Philip Etherton   RIP

Philip was a corporal of 10 PARA, the 10th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, now [ August 2009 ] sadly, no longer with us. Corporals do not usually get obituaries but then corporals do not usually write the reports. Naughty little Adolf is an unfortunate exception.

Philip's father was an Australian, barrister, QC and Member of Parliament who served with the Royal Air Force. He sent Philip to Charterhouse, a public school used by Genesis among others.

After he was with the Inland Revenue, not a matter to be proud of but needs must when the Devil drives. He was with them but not of them. Joining the Parachute Regiment was much more to his credit. It means passing basic training and the Basic Parachute Course at Abingdon. Thus it was that he became a member of 1 Company then the MT Platoon. Drinking and driving were the emphases but Philip stuck to the latter. They also serve who only bring up the rations.  He helped us win the Cold War.

This happened in the days when the Territorial Army was in reserve. Now they get about and do things for real. After his father died Philip carried on with the farm down near Gatwick.

Philip was liked by all who knew him. It is the conventional thing to say. It is also true. He will be missed. An unhappy divorce and ill health dogged his latter years. Malignant melanoma is not a fun thing to have. Now he is at peace.

Phil, Dave and Gerry waiting to go in a Hercules. The life jackets mean they might have to swim for it.

This was a happier time.


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