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The RAF was our major defence. At one stage it almost our only defence. If the Luftwaffe had not been held over South East England we could have had the Wehrmacht landing. But that was then and this is now. The Spitfire was a good aircraft in its day. Now front line fighters cost humungous amounts and there is the issue of whether they are needed. Major wars look less and less likely, American hooliganism notwithstanding. Guerrilla wars are very much more effective in their way. So is political subversion. That is the enemy that the RAF has to fear and so has England or should. England sleeps however while our institutions are being destroyed by Marxist disciples, the ones who control Her Majesty's Government and Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition.

They ask whether we need fighters and bombers while starving the RAF. They have plenty of money to encourage illegal immigrants and employ free loaders, time servers and place men. Government employees know full well that most of them are useless but they get well paid for doing make work and have to fear being cast into the outer darkness to find real work. They vote Labour for that reason if no other.

Meanwhile bomber stations close. There are more shut than open. Ditto for fighter stations. Manston is gone. Biggin Hill is civilian only. We probably have more air marshals than air fields. The Long March Through The Institutions is taking its toll and Marxists are laughing at us. Read more of the ugly truth in:-

Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs
By Lewis Page is a first rate book and strategic review. He tells us that the men are over worked and under paid while hundreds of very senior officers do little or nothing except demand more expensive and useless toys for their old regiments.


Lancaster Visits Berlin - Lancaster Gets Back - Just Barely
The pilot did 1,760 hours. He hasn't flown since.


Spin and silence at the end of the special relationship  [ 3 December 2005 ]
We used to be told about our special relationship with America. Perhaps it didn't mean too much but now it means a whole lot less. Blair is buying inferior European kit at humungous prices which is incompatible with American systems. Americans are restricting our access to their research because they think it will be passed on to Europe. Meanwhile the Jews get access. Theirs is a very special relationship; that of blackmailer and the blackmailed.

This stands for all three services. We need them all.


The Last Of The Few Fly Over London -

Spectacular: The tail gunner's view from the Lancaster bomber, as it did the Diamond Jubilee flypast


Final approach: The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster lines up alongside the Thames with Charing Cross Station ahead of it in the final moments before it flies over the Mall

View from above: Hundreds of thousands of people crowd The Mall below the Lancaster bomber


Target in sight! The nose of the Lancaster passes over the Mall and towards Buckingham Palace during the climax of its flypast

Cramped: The footage shows just how tight a fit it can be aboard a vintage aircraft

Tight squeeze: Crew aboard the Lancaster bomber

Breathtaking: The view of Buckingham Palace and The Mall beyond from the Lancaster bomber

In formation: Incredible footage has been released showing the view enjoyed by crew aboard a Lancaster bomber flying over London for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations

The pride of Britain: The vintage planes - all powered by classic World War Two Merlin engines - roar across the London sky

Aerobatic aces: The Red Arrows display team fly in formation over Buckingham Palace

Stirring image: The Lancaster, centre, was accompanied by two Spitfires on both flanks and tailed by a Hurricane


Pat Pattle
Was the RAF's top scoring fighter ace of the war with at least 40 kills.


RAF Wages Criminal War Against Arabs [ 20 October 2016 ]
What is the Casus Belli, the case for war? The RAF's is: We were only obeying orders. It didn't work at the Nuremberg War Trials. Men were hanged for using that one. Her Majesty's Government's reason? Self defence? Nobody would be fool enough to believe that. Mutual defence? An excuse that works for ingenious liars. The USSR claimed that when it invaded Afghanistan. Did HMG get UN authorization? I doubt it. Even if they did they shouldn't have. HMG is a ZOG [ Zionist Occupied Government ] pandering to the murderous thugs who control Israel.
PS Read something of the truth from a real expert at Middle East Mess.


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