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People tend to vote for the Conservatives on the grounds that they are the party of business and enterprise. They do not vote for them because they are traitors or pandering to an enemy power such as Israel. This article about the Conservative Friends of Israel comes from the Wikipedia. Given that it is a Propaganda machine it is reasonable to assume that the truth is rather worse. One of them is the Jew, Stuart Polak.

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Conservative Friends of Israel is a UK Parliament based campaign group whose aims include strengthening business, cultural and political ties between Britain and Israel and promoting support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with Israel........

According to their website [ ], "over two thirds" of Conservative MPs were members of Conservative Friends of Israel in 2006.

The Wiki fingers:-
  • Iain Duncan Smith
  • David Cameron
  • Michael Howard
  • Rt Hon James Arbuthnot
  • Baroness Shephard of Northwald
  • John Butterfill
  • James Clappison
  • Timothy Kirkhope
  • Nick Hawkins
  • David Amess
  • It does not include Douglas Carswell directly but is mentioned in his own entry.


    Conservative Friends Of Israel claim:-

    1. Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP
    2. Sir John Butterfill
    3. James Clappison MP
    4. David Amess MP
    5. Alistair Burt MP
    6. Lee Scott MP
    7. Theresa Villiers MP
    8. Timothy Kirkhope MEP 
    9. Rt Hon Baroness Shephard of Northwold
    10. Jeremy Galbraith
    11. Betty Geller
    12. Lord Taylor of Holbeach CBE
    13. Stanley Cohen OBE
    14. Michael Heller
    15. Rt Hon Sir Timothy Sainsbury
    16. Lord Lane of Horsell
    17. Sir Michael Latham DL
    18. Lord Sanderson of Bowden
    19. The Lord Steinberg
    20. Lord Thomas of Gwydir QC
    21. Richard Harrington (Chairman)
    22. Lance Anisfeld
    23. Jonathan Gough
    24. Andrew Heller
    25. Alan Howard
    26. Steven Kaye
    27. Howard Leigh
    28. Stephen Massey
    29. David Meller  [ sic ]
    30. Jonathan Metliss
    31. Hilton Nathanson
    32. Stephan Shakespeare
    33. Barry Welck
    34. Hilda Worth


    Conservative Friends Of Israel tell us of men who like Israel or Freebies:-

    1. Edward Garnier QC MP
    2. Dominic Grieve MP Shadow Attorney General
    3. Nick Herbert MP Shadow Minister for Police Reform
    4. Shailesh Vara MP Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons
    5. Philip Davies MP
    6. Lee Scott MP
    7. Priti Patel
    8. Mel Stride.
    9. Alistair Burt MP
    10. Jeremy Wright MP
    11. Joanne Cash (Parliamentary Candidate for Westminster North)
    12. Mike Freer (Parliamentary Candidate for Finchley and Golders Green)
    13. Ali Miraj (Former Candidate for Watford)
    14. Naweed Khan (Deputy Director of Cities and Diversity
    15. Robert Buckland (South Swindon)
    16. Richard Cook (East Renfrewshire)
    17. Penny Mordaunt (Portsmouth North)
    18. Caroline Nokes (Romsey)
    19.  Paul Offer (City of Chester)
    20. Christopher Pincher (Tamworth)
    21. Iain Stewart (Milton Keynes South)
    22. Maggie Throup (Solihull)
    23. Marcus Wood (Torbay).
    24. Richard Cook, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for East Renfrewshire
    25. Stephen Crabb MP (Preseli Pembrokeshire)
    26. David Davies MP (Monmouth)
    27. Nadine Dorries MP (Mid Bedfordshire)
    28. Mark Harper MP (Forest of Dean and Shadow Defence Minister)
    29. Tim Montgomerie
    30. Robert Halfon
    31. William Hague
    32. Keith Simpson
    33. Lord Ashcroft
    34. James Clappison MP
    35. David Burrowes
    36. Douglas Carswell
    37. David Gauke
    38. Adam Holloway
    39. Brooks Newmark
    40. Malcolm Moss


    Promoting Conservatism
    That is what the Israelites call it but it means promoting Zionists who pretend to be Conservatives. This page tells us:-
    “CFI does magnificent work in supporting many of my parliamentary colleagues and Conservative candidates.”
    Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, Chief Whip, Conservative Party Conference, 3 October 2006

    “I would like to say a very big thank you to Conservative Friends of Israel, to all of you (the members of CFI) for what you do, both for Israel and the Conservative Party.”
    Rt Hon Francis Maude MP, Chairman of the Party, 12 July 2006
    They are fans of Israel or money. Maude is a traitor who signed the Maastricht Treaty in breach of his Oath of office.


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