Jews Infiltrating Civilization

Jews are infiltrating civilization. Jews are doing it as a survival strategy. They are taking over control, taking power in order to destroy us using a flood of Third World undesirables. They are attacking Christianity. They are destroying our confidence in ourselves by perverting our knowledge of our history. The Long March Through The Institutions has worked for them. Here are some of those institutions.

The Catholic Church
Holy Mother Church was the great moral force standing in the way of the Jews. Antonio Gramsci, the leading theoretician of the communists in Italy worked out how to destroy it by infiltrating the top echelons. That is what Jews like Gregory Baum have done.


David Maria Jaeger
Is a crypto-Jew at the top of the Church.


SSPX is short for the Society of Saint Pius X, a worthy Catholic outfit, one might think. It is financed by Jews. Why? Bribery has its logic. Jews want paying off, now or later.


Jews Subvert BDS Movement [ 11 August 2015 ]
Jerusalem confirms - BDS and the Palestine Solidarity Movement have been infiltrated by Left Zionist

Two days ago, some invaluable information surfaced relating to the treacherous role of Jewish liberals in derailing the BDS campaign. A Ynet article [ Rift in Foreign Ministry prevents effective fight against BDS ] disclosing the Israeli strategy relating to the pro Palestinian campaign disclosed the close links between the Israeli Government and the Jewish ‘pro’ Palestinian organizations. It revealed the manner in which both have been acting in concert to subvert this humanitarian discourse.

According to the Ynet article, Eran Shayshon, Director of Policy and Strategy at the Reut Institute*, had a clear message to his Israeli Government – we need to recruit left-wing groups associated with BDS to control our opposition. The mission set by Shayshon and the Reut Institute was: “to divide and drive a wedge between the leaders of the BDS campaign.”...........

This clarifies the role of JVP within the movement and explains the rationale behind the BDS campaign against some of our most profound pro-Palestinians voices (Norman Finkelstein, Alison Weir, Daniel Barenboim, Jacob Cohen and many others).
Gilad Atzmon, an honest Jew explains who is manipulating us and why. They have to get close if they want to stab you in the back. BDS [ Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions seems to have Zionists worried. This is good news. We should all know that Jews Control Subversive Movements, which is why England & America have Zionist Occupation Governments [ ZOGs ].


Obama Is A Rabid Anti-Semite - Allegedly [ 11 August 2015 ]
Not to be outdone by the Tablet article labelling Obama a “Jew baiter,” Joel Pollak writing in Breitbart came out with “Barack Obama’s Anti-Semitic Rant on the Iran Deal: President Barack Obama is using anti-Jewish language to sell the Iran deal.”
Obama was put into power by Zionist crazies but now he is finished as president; he is no use to them. But the Puppet Masters have found that the strings have gone slack so they are whining - and lying too. Recall that the Israel Lobby is the bunch of murderous thugs who brought us war in Iraq. They want war on Iran - using American forces to do their dirty work. The US has a Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ] just like England.