Puppet Masters

The puppet masters are something people worry about. Who is pulling the strings? Are they for us or against us? The paranoid know the answer to that point without stopping to think why. However worrying is natural. It is a design feature built in, a tool that turns people into survivors. The nonchalant, the careless come unstuck. Worriers come from thousands of generations of the lucky, the healthy, those who got it right. Conspiracy Theories can be wrong but they keep minds active. Some are on the right lines. There really is an Invisible Enemy out there, run by paranoid thugs destroying civilization. Why doesn't the Main Steam Media tell us about them? Because it has been infiltrated by Jews, by Zionist crazies, where they haven't bought it outright.

The Puppet Masters by Robert A Heinlein taps into this theme. The scenario presented is improbable but a good read. The book is important enough to be written up by the Wikipedia. Notice the sneering attitude allied with a pretence of even handedness. That is Propaganda. But John Buchan, who was big in politics told us the truth; Jews are the master manipulators. See what Buchan says in the Thirty Nine Steps.

The answers are given by  Who Controls America? Names are named. Mug shots are supplied. Sources are given. It is evidence for the prosecution. Or consider what two eminent political scientists, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt told us about the Israel Lobby.

Thirty Nine Steps ex Amazon
Away behind all the Governments and the armies there was a big subterranean movement going on, engineered by very dangerous people. He [ Scudder ] had come on it by accident; it fascinated him; he went further, and then he got caught. I gathered that most of the people in it were the sort of educated anarchists that make revolutions, but that beside them there were financiers [ See Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution ] who were playing for money.

A clever man can make big profits on a falling market, and it suited the book of both classes to set Europe by the ears.......... The capitalists would rake in the shekels, and make fortunes by buying up wreckage. Capital, he said, had no conscience and no fatherland. Besides, the Jew was behind it, and the Jew hated Russia worse than hell. 'Do you wonder?' he cried. 'For three hundred years they have been persecuted, and this is the return match for the pogroms.

The Jew is everywhere, but you have to go far down the backstairs to find him.......

But if you're on the biggest kind of job and are bound to get to the real boss, ten to one you are brought up against a little white-faced Jew in a bath-chair with an eye like a rattlesnake. Yes, Sir, he is the man who is ruling the world just now, and he has his knife in the Empire of the Tzar, because his aunt was outraged and his father flogged in some one-horse location on the Volga.'

I could not help saying that his Jew-anarchists [ such as dear old Trotsky ] seemed to have got left behind a little. 'Yes and no,' he said. 'They won up to a point, but they struck a bigger thing than money, a thing that couldn't be bought, the old elemental fighting instincts of man. If you're going to be killed you invent some kind of flag and country to fight for, and if you survive you get to love the thing. Those foolish devils of soldiers have found something they care for, and that has upset the pretty plan laid in Berlin and Vienna. But my friends haven't played their last card by a long sight. They've gotten the ace up their sleeves, and unless I can keep alive for a month they are going to play it and win.'
Just why are men fighting and dying in Afghanistan & Iraq? Why are Iran & a God forsaken Hellhole like Somalia on the agenda? Ask a Jew but you will not hear the truth.


The Puppet Masters ex Wiki
The Puppet Masters is a 1951 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein in which American secret agents battle parasitic invaders from outer space. It was originally serialized in Galaxy Science Fiction (September, October, November 1951).

The novel evokes a sense of paranoia later captured in the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which had a similar premise. Heinlein also repeatedly makes explicit the analogy between the mind-controlling parasites and the Communist Russians, echoing the then prevailing Second Red Scare in the United States.
Paranoia or justified concern? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. The Wiki is useful but needs suspicion. Read first then check before taking it seriously.


Jews Control America Says Haaretz [ 15 April 2015 ]
Beware: Republican Jews on the warpath
A campaign of intimidation is underway to stop Democratic lawmakers from skipping Netanyahu's upcoming Congress speech. God, save us from our Jews...................

In these very moments, the protocols [ those of The Learned Elders of Zion ]  are being rewritten. Rich Jews are writing them in their own handwriting. They, in their wealth, are confirming with their own signatures what anti-Semites used to slander them with in days gone by: We, the elders of Zion, pull the strings of Congress, and the congressmen are nothing but marionettes who do our will. If they don’t understand our words, they’ll understand our threats. And if in the past, we ran the show from behind the scenes, now we’re doing it openly, from center stage. And if you forget our donations, the wellspring will run dry.
Haaretz, the sometime teller of truth about Israel says that rich Zionist crazies are the Puppet Masters who bribe politicians in America. Who caused the invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq? In whose interest? Not ours, that's for sure. Was Adolf wrong about them?


Jew Is A Puppet Master [ 15 September 2015 ]
[ The Jew & ] Financier Nathaniel Rothschild lost a libel case on Friday against a newspaper that depicted him as a "puppet master" who used his friendship with a European trade chief to impress a Russian oligarch and help close a business deal.

Rothschild sued the Daily Mail over a story that gave a rare insight into the world of super-rich businessmen who cross continents in private jets, dine in top restaurants and relax together in saunas........

The article said Rothschild flew the then European Union trade commissioner [ & Jew ] Peter Mandelson from the 2005 World Economic Forum in Davos,, Switzerland, to Moscow to meet the aluminium billionaire Oleg Deripaska, among the richest men in Russia.
It is nice to know that a Jew failed to buy a judge. See more at Victory for Daily Mail


Who Got Us Into These Endless Wars? [ 10 August 2016 ]
Pat Buchanan asks the right questions. Pat has the right answers. He fingers the Neocons, which essentially means The Israel Lobby or even, one might say Zionist crazies. They are the Puppet Masters. The fact that Blair & Cameron went along with them caused Englishmen to die or be wounded for life in wars that cause us problems, not cure them.


US senators to UN Treatment of Israel ‘must change’ [ 30 April 2017 ]
(JTA) — All 100 members of the U.S. Senate signed a letter to the leader of the United Nations urging a comprehensive effort to remedy the organization’s “anti-Israel agenda.”

The letter, which was sent Thursday to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, praised his recent decision to disavow an anti-Israel report from the U.N.’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia and identified four specific areas where further action could be taken to rectify the “unacceptable” treatment of Israel at the world body...........

“Too often, the U.N. is exploited as a vehicle for targeting Israel rather than as a forum committed to advancing the lofty goals of its founders,” the senators wrote. “These actions have at times reinforced the broader scourge of anti-Semitism, and distracted certain U.N. entities from their original mission.”
So all 100 Senators pander to the Puppet Masters, to Psychopaths, to Zionist crazies. That is an impressive score. Are they all brain dead, bribed or blackmailed? Is Congress any better, any different?


Nazis Killed 40,000 On Alderney 'Chemical Weapons' Island Alleges Jews' Puppet [ 6 May 2017 ]
Richard Kemp, a colonel of the British Army infiltrated the Joint Intelligence Committee and COBR, positions of high trust. Then Kemp testified before the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, denying allegations that Israel engaged in war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Gaza War [ i.e. Gaza Massacre I ] in December 2008 to January 2009. Anyone who believes that is ignorant or delusional. Certainly Richard Goldstone, a Jew tasked to investigate War Crimes found plenty even though he was going easy on Zionist crazies. Kemp also colluded with Mossad. What he say to them Did he betray England? Why is he lying? His story about the horrors of Alderney are just that, stories. Evidence is another matter altogether. One comment on this article, "BoudicasDad" dismisses it as propaganda. The John Weigold named might be an American rear admiral. No doubt Kemp would deny all knowledge of 200 Jews, Who Are War Criminals


The Nazi monsters who murdered thousands in British camps [ 8 May 2017 ]
On Saturday two leading military authors told in the Mail [ see Nazis Killed 40,000 On Alderney Chemical Weapons Island Alleges Jews Puppet ] how the Nazis turned Alderney into a secret base to launch V1 missiles with chemical warheads on the South Coast. Here, they reveal how tens of thousands of slave workers died to fulfill Hitler’s evil plan...........

Which Nazi garrison was the last to surrender at the end of World War II?........... Why did they hold out for so long? We suspect because they had records to destroy, secrets to conceal and cover stories to concoct for all their nefarious activities in the five years they held the island as a military stronghold far away from prying eyes.
Richard Kemp and John Weigold claim that the evidence was destroyed. In other words they have no proof for their story. One commentator, Other Thomas Miller said QUOTE Don't believe a word of it. UNQUOTE. I don't either. Kemp and Weigold are puppets marketing the Holocaust® Story.


American Government Pulls Out Of 'Anti-Israel' UNESCO [ 14 October 2017 ]
In a statement, the State Department criticised Unesco for its "continuing anti-Israel bias", and spoke of a need for "fundamental reform". "US taxpayers should no longer be on the hook to pay for policies that are hostile to our values and make a mockery of justice and common sense," said Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN.
The American government is still controlled by the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies who run Palestine, the Stolen Land that thieves call Israel. It also subsidises Jews to the tune of $3 billion a year, paid without oversight.


Hindu Politician On The Make Panders To Puppet Masters, To Jews [ 17 November 2017 ]
How was Priti Patel, a Third World infiltrator going to get on in politics? In the same was so many other politicians in the Tory party,
by pandering to the Zionist crazies, to the Puppet Masters. It worked for Theresa May, David Cameron and Tony Blair. Just why did Blair get to be a multimillionaire as well as a War Criminal? The techniques the Jews are using include Entryism, which is to say infiltration. It was all worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communist party. It is the Long March Through The Institutions.


BBC & Her Majesty's Government Pander To Zionist Crazies  [ 13 November 2017 ]
What the Priti Patel scandal tells us about the dark operations of UK’s powerful Israel Lobby. The scandal surrounding Priti Patel, who was forced to resign as Britain’s international aid minister last week after secret meetings with Israeli officials during a “family holiday”, offers a small, opaque window on the UK’s powerful Israel lobby.

Ms Patel’s off-the-books meetings with 12 Israelis, including prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, were organised by a British lobbyist [ a Jew in fact ] in violation of government rules requiring careful documentation of official meetings. That is to prevent conflicts of interest and illicit lobbying by foreign powers.................

Afterwards, Ms Patel pressed for the Israeli army, one of the most powerful in the world, to receive a chunk of Britain’s overseas aid. Meanwhile, she has sought to cut aid to the Palestinians, including to vital projects in Gaza. A clue as to how she reached such absurd “humanitarian” priorities is provided in the figure of [ the Jew  ] Stuart Polak, mentor on her Israel “holiday”.

The honorary president of Conservative Friends of Israel, Lord Polak has recruited four-fifths of Conservative MPs, and almost every government minister, to a group whose explicit goal is to advance Israeli interests in Britain. The prime minister, Theresa May, is regarded as one of Israel’s most fervent supporters in Europe.

Another window on Israel’s meddling opened briefly last week. The BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, took to Twitter to relay a damning comment from an unnamed “senior” member of Ms Patel’s party. In a clear reference to Israel, the source observed: “The entire apparatus has turned a blind eye to a corrupt relationship that allows a country to buy access”. A short time later, presumably under pressure, Ms Kuenssberg deleted the tweet.

 The BBC has not reported the comment elsewhere and the senior Conservative has not dared go public. Such, it seems, is the intimidating and corrupting influence of the lobby...........

There is growing hysteria about foreign interference in US and European politics. Is it not time for western states to show as much concern about the malign influence of Israel’s lobbyists as they do about Russian hackers?
The Puppet Masters are at it again; they always were. It is how they got Palestine, the Stolen Land & the opportunity to carry out Ethnic Cleansing of the Arabs, the people they robbed. Zionist crazies are Psychopaths who whine about Anti-Semitism after they rob, torture, murder etc. Patel is bent but then she is a Third World infiltrator. She worked out that pandering to Jews was the way forward among Tories. But they are worrying about the Internet weakening their power, bypassing the Main Stream Media. Whence the propaganda assault; see e.g. God Only Knows What Facebook Is Doing To Our Children's Brains


Jews Paid $42 Million To Incite Islamophobia [ 8 December 2017 ]
Following a six-month long investigative research project, the Center for American Progress released a 130-page report today which reveals that more than $42 million from seven foundations over the past decade have helped fan the flames of anti-Muslim hate in America.........

The report, titled “Fear Inc.: The Roots Of the Islamophobia Network In America,” lifts the veil behind the hate, follows the money, and identifies the names of foundations who have given money, how much they have given, and who they have given to:....... The money has flowed into the hands of five key “experts” and “scholars” who comprise the central nervous system of anti-Muslim propaganda:

FRANK GAFFNEY,, Center for Security Policy ...............
, Jihad Watch:.........
, Investigative Project on Terrorism:..........

These five “scholars” are assisted in their outreach efforts by Brigitte Gabriel (founder, ACT! for America), Pamela Geller (co-founder, Stop Islamization of America), and David Horowitz (supporter of Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch). As the report details, information is then disseminated through conservative organizations like the Eagle Forum, the religious right, Fox News, and politicians such as Allen West and Newt Gingrich.
Pipes is a loud mouthed Jew full of hate. Robert Spencer is a Christian of sorts; he colludes with Jews. NB he is not Richard Spencer, a decent chap. Steven Emerson is a journo. David Yerushalmi is a Jew and lawyer. Frank Gaffney, a lawyer who colludes with Jews. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes  Gaffney as QUOTE "one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes".[22] Gaffney has been associated with David Yerushalmi for being responsible in spreading misinformation about Islam and for encouraging the enactment of anti-Muslim laws, including anti-Sharia legislation in the United States.[23] UNQUOTE. David Horowitz might not be a Jew but he is a Useful Idiot. Should you believe a word they say? I wouldn't.


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