Jews' Words

Jews are a tribe or tribes with a common religion, with their own languages. The Ashkenazi were in Central Europe which is why Yiddisch was a mixture of German, Hebrew and Aramaic with a later addition of Slavonic. When they stole Israel they adopted Hebrew. In America they are prone to speak English in public. They have some extra words which tell us something their character. Needing words that honest men did not invent, want, need or even think about tells us something about their character. Here are some. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Jews invent words to describe their own attitudes. Jews understand each other. Jews know the need. Chutzpah is an example, describing their insolence, their arrogance.
Does this sound reasonable or even just true?


Goyim defined by the Urban Dictionary. There are other meanings. The Wiki is evasive but then that is the Wiki - see Goy ex Wiki. The Free Dictionary, a source run by Jews has some interesting references to the word's use - see below at Goyim - Examples Ex Free Dictionary. The word is abusive, contemptuous, Racist, full of hate. That's Jews for you. One example is Rabid Rabbi Say Non-Jews Exist To Serve Jews.

It comes from Ovadia Yosef, a senile, malicious,  racist, old fool, who was none the less the Chief Rabbi of Israel. To be fair the Wiki does not say he is a fool; it says he is highly regarded by Jews in Israel. This tells us something about Jews or the Wiki. It seems that the Jerusalem Post was bright enough to censor him but too stupid not to write about him in the first place. On the other hand Gilad Atzmon, a Jew on the run from Israel tells us all about him - see From Rabbi Yosef To Marx.
Arrogance, Racism, insolence, these are all part of the message.


Hasbara ex Wiki
Is straightforward enough. In practice it means Propaganda


Mesirah is the word Jews use for their code of silence.  The Wikipedia does not tell us that it is just like the Sicilian Mafia's code of silence, the one they call Omerta. It what lawyers call Perverting the course of justice. Of course they, the Jews that is as well as the Wiki use it for the same reason, to conceal crime. Various Jews have fallen foul of it; the most recent being Richard Goldstone. He recanted somewhat after being leaned by vicious Jews in South Africa. His sin was to tell some of the truth about the Gaza Massacre. Ariel Toaff, both Jew and professor of history after writing Blood Libel Mesirah kept Bernie Madoff, a Jew naturally out of prison while he was setting world records as a thief.
This is how they facilitate crime, including a large dose of Paedophile perversion.


A sayan is a Jew who helps Mossad, their espionage outfit. A sayan lives in a country, is part of it but is a Traitor, willing to help the Invisible Enemy when called on. He will not be told what is going on. It might be lending a house for a few nights, a car, whatever. Martin Webster, a veteran nationalist explains all


Those who are interested in how Jews infiltrated Politics, the Main Stream Media & the corridors of power generally  should know about Schnorrers & schnorring. Schnorrer is a word invented by Jews to describe their own  behaviour. Schnorrers were used by Theodor Herzl to take over Palestine, the Stolen Land. The word is, so to speak an admission of guilt. The same applies to the closely related Chutzpah, their arrogant approach in their demands. They also use Mesirah, the requirement of silence in the face of crime. It is what the Sicilian Mafia call Omerta. Lawyers might call it perverting the course of justice. But this is about the Schnorrer, the cunning, shameless, pushy, arrogant beggar, the one who demands rather than asks; in fine the right sort to market the Big Lie. He is explained rather well by Israel Zangwill in his book, The King of the Schnorrers When Jews are in European civilizations they use Western Guilt as a working tool; as a means to an end, rather than the method.
Jews are dangerous. It is their perversion of politics which makes them most effective. It may be that they put William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy up to the idea of invading England in order to rob us blind. They may well have financed his invasion. Certain it is that they went along to help him do just that.


A Gentile girl or woman, especially one who has attracted a Jewish man. The term derives from the Hebrew word "sheketz", meaning the flesh of an animal deemed taboo by the Torah. Since a Jewish man marrying a non-Jewish woman is taboo also, this word applies to her.

Traditionally this is a derogatory term, though in modern times it has also been used more light-heartedly. For example, Seinfeld once did an episode about Elaine's "shiksa appeal".

The ideal shiksa is a blonde WASP who look [ sic ] like the opposite of a stereotypical Jew, but in reality, many shiksas are brunettes who might pass for Jewish themselves. On Sex and the City, Charlotte really blossomed as a shiksa!
Notice the arrogance, the insolence, the Chutzpah of the swine that speak Yiddisch.