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From Army Reverses Course, Does Right By Michael Yon - see under. A few days after doing this one the News Of The Screws went belly up because the advertisers walked away. Not many tears will be shed for this filthy rag. Rupert Murdoch may be one of the few but he is a hard man, the one who shut down The Times for  a few years.


News Of The World Is Finished

Rolling Stone: Boycotting Advertisers  31 March 2011

In 2006, I launched a boycott against a magazine owned by a huge conglomerate.  The Boycott damaged the magazine but the extent was unknown.  Eight months later, the press reported that the magazine had died.  (Early Christmas Present for Michael Yon.)

The boycott was not done on a whim.  The magazine staff and other involved parties had perpetrated a series of egregious behavior before I finally decided to spend time to pursue them.  Such is the case with Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone has been around for a long time and has weathered many storms.  They may feel invincible.  Rome and the Soviet Union probably felt the same way.  In this world, cities and indeed entire countries go bankrupt.  Powerful billionaire dictators get hunted down and imprisoned, or killed.  In the corporate world, we commonly see the huge and powerful reduced to the latest example of the bigger they are the louder they squeal.  Nobody is invincible.

The boycott of Rolling Stone Magazine advertisers is gaining traction.  The magazine has deceptively attacked US Soldiers and intentionally misled readers for sake of profit and power.

Rolling Stone life-blood is based mostly on advertisement revenues.  Magazine sales off the shelf are not the driving factor.  Advertisement prices are based on circulation and demographics, and they take in a hefty sack of money for a piece of page.

There is limited value in boycotting the magazine itself.  Rolling Stone has an established readership that apparently enjoys mindless gonzo, and even if a hundred thousand people stopped reading, the damage likely would not be seismic.

In 2006, when I took on the magazine that went bankrupt, I studied their business, identified weaknesses, then focused the attacks.  Significant damage was done by people who were upset with the magazine and who began various boycotts, while other damage was caused focusing energy on attacking relationships, which amounted to another form of boycott.

With Rolling Stone, the advertiser base is a mortal weakness.  The concept of the boycott is to concentrate on advertisers and cause them to pull their advertisement dollars and put them elsewhere.  Advertisers with budgets that can cover nearly $200,000 for a single page could care less about Rolling Stone per se; they care about the number of eyes seeing their products, and who those eyes belong to.  When advertisers perceive they are losing money or goodwill from showing their product in that venue, theyíll pluck those dollars and place them elsewhere.  Advertisement executives are just moving chips around on the table, and the boycott goal is to persuade them to move their chips away from Rolling Stone, and of course if they pull their advertisement from Rolling Stone, they can potentially earn goodwill.

Itís important to stress that boycotts against advertisers are temporary until they pull their ads from the perpetrator-space.  In this case, Rolling Stone.

Most salient is the fact that advertisers in Rolling Stone gain benefit only from Rolling Stone readers, while a boycott reaches readers and nonreaders.  The pool of nonreaders will be relatively enormous.

Businesses bleed like people bleed.  If they bleed more blood than they can make, they will eventually die.  You donít have to squeeze out every drop like a vampire, but usually just a little bit, say, maybe 20% of the advertisement revenue gone might put the magazine in a dramatic tailspin.  You might not notice it for a while because they can take cash infusions and so forth, but sooner or later they will shrivel like a raisin and just lay there.  Dead.

Many people have become angry and loudly complained about Rolling Stone, all to no avail.  The complaints merely egged them on.  Itís time to cool the blood, and with an icy cold resolve, move forward with action.  Boycott their advertisers and crush the Rolling Stone.

It is crucial during the boycott to contact advertisers to express that when the advertiser stops doing business with Rolling Stone, the boycott will end.

First go after the companies with the biggest ads, and also the companies with which you already do business.  Use social networking to share information and when there is success, say it.  Do not hesitate to buy a copy of the magazine to gain information before acting.  Much information is being shared here: Michael Yon Facebook.

Boycotts take little effort.  In 2006, I launched the effort and went back to war coverage.  You donít have to picket and protest, but just get the word out and let nature take its course.  A strong boycott could be like a bullet with near instant results.  More likely, with Rolling Stone, a persistent but growing boycott might act like a weak neurotoxin.  Just keep dripping it out, and eventually the corporate biology will seize, and there will be spasms, and then, one day, you will open the paper and there it will be, the obituary.

Died: Mr. Rolling Stone, 45, San Francisco.  Born November 9, 1967 San Francisco, California.  Died suddenly last Friday. Mr. Stone was found slouched over an old typewriter after a brain hemorrhage, possibly resulting from an addiction to fiction in a nonfiction world. Services will be held on this Tuesday at 9am at the Church of Bankruptcy.  Burial will be in the dumpster out back behind the courthouse.


Michael Yon


Rolling Stone Gang Rape Story Is A Pack Of Lies [ 11 December 2014 ]
It was a very nasty Rape, a gang rape at Virginia University. It was written up by Rolling Stone but they did not bother to ask basic questions. No witnesses? Whoops. No police investigation? Whoops. Another Jew, another liar. A good analysis of the anti-American Race hatred is at The Seething Ethnic Hostility Of Jew Behind The Rolling Stone Scandal.



SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Boston Herald: Blogger, Army call pic truce: Writer says ownership issue resolved

Yon, who all but accused the Army of trying to swipe ownership of the heartbreaking photo of a U.S. GI cradling the dying girl, credited a story in the Boston Herald and an online blogger crusade Ė led by local radio-show host Kevin Whalen via his Internet site Ė for pressuring the Army to settle.


Michael Yon will be our special guest on Pundit Review Radio this Sunday evening at 8pm EST to discuss this entire affair. You can stream the show live at WRKO and call to talk with Michael toll free at 877-469-4322.


What we have here is the ability to communicate! Picking up on a couple of MSM stories, bloggers rallied behind Michael Yon in his copyright battle with the US Army in a major way over the past 24 hours.

Michael was in a stalemate for seven months, getting nowhere, until Boston Herald reporter and fellow blogger Jay Fitzgerald as well as the Southtown Free Pressí Dan Lavoie, covered the story. Their MSM reporting brought this to the attention of the blogosphere. From there, blogs like this one and those listed below picked up the story and started a blog swarm, sending hundreds of emails to those in a position to make the right decision on Michaelís behalf.

From Michael Yon, Saturday, February 4th, 2006
Copyright Dispute Resolved

Thousands of readers might have learned about it from Jay Fitzgerald�??s piece in Tuesday�??s Boston Herald. Maybe it was the article Dan Lavoie wrote for last Sunday�??s Southtown Free Press, or the press release issued by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. Or when Kevin Whalen at Pundit Review called for blogger arms in an intransigent dispute with the Army over intellectual property rights. The growing volume of these voices gained the attention of people who could resolve the conflict.

The dispute over the unattributed and unauthorized distribution of my photographs has been resolved in principle to the satisfaction of the involved parties. The dispute had been exacerbated by Army lawyers, but once the matter was brought forefront and examined by Brigadier General Brooks, Chief of Public Affairs, it was resolved by another more senior Army attorney. At the end of the day, the Army did the right thing. I greatly appreciate the efforts of those involved, including the blogosphere and Brigadier General Brooks, whose determined attention and immediate action removed the obstacle.

This is a tremendous victory for Michael personally, and all of us collectively. Special thanks should be given to those rare MSM reporters who actually get the blogosphere, Jay Fitzgerald and Dan Lavoie, as well as the big traffic sites like Wizbang, InstaPundit, Michelle Malkin, Mudville Gazette and Pajamas for linking and giving this effort the critical mass it needed.

Here is a list of blogs who rallied behind Michael and achieved this stunning turnaround! Congratulations to one and all.

Pundit Review; Instapundit; Mudville Gazette; Wizbang; Econoblog; Michelle Malkin; Pajamas Media; Free Republic; Blackfive ; Whodathunk;
Random Bits of Pomposity
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