Jews In Africa

Here are some of them. They are forces for evil.

Rusty Bernstein
Was a Jew, communist subversive and big in the  Umkhonto we Sizwe.  He doesn't rate  a Wikipedia article but see Nelson Mandela on the point.


Denis Goldberg
Was a Jew, communist subversive and  big in the  Umkhonto we Sizwe. He was captured, charged, tried and sentenced to life.


Arthur Goldreich
Another Jew, another communist, another enemy. From Lithuania?


Israel and the Congo Holocaust
Jews are wonderful caring people, victims of the Holocaust®. They would not do it to others even if they are only blacks. That is what they would like you to believe. It ain't true though. Just ask a Palestinian, any of them.


Lev Leviev
Is big in diamonds and Angola. He has a heavy weight body guard. It is not just for decoration.


Harry Oppenheimer
Was seriously rich and the Jew who probably funded the take over of South Africa by blacks and Jews.


Joe Slovo
A Lithuanian Jew operated in the South African Communist Party and  Umkhonto we Sizwe in  South Africa until he was kicked out then colluded with the BBC, his co-religionists in England and  other countries.


South African Communist Party
Is essentially a a front for Jews. Of course it had blacks as puppets. They were the Useful Idiots that were needed to incite other blacks.


Benny Steinmetz
Is big in diamonds. Now he is moving in on Guinea, the one in Africa. This time it is iron but when there are millions of tons of the stuff it can be very profitable. That is why the Chinese are making moves as well. Of course the blacks are not going to make much out of it, apart from a few at the top of the pile.


Maurice Tempelsman
Was at it with Kennedy's old woman. Loaded, a smoothie, big business, political. Very international.


Harold Wolpe
Was a Jew, communist subversive and civil engineer big in Umkhonto we Sizwe.


Jews Not Controlling Zuma  [ 28 April 2009 ]
At all events that is their story. They still own the mines. Pandering to blacks while controlling the money is the name of the game. It means bribing a few blacks. That is the easy bit. 


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