Rape is major crime. If you have seen the aftermath you know. Real rape is real crime. But it gets political. Feminists use it as a propaganda weapon because they are Cultural Marxists. But there is a problem with their propaganda. If a black is a victim they use the Main Stream Media as their propaganda vehicles. If Englishmen are accused it is even better although they will settle for White Men as perpetrators if they have to. But when blacks are the perpetrators they go very quiet. When there is a major outbreak of rape in Sweden, especially Malmö, the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia they pretend they know nothing about it. That is because feminism is like Racism and Immigration a working tool of communist subversives being used to cause Cultural Genocide in the West.

They tell us that it is worse than murder; that it is too easy to get away with rape. It is far too easy for a woman to claim that she has been raped; it can be frivolous - I have seen it - or malicious - I have seen that too. A woman did that to Neil Hamilton MP. He had a rock solid alibi and she went to prison for trying to pervert the course of justice amid a Deafening Silence - all the news fit to print? No; all the news print to fit! You should know #How to Avoid and Deal with False Rape Accusations.

See the Rape Statistics then know that racial stereotypes are good indicators of crime, intelligence, competence, whatever. Or see Mark Steyn explaining crime to Canadian liberals at Steyn on Sweden.

77 Percent Of Rapes In Sweden Carried Out By Islamic Making Up 2 Percent Of The Population
Import Third World savages then pretend they aren't raping Swedish girls; that is policy, that is practice.

Rotherham is the rape capital of England as 1,400 girls know to their cost. Or is it Rochdale? No? Then try Bolton, Bristol, Derby, which are overwhelmed by Pakistani Paedophile Perverts. Then there are Halifax And Pakistani Perverts, Leeds & even Oxford at the peak of civilization or Rochdale. Rotherham is notorious. What about Sheffield where men made steel and cutlery. Now it is another Hell Hole full of Pakistani criminals.


Man Captured After Rape Of Five Children In Nepal


Progressives Defend Rape
sounds good so Progressives must be good! Yes or No? NO is the answer. Progressivism is a False Flag used by Marxists and Lenin's Useful Idiots. They approve of rape when the perpetrators are Islamic and the victims are English or even just European. Lots of girls in Malmö, the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia & Rotherham found out about the Hard Left policy the hard way.


Rape Of Britain Page 51 Of 86
Publicized? NO! Government policy? YES! You doubt? See e.g. Rotherham Rapists.


Rape Capital Of Scandinavia
Is Malmö, lucky Malmö. The perpetrators are Third World aliens imported by a government of Useful Idiots with a large dose of rogues.


Corrective Rape
Is a technique for curing Lesbians. Does it work? Pass. Do Feminists approve? No; a point in its favour but they keep very quiet about it because the perpetrators are black. The Wikipedia does not approve either.
PS Corrective Rape was invented by blacks in South Africa, which is why Feminists keep quiet about it. They also say nothing about Malmö being the rape capital of Scandinavia because the perpetrators are Third World aliens imported by Treason.


Statutory Rape
Man and girl get together, bad. Woman and boy get together, crime, stifled giggles et cetera.


Feminists And Rape
What drives feminists? Concern for women or concern for themselves? Thirst for truth and justice or hunger for power and money? The answers were supplied by a recent crime in London. A sixteen-year-old girl was dragged into an empty house, beaten and gang-raped by “five youths”, who then poured caustic soda on her body, trying to destroy DNA evidence. Caustic soda isn’t an acid, as some newspapers have reported, but it has similar effects: it dissolves flesh and causes excruciating pain. So that was the package dumped on feminists’ doorstep: extreme male brutality and callousness towards a defenceless female. Shrieks of horror and outrage duly rang out at... Well, not at The Guardian. The feminists there were washing their hair or something. Nor at The Independent. Maybe the sisterhood were too busy painting their nails. Nor at the BBC. I guess the Woman’s Hour gang were all darning their husbands’ socks. Bestial male violence – sound of feminist silence, that’s how it went.
The drivers of the feminism racket, Friedan, Sontag et al are Jews who hate England, America and any one who is white. Importing blacks and inciting blacks are major objectives. The rape of an English girl who has been injured for life matters not to them - except as a success.
Luke O'Farrell explains better than me. He explains so well that the Thought Police put him in prison.


Rape in Australia
It is Third World efnicks there too.


Rape In England
Not all rapists are Islamics. Some are blacks. Others are Jews running brothels. Then there are Albanians. There are even Englishmen from time to time.


Rape In America
It is a growth industry there too and of course it is ethnics.


Rape In China
Things happen in China. There are too few girl babies as a result of the one child policy which leads to kidnapping. But this woman is a victim of the police.


Rape In Finland

This is photoshopped satire according to Henrik Holappa, a Finnish victim of the American legal system. It is a reflection of an ugly reality - see Three Blacks Raped Two Finnish Girls And Walk Away Laughing


Rape In Delhi
Despite several new initiatives by Delhi Police to make the capital safer for women, the year 2011 saw a significant increase in the number of rape and molestation cases over the previous year. Shockingly, almost 98 per cent of the offenders were either related or known to the victims.

A total of 568 rape cases were reported in 2011 as against 507 in 2010. However, the incidence of rape per lakh population has shown a steady decline in Delhi, coming down from 4.42 per lakh in 2005 to 3.39 per lakh in 2011.
So rape is on the up. A lakh is 100 thousand.


Rape In Israel
The President of Israel is on trial for multiple rapes NOW [ 10 September 2009 ] and the Jews have gone coy. They shout their mouths off big time when they are selling The Holocaust® story but when Katsav comes unstuck it is different.
PS He got seven years but he will appeal to drag things out then give it the ill health routine, just like Sharon the mass murderer.
PPS He has not tried the ill health wheeze yet. It worked for Ernie Saunders, the world's only survivor of Alzheimer's. Ernie is another Jew.


Rape In Liberia

It is an easy way to pick up nasty diseases.


Rape In Pakistan, Police Raped Her Then Murdered Her


Rape In South Africa
South Africa is the rape capital of the world. South Africa is full of blacks. Import blacks, import rape. QED. That is why Western governments do it and why Feminists keep very quiet about it.


Rape In Sweden
Lie back and think of England? This was not just sexual; it was murderous brutality. She is not unique, very far from it. What do the Feminists say? Nothing! They don't care about rape when blacks are the perpetrators. They are communist Subversives.


Rape Special
The President of Israel is a rapist. The President of Israel got seven years. The President of Israel got banged up in the same cell as the Minister of Health.


Rape Special II
The Jew running the IMF like a rutting chimpanzee got stitched up big time.


Caustic soda rape - Attorney General to investigate 'lenient' sentences


Caustic Soda Rapists


Cold Case Rape Squad Find DNA Of 112 Perpetrators In London


Islamic Rapist Captured


Black Rapist Moving To Buckinghamshire


Here are some perpetrators. Notice their colour. Then squawk about racism if you want.


Beating  Rape Charges - A Feminist Whines
Who wants to discuss rape in August? Or bring up that most inflammatory subject in the sexual politics curriculum any day of any year. Yet here’s dear Harriet, sombering up the silly season, casting an eye over a government review of our rape laws, binning it and calling for a stiffer one. Harriet Harman might as well have spent her karaoke premiership week brandishing the SCUM Manifesto and a pair of gelding shears for the amount of trouser tension she has caused a certain class of male commentator.

Rape is the nexus of all gender-power relations, the point where bedroom meets courtroom. And thus it brings out the ugly in people — from the old radical- feminist overstatement that “all men are rapists” to the hydrochloric misogyny of the latest internet uproar, which suggests that any tightening of the law would be a vengeful bitch’s charter.
This drivel was used in The Times as propaganda or space filler. Import blacks then wonder why there is more crime. Thanks Cameron, Brown, Blair, Wilson.


How to Avoid and Deal with False Rape Accusations
Is a look at the practicalities, why they do it in the first place etc. All too often being drunk starts it, they sober up then lie because they are embarrassed or whatever. False accusations account for nearly half of the cases but Feminists will deny it very loudly. You doubt it? See e.g. #Beating Rape Charges - A Feminist Whines. If the police do come for you, make sure that you KNOW about Resistance to Interrogation. If you were in the Army it is simple; number rank and name - NOTHING else.



South Africa Is The Rape Capital Of The World [ 24 August 2010 ]
One in four South African men questioned in a survey said they had raped someone, and nearly half admitted having attacked more than one victim. The BBC reports that South Africa's government has been urged to solve the rape epidemic. The study, by the country's Medical Research Council, also found three out of four who admitted rape had attacked for the first time during their teens. It said practices such as gang rape were common because they were considered a form of male bonding.

Professor Rachel Jewkes of the MRC, who carried out the research, told the BBC's World Today program: "The absolute imperative is we have to change the underlying social attitudes that in a way have created a norm that coercing women into sex is on some level acceptable. "We know that we have a higher prevalence of rape in South Africa than there is in other countries. And it's partly rooted in our incredibly disturbed past and the way that South African men over the centuries have been socialized into forms of masculinity that are predicated on the idea of being strong and tough and the use of force to assert dominance and control over women, as well as other men."
The BBC does not tell us that it is an all black thing but then they are liars with agenda. This piece  does not prove that the previous article is absolutely right but it is suggestive.


Congo As The World Rape Capital [ 30 November 2011 ]
(CNN) -- From the first time you step into eastern Congo, you find yourself surrounded by the exotic and extraordinary, be it flora and fauna or the just plain incongruous -- the severed wing of a Russian aircraft stored on the side of the road, or a boy with a gun.......

Eastern Congo has been called the "rape capital of the world" by U.N. Special Representative Margot Wallström. Reports record that 48 women are raped every hour. I have been working in the region for 10 years and have seen a tragic development in this unpunished crime against the heart of society.
Rape is fun - for the perpetrators that is. Wallström is keeping quiet apart her success in making Malmö into the Rape Capital of Sweden


Rape Capital of Sweden [ 30 November 2011 ]
A Muslim rape epidemic in Sweden has ensured that it now tops the list as the European country with the most rapes per capita — 46 incidents per 100,000 residents. The EU report, due to be officially released tomorrow, shows that the number of reported rapes in Sweden is twice as many as the UK which reports 23 cases per 100,000 and 20 times higher than certain countries in southern and eastern Europe........

The Muslim link to the rape epidemic was already evident several years ago. In July 2005, a study from the Swedish Crime Prevention Council, Brå, revealed that rapists in that country were four times more likely to be foreign born. In addition, the report revealed that “resident aliens” from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia make up the largest number of rapists.

The number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in just above 20 years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six times as common today as they were a generation ago. In 2005, Swedish lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm found that 85 percent of the convicted rapists were “born on foreign soil or from foreign parents.”......

Crime is rampant in the growing ghettos of Malmö. Unemployment rates top 50 percent and in 2005, police figures recorded that 68 percent of all rapes that year were committed by Third Worlders, mainly Muslims, most of whom were second and third generation immigrants.

In a sociological survey entitled “Vi krigar mot svenskarna” (“We’re waging a war against the Swedes”), published in 2006 by the Department of Sociology at Lunds University, young immigrants in the city of Malmö were interviewed about why they were so heavily involved in crime.
They are given safe harbour from vicious thugs in North Africa then decide to wage war on against their saviours. Ungrateful is a word that comes to mind. Why were they imported? Useful Idiots manipulated by rogues running the Main Stream Media & the Education industry have a lot to answer for. None of them live near aforesaid ethnics. Lots of the rogues have Israeli passports and agendas.
PS Here is another recent case. Man drugged and raped 12-year-old girl in Malmö. The media are keen on suppressing the truth about ethnic involvement.


Islamic Imam Raped Boys As Young As Twelve [ 13 January 2011 ]
U.K. Imam Mohammed Hanif Khan Charged with Raping Boys as Young as Twelve

Muslims tell us that Islam will rescue the West from immorality. A Muslim worship leader is accused of raping a 12-year-old boy during visits to a mosque for religious lessons.
Mohammed Hanif Khan, 42, is alleged to have sexually assaulted the boy inside the Stoke on Trent mosque where he worked as the imam. He is also charged with the attempted rape of and sexual activity with the boy's cousin, who was 15 at the time, as he stayed over at his home one evening.

Khan, who appeared in front of Nottingham Crown Court yesterday wearing a black suit, white shirt and red tie, spoke only to confirm his name and to enter not guilty pleas to all eight charges against him. Khan, from Sheffield, is charged with three counts of rape, four counts of attempted rape and one count of sexual activity with a child, all of which are alleged to have taken place on various dates between July 1, 2009 and October 16, 2009. (Read more.)
Are they all at it? Mohammed had a child bride of nine years old so presumably the answer is yes.


Islamic Sex Abuse [ 22 March 2006 ]
Muslims could face a child abuse scandal on a par with the Catholic Church, a report has warned.
A group of Muslim leaders says the community is in denial about child abuse in religious schools, known as madrasas. The UK has about 700. They want ministers to regulate the schools, saying 100,000 children do not have appropriate legal protection. The government said recent changes on the vetting of those teaching children automatically included madrasas...........

Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, co-author of the report and head of lobby group the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, said that child abuse existed in all societies - and that it would be naïve of Muslim communities to think it did not affect them.
If Racist Homosexuals like the BBC say it is bad, then it is worse. But that was then. Ignoring ethnic crime policy. It still is.


England's Fastest Growing Import Is Rapists - an honest headline [ 22 January 2012 ]
Woman raped by Leeds teenagers - the Yorkshire Evening Post headline
Two schoolboys who stalked, abducted and raped a woman in an alleyway were captured celebrating their crime on CCTV. Jallat Khan and Shahzada Khan, both 16, stalked the woman as she left a nightclub, and then pounced on her as she walked along Fish Street in Leeds city centre. After raping her in a doorway, the teenagers ran away celebrating. The victim’s boyfriend could hear her screams for help during the attack as they were on the phone to each other.

Judge Christopher Batty yesterday sentenced Jallat to five years detention and Shahzada to four. He lifted an order banning the media from revealing the boys’ identities because of the severity of the attack.....

“He heard her become distressed then say: ‘Get off, get off, what are you doing!’ He heard her scream for 30 seconds before her line went dead.” Jallat can be seen on the footage adjusting his clothing as he flees. The prosecutor said pair appeared “elated” and Shahzada made “bowling” motions like cricketer as the pair ran off, their celebrations were captured on CCTV.

The pair were arrested after the footage was released to the media and Jallat’s school teacher recognised him. His DNA was found on the woman. While in custody Jallat, described as showing a “worrying attitude to women, threatened to rape a member of staff. Stephen Crossley, for Jallat, of Tempest Road, Beeston, said had a traumatic background, moving to the UK in 2009 from Afghanistan as his life was at risk following the deaths of his father and brother.......

The barrister said her client had made progress while in custody, working on his attitude towards women, and now understood the severity of his actions. She said the youngster now felt ashamed.
This made the local rag. It told us about these schoolboys, these youths, victims of nasty Afghans. Who are the corrupt racists in this case? Try all of the national Main Stream Media for starters. None of them told the truth. Notice that these refugees from various Hell holes are always victims, never perpetrators. In Afghanistan men have Kalashnikovs. These nasty little thugs would not have got off lightly. They would have been sorted out permanently.

Perpetrator 1                                     Perpetrator 2


Eight Out Of Ten Rapists Are Pakistanis Says Guardian [ 25 May 2012 ]
The truth about 'Asian sex gangs'
Despite the conviction of nine Asian men for child exploitation in Rochdale and worrying signs in the statistics, racial profiling won't help potential victims [ The  Guardian lies in its teeth - Editor ] In January 2011 the Times proclaimed a "conspiracy of silence" around groups of Pakistani men sexually exploiting white British girls. Political correctness and fear of appearing racist had trumped child protection, the paper claimed.

Soon the terms "Pakistani" and "Asian" were being conflated, much to the disgruntlement of other British Asians and a heated media debate ensued around the "Asian sex gang" problem. Jack Straw demanded the Pakistani community take responsibility, while BNP leader Nick Griffin gleefully decried "Muslim paedophilia", campaigning with natty slogans such as "Our children are not halal meat". The EDL were regulars at major trials: either in the courtroom taking notes or outside spitting hate. [ The Grauniad does not like the truth - Editor ]

The defendants in question are at most nominally Muslim. Practicing Muslims certainly aren't supposed to have sex with children. [ The lie direct again - Editor ]
The Guardian has a go at the truth then finds it prefers the lies. It markets Western Guilt, the idea that we are colonial oppressors who owe down trodden Third World natives for ever more. They might even be stupid enough to believe their own Propaganda. It was what they were fed by the Education industry. They claim that Islamics are not Paedophiles but ignore the fact that Mohammad was a Child Abuser who married Aisha when she was six. He Consummated this marriage when she was nine. It seems clear that exporting all Pakistanis would cut rapes by 80%, a worthwhile reduction. Communist subversives running Sweden have turned Malmö into the rape capital of Scandinavia. Here is one of their victims.

PS My information is that half of the 'clients' in country prisons are foreign undesirables while London nicks have 70% black, brown, yellow....


Blonde Teacher Lady Charged With Felony Rape Of 16 Year Old Victim [ 8 March 2014 ]

Before you shed a tear for her victim think about a typical black rapist e.g.

or a typical white victim of the Third World aliens who have turned Malmö into the rape capital of Scandinavia.

PS Rape in Sweden is fun - for the perpetrators.


One Out Of Ten Norwegian Women Have Been Raped By Islamic Intruders [ 8 March 2014 ]


Black Rapes Jew In Israel - BAD [ 6 November 1962 ]

Blacks Rape Girls In Sweden - GOOD [ 6 November 1962 ]

Pakistanis Rape Girls In Rotherham - Tough Luck [ 6 November 1962 ]
Three headlines. Three stories. One lot of propagandists. Jews want Western Civilization overwhelmed with blacks. Jews want Israel to be schwartzerfrei, black free. Naughty Adolf wanted Germany judenfrei, Jew free.


Indian Policemen Go On The Run After 14 Year Old Gang Raped [ 3 January 2015 ]
Perhaps they will come to England, illegally of course. They will fit very nicely into the Rotherham rape industry. We can depend on Her Majesty's Government to give them the dole and help them get away with it.


Teacher Committed Statutory Rape [ 21 July 2015 ]
Kourtnie A. Sanchez, 25, was arrested Monday on charges including electronic solicitation, unlawful sexual relations, solicitation of unlawful sexual relations and three counts of promoting obscenity to a minor. Sanchez - who is believed to be a mother-of-three - was a student teacher at Marshall Elementary School in Eureka during the fall 2014 semester. 

Prosecutors allege her victims were aged between 15 and 17, and that the alleged incidents occurred over five months in 2014. However it is unclear how many victims there were. 
Now we have a chance to sympathize with her victims, who will no doubt be teased about their misfortune for life.

You can see why they were unable to resist.


Hispanics Raped Norwegian Lass In Dallas [ 26 August 2015 ]
Third World
aliens? Illegal Immigrants? Quite possibly. To be fair she could have gotten raped in Malmö, Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. It would still have been Third World aliens imported by their wonderful government. It gives itself airs of moral superiority. People get to pay the price. It is Pathological Altruism in action. The point was taken by  Anders Breivik so he killed politicians and their children.


Black Thieves Get Life For Double Rape

They all have previous.


Islamic Blames Cologne Rape Victims  [ 21 January 2016 ]
That is the trick that Jews use; do the crime & blame others. E.g. Jews are big in slave trading but accuse us. You doubt it? See e.g. Black Slaves - Traded By Jews or Blacks And Jews. That is what they do with Slavery. Monopolise it then blame nasty White Man in order to incite Black Hate.


Police Report 75% More Sex Crimes Against Children [ 26 January 2016 ]
What happens & what the police record are two very different things. We all know that the South Yorkshire Police were systematically hiding the truth about Pakistani Perverts who raped 1,400 English girls in one town alone, in Rotherham. The whole of Yorkshire is infested with Pakistanis so it was happening all over the county. So statistics are fundamentally meaningless. Concealing crime is Perverting The Course Of Justice, SOP in the best police force that money can buy. To see the Rape Statistics use Open Office.


Women reveal how they live in fear of sex attacks in migrant camps in Greece [ 9 June 2016 ]
That is the Daily Mail headline verbatim. It does not say that this story is being made up by Amnesty International, a crooked 'charity' set up by Jews with an agenda. Flooding Western Civilization with Third World aliens is a large part of it. AI is full of Lenin's Useful Idiots. Perhaps the only point to take seriously is that these invaders are vicious Rapists.


Woman Denies Statutory Rape Of Seven Boys [ 29 November 2016 ]
Will we get to hear what her "victims" have to say for themselves? Probably not but they won't live it down for a long time.


Boy Of 15 Complains About Being Sexually Abused By His Teacher [ 24 January 2017 ]
So she was banned from schools. Some boys don't know when they are lucky are fussy/hard to please/ungrateful. Of course if the teacher had been a man and his 'victim' a girl he would be in prison while we would have been outraged not amused or envious. Sexual equality? Not with Feminists meddling.


White Men Raped Woman Says Daily Mail  [ 3 February 2017 ]
Some newspapers tell some of the truth some of the time. They are all Propaganda machines. Most rapes are black rapes. You doubt it? See the truth at New Nation News Here are a selection:-
(White) Pasco man shot, killed during Craigslist meet-up; one (black) suspect arrested, one on the run
(Black) Boy charged in kidnapping, sexual battery of 4-year-old girl
(LGBT black) Tulsa Man Gets Long Prison Sentence For Crimes Against Children (Boys)
(Black) Man wanted for forcible sodomy in York County arrested in Oklahoma
 (Black) Suspect arrested for raping, robbing woman
Two (black) men arrested on charges of 'pulling a Cosby' then raping passed-out woman in Gardens
(Black) Yonkers banker gets jail time for stealing $122K from customer
Kansas City  police need your help to track down two (black) men they believe are armed and dangerous
Kansas City police detectives are asking for the public’s help to identify two people they'd like to speak with about a homicide that occurred near East 55th Street and The Paseo on Friday, Jan. 27.


Woman Raped Nine Times By Brutal Ethiopians Imported By Merkel [ 20 June 2017 ]
A tearful woman broke down in court in Germany as she alleged that three asylum seekers raped her a total of nine times when she was ambushed at a town fair. The alleged attack in August 2016 left the 28-year-old Hungarian victim 'shattered,' she told a court in Mühlhausen. 

Her mobile phone was stolen and the men used it to film their brutal assault which included kicking and punching her and dragging her by her hair, she claims.
Will Merkel deport them? Naughty little Adolf wouldn't have put up with kind of thing.


Female Physics Teacher Joins Mile High While Committing Statutory Rape  [ 27 July 2017 ]
Sex rears its ugly head in England too.


Fat Ugly Liar's Rape Accusations Get Her Ten Years Inside [ 24 August 2017 ]
A fantasist who made up bogus rape and sex assault claims against 15 men in three years for 'attention' has been jailed for 10 years.

Jemma Beale claimed to be a lesbian with 'no desire' to sleep with men, and lodged deceitful complaints to police that led to one of her victims, Mahad Cassim, serving two years in jail........ Beale, from west London, was even awarded £11,000 in compensation while Mr Cassim languished behind bars..............  

The 25-year-old would injure herself and use self-inflicted cuts and bruises against the 15 victims she falsely accused of sex attacks - including one who fled the country with his life in tatters.
Anyone who screwed her would have to be desperate. She went down for Perjury & Perverting The Course Of Justice. You have to wonder why it took fifteen rape allegations before the police took the point.


Kurds Raped English Girls In Newcastle [ 25 August 2017 ]
An Asian grooming gang raped and abused vulnerable white girls who they viewed as “commodities”, a court has been told.

The gang, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, controlled the girls with drugs and alcohol, contacted them on Facebook to discuss sex parties and on one occasion demanded sex in return for paying for a tattoo. The women and girls were as young as 13 when the grooming began and they were allegedly pressed into prostitution in return for drugs including ecstasy and cocaine. One girl said that one of the gang had had sex with her when she was unconscious because of alcohol.....................

Five men – Soran Azizi, Palla Pour, Ribas Asad, Heiman Mohammed and Saman Faiao Obaid – are accused of offences including rape, trafficking for sexual exploitation, sexual activity with a child, paying for the sexual services of a child and supplying drugs.
They come to England, whining about their problems, pretending to be victims then become predators. They are imported by the political class and Lenin's Useful Idiots. The Puppet Masters feed them the sob stories about White Guilt, which morphs into Pathological Altruism. They are being used to cause Ethnic Fouling, population replacement and Genocide.


Third World Rapist Get 13 Years [ 6 November 2017 ]
A man who raped an 18-year-old girl after grabbing her while she was on the phone to her boyfriend and dragging her into woodlands has been jailed for 13 years. Kapil Dogra admitted in court that he had been on his way to buy class A drugs when he saw the young woman leaving a railway station......... The 'remorseless' 35-year-old denied one count of rape, two counts of assault of a female by penetration, and one count of causing a female to engage in non-penetrative sexual activity...............

'He then dragged her into a wooded area where he raped and sexually assaulted her. Dogra was later identified by DNA and CCTV footage.'
Another Thought For The Day is true. Her Majesty's Government imports swine like this by the thousand with the wholehearted collusion of Her Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition. Of course they pretend they are trying to slow Immigration; they are lying.


We Have The Most Sex Crimes Allegedly  [ 24 November 2017 ]
England and Wales have the highest number of violent sex crimes including rapes in Europe...........

Statistics show that the two British countries accounted for 64,500 of the 215,000 crimes recorded by the police across the European Union in 2015.

Some 35,800, or 55 per cent, of the 64,500 violent sex crimes in England and Wales were rape, with Germany coming second with 34,300 crimes.................

The fewest combined incidents and crimes were recorded in Cheshire, Dyfed-Powys, Surrey, North Yorkshire and Thames Valley. 
Statistics are one thing, truth is another. The Mail's readers aren't stupid enough to believe it. They mention Malmö, the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. The perpetrators are overwhelmingly Third World aliens imported by Lenin's Useful Idiots. BTW Snopes claims it is not true; believe them if you want.

Recall that police and politicians spent over a decade suppressing the truth about English girls being Raped by Pakistani Perverts with 1,400 of them in Rotherham alone. Rape statistics from the Wikipedia tell us that South Africa is the world leader with Zimbabwe trailing behind. Sweden is the highest rated European country on their list. Third World thugs are the problem & the government imports them as a matter of policy.


Woman's Rape Allegations Were Fraudulent  [ 15 December 2017 ]
'Sheer incompetence' by police meant that texts about an alleged rape victim's fantasies of violent and casual sex were kept secret and an innocent student was put on trial after two years on bail, a prosecutor revealed today. 

Barrister Jerry Hayes claims the detective in charge told him sexual messages sent by the woman to Liam Allan and her friends were 'too personal' to share. But in fact they 'blew the case out of the window' and police had failed to even look at them because of 'sheer incompetence', he said. 

The texts revealed the woman asked Mr Allan for casual sex and fantasised about rough and violent intercourse and even being raped despite telling police she didn't like being intimate with men. 

Judge Peter Gower stopped the trial after three days at Croydon Crown Court yesterday.
Police Corruption or police incompetence? The woman was a liar.


Rape Is Fun Says Lebanese Murderer   [ 24 December 2017 ]
Smirking as he brandishes a semi-automatic Kalashnikov rifle, this is the Uber driver accused of raping and murdering a young female British diplomat in Lebanon............. The taxi driver was arrested last week after Rebecca Dykes, 30, was sexually assaulted and strangled to death when she took a cab home from a popular tourist bar in Beirut.

Her body was left dumped on the roadside with local media speculating she had been raped and then tried to run away - only for the suspect to chase her and drag her back to the car before strangling her.  

Tragically for Miss Dykes, it appears her fate had been sealed the moment she entered the cab, senior police sources claimed.

'He said 'He said he found her pretty, wearing a short skirt…and so he decided to rape her as it would be easy as she was a foreigner,'........ Hawchieh reportedly confessed almost immediately to Lebanese police that he murdered the diplomat after being confronted with CCTV evidence.
Don't go to the Lebanon without a weapon or bodyguard. We need Armed Citizens protecting themselves against vicious Savages like this one. Notice that he has an AK74, the modern version of the AK47. Murder is a progressive industry over there.


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