Jews Incite Hatred

Jews incite hatred when it serves their purposes. It is a standard technique in political manipulation. Using Nelson Mandela as a weapon against South Africa was a brilliant success. Martin Luther King was their front man in the civil rights movement. He was more useful dead than alive. Jews use greed, lechery and bribery too. They are vicious criminals. This article focuses on incitement.

Jews are big in the music industry just as they are in Hollywood. They publish music which is loud, offensive and a direct incitement of hate. But it is anti-English hate or anti-American hate. So they get away with it.

They are also against hate when blacks are victims or, more probably alleged victims. The Southern Poverty Law Center has made millions out of blacks with hard luck stories. Mounting malicious prosecutions driven by hate, their hate of Americans is the technique. It is rather like the division between capitalist swine and socialism. They are big on both sides of it. They are Rothschild and Marx. More on this theme is at Jews Incite Hatred II

From Rap lyrics =


IF you are like us, your exposure to rap or hip-hop “music” may have thus far been limited to hearing it—at maximum volume—from neighboring automobiles stopped at traffic lights. While even this much exposure may seem unendurable at times, we owe it to ourselves to investigate this often hate-filled medium to see just what these performers and, perhaps most especially, their well-heeled capitalist record companies have in mind for us. We are grateful to the Violently Racist Music [ broken link sadly - Ed. ] website for the list of violent rap and hip-hop lyrics below, each of them recorded by performers who have earned a Grammy award, the music industry’s highest honor. We must warn you that the passages quoted below are not intended for children or the faint-hearted.


Da Hood - Menace Clan - Music
"None of the white nationalist sites [ apart from this one - Ed. ] that copy-and-paste the text from the Violently Racist Music Site put this quote in there, since it contradicts their ..."
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