Jews In New Zealand

A couple of them were captured trying to get New Zealand passports by fraud but presumably we have all forgotten about that now. Now they have got one running the place.

Jew Is New Zealand's Prime Minister [ 9 November 2008 ]
Jewish and conservative, New Zealand's elected PM promises change New Zealanders chose a multimillionaire former foreign currency trader on Saturday to lead them through the global financial meltdown, handing long serving left-wing Prime Minister Helen Clark a crushing election defeat.......... Key has been less than forthcoming about his positions regarding Israel, but stresses in interviews that he is a friend of Israel and wants to visit Jerusalem.  
Jews are working to take over the world. Often they use puppets like Blair, Bush, Obama, front men like Mandela or Martin Luther King but also they do it in person as with Sarkozy. Key hasn't told the punters his agenda but you can be sure that Tel Aviv approves. The fact that he is a Jew rates an almost total news black out from the main stream media unless they are Jewish operations.


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