Scotland Yard Most Wanted

See the faces, see the colour of crime. Read the names and know that Islamics are very much part of it. Notice further that there are not many Jews among this lot. That is because they are better criminals, more dangerous criminals. Fraud is one major area of operations for them. Another is political manipulation. Count the Jews in the Cabinet and Her Majesty's Government who are promoting an illegal war in Iraq to steal Oil for the criminals running Israel and count the number of dead resulting.

Scotland Yard's Most Wanted [ 21 September 2009 ]

Farouk Abdulhak

Juris Teteris

Hayman Mustafa

Khalid Sageea Hamoud
Khalid Sageea HAMOUD

Iqbal Zafar

Ibrahim Adam
Ibrahim ADAM

Lamine Adam
Lamine ADAM

Sukhdip Sing Chhina
Sukhdip Sing CHHINA

James Walter TOMKINS
James Walter TOMKINS

Yousef Ahmed Wahid
Youseff Ahmed WAHID

Aaron McCarthy

Daniel Milic
Daniel MILIC

There is an Englishman, or maybe just a Brit among a dozen villains. The rest are foreigners. This suggests an approach to immigration policy. Get rid of them. New Labour policy is the reverse. Flood England, destroy England. Cultural Genocide is the objective. Her Majesty's Government are Marxist traitors.


Bromley Most Wanted [ 30 October 2009 ]
Bromley police most wanted suspects. These 10 men have been labelled as the borough’s most wanted by Bromley police.

This lot are not world class criminals. They include at most two Englishmen. The rest are illegal immigrants, immigrants or the offspring of foreign undesirables imported by a government of traitors.

Do you think Gilmore, our presumptive Englishman is ever likely to be the Brain of Britain?
PS Scotland Yard's Wanted shows the same pattern. It is foreign.


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