani Paedophile Gets 20 Years [ 5 February 2017 ]
So one judge has seen the light. Hanging and flogging would make lots of sense but not in that order.
Muhamed Avais, 50, fled the UK a day before he was due to stand trial in August 2015 for a string of vile sex attacks against a schoolgirl.

He was convicted of 19 offences of rape and sexual assault in his absence. Avais fled to Pakistan on the eve of his trial at Stoke-on-Trent before spending 18 months on the run...........

He was flown back to the UK and on Friday he was jailed for a total of 20 years.
The law can make a difference.


Pakistani Police Perjurer Gets 21 Months [ 9 February 2017 ]
A lying police officer has been jailed after he wriggled out of a road rage charge by persuading a friend to provide a false alibi. PC Zaid Malik, 51, was off-duty when he became embroiled in a row with another driver in Stechford, Birmingham, on February 26, 2015. Witnesses accused Malik of being the aggressor but his force, West Midlands Police, refused to press charges when they received a statement from Roger Baker claiming the officer was innocent.

But his lies unravelled when detectives discovered the pair were friends and Baker was nowhere near the scene of the road rage incident.

Malik, of Birmingham, was found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and was jailed for 21 months at the city's crown court. Baker, from Acocks Green, Birmingham, was jailed for 12 months.
The Mail's readers take the point that Her Majesty's Government import Pakistani Perverts with whole hearted approval of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition.
PS After seeing the mugshot you might wonder why he ever had a job let alone a position of trust.


Pakistanis Deny Paedophile Abuses In Rotherham  [ 12 February 2017 ]
Rotherham is where our wonderful government puts thePakistanis it imports, especially if they arePakistani Perverts. It means they are nowhere near any who really matters. Now a few aliens are being thrown to the wolves. The police who pretended to know nothing are walking free, just like the politicians who used wholesale Rape as a quid pro quo for massiveVote Rigging.


Pakistani Racist Walks Free After Attacking Nine Month Old Baby [ 21 February 2017 ]
An attacker spat into a nine-month-old baby's face and shouted 'white people shouldn't breed' in a sickening race-hate assault. Rezzas Abdulla left little Layla-Jean, who was just nine months old and in her pushchair, covered in saliva after the shocking street attack in South Shields last January.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the baby's mother, hairdresser Rebecca Telford, 25, was out walking with the baby when the 33-year-old attacker approached without warning. Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court: 'He lent into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter. 'As he did so, he shouted or said "white people shouldn't breed".' The court heard that when the baby's stunned mother confronted Abdulla, he told her to 'shut the f*** up' and walked off..........

Abdulla, who has two previous convictions for race-hate attacks on white women, was later tracked down through CCTV.
This a gross breach of the Public Order Act 1986 but that only applies to Englishmen. Letting the Pakistani get away with it because he wasn't breast fed, a lunatic or whatever is one approach to Perverting The Course Of Justice; it is also public policy.


Pakistani Thieves Bribed A Jury [ 23 February 2017 ]
A judge today dismissed a jury amid claims they were offered bribes in a 'cash for crash' case and will try it alone - for only the second time in English legal history. Mr Justice Goss made his decision during the trial of four men accused of the manslaughter of Betty Laird, 88.

Driver Sabbir Hussain, 25, and alleged passengers, Raja Hussain, 30, and Shahrear Islam-Miah, 26, had been on trial accused of killing her. The two-week trial heard Mrs Laird suffered fatal spinal injuries when the Renault Kangoo she was a passenger in was struck in Leeds, West Yorkshire, by a Volkswagen Passat................ The court was also told some members of the jury had been approached as they left the court building and offered sums up to £500 in cash.
They are cheapskate crooks. "Up to £500" isn't worth it. £5,000 starts to make sense. One Pakistani has admitted, manslaughter, conspiracy to commit fraud and attempting to Pervert The Course Of Justice.


Pakistani Postmaster Set Up Fraudulent Robbery To Steal £185 Thousand [ 25 February 2017 ]
A postmaster staged an elaborate raid on his own corner shop in which he cast his friends as the robbers. Mohammed Iqbal, 33, from Rishton, Lancashire, asked his two friends to dress in boiler suits, break into his post office and drug him before making off with £185,000. The dramatic scenes were played out for the perfectly positioned CCTV which police examined. 

They discovered Iqbal, 33, was in the fact the 'inside man' behind the hold up and had helped stage it himself whilst standing in for his older sister who was off work due to her being injured during a previous unconnected armed raid............

Today Lancashire Police issued CCTV of the incident as Iqbal, of Preston was jailed for two years and four months after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit theft.
They got off lightly. See the Pakistani's mug shot and wonder how he ever got a job, far less a position of trust.


Pakistani Paedophile Pervert Offered Bribe To Pervert The Course Of Justice [ 10 March 2017 ]
A CHILD rapist from Bradford who offered to pay his schoolgirl victim’s family money to drop the case and leave the country has been jailed for 13 years.

Police branded 64-year-old Tariq Syed “evil” after a Bradford Crown Court jury found him guilty of rape and perverting the course of justice.

The rape of the Bradford schoolgirl was reported to police in September 2014 and suspect Syed arrested a short time later. He denied the offence and was bailed pending further enquiries.
Another Pakistani Pervert, one of thousands imported by Her Majesty's Government & Treason. See the mugshot, know the guilt. Tariq Syed looks sincerely evil but then he is.


Pakistani Racists Break Englishwoman's Nose In Vicious Attack [ 15 March 2017 ]
Her Majesty's Government imports thugs like these with malice aforethought. It is Treason, it is Ethnic Fouling merging seamlessly into Genocide, it is policy.


Pakistani Medic Gropes Woman On Thirteen Hour Flight [ 16 March 2017 ]
The police let him get away with it. The Medical Council might well.


Pakistani Thug Brutalises Wife And Walks Free [ 28 March 2017 ]
A Pakistani cricketer who beat his wife with his own bat and forced her to drink bleach while urging her to kill herself is set to join a top British club after being spared jail. Mustafa Bashir, 34, hit his hotel receptionist wife with his own bat during a jealous outburst, then warned her: 'If I hit you with this bat with my full power then you would be dead.'

During another furious attack, he held Fakhara Karim, 33, by the neck, poured bleach down her throat and forced her to take tablets while ordering her to kill herself. She told the court how her confidence was crushed by her jealous lover, who berated her for wearing westernised clothes and called her friends 'English slag girls'.

But Bashir was spared jail at Manchester Crown Court, where the judge decided that he did not pass the custody threshold because his ex-wife was not a vulnerable person.
You just might wonder if the judge is Perverting The Course Of Justice for the benefit of a vicious Third World thug. He wouldn't admit it but then he can't.


Pakistani Surgeon On Trial For Rape And Sexual Assault [ 28 March 2017 ]
Another Third World import.


Pakistani Ran A Carlisle Brothel [ 1 April 2017 ]
A Carlisle takeaway boss has been convicted of attempting to recruit four girls aged between 12 and 16 into prostitution.

Azad Miah, 44, was also found guilty at Carlisle Crown Court of running a brothel from his business and paying for the sexual services of teenagers. The owner of the former Spice of India restaurant had denied all charges. He was found guilty of inciting four girls into prostitution, and cleared of the same allegation against two others. He was also convicted of paying for the sexual services of two girls. Miah, who was warned that he faced a "substantial" prison term, will be sentenced on Tuesday........

The jury heard that one girl complained to police about Miah persistently harassing her in 2008, three years before he was arrested, but gave up when no action was taken.
Another Pakistani was protected by idle/corrupt/cowardly/morally cretinous police. The BBC ran this as local news, mere Cumberland news because the Beeb is run by Racists, anti-English racists of course but racists none the less. That is why they didn't tell us that the perpetrator is  Pakistani.


Fifteen Pakistanis Charged As Paedophile Perverts In Banbury [ 2 April 2017 ]
Ten men have been charged with 56 offences following police raids related to child sexual exploitation claims.

Warrants were carried out at addresses in Banbury, Oxfordshire, on Tuesday before further arrests were made on Wednesday. The men were arrested on suspicion of rape and other offences relating to three females between 2008 and 2015. Eight of the men - seven from Banbury and one from Birmingham - appeared before Oxford magistrates earlier.

They are Leon Cole, 19; Atiq Hussain, 23; Qamran Hafiz, 24; Abdul Sarfraz, 31; Nasser Younis, 37; Tafail Mohammed, 23, and Marcelo Suarez, 20, all from Banbury, and Ahsan Raza, aged 19, from Birmingham.............

Two other men, Amir Arfi, aged 23, of no fixed abode and Atique Akhtar, aged 23, of no fixed abode, will appear at Oxford Magistrates' Court on 2 May.......... Six men were charged with the rape of a girl under 16 as well as other sexual offences, while a seventh man was charged with conspiracy to rape.

Six men - all from Oxford - will appear before Oxford magistrates.

They are: Shabir Dogar, 22; Shabaz Khan, 23; Shohab Dogar, 23; Yasin Hamid, 20; Usman Iddris, 22; and Joseph Suraina, 22.

Waqas Hussain, 24, of no fixed abode, will appear at Oxford Magistrates' Court on 4 April.
The Barbarians are not merely at the gate; they are inside and being Bribed to come by Her Majesty's Government. The Beeb covered this lot in two different articles. A couple of Westerners were also captured.


Pakistani Cook Attacks Customer Then Alleges Self Defence  [ 4 April 2017 ]
Believe that if you want. Why did he have chili powder to hand? To throw into someone's eyes. QED.


Pakistani Wife Beater Committed Perjury [ 8 April 2017 ]
He is a surly rogue who got off with eighteen months.


Pakistani Official Charged With Taking Bribes From Third World Aliens  [ 10 April 2017 ]
A HOME Office employee has been arrested for allegedly charging immigrants £1,000 to fast track visa applications. Navas Mohammed Karim, 35, is accused of offering the service while working at an immigration and asylum centre. He is said to have posed as an immigration specialist promising to help with individuals’ cases. But he was allegedly accessing the Home Office’s immigration database to try to get cases moved swiftly on. A source said: “For around a year in 2014 he was supposedly offering this service.
Import Third World aliens and watch them carry on the way they did in various ghastly Hellholes.


28 Pakistanis Charged With Paedophile Crimes  [ 13 April 2017 ]
There is another who might be French. They were inflicted on Huddersfield, which is a safe distance from Parliament, Eton, Roedean and civilization generally. They were and are being imported by Her Majesty's Government with malice aforethought. Capitalist Swine want cheap labour while The Labour Party wants industrial scale Vote Rigging. Now a few Pakistanis are being thrown to the wolves while police and politicians walk free.


Four Pakistanis On Trial For Raping An English Girl [ 4 May 2017 ]
A lost 16-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by a kebab shop owner and three others in a flat above a takeaway after she asked them for directions, a court heard. The drunk teenager was led to a filthy room above 555 Pizza in Ramsgate, Kent, where she was pushed onto a mattress and forced upon by the group of laughing men, it was said.   

The unnamed teenager was attacked after she headed home from a night out with friends and shopped off at the late-night restaurant to find her way home. Prosecutor Simon Taylor said: 'The girl was undoubtedly drunk and was walking the streets alone late at night.

'The Crown's case is that her drunkenness, youth and vulnerability would have been recognised by the defendants. He said: 'And it was these factors that they took advantage of in the couple of hours that followed.' Restaurant owner Tamin Rahani, 37, Shershah Muslimyar, 20, Rafiullah Hamidy, 24, and a teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons, all deny three charges of rape.
More Third World parasites imported by Her Majesty's Government and Treason. Those criminals are being imported in their thousands every week by Criminal Charities with the full knowledge and consent of the European Union. NB one of these criminal groups, Save The Children is run by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minister of Denmark. There is top level collusion in crime, in Illegal Immigration.


Pakistani Full Of Hate Gets Eight Years [ 8 May 2017 ]
Another Islamic thug full of hate incited by Wahhabi Islam, the de facto state religion of Saudi Arabia

Take the point that he is stupid as well as ugly. A few arrests like this are useful for MI5, the Police et cetera. Producing a few third rate amateurs is good publicity, good for budgets and largely irrelevant. Her Majesty's Government is importing hundreds of thousands of malicious Third World parasites like him in order to create Trojan Horses and destroy England.


Pakistani Bint Gets Four Months For Dangerous Driving [ 11 May 2017 ]
It could have been a manslaughter rap. The fact that she was screwed by an actor is irrelevant except as an excuse for the Daily Mail to run bikini photos. NB she could do with a nose job.


Pakistani Thief Stole £1.1 Million [ 16 May 2017 ]
A conman who splashed out on a £55,000 Bentley and holidays in Dubai after swindling £1.1 million from an EU fund to help immigrants settle in Britain is facing jail. Mohammed Chaudhari, 37, milked a ‘soft’ EU grant scheme to promote ‘social, cultural, and economic integration’ for migrants by claiming that his firm was helping scores of foreigners learn English.

The fraudster submitted bogus documents to con clueless Home Office officials who did not have time to carry out any checks and were happy to dole out huge sums of taxpayers’ money as long as the right boxes were ticked on the funding applications.
He looks like an arrogant rogue. Just why are rogues in Brussels paying money to Third World parasites; it is only tax payers' money that they have extorted? Take the point that Brussels is deliberately allowing thousands of Illegal Immigrants to be imported by Criminal Charities like Médecins Sans Frontières & Save The Children.


Pakistanis Die From Inbreeding [ 17 May 2017 ]
One in five child deaths in an east London borough are occurring because the baby's parents are related, a report has found.

A meeting of Redbridge Council's health and wellbeing board heard 19 per cent of the 200-plus infant deaths between 2008 and 2016 were 'attributable to consanguineous relationships' – couples who are at least second cousins or more closely related. The causes of death have been identified as 'genetic and congenital abnormalities', the board was told.

Council health bosses were also told nine per cent of the children who died were from Pakistani families in the borough.
Pakistanis are used to these problems. Their answer is simple; have lots more children. It means getting more money from the dole office. The village idiot is a by word for a reason. Notice that the Mail manages not to mention inbreeding & does try to conceal the fact that half of its successes fatalities are Pakistani.


Pakistani Charged With Murdering His Wife [ 21 May 2017 ]
The husband of the lawyer who vanished after taking her daughter to school was last night charged with poisoning her. Dentist Majid Mustafa will appear in court today accused of conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm with intent and conspiracy to administer a noxious substance.

Mustafa’s wife Renata Antczak, 49, was last seen on April 25 when she returned to their home in Hull after taking 11-year-old daughter Victoria to school.
There are two of them facing the same charges. Getting rid of the body can be a problem.


Pakistani Crash For Cash Thief Performs On Camera [ 22 May 2017 ]
Mohamed Rahman, 27, cut into a line of queuing traffic and then blamed the other driver in a bid to get compensation, claiming the crash had reignited a painful back injury.

But his deceit was later uncovered after he was filmed by cameras covering the busy M4 Severn Bridge crossing last June. Rahman has now been jailed for six months.
The judge went lightly on him but then he is a Third World parasite, not an Englishman.


Pakistani Tried To Murder His Love Rival [ 22 May 2017 ]
He got off with ten years. The judge wasn't another Pakistani, just a softy. The Crown Prosecution Service went easy on him too.


Pakistani Rapist Fought Off By 13 Year Old English Girl  [ 23 June 2017 ]
Detectives released CCTV footage in a bid to catch the man who assaulted the girl, 13, in Blackburn, Lancashire.

The man can be seen following his victim before catching up with her and talking to her. She crosses the road away from him but he then sprints after her. The suspect grabs his victim from behind before the brave teenager punches him and runs away.

He can then be seen running away from the scene at around 7pm on Wednesday 14 June, past a row of garden hedges.
Another Pakistani Pervert imported by Her Majesty's Government with malice aforethought and Treasonous intent.


Afghan Murdered European Official's Daughter  [ 23 June 2017 ]
The father in question invited people to donate money to Bangla Desh.


Pakistani Prosecutor Tells Paedophile Perverts To Stop Blaming Their Victims [ 2 July 2017 ]
I call on my fellow Muslims to stop blaming VICTIMS of child sex gangs: Lawyer who helped jail the Rochdale grooming gang calls to end violent misogyny he says 'excuses these monsters'
Nazir Afzal, a prosecutor in the Rochdale scandal, writes for the Mail on Sunday
Afzal says Asian and Pakistani men are disproportionately involved in grooming
He claims Muslim audiences refuse to talk about how to deal with these crimes
Muslim Council of Britain only wanted to discuss in hate crime and Islamophobia
A Pakistani prosecutor is willing to put criminals in prison. Criminals in the Crown Prosecution Service prefer to Pervert The Course Of Justice by letting them go on victimising English girls.


Pakistani Rapist Waited Outside Bars For His Victims [11 July 2017 ]
An Uber driver who lay in wait outside popular London bars looking for drunken women to rape has been jailed for 12 years.

Jahir Hussain, 37, preyed on women leaving pubs in Shoreditch, in the east of the capital before attacking them as they slept. His first victim awoke to find the fondling her breasts and undoing his belt on 12 October last year. The woman lay still in the back of the cab frozen in fear as he raped her, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Father-of-four Hussain then carried out two attacks in quick succession in the early hours of 2 December.
The Bishop Of Dover Wants More Illegal Immigrants. So does the General Synod. They are betraying us.


Pakistani Paedophile Perverts Walk Free Because Police Are Ignorant And Idle  [ 17 July 2017 ]
Criminals are avoiding justice because 'lazy' police do not know or understand the law well enough, according to a former top prosecutor. Nazir Afzal, who led cases against the child abuse ring in Rochdale, said 'basic' cases were being charged 'prematurely' without proper investigations.................. His speech for the event, seen by The Times, said officers 'do not understand the law' and see charges as 'more important than convictions'.

Writing for the paper, he added: 'In relation to trials, they do not understand disclosure, and do not understand the consequences of failing to disclose evidence that is not part of the prosecution case.
General purpose incompetence or worse? Pass.


Pakistani Thieves Stole £400 Thousand  [ 24 July 2017 ]
See the faces, see the guilt. They got a total of 17 years.


Pakistani Thief Stole $132 Million From Medicare In Detroit  [ 23 July 2017 ]
A health care executive [ Mashiyat Rashid ] cheated Medicare out of $132 million and blew the money on a $7 million Franklin mansion and courtside NBA tickets, and stuffed secret storage units with cash, prosecutors allege............

Prosecutors say the conspiracy involved recruiting homeless people as patients, sending phony bills to Medicare, subjecting drug addicts to unnecessary back injections and prescribing powerful pain medication that ended up being sold on the street.

The conspiracy generated so much money that Rashid withdrew $500,000 from a bank this month and stuffed the cash in a duffel bag, the government said. A surveillance team of federal agents watched him enter and leave the bank............

Rashid is not a flight risk or a criminal, defense lawyer Mohammed Nasser said. He is a venture capitalist and business owner who paid $2.4 million in taxes last year. Rashid moved to the U.S. from Bangladesh when he was 3 years old, graduated from the University of Michigan, is married and has two young children.
Another Pakistani, another thief. Robbing Medicare is easy but the English NHS is different, or is it? To be fair the NHS is infested with Pakistanis just the same.


Pakistani Paedophile Pervert Gets Three Years  [ 24 July 2017 ]
The judge is an old softy.


Pakistani Village Council Order Revenge Rape Of A Teenager  [ 27 July 2017 ]
Members of a village council in Pakistan have been arrested for ordering the revenge rape of a teenager because her brother had sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl in a field. The panchayat - translating to village council - convened in an area of Multan where they dished out the horrifying punishment to a rapist's innocent little sister. 

On July 16, a 12-year-old was raped by a man as she cutting the grass and two days later the council shockingly told the girl's brother to rape the 17-year-old sister of the accused.

She was dragged to the meeting in Rajpur and the horrific retaliation was carried out in front of her parents and the 40 men on the council. 
They decided, they acted. Her Majesty's Government imports Third World scum like these as a matter of policy & with the wholehearted collusion of Her Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition. They also pretend they can't stop it. They are liars guilty of Misconduct In Public Office, Treason, Ethnic Fouling In England causing Genocide - see the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. They are prime candidates for prosecution by the International Criminal Court.


Pakistani Pimp Getting Out Seventeen Years Early [ 28 July 2017 ]
That is incitement, an invitation to do it all over again.

He looks like a sincerely nasty bit of work but then he is. Pandering to Pakistani Perverts is policy and treason. Recall that Chris Huhne was let out very early because his face fits. Here is a repeat perversion of justice.


Girl Raped Twice In One Night By Pakistani Thugs  [ 1 August 2017 ]
Khurram Rahi, 27, who was arrested yesterday has been charged with rape He and another man, 34, were both held on suspicion of raping a girl, 14
Police say teen first attacked at Witton railway station in Birmingham on Tuesday
Girl then flagged down vehicle outside the station and was raped a second time  It comes after police released CCTV stills of two men they want to speak to A man has been charged with rape after a 14-year-old girl was attacked twice in one night at a railway station in Birmingham. 

Khurram Rahi, of Rosefield Road in Birmingham, was arrested yesterday alongside another man, 34, and will appear at the city's Magistrates' Court tomorrow.
More criminals imported by Her Majesty's Government, by treason.


16 More Pakistanis Captured After Paedophile Perversion In Yorkshire   [ 1 August 2017 ]
Police investigating allegations of historical child sex abuse in the Huddersfield area have made 16 further arrests.The alleged offences took place between 2004 and 2011 and involved girls aged between 11 and 17. All those arrested have been bailed pending further inquires, West Yorkshire Police said. Twenty-seven men and two women were previously charged as part of the investigation.

They are due to stand trial for offences including rape, trafficking, and child neglect.
Pakistani Perverts carry on doing what they like after being imported by a government of traitors.


Seventeen Pakistani Perverts Had 278 Victims  [ 10 August 2017 ]
Shocking details of a large-scale Asian sex gang who spent four years plying vulnerable young girls with drink and drugs at 'sex parties' in Newcastle can be revealed for the first time today. A total of 17 men and one woman have been convicted of, or have admitted, charges including rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution, in a series of trials at Newcastle Crown Court. Older men preyed on immature teenagers who were plied with cocaine, cannabis, alcohol or mephedrone (M-Cat), then raped or persuaded into having sexual activity at parties known as 'sessions'.

The case has raised huge controversy after a convicted rapist was paid almost £10,000 of taxpayers' money to spy on parties where under-age girls were intoxicated and sexually abused.
There was an Englishwoman procuring the girls; she was a Judas Goat, who betrayed them. The complaints about paying a spy to infiltrate are attempts to Pervert The Course Of Justice, to obstruct investigations. NB These criminals, perhaps second generation immigrants were imported by a corrupt political class. The Guardian's write up reads as reasonable even though it is run by Marxists.
PS Government policy is Get Used To It Suckers.


Pakistani Rapist Panics After Victim Says She Has HIV [ 24 August 2017 ]
A distraught Uber driver washed his genitals with a bottle of water after a passenger he tried to rape said she had HIV to stop him attacking her. Suleiman Abdirizak, 42, 'freaked out' when the woman told him she was infected with the disease and doused his penis with water from a squash bottle, it is claimed.

He was so upset his victim had to comfort him and reassure him he would not contract the virus, Snaresbrook Crown Court was told. Abdirizak is alleged to have raped the woman as he drove her home from a night out in Hoxton, east London

The trial continues. 
He hasn't been convicted yet so he is entitled to the presumption of innocence - pro tempore.


Pakistanis Import Women For 'Crippled' Sons  [ 28 August 2017 ]
The Labour MP Jess Phillips has criticised some British-Pakistanis for “going and getting a wife from abroad” for their disabled sons. Phillips said the practice was among “lots of cases” she dealt with where people from Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities behaved unacceptably towards women.....................

Under controversial requirements in force since 2012, a British citizen wishing to bring a foreign spouse to the UK must have a minimum annual income of £18,600. However, the requirement is waived where the Briton is disabled — creating a loophole exploited by some immigration lawyers.
So Jess Phillips was unpopular among the wonderful, caring Noble Savages, living in harmony with nature. See e.g. the next one. And yes, lawyers are just as bent as their customers. Jess Phillips Got 600 Rape & Death Threats In One Day  [ 28 August 2017 ]
Pakistanis don't like when their lies, thieving, fraud etc. is exposed. They are vicious parasites on the make. NB Philips claims that they were not all Pakistanis.


Pakistani Crashes During Police Chase [ 29 August 2017 ]
This is the astonishing moment a banned driver crashed his £85,000 BMW through a roundabout after trying to evade police in a 115mph chase.

Dashcam and helicopter footage shows a BMW M3 driven by Kamar Farooq, 30, speed away at almost four times the legal limit after police tried to pull him over.............

Farooq, who was already disqualified from driving, jumped into the back of the car after he crashed and claimed to be a passenger next to two other men in the backseat.

All three were arrested but officers managed to secure CCTV footage earlier that night showing the driver wearing clothes matching that of Farooq's when he was arrested in September last year.
He is an expert liar but then he is a Pakistani, an arrogant looking rogue who got off lightly.


 Pakistani Drug Dealers Still On The Run
They got 27 years so they scarpered & will no doubt be safely ensconced in Pakistan. They will not be trouble the Rotherham dole office again.


Pakistani Security Guards On Trial For Stealing £7 Million Pakistani so maybe he is taking a bung as part of this one.


Pakistani Policeman Gets Six Months For Perjury  [ 26 September 2017 ]
An officer has been dismissed for perverting the course of justice after he falsely claimed he was driving the car involved in a crash to protect his uninsured brother. 

PC Miladur Khan, 30, was formally dismissed from the Metropolitan Police Service following a special misconduct hearing. 

He previously claimed he was behind the wheel during a minor road traffic collision on Burdett Road, Tower Hamlets, east London, on 29 June last year but CCTV confirmed he was not the driver. 
This is Muslim corruption, normal corruption. See e.g. Secret Report Brands Muslim Police Ten Times More Corrupt


Pakistani Paedophiles Treat Their Own Like Scum Too  [ 4 October 2017 ]
It is a rainy day in June and I am in a terraced house in Manchester. It belongs to an acquaintance who I will call Mrs. Soni, a retired Asian school teacher. She is shaking with nerves and I, too, am feverishly anxious as we wait, repeatedly peeping out through heavy red curtains............

I am meeting the wives of three men convicted of a terrible crime—of grooming and raping dozens of white girls. Nila, the 18-year-old daughter of one of them, will be there as well.....................

She was upset. ‘My dad is in prison because he was with others raping small white girls,’ she told me. ‘I hate him. He made my mum pregnant eight times even when she didn’t want to do it. I heard her crying. Six babies died. He did that to her for so long. But never went to prison.’

Since reports of a gang of Pakistani-British sexual predators in Rotherham first emerged in 2011, there has been a string of horrific cases: in Rochdale, Peterborough, Bristol, Aylesbury and at least 20 other towns across the country. Even now white girls, many from troubled homes, are being violated by men who profess to be good Muslims. Such are the explosive racial and religious implications that, to our shame, many refuse to face the problem....................

But bit by bit, they opened up, describing a world of loveless sex on demand, of domestic violence, routine debasement. ‘He did it hard, it hurt,’ said Nusrat. ‘It was always painful. He say I am his toy. I say no, he pushed me down, made me cry. He was like a dog.’.................

Nusrat fought back, saying: ‘You know our girls are raped by uncles, fathers, brothers and imams. My neighbour’s daughter had a baby when she was 12. It was her uncle. They blamed her. Sent her to Pakistan. We don’t see the truth.’

But later, at a separate meeting, I encountered Suju, the wife of another jailed groomer. She was afraid of him but she, too, thinks white girls are: ‘Filthy. How they dress. They have no shame, no fear of Allah.’
The BBC and other Propaganda machines told us that Multiculturalism is wonderful. They lied. They want England and Western Civilization overrun with primitive savages, with Islamic aliens like these. The political class are Traitors. So are those who run the Main Stream Media & Education Industry. The Puppet Masters, which is to say Zionist crazies are using the techniques worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communists to attack and destroy; it is the Long March Through The Institutions. NB This comes from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, another of the same ilk. Jews hate her because she does not follow their Party Line.


Pakistani Thief Gets Three Years For £100 Thousand Fraud [ 7 October 2017 ]
A fraudster who pretended a bus crash left him disabled in a bid to get £100,000 compensation was jailed after being caught using a wheelchair he didn't need. 

Mohammed Taj, 56, was handed three years in prison after being convicted of fraud by false representation and conspiracy to commit fraud. He 'grossly exaggerated' the injuries he suffered when the bus he was in crashed in Pakistan in October 2011.

The smash with a lorry did kill several people and left Taj, of Alum Rock, Birmingham, injured, but did not cause him to be permanently disabled - as he claimed. But he was caught out when CCTV footage captured him driving to a medical appointment, getting out of the car, and swapping with his wife just a few feet around the coroner...........

She was handed a 12-month suspended sentence and a 20-hour rehabilitation order for conspiracy to commit fraud alongside her husband at Birmingham Crown Court this week. 

The appointment they were driving to was part of his bid to falsely claim an £80,000 payout for his bus crash injuries............

During the search, officers discovered a second claim for permanent disability, which related to the same crash and had paid out more than £20,000.
Another Pakistani, another thief. His wife got off lightly. They and theirs were imported deliberately & with malice aforethought by Her Majesty's Government with the collusion of Her Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition.


Pakistani Security Guards Stole £7 Million [ 6 October 2017 ]
Two security guards face lengthy jail terms for stealing £7million from their own cash-in-transit van in one of the biggest 'inside job' heists in British history.

Driver Mohammad Siddique and guard Ranjeev Singh - who worked for security firm Loomis - staged the fake raid near Heathrow Airport in a plot described in court as worthy of a Hollywood movie.

The pair made it look as if the van had been hijacked and driven away while Singh was in a toilet. He got out of the truck to use the loo shortly after it left the depot and said the van and Siddique had disappeared when he reemerged. 

Siddique was found a few hours later in a ditch with his hands tied behind his back and his feet bound with cable ties. The money was gone and has never been recovered.
See the faces and wonder why they ever got a job filling shelves, let alone a position of trust. But the £7 million is out there and tax free. Will they ever need to work again? Recall that the Great Train Robbery was worth a mere £2 million. This job is just another one.


Pakistani Thief Gets Three Years For £100 Thousand Fraud [ 7 October 2017 ]
A fraudster who pretended a bus crash left him disabled in a bid to get £100,000 compensation was jailed after being caught using a wheelchair he didn't need. 

Mohammed Taj, 56, was handed three years in prison after being convicted of fraud by false representation and conspiracy to commit fraud. He 'grossly exaggerated' the injuries he suffered when the bus he was in crashed in Pakistan in October 2011.

The smash with a lorry did kill several people and left Taj, of Alum Rock, Birmingham, injured, but did not cause him to be permanently disabled - as he claimed. But he was caught out when CCTV footage captured him driving to a medical appointment, getting out of the car, and swapping with his wife just a few feet around the coroner...........

She was handed a 12-month suspended sentence and a 20-hour rehabilitation order for conspiracy to commit fraud alongside her husband at Birmingham Crown Court this week. 

The appointment they were driving to was part of his bid to falsely claim an £80,000 payout for his bus crash injuries............

During the search, officers discovered a second claim for permanent disability, which related to the same crash and had paid out more than £20,000.
Another Pakistani, another thief. His wife got off lightly. They and theirs were imported deliberately & with malice aforethought by Her Majesty's Government with the collusion of Her Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition.


Last Of 18 Pakistani Perverts Get 12 Years  [ 10 October 2017 ]
The 18th member of an Asian gang who plied vulnerable young girls with drink and drugs before exploiting them for sex has finally been put behind bars. A total of 17 men and one woman have now been convicted of rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution, in a series of trials at Newcastle Crown Court, and in total will spend over 200 years in prison.

Nadeem Aslam, 43, was the last member of the gang to learn his fate today after being convicted of drugs offences. The 18 members of the gang spent four years preying on girls as young as 13, giving them cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, and mephedrone (M-Cat) before either raping them or forcing them into having sex with others at parties.............

The court heard that one of the men convicted, 37-year-old Badrul Hussain, was heard telling a ticket collector on the Tyne and Wear Metro: 'All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*** and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.'  
To be fair, one of them was an English slut. The rest are Third World thugs, born here or imported by corrupt politicians, by Traitors, by enemies of England.


Pakistani Women Are Victims Of Third World Savages  [ 9 October 2017 ]
Pakistani women living in the UK are 'shockingly badly integrated', a Cabinet Office survey is set to reveal. The findings of the UK's first disparity audit, published in full on Tuesday, hope to shed better light on how people from different backgrounds are treated in regards to their access to healthcare, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

For women of Pakistani origin, the audit has revealed a particularly 'shocking' situation. A source close to the Cabinet Office told The Sunday Times: 'Other communities have integrated very well, but the audit shows that Pakistani women who don't speak English or go out to work are living in an entirely different society and are shockingly badly integrated.'........

Asian households will be £11,678 worse off overall by 2020, compared with a fall of £6,199 across the decade for white families.
But there is no mention of the fact that politicians and police have allowed Pakistani Perverts to carry out wholesale rape of English girls, with over 1,400 victims in Rotherham alone. The Labour Party used rape as a quid pro quo for major Vote Rigging while the Tories, the Capitalist Swine want cheap labour.


Pakistani Charged With Harassing The Woman Who Exposed Mass Rapes In Rotherham  [ 20 October 2017 ]
A MAN has appeared at court charged with harassing and sending offensive Facebook messages to child sex abuse whistleblower Jayne Senior.

Faisal Khan (23), of Main Street, Bramley, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court today and denied two charges of harassment without violence and sending Mrs Senior by a public communication network a message that was grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character.
This is a small step in the right direction but of course the politicians & police who were active in suppressing the truth about more than 1,400 abuses by Pakistanis in Rotherham are walking free; they have had years in which to destroy the evidence of their guilt.


Pakistani Get Six Years For Stealing £7 Million  [ 19 October 2017 ]
Loomis security van driver Mohammad Siddique, 32 and guard Ranjeev Singh, 40, and their gang made off with £7million in six minutes by staging a robbery after picking up the money for Credit Suisse at Heathrow Terminal 4 on 14 March.

In an 'inside job' heist which prosecutors said was worthy of a Hollywood movie, Siddique dropped Singh off 'to go to the toilet' before making off to a quiet suburban street where the 26 bags of loot were loaded into another van.................

Siddique and Singh were handed six-and-a-half years each for their role in the plot, while ringleader Hussain was given ten years and three months, for conspiracy to steal and money laundering...........

The money was never been recovered but £900,000 suddenly turned up in a Pakistani bank account of Hussain's wife Razvana Zeib.
That works out at more than £1 million a year. Now it is all Pakistan and tax free. Of course they will be out in three years which makes their payoff even more cost effective. NB Them and theirs were imported by Her Majesty's Government and Treason.


Pakistani Murdered By Blacks In London  [ 20 October 2017 ]
The Daily Mail says that police charged two "teens", code for blacks. It is what the percentages say. They were nicking his phone.


Pakistani Terrorist Gets Off With Four Years For Attempted Murder  [ 18 October 2017 ]
A teenage driver who deliberately ploughed into pedestrians in a terrifying attack has been jailed for four years. Wahid Rob, 19, left four people injured after mounting the pavement in Humberstone Gate, Leicestershire, in November last year. Footage of the shocking incident shows pedestrians strolling down the street when suddenly a car speeds down the walkway.
Was the judge another Pakistani? He wasn't charged with attempted murder but then Crown Prosecution Service policy is to go easy on Third World parasites, even assuming that it does not claim that they are not guilty, when evidence is undeniable [ see Undercover Mosque ]. NB The Mail gives us no reasons. Perhaps the "lone wolf" and "lunatic" stories are played out.


Pakistanis Offered Jurors £500 To Buy A Not Guilty Verdict - Allegedly  [ 26 October 2017 ]
A teenager who offered jurors in a manslaughter trial £500 to fix their verdicts "got her words wrong", telling them to find the defendants guilty, a court has heard.

The 15-year-old girl was one of three people who tried to bribe jurors outside Leeds Crown Court in February, another jury was told on Wednesday. Prosecutors said the trio were part of a conspiracy to either get the defendants in an ongoing trial acquitted or to force the judge to order a retrial...................

Two of those involved in the current prosecution were defendants in the original trial - Shahrear Islam-Miah and Raja Hussain.

Islam-Miah, 27, of no fixed address, denies conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and went on trial on Wednesday along with Abdilahi Ahmed, 27, of Lincoln Towers, Leeds, and Sharif, of Burnside, Hale Barn, Altrincham.  The jury was told that Raja Hussain, 31, also of no fixed address, has pleaded guilty to the same offence along with four other men.

These are: Jonaade Hussain, 27, of Ring Road, Leeds; Zafarullah Ahmad, 21, of Hamilton Avenue, Leeds; Waqas Ahmad, 26, of Hamilton Avenue, Leeds; and Jamie Lee Lawson, 28, of Bayswater Grove, Leeds.
The Pakistani girl beat the rap because she is stupid/educationally subnormal/simple minded/moronic or whatever the current euphemism is. One of them may be English.


Pakistani Murdered Her Sister After An Affair With The Husband  [ 26 October 2017 ]
A mother-of-four had her throat 'cut in half' and her hand severed by her younger sister, who had been having an affair with her husband. Sabah Khan, 27, pleaded guilty to murder after slaughtering her 34-year-old sister Saima Khan at the home they shared with family in Luton. Mrs Khan was found in a pool of blood in the hallway of the property on May 23, 2016. 

The Old Bailey, where Sabah is due to be sentenced today, has heard she had been having an affair with her sister's husband, which motivated her frenzied attack. 
Another Third World criminal imported by Her Majesty's Government and Treason.


Pakistani Gynaecologist Tried It On With Midwife  [ 26 October 2017 ]
A gynaecology professor described as arrogant groped a midwife's bottom as she was delivering twins and stroked a student's thigh as she helped him with an operation, a tribunal heard. Khaled Ismail, 49, was working as a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist based at the University of Birmingham at the time. 

Four unnamed women told the hearing they felt 'embarrassed' by his fondling over a two-year period but were too scared to speak out due to his respected position within the hospital.
Another chancer imported to cause Ethnic Fouling, population replacement, Genocide and the destruction of Western Civilization. Jews do it to us but not in Palestine, the Stolen Land they call Israel. There it is Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs and Concentration Camps for black infiltrators.


Pakistani Heathen Whines After Getting Two Years For Second Fraud Conviction  [ 28 October 2017 ]
A travel agent who used £26,000 that a customer was saving for his daughter's medical treatment to reimburse other customers whose cash she had blown has been jailed. Sufiya Esa wept as she was handed a two year sentence at Snaresbrook Crown Court - despite being let off the hook for a similar scam seven years ago when she fleeced £13,000 from another travel agent to keep her former business afloat.

The 41-year-old used the savings of customer Iqbel Salah to pay for other customer’s holidays after she spent the money which should have paid for their bookings. 
Perhaps she isn't a Pakistani but she is another Third World parasite imported by Her Majesty's Government and Treason. The Mail is running this one for a second time. Why? Pass. To be fair, she robbed her own.


Pakistanis Allege That They Didn't Rape An English Girl [ 8 November 2017 ]
Their barristers [ One each on legal aid; guess who gets to pay for them ] are putting the boot in; accusing her of lying. Believe them? Not me. Just why did police and politicians allow 1,400 girls to be raped in Rotherham alone? Pakistani Perverts were protected by Capitalist Swine who want cheap labour and the Labour Party who want wholesale Vote Rigging.


Ten Pakistanis Deny 100 Charges Of Paedophile Rape & Drug Dealing  [ 11 November 2017 ]
[ They are ]
Amere Singh Dhaliwal,
Zubair Ahmed,
Zahid Hassan,
Mohammed Kammer,
Nahman Mohammad,
Hamzha Ali Saleem,
Irfan Ahmed, 32,   
Abdul Rehman,
Mohammed Aslam,   
Raj Singh Barsran
These hooligans, Islamics all, are imported problem, brought to us by the political class, both left and right, in contemptuous indifference to our wishes or needs. See the next one.


Salus Populi Suprema Lex    [ 11 November 2017 ]
Salus populi suprema lex is a Latin legal maxim that means welfare of the people shall be the supreme law. The maxim tends to imply that law exists to serve the common good. It means e.g. that encouraging mass Immigration by Third World parasites is a breach of good government and Treason to boot.

Pat Buchanan explains European Future. Canadians are being wiped out as well. See under.


Six Pakistanis And An Idiot Tried To Pervert The Course Of Justice In A Manslaughter Trial   [ 13 November 2017 ]
Seven men who took part in a plot to bribe jurors in a manslaughter trial have been sentenced to between two and six years in prison.

The conspiracy happened in February as two of the men were on trial for the manslaughter of 88-year-old Betty Laird, who died in car crash which was staged as part of a so-called “cash for crash” scam in Leeds.

Raja Hussain, Shahrear Islam-Miah, Jonaade Hussain, Waqas Ahmad, Zafarullah Ahmad, Abdilahi Ahmed and Jamie Lee Lawson were all jailed at Leeds Crown Court on Friday, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) confirmed. Raja and Jonaade Hussain pleaded guilty to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice along with Waqas and Zafarullah Ahmad and Jamie Lee Lawson. Islam Miah and Abdilahi Ahmed were found guilty of the same charge earlier this week following a trial.
They are a cheapskate bunch. £500 is not worth the bother; £5,000 might be. These crooks were imported by a corrupt political class.


Pakistani Paedophiles Abused English Lass In Rotherham  [ 17 November 2017 ]
Three Asian men have been jailed for more than 20 years for indecently assaulting a 13-year-old girl in Rotherham in the 1990s.

Sajid Ali, 38, Zaheer Iqbal, 40, and Riaz Makhmood, 39, befriended the teenager in the South Yorkshire town before plying her with alcohol and having sex with her.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the victim was passed around by the three defendants during meetings in a car park, a graveyard and the stairwell of a block of flats.

Judge David Dixon told the three they had ' groomed, coerced and intimidated' their victim and treated her 'like a thing', as he passed sentence today.
One of these dogs alleges that there is No Justice As He Goes To Prison; it won't do him any good.


Pakistani Dentist Is A Terrorist  [ 14 December 2017 ]
A 24-year-old Sheffield student was found guilty of three terrorism offences at Sheffield Crown Court just a few moments ago.

It took jurors just over a day to find Mohammed Abbas Idris Awan, of Dun Street, Sheffield guilty of one offence of Engaging in the preparation of an act of terrorism and two offences of possessing a record likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.
Another Pakistani, another enemy of England imported by Blair, Brown, Cameron & other Traitors. They are still being brought in by Theresa May with the active approval of Comrade Corbyn.
PS His brother is a murderer.


Pakistani Demanded £2 Million To Bribe Tower Hamlets Politicians  [ 11 December 2017 ]
The National Crime Agency has been called in after a tape emerged of a businessman, with close links to the Labour Party, demanding a £2million 'bribe' to secure planning permission for a skyscraper in east London.

Abdul Shukur 'Shuks' Khalisadar, a 38-year-old entrepreneur who operates a business centre in Whitechapel, is alleged to have said he needed the lump sum to grease the palms of Labour politicians for a £500m development in the Isle of Dogs.

But the businessman was snared after a consultant acting on behalf of the Far East Consortium - an international property development company - recorded the conversation where Khalisadar laid out his financial demands. The 58 minute conversation was passed on to the Sunday Times by a whistle-blower.
Yes, politicians in Tower Hamlets are bent as nine bob notes. Yes, they are Pakistani Perverts. Yes, Her Majesty's Government did allow Lutfur Rahman, the mayor to use wholesale Vote Rigging. It was only because private citizens went to law that he was sacked. HMG did not prosecute him because he was  a Third World alien, guilt notwithstanding.


Pakistani Dentist Is A Terrorist   [ 14 December 2017 ]
A 24-year-old Sheffield student was found guilty of three terrorism offences at Sheffield Crown Court just a few moments ago.

It took jurors just over a day to find Mohammed Abbas Idris Awan, of Dun Street, Sheffield guilty of one offence of Engaging in the preparation of an act of terrorism and two offences of possessing a record likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.
Another Pakistani, another enemy of England imported by Blair, Brown, Cameron & other Traitors. They are still being brought in by Theresa May with the active approval of Comrade Corbyn.
PS His brother is a murderer.


Pakistani Governor Of Trojan Horse School Sacked
A tribunal ruling relating to a former chairman of governors at a Birmingham school which was embroiled in an alleged “Trojan Horse” Muslim takeover plot is to remain under wraps, judicial heads said.

Tahir Alam was chairman of governors at Park View School in Alum Rock, Birmingham, from 1997 to 2014, and chairman of a trust set up to manage the school. He was issued with a ban by the Department for Education in September 2015 after officials concluded he had engaged in conduct aimed at undermining fundamental British values.

Mr Alam challenged the ban at a specialist tribunal hearing in London in March. A three-strong care standards tribunal panel had reserved a ruling after analysing evidence. Early in December DfE officials revealed that the tribunal had upheld the DfE decision and ruled against Mr Alam.
Of course Alam is guilty as Hell. He was able to Subvert because he was imported by Blair, Brown, Cameron or other Traitors of Her Majesty's Government. Creating Trojan Horses is de facto government policy; it is being used to reinforce the Enemy Within, for Ethnic Fouling leading to Genocide. It is also European policy, see Brussels Bureaucrats Bully Poland.
PS The names of witnesses were kept private to protect them from Pakistani thugs.



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