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The Times [ 1785 - ] was THE newspaper, not just any old rag. Now it is owned by Murdoch so things have gone off. It is a propaganda machine. Sales are a major issue for Murdoch in a market with a long term decline. The print version, the dead wood press has too many high tech rivals for it to recover.

But Murdoch is determined to make us pay so the on line version costs while the rest are free. They are watching closely. They may be rivals but if Murdoch can get away with it they will try it too. Here are sources regarding The Times and its honesty. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
Update - The Times Has Become A Propaganda Machine  [ 18 December 2016 ]
Once the newspaper of record it has become a source of blatant lies. If Murdoch is serious about marketing Propaganda he should be plausible, avoiding blatant lies. Perhaps he wants to discredit The Times.

Triad Of Evil
New! The Sunday Times of London recently published a piece claiming that researchers at the CEP found a link between blonde hair in women and anger, entitlement and "warlike" behavior. No such research was done, and we believe the claims of the article are false. As can be seen by a search in our original publication (here) the words "blonde" or even "hair" never appear. Nevertheless, the story spread rapidly throughout the blogosphere and the mainstream news. We are working to correct the story. Click here to read our letter to the Times.
What we did do was research on the evolved function of anger, and its relationship to variables such as strength and attractiveness (much more interesting, and with facts behind it!). Click here for more
Update! Accurate accounts of the story are now being reported here and here.
This is from their home page rather than the Eye's suggested link.


Times Alleges British Army Sex Crimes While Ignoring Rapist Rabbis & Paedophile Perverts [ 2 March 2014 ]
The Times
is keeping quiet about rapist rabbis & paedophile perverts - if they are Jews. God's Chosen People are too important, too powerful for us to be told the truth about them. See e.g.:-
Rapist Rabbi Walks Free
Notorious Rapist Rabbi Loses Second Appeal - he got 30 years
Paedophile Pervert Wants Out Of Prison
891 More Paedophiles In An All Jew Lineup


The Times Is An Anti-English Racist Propaganda Machine [ 11 March 2014 ]
The allegation that many Third World aliens are better qualified than Englishmen is Racist Propaganda marketed by Political Criminals, the Puppet Masters who are using Ethnic Fouling to destroy England. In this context many means more than two. The fact that a lot of Brits are badly educated is the result of government policy. Of course there is no mention of the major Immigrant contribution to the Crime industry but see Illegal Aliens Cost Billions.
PS Murdoch's mob are currently on trial for illegal phone hacking, bribery et cetera.
PPS The police who took the bribes are not on trial.


The Times Alleges That Field Marshall Slim Was A Paedophile  [ 15 March 2014 ]
Bill Slim
was first rate man. Compare him with Murdoch, the chancer running a criminal Propaganda machine to see the difference. Murdoch keeps very quiet about the Zionist crazies who Rape Their Own Children In Bathhouses. Ditto for his hirelings who are on trial this day in England.


The Times Ignores Widespread Paedophile Perversion By Rapist Rabbis [ 15 March 2014 ]
Here are search results from The Times site:
Paedophile 1960 hits
Jew 609 hits
Paedophile & Jew 86 hits
This last group are mainly Jews making accusations against Catholics. To see lots more about perverted Jews go to Failed Messiah Tells Us About Paedophile Jews.


Times Perverts Truth Of Ethnic Cleansing By Jews In Israel [ 16 April 2014 ]
The Times alleges that a policeman was murdered as Jews took over a house in another invasion of a Palestinian area in the Stolen Land. It might be fact but it ignores the mass murderers, the robbery, torture et cetera inflicted by Zionist crazies.


The Times Helps Labour Market Pakistani Candidate In By-Election [ 27 October 2014 ]
Labour’s candidate in Rochester and Strood said  UKIP's rhetoric on immigration made her “really uncomfortable”.

Naushabah Khan, 28, is standing in the Kent by-election, which was triggered by the defection to UKIP of former Tory MP Mark Reckless.......

She conceded that immigration was an issue raised frequently by voters but said that it was often a short-hand for other problems.....
Having a Pakistani makes sense to the Jew, Miliband because Labour uses Vote Rigging by Pakistanis as their main tool for achieving power. Cameron lets them get away with it. Cameron is a fool for his pains.


Lithuania Builds New Conscript Army To Fight Russia  [ 25 February 2015  ]
The Times
is marketing war. Why? The advertising industry markets soap, beer, war, whatever it is paid to go for. The Man Who Sold The War did it. He succeeded. For years now Jews have been leveraging American politicians to invade Iran for them. Even they [ the Yanquis ] weren't stupid enough to fall for that. Now it is Russia. We all hate Vladimir Putin, don't we? Why? The Main Stream Media say nasty things about him.
PS The head line is verbatim.


Jew At The Times Alleges That Jews Are Victims [  26 August 2015 ]
Jews infiltrate the Main Stream Media so that they can pose as victims while they carry on robbing. Naturally enough Mr Finkelstein does not mention:-
The Deir Yassin Massacre
Gaza Massacre
The Gaza Massacre II
The Gaza Massacre III
Other Israeli Massacres
He might well allege that hatred of Jews has nothing to do with the fact that they treat Arabs worse than dogs.


The Times Is A Propaganda Machine  [ 18 December 2016 ]
Once the newspaper of record it has become a source of blatant lies. If Murdoch is serious about marketing Propaganda he should be plausible, avoiding obvious lies. Perhaps he wants to discredit The Times.