Momentum is short for People's Momentum - see; another of these organizations that springs up to manage Lenin's Useful Idiots when political manipulators want them. Willi Münzenberg was the man who used them a lot. Willi became Joe Stalin's propaganda master after being talent spotted by Lenin in Zürich He was responsible for major contributions to the propaganda industry such as Innocents Clubs, full of well meaning(?) twerps. Dear old Uncle Joe was so grateful that he had Willi murdered.

Momentum and Ken Livingstone are marketing Jeremy Corbyn but he hasn't shown his fangs yet. Perhaps he means well, in which case he will be disposed of later. The Wikipedia tells us that the Hard Left groups including the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, Left Unity, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the Socialist Party and the Alliance for Workers' Liberty (AWL) might use Momentum to rejoin the Labour Party. The point about mass mobilisation is one the Trotskyists really mean. 

People's Momentum Promotes 'Our Values' From A Million Pound Flat

Readers will remember how last month Jeremy Corbyn's official campaign group rebranded to become the “People’s Momentum”, a red guard run by hard-left activist Jon Lansman. It vowed to “put our values, the people’s values, back into politics. To do this, we need to keep up the momentum we have built over the last four months”. John McDonnell said he wanted the group to“transform our democracy and our way of doing politics. We are part of this wider social movement, running an economy in the interests of all”. Oh really?

Typical properties in the Shad Thames development to which Momentum is registered

Strange, then, that the “People’s Momentum” company address is registered to a million pound luxury riverside apartment in Shad Thames, one of central London’s most prestigious developments with an onsite concierge and views of Tower Bridge. It’s somewhere you usually find yuppie City traders rather than red flag-waving socialists. Must be what they mean by “the people’s values” and “an economy in the interests of all”…


People's Momentum
Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader has transformed into Momentum - a network of people and organisations that will continue the energy and enthusiasm of Jeremy's campaign.

What does Momentum want to do?

Organise in every town, city and village to create a mass movement for real progressive change.

Make Labour a more democratic party, with the policies and collective will to implement them in government.

Bring together individuals and groups in our communities and workplaces to campaign and organise on the issues that matter to us.

How will Momentum do this?

Organise events, rallies, meet ups and policy consultations to encourage mass mobilisation for a more democratic, equal and decent society.

Encourage those inspired by Jeremy Corbyn's campaign to get involved with the Labour Party. Assist members in making their voice heard in Labour Party debates.

Facilitate and coordinate people to build new and support existing organisations that can make concrete improvements to people's lives. Through these actions, we aim to demonstrate on a micro level how collective action and Labour values can transform our society for the better.

Who runs it?

Formed as a successor to the Corbyn campaign, Momentum is in the process of setting up governance arrangements to represent its supporters amongst the Labour Party membership as well as the wider social movement which is springing up. As it grows, Momentum will develop democratic governance structures at every level of the network.

What is the relationship to Labour and Jeremy Corbyn?

Momentum is the successor entity to the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign but it is independent of the Labour Party's leadership. It will work with everyone who supports Jeremy's aim of creating a more fair, equal and democratic society.
Read it. Think about it. Believe it? Not me.



Marxist Front Organisation Infiltrates Rotherham [  18 October 2015 ]
[ short for People's Momentum ] is backed by Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell, another Marxist. Recall that Willi Münzenberg, who was Joe Stalin's master propagandist set up dozens of Innocents Clubs to manipulate his Useful Idiots. It is a bit like the SS [ Schutzstaffel ], which protected naughty little Adolf. See for yourself; it's on Facebook


Corbyn's Communists Plotting The Destruction Of England [ 8 November 2015 ]
Key organisers in Momentum, the new Jeremy Corbyn supporters’ group inside the Labour Party , are explicitly plotting “civil war” to get rid of moderate Labour MPs, despite repeated denials, a Telegraph investigation has found.

Leaders of Momentum include a senior member of a group involved in violent anti-gentrification protests, self-proclaimed revolutionary Marxists, and paid staff of parties which oppose Labour, including a man who was until five weeks ago official spokesman for a Green MEP..........

Momentum has harvested thousands of confidential personal records of Labour members, including their private emails and telephone numbers, and is already using them to operate phone banks, it can be disclosed. The tactic has caused a major row, with Momentum’s opponents claiming it is illegal under data protection laws.................

Writing on the website of “Labour Party Marxists”, of which he is secretary, Stan Keable, Momentum’s organiser in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, stated: “As the hard right begins its civil war, the left [ Or is that the Hard Left? - Editor ] must respond with a combination of disciplinary threats, constitutional changes and reselection measures.....

Jon Lansman, Momentum’s director, a veteran of 1980s hard-left faction-fighting, was due to share a platform with key Trotskyite Militant Tendency [ Militant ] leaders expelled from Labour in the 1980s, including Tony Mulhearn, a member of the notorious Militant-dominated Liverpool Council and Peter Taaffe, another key figure in Militant, now known as the Socialist Party. Mr Lansman said he had cancelled his appearance............

However Momentum has already conducted at least one full phone-banking session, on October 12, using the “illegal” information......

Momentum is also targeting next year’s elections for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh assembly. Both are partly elected by proportional representation, with candidates chosen from a “list” according to rankings decided by their party. Momentum is seeking to have left-wingers promoted up the Labour ranking and moderates demoted, making them less likely to win seats.
Comrade Corbyn was marketed by Livingstone & others of the Hard Left. Now they are aiming for the takeover of England and our destruction. It worked for Comrade Lenin. Now Corbyn is trying it.


Hard Left Agitator's Son Is An Asset Manager In The City With 21 Directorships [ 6 December 2015 ]
Jon Lansman, the Hard-Left agitator who ran Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign, also leads the Momentum group accused of targeting Labour MPs.

Lansman has said “Labour is failing on tax avoidance” and accuses Tory rivals of avoiding tax.

But his son Ben is an asset manager at Foundation Property & Capital, which promises “tax efficiency . . . which should shelter income tax for the first two years of investment”. Aged just 24, Ben already has 21 company directorships. Clearly not into his dad’s anti-business bluster.
What has either of these comedians got to do with the honest Working Man or with Labour? Not a lot but they share a lust for power or is it just greed?


Hard Left Plotting To Get Rid Of Labour MPs [ 3 October 2016 ]
Momentum's denials that they want to deselect moderate MPs are even less believable after this footage from Dispatches. “We will unseat him… you’re in the way. Get out the way…”
It was the Hard Left that brought us the mass murder of the Great Terror. Then they called themselves Bolsheviks. The names change, the hate does not.


Corbyn's Henchmen Hate British Army [ 27 September 2016 ]
That ill-informed, anti-military, anti-working class argument was based on a hard left notion, often championed by revolutionary parties..... [ thatpatriotism itself was wrong, that loyalty to one’s fellow human beings, wherever they lived, was more important than loyalty to the strip of land that you happened, arbitrarily, to have been born in...............

But the worst of them all is the spoof Army recruiting leaflet offering “free prosthetic limbs”. Get it? Because soldiers often suffer horrific life-changing attacks by their enemies, and that’s hilarious........

And the irony is that the educated, middle class individuals who run Momentum and who campaigned so vigorously for Corbyn’s re-election claim to represent the working class communities from which large number of Army recruits are drawn.
The Telegraph is on the right lines for once albeit not very literate. Comrade Corbyn's henchmen are Marxist fools or rogues, just like him. They don't know or care about honest English Working Men


Hard Left Conspiring With Unite To Take Over Labour Party [ 20 March 2017 ]
A secret plot by the hard-left campaign group Momentum to seize permanent control of the Labour Party was revealed today.

Momentum leader Jon Lansman was secretly recorded revealing the campaign group will officially link with the huge Unite union if Len McCluskey wins re-election. Affiliation with Unite will give Momentum - born out of Jeremy Corbyn's first leadership campaign - access to huge funding and institutional support.

The group is plotting to ensure it retains control of the Labour Party after Mr Corbyn leaves his post, whether by his own choice or because he is forced out for failure.......

'As far as Len McCluskey is concerned Unite's members' money is his to play with as he chooses, from taking out a loan to allow him to buy a luxury London apartment to propping up the ultra left. This is not what trade unions are for. It is time for a change.'
Entryism is the name of the game & the lifeblood of Marxist political operations. Comrade Corbyn has blown it so the Ultra-left moves on. They are making it easy for the other lot, the Tories, the crooks, the Capitalist Swine who want "cheap labour",  Illegal Immigration and England overrun with Third World parasites.


Secret Tape Reveals Momentum Plot To Seize Control Of Labour  [ 24 July 2017 ]
This headline comes verbatim from The Guardian so perhaps they are not all Marxists or Paedophiles. This plot is a different one perpetrated by the same crowd.