Nelson Mandela

The key questions about Mandela are:-
How was he gotten out of prison?
Why was he let out?
Who got him out?
How was it done?
The answer to all of them is that he was chosen by Jews, in particular Joe Slovo of the South African Communist Party as a front man to incite hatred among blacks. Black Hatred is a political tool, a weapon with which to overthrow the government, leaving the Jews in control of what they want. That means money, gold and Diamonds - read that as De Beers or Oppenheimer. In America their objective was more to gain power. They used Manning Johnson & Martin Luther King who were also Negros.

The Mandela Myth
Professor Johnson explains rather well. Yes he was chosen by Joe Slovo, Jew & subversive.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in a village near Umtata in the Transkei on the 18 July 1918. His father was the principal councillor to the Acting Paramount Chief of Thembuland. He was a man of the Xhosa tribe and out of Number Three Wife.

After his father's death,he became the Paramount Chief's ward to be groomed for high office. He decided to be a lawyer. Political subversion with the ANC or African National Congress came later. He helped set up Umkhonto we Sizwe to carry out military operations. Then he was captured and after trial he went to prison for some years.

At some point it was decided to that he would make an ideal front man and that he should be got out. This was done by a public relations operation worldwide as well as pressure on the government inside South Africa. He even got a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, just like the murderer, Begin the president of Israel.

Who decided that he was the ideal front man, which is not to say that they weren't right? The Wikipedia is honest enough to tell us about some, at least of the Jewish subversives who were heavily involved. For my money the Jewish subversives had an agenda and might well have been colluding with Jews in business like Harry Oppenheimer, Mossad or Israeli politicals. That is speculation. However the Wikipedia is a media operation with an agenda, which is why I am pleasantly surprised when it confirms Jewish involvement. It does a major de-emphasis on Mandela's wife's involvement in murder and other crimes.

Joe Slovo was a Jewish subversive from Lithuania who was heavily involved in guerrilla operations at the command level. It seems entirely reasonable to believe that he colluded with Jewish media controllers in the BBC and other left wing sources to promote Mandela internationally as the ANC front man.


Mandela Post Mortem
Once he was safely dead there was a major media fest attended world 'statesmen'. They were all telling the same lies, while glossing over the truth about a Zionist front man.


Mandela Assessed
His early manuscript has surfaced. Yes, he was a wholehearted communist. Yes we were lied to by the Jews marketing him.


Slovo And Mandela Do A Half Hearted Nazi Salute

The stupid looking one is Mandela. The other is the Jew Slovo, his controller.


How To Be A Good Communist by Nelson Mandela
It was his hand written book with an uncompromising title. The author of this piece has an uncompromising view of the man - that he is an unrepentant communist and an enemy of the West. This is very different from the view pushed by the media but then the media is owned or controlled by Zionist Jews who are also enemies of the West.
PS This example of great literature by the world's greatest statesman is not available from Amazon. Are they part of the agenda?
PPS get it from Barnes & Noble® How to be a Good Communist by Nelson Mandela NOOK Book (eBook)
Nelson Mandela is an executive member of the South African Communist Party and has always been one. He just didn't advertise the fact to avoid Western countries from withdrawing their massive financial support of the African National Congress.
True or false? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Mandela As Guerrilla Leader
Nelson Mandela, who was the commander of the ANC's military wing (MK), had developed the "M Plan" (Mandela Plan), a programme of controlled sabotage, launching a guerrilla war modelled upon the Fin's struggle in Algeria.
The BBC does not tell us things like that. The BBC is not in the business of telling the truth; it is more interested in suppressing it.

Mandela And The M Plan
The Sharpeville Massacre helped shape ANC policy. Before Sharpeville those advocating the use of organized violence, such as Nelson Mandela, had been marginalized as too radical by the ANC's leadership. After Sharpeville Mandela was allowed to launch his guerrilla struggle (called the "M" Plan). Hence, from 1961 the ANC adopted terrorist tactics, such as intimidation, bombing, murder and sabotage. Although their units detonated bombs in restaurants, shopping centres, cinemas and in front of government buildings over the following years, the military wings of the ANC and PAC were never a military threat to the state.

Nelson Mandela, who was the commander of the ANC's military wing (MK), had developed the "M Plan" (Mandela Plan), a programme of controlled sabotage, launching a guerrilla war modelled upon the Fin's struggle in Algeria. Its policy involved the targeting of state buildings for sabotage without resorting to murder. On 16 December 1961 MK carried out its first acts of sabotage by assaulting post offices and other structures in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Many other acts of sabotage would take place over the next few years. In its first eighteen months, MK carried out about 200 acts of sabotage, but despite its policy, some deaths did occur. The headquarters were at Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia, just outside Johannesburg.
Marketing Mandela as a living saint was a major world wide industry. The BBC did not bother to tell us why they were doing it but then they are communist subversives too. More and better details are at

Mandela - Wrong Path To Freedom
Is an essay written by a young woman who was brought up under the communist jack boot and is not buying into their lies. She says that Mandela is a thug who never renounced violence. Her offering is posted by someone who knows the land and does not like what is happening to it.


The Media Mandela Mania
This covers the media's enthusiasm for lying about the man albeit mainly by omission rather than the lie direct. That is because it is easier to refute charges of dishonesty. Search with this link to find others who do not admire the fellow - How to be a Good Communist Nelson Mandela.

Joe Slovo ex Wiki
In 1961, Slovo emerged as one of the leaders of Umkhonto we Sizwe. In 1963 he went into exile and lived in Britain, Angola, Mozambique and Zambia. Slovo was elected general secretary of the SACP in 1984....... Slovo was a leading theoretician in both the party and the ANC. In 1989, he wrote Has Socialism Failed? which acknowledged the weaknesses of socialism and excesses of Stalinism In 2004 he was voted 47th in the Top 100 Great South Africans

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ex Wiki
Following the massacre of PAC supporters at Sharpeville in March 1960 and the subsequent banning of PAC and ANC, the ANC/SACP followed the African Resistance Movement (renegade liberals) and PAC into armed resistance...... and the ANC/SACP used the All-In African Conference of 1961.......... for Mandela to issue a dramatic call to arms, announcing the formation of Umkhonto we Sizwe, modelled on the Jewish guerrilla movement, and commanded by Mandela with SACP Jewish activists Denis Goldberg Rusty Bernstein , and Harold Wolpe.


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ex Wiki
Mandela has been married three times..... Mandela's second wife, Winnie Mandela also came from the Transkei area; [ she was Xhosa too ],..... The marriage ended in separation (April 1992) and divorce (March 1996), fuelled by political estrangement. [ The murder didn't help. Ditto for the thieving - see Winnie Mandela - Editor ].

Atrocities of the Marxist ANC
White men played rough we are told. The blacks were vicious too but we are not told about that. The media are Marxist too. They don't want you to know it but that is where their agenda comes from. And Mandela was very much part of it.

Apartheid in the rear view mirror
Last month, the ANC was shaken by revelations that in 1994, the Mandela government accepted money from Taiwan (about 1 billion rand) to have the ANC continue the Apartheid government's recognition of Taiwan vis-à-vis China. The ANC pocketed that money but then changed South Africa's foreign policy toward Beijing.
Did the BBC bother to tell you that one? It is another Marxist front operation.


Die, the beloved country
Believe the papers if you want. Men who are there know better. The crime industry in South Africa is thriving and rape is fun. Does Mandela care? Let's not be naive.

Winnie Mandela [ murderer ], Mandela [ Marxist front man ] Slovo [ communist, traitor, subversive, Jew ]

Nelson Mandela's Son-In-Law, Isaac Amuah, Wanted In The US On Rape Charges [ 9 May 2012 ]
Madiba's son-in-law freed on R500k bail
KHETHIWE CHELEMU | 21 December, 2010 00:39

Former president Nelson Mandela's son-in-law, Isaac Amuah, wanted in the US on rape charges, was granted bail of R500 000 yesterday in the Randburg Magistrate's Court. Amuah, 55, who is married to Mandela's eldest daughter, Makaziwe, paid the bail within minutes of magistrate Tefo Myambo ruling that it would not be in the interests of justice to hold the businessman, a married father of four, in custody until the finalisation of his extradition application in February. The US wants Amuah to be extradited to stand trial..... Amuah is accused of sexually assaulting an algebra student in April 1993. He has denied the charge.

The US intends charging him with seven counts, including three of sexual assault, three of kidnapping and one of failing to appear in a Connecticut court on three occasions after he was granted bail. The first warrant for his arrest was issued by the US in January 1994, a month after he left America for South Africa.
This came to hand two years late. The Main Stream Media have not been hyping this the way they did with Stephen Lawrence & Trayvon but this time it is a black in the frame as the perpetrator, not vice versa.


Marxist Front Man Dead [ 6 December 2013 ]
Nelson Mandela
was used by Marxists to break the government of South Africa. He was selected by Joe Slovo & other Jews of the South African Communist Party then they used the BBC to market him. The rest of the Main Stream Media joined in. Their Propaganda lines were Racism & Apartheid, disgraces to any civilized country - apart from Israel that is. One law for people; another for Zionist crazies

On the face of it South Africa is now run by blacks. Some of them, a very few have got their snouts in the trough. The rest are suffering. White People are also suffering murder, robbery, rape et cetera. But Jews are doing even better. They have the gold, the diamonds, the business. The Oppenheimers control De Beers. Harry Oppenheimer funded the ANC for a reason. Now it is paying off big time.

While the international 'statesmen' go to Africa to mourn Mandela's passing they will be ignoring Desmond Tutu ex Archbishop of Cape Town. Little Des didn't like Apartheid in South Africa or Israel. Little Des didn't keep his mouth shut. Little Des is an honest man. No state funeral for him. Not many bar mitzvahs either.


Mandela's Son In Law Beat Rape Rap The Easy Way [ 6 December 2013 ]
The South African government refused to extradite him to Massachusetts. Perverting the course of justice is easier on your home ground. Mandela's old woman beat the kidnapping, thieving & assault raps but only on appeal. Was the fix in? Jacob Zuma knows the answer. He beat 783 fraud raps as well as the rape charges. What are the Main Stream Media saying about them? Not a lot! They are Propaganda machines.


More on THE News of the DAY [ 6 December 2013 ]
Nelson Mandela black communist terrorist dies
“Saint” Mandela? Not So Fast! Written by William F. Jasper
Outrage as Nick Griffin calls Nelson Mandela a ‘murdering old terrorist’
Another Communist Terrorist Leader Dies: Nelson Mandela, A.M.F. by John Galt

An Honest Summary Which Omits Mention Of The Jews Operating Behind The Scenes

Mandela Trained By Mossad In Ethiopia [ 26 December 2013 ]
"Nelson Mandela, the former South African leader who died earlier this month, was trained in weaponry and sabotage by Mossad operatives in 1962, a few months before he was arrested in South Africa........... In January 1962, he secretly and illegally fled South Africa and visited various African countries, including Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt and Ghana. His goal was to meet with the leaders of African countries and garner financial and military support for the armed wing of the underground African National Congress."
Zionist crazies used Mandela to incite Black Hatred in South Africa. It worked. In America they used
Martin Luther King. In England they are using Her Majesty's Government to import Third World aliens to create the problems of South Africa. It is Subversion, it is Treason, it is crime. How do they get away with it? See the next one.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela from the ANC web site in South Africa and

The first has an obvious bias. The Wiki is just as biased but wishes to be thought fair.

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