Journalism is the business of finding the news and reporting it. It sounds straightforward. In practice it is rather different. A century ago newspapers were all we had for topical events. It was that or be on the spot. Now communications are faster so we can find out more. Information overload is an issue. A major problem with newspapers was that a small number of men controlled what we were told. They were not called Media Moguls for nothing - NB the Wikipedia leaves out most of the Jews but then the Wiki is part of the problem, not the solution. The Internet has changed things. Television took audience share but the Internet is the real killer. Anyone can publish; millions do. The truth is out there. Hiding it is not so easy. You can join in the fun - if you have something you want the world to know. Matt Drudge did just that. Matt thrived. People wanted to hear Hollywood gossip. Matt gave. So we have the Drudge Report. That is why we know about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.

Then we had that long, long presidential campaign in America. The Democrats put up their man, Obama. He was hailed by the communists, the homosexuals, the media as the greatest thing because he was black. None of them told us that he was a foreigner, born in Kenya and would therefore be an illegal president. The BBC colluded in this act of treason. One part of the Main Stream Media broke ranks and told it like it was. The Israel Insider; qualifies as media however it is not widely read in America, except by Jews, who were not just aware of the conspiracy; they set it up. Of course the Republicans put up their man, McCain. It is fair to say that he was even worse; foreign born to boot. Millions of Americans knew the truth but Obama got away with it just the same.

The point to take is that the people who own the media form a homogeneous little group who control what we know through their Propaganda machines.  You might feel that it is worth knowing more about the opinion formers. So read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Journalists Are Paid Liars
That is what Mark Steyn says. He quotes chapter & verse. Was he sued for Libel? I seriously doubt it.


National Union of Journalists 
The NUJ is run by Marxists whose policy is to incite Racism; anti-White Racism but Racism none the less. They are different from the proprietors, they are largely Zionist crazies


Journalistic Fraud
Propaganda is associated in the popular mind with totalitarian regimes. The truth is, however, that examples of propaganda can be found as far back as Antiquity, and that the activity is as much a feature of liberal democratic societies today as it was of National Socialist Germany, Maoist China, and the Soviet Union. In fact, the advent of the information age has made propaganda much more pervasive than it ever was in any of those societies. What is more, despite the constant development of ever more subtle applications of propaganda techniques, modern manifestations in the ‘free’ mainstream Western media can be just as crude as the worst examples ever to appear under the yoke of Eastern Communism.

Case in point is Michael Sheridan’s recent article in the New York Daily News, reporting on Ryan Murdough’s Republican candidacy for a seat on the State House in New Hampshire. Murdough has been targeted because he is running on an explicitly pro-White platform, and has been endorsed by an explicitly pro-White political party, the American Third Position. The article is so obviously propagandistic that it seems superfluous even to state it. But, still, even readers of this website might be surprised to learn that in his 550 words, Sheridan managed to deploy no less than 25 known propaganda techniques.

Yes. 25.

And the 16-word title alone deploys no less than 10 of such techniques (ad hominem, name-calling, stereotyping, demonizing the enemy, lying, appeal to fear, appeal to prejudice, labeling, and thought-terminating cliché), some of which are later redeployed in the main text. If you consider that out of the 16 words 8 are names, that means that there is more propaganda in the title than there are actual words.
Someone else thinks we are being lied to. Someone else is right.


The Electronic Whorehouse by Paul Sheehan
Mr. Sheehan was the editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and he is like a butcher with his sausages. He knows what goes into the product and it is not a particularly pretty sight. 70% of it comes from public relations outfits so the truth is immediately subordinate to the agenda. He goes through some issues that have received attention and does it very well. John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia has been accused of lying about the children of illegal immigrants being thrown overboard. The fact is that throwing them into the sea is a standard tactic. It triggers a legal obligation in the Australian navy to rescue. Boats are then sabotaged so that they cannot be sent back to Indonesia. Passports are thrown overboard too. This is destruction of evidence. The press does not say much about these things because of the agenda. He gives references to the Parliamentary Report and many other sources. It is checkable. He also goes over the ground in l'affaire Windschuttle and gives a good account; one that will not please Marxist historians. A good read from a forceful writer.


How To Frame A Patriot
Barry Krusch writes about HOW it is done. He is interested in the mechanics of media manipulation rather than being a sympathiser. It is in .pdf format unfortunately but well worth a read.


Mass Media 101
A survival guide for the Disinformation Age, this article contains much hard evidence for media distortion, and dozens of framing techniques are discussed, along with information "behind the scenes" (memoranda, laws, and what not) which serves to explain why this distortion of information is so pervasive.

Before you flip on the newscast tonight, enable yourself to better assess the credibility of the information our broadcasters would like you to see as the "truth".


This article, written in the 1950s by an Army Intelligence officer, gives an insider’s view on the art of manipulating public opinion. And not just the foreign public.


Investigative Journalism
Is all about how rather why. Courses are run every summer. They do not come cheap but they are heavily oversubscribed. Some well known journos turn up to tell us all about the techniques. Some is on line.


National Union of Journalists
The National Union of Journalists has been taken over by Marxists. It may be on the run now because newspaper sales are going down year after year. Other sources are out there on line. Why pay when you can get it for free? Then follow on with the bias, the lies, the half-truths, the deliberate suppression of truth. Some journos are very well paid. Editors tend to be very highly paid. They are Capitalist Swine even when they are propagandizing the Useful Idiots who read The Guardian. The NUJ is not our friend. It is however Racist; it markets anti-English Racism.
Sean Bryson has views about them. He is very decidedly not a fan.

NUJ Black Members Council
Black Members Council The NUJ Black Members' Council (BMC) consists of eight members elected by an annual conference of Black Members and one member from each of the union's industrial councils, Scottish Executive Council and Irish Executive Council.

The Black Members' Council campaigns for race equality in the union and in the workplace and tackles racism in the media. Every year the council organises the Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture.   The lecture is held every year as part of London’s Black History Month in honour of Claudia Jones who was a pioneering radical journalist. Born in Trinidad in 1924, she moved to New York where she became radicalised by poverty and discrimination......... In 1936 she joined the Young Communist League and joined the staff of the Daily Worker. In 1955 she was arrested and served a year in prison before being deported and given asylum in the UK. Confronted by posters saying “No Blacks, no Dogs, No Irish” she became a leader in the Black equal rights movement emerging in London’s Notting Hill and founded “The West Indian Gazette”, one of the first Black newspapers in the UK. Claudia always believed that “A people’s art is the genesis of their freedom” and in 1959 was one of the founders of the Notting Hill Carnival. Today the Carnival is the biggest in Europe and is a fitting memorial to Claudia’s life of activism and campaigning. Claudia died in London on Christmas Day, 1964 and is buried in Highgate Cemetery next to Karl Marx.

Claudia Jones Memorial lectures 2012

Organised to coincide with Black History month and was the first time it was held in Newcastle. This also coincided with the first time since 1974 that the city played host to the National Union of Journalists conference. This event was filmed live on Friday 5th October 2012 in the King’s Hall, Newcastle University. 
The video can be found here:
Buried next to Karl Marx, boasting about it too. Black at that. Do you need any more evidence?


Proof Of Anti-White Racism At The NUJ


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