Friends Of Israel

Israel was founded by Zionist crazies as a refuge from the rage of honest men, of their victims. Creating it meant robbing the people of Palestine, the sad land, the Stolen Land. This did not worry the Jews. They have their friends, boughten friends. The price is bribes or, more often blackmail. Here are a few of them, mainly in England. Notice that they are in politics. Jews go to power the way flies go to the proverbial.

Theresa May, an enthusiastic  Friend Of Israel  chose to tarnish the sacrifice of an estimated 784 British servicemen, police and crown officers killed in what is or should be — for the Friends Of Israel — one of the most embarrassing episodes in British colonial history (see Note below). She did not even have the decency to deliver this stab in the back behind closed doors. Is May a Traitor, an Enemy Of The People? It does sound that way. More and better details at Theresa May A Friend Of Israel.
PS Her malfeasance is why she got to be her Majesty's Prime Minister.


UKIP Friends Of Israel
Was set up a young Jew who infiltrated UKIP in order to control its agenda.


Conservative Friends of Israel
This group of political associations with similar names tells us about Jewish infiltration. The similarity of names is not just coincidence. Nor is the fact that the Wiki's articles on them were written by the same hand. This piece fingers several Tories but claims over two thirds of the party. There are no BNP Friends of Israel. Willi Münzenberg, the great puppet master of the German communist party set up lots of these Innocents Clubs, full of Useful Idiots and cunning rogues manipulating them. Ditto for the next few entries.

Labour Friends of Israel
Names 37 Labour wallahs. It does not include David Miliband, the grandson of a Jewish mass murderer.

Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
Names four but then it is a small party and likely to stay that way.

Anglican Friends Of Israel
The Church of England was the Conservative Party at prayer. Now it is a bunch of homosexual chancers pandering to undesirables. This particular bunch of oiks are ruthless in suppressing the truth about Jews. They are now what Willi Münzenberg, the communist party master propagandist called an Innocents Club, fronting for evil whether they know it or not. Ditto for the next lot.

Christian Friends of Israel - UK
Believe in the Brotherhood of Man unless he is an Islamic - or something of the sort. The head office is in Jerusalem unsurprisingly. See:-
CFI Jerusalem
CFI Germany

Northern Ireland Friends of Israel Started By The Very Reverend Ian Paisley
The Northern Ireland Friends of Israel marked its launch in Belfast last week with addresses from trade unionists, politicians and community leaders, including veteran unionist Rev. Ian Paisley. Paisley, "the controversial firebrand preacher turned peacemaker,"...........

More than 200 people attended, including Northern Ireland government ministers, British MPs, and members of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Also in attendance were members of the Belfast Jewish community and representatives of Christian groups.......

Protestant trade unionist Terry McCorran co-organized the event. He is a member of UNISON - The Public Service Union, the second largest trade union in the United Kingdom, with more than 1.3 million members.
Northern Ireland is not in England of course. Nor is Paisley, thank God. Jews will deal with anyone in power. Jews will manipulate them. That is how they stole Palestine from the Palestinians.
PS They are not keen on naming the guilty - see Northern Ireland Friends of Israel. Nor is the Wikipedia

European Friends of Israel
European Friends of Israel (EFI) is a European lobby organization for Israel. It was established in September 2006, where 300 MEPs and national MPs took part in an opening ceremony.
Their tentacles spread throughout Europe.

Friends of Israel Initiative
The Friends of Israel Initiative is an international effort,..... initiated and led by former Prime Minister of Spain and People's Party leader José María Aznar in 2010.... John Bolton, Forza Italia's former President of the Italian Senate Marcello Pera, Peru’s former President Alejandro Toledo, and David Trimble. On 19 July 2010 a launch event was held at the British House of Commons, hosted by the Henry Jackson Society and Robert Halfon MP [ A Jew - Ed. ].
They cluster round power like flies going to the proverbial.

Israel Friendship Associations
Names other groups with similar names. Some are foreign. The Nazis did something similar before the war. One of them, American Israel Public Affairs Committee has two of their own on trial now [ November 2007 ] for espionage against America.