Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a huge problem. Inciting it is de facto government policy in Western countries. Further it is Treason perpetrated by Zionist Occupation Governments [ ZOGs ]. The starting point is the abuse of our better feelings. our sympathy for the weak, the down trodden. Useful Idiots have been led to believe that we are colonialist swine who must atone for doing the natives down. It is Western Guilt. They are using Immigrants As Weapons.
PS In England there are Superior Rights For Illegal Immigrants; there is even a cottage industry set up to provide them with Fake Passports.

Of course none of this applies to Israel; that is different. God's Chosen People are not required to tolerate black Untermenschen [ the Nazi term for subhumans ].

Jews Want Third World Immigration into Europe, England, America, into Western Civilization to destroy us they don't want immigration either; not in Israel that it is. You doubt it? Think this is a Conspiracy Theory? Look at the evidence and know the reality. Jews do want more hostile aliens imported into Western Civilization but NOT Israel, the Stolen Land.
Works unless the home country refuses to take its own back. That is what is happening. A good answer is to hang the criminals.

Deporting Illegal Immigrants is easy peasy.

Illegal Aliens Cost Billions

Illegal Immigrant Housing

Illegal Immigrants Import Diseases

Illegal Immigration CAN be Sorted Out

Immigration  Who Benefits Whom

Immigration, Cause, Effect And Solution

Immigration The Jewish Solution

Immigration The Negro Solution



Illegal Immigration ex Wiki
Illegal immigration is migration to a country/state in violation of the immigration laws and sovereignty of that country/state. Illegal immigration raises many political, economic and social issues and has become a source of major controversy in developed countries and the more successful developing countries.

In 2010, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimated that 25.5 to 32.1 million people (or 10%–15%) of the world's total 214 million international migrants are illegal immigrants, though the IOM notes that it is difficult to make accurate estimates.......

In the U.S., 11-20 million undocumented immigrants have very low chances of being deported and only a very small fraction of employers that hire them are ever penalized. Many American activists and illegal immigration reduction groups have argued that the under-enforcement of U.S. immigration laws constitutes a crisis, and several states including Arizona and Georgia among others have started enacting and enforcing their own immigration laws.
The Wikipedia takes a position. In fact it covers the ground thoroughly. That does not mean that it is telling the truth. The Wiki has an agenda. This is a subject where it applies.


Illegal Immigration In The United Kingdom
Although it is difficult to know how many people reside in the UK without authorisation, a Home Office study based on Census 2001 data released in March 2005 estimated a population of between 310,000 and 570,000.[1] Migration Watch UK has criticised the Home Office figures for not including the UK-born dependent children of unauthorised migrants. They suggest the Home Office has underestimated the numbers of unauthorised migrants by between 15,000 and 85,000.[2]

More recently, a study carried out by a research team at LSE for the Greater London Authority estimated the undocumented migrant population of the UK by updating the Home Office study. The LSE's study takes into account other factors not included in the previous estimate, namely the continued arrival of asylum seekers, the clearance of the asylum applications backlog, further undocumented migrants entering and leaving the country, more migrants overstaying, and the regularisation of EU accession citizens.

The most significant change in this estimate is however the inclusion of children born in the UK to undocumented migrants. For the LSE team undocumented migrants oscillate between 417,000 and 863,000, including a population of UK-born children ranging between 44,000 and 144,000. Drawing on this and taking stock of the outcome of the recent Case Resolution Programme, a University of Oxford's study by Nando Sigona and Vanessa Hughes estimate at end 2011 a population of undocumented migrant children of 120,000, with over half born in the UK to parents residing without legal immigration status.
Read it. Believe it - if you want.



Government Admits To Letting In 863 Thousand Illegal Immigrants [ 14 January 2013 ]
Britain could be hosting enough illegal immigrants to fill three cities the size of Newcastle, according to border officials. A Home Office report says there may be as many as 863,000 illegal migrants – 70 per cent of whom are living in London. The study also reveals that 10,000 foreigners who had no legal right to live in Britain have been granted permission to stay under the so-called 14-year rule.........

The 'robust estimate' of how many illegals are living in the UK comes from the London School of Economics [ a propaganda machine set up by subversives of the Fabian Society ]  and is included in a study titled Practical Measures for Reducing Irregular Migration.  The LSE found there were between 417,000 and 863,000 illegals living in the UK, with a central figure of 613,000. Ministers accept the figures.......

The Home Office says the top five countries from which the illegals have arrived are believed to be India, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh.
It is Her Majesty's Government's policy to pretend it objects to Illegal Immigration and its policy to blame Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They are both corrupt. They are both guilty as Hell. The Tories want cheap labour and cheap servants. Labour want Vote Fraud paid for by bribery. They use Illegal Immigrant Housing. They get their finance from enemy aliens aka Zionist crazies who also find illegals useful as cheap labour.


One Out Of Three Babies Has A Foreign Born Parent [ 24 December 2013 ]
This understates the problem because there are so many second and third generation immigrants. Propagandists would claim it is not a problem. They are Political Criminals causing Ethnic Fouling In England as well as America, Canada, France, Holland, Ireland & the rest of Western Civilization. It will morph smoothly into Genocide. That is what the Puppet Masters want.


Illegal Immigrants Imported For £4 Thousand Each [ 24 December 2013 ]
This was rather useful tax free income until the French stopped it. Does Her Majesty's Government want them stopped? NO! It is a gang ofTraitors. Ask Cable or Miliband. They know all about the Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes


John Kerry Working with the UN to Stop Execution of Illegal Alien Cop Killer in Texas  [ 19 February 2014 ]
Illegal immigrant pleads guilty to attempted murder
Illegal alien from China butchered Asian family because they had ‘too much' - decapitated 1-yr-old boy
Illegal immigrant charged with intoxication manslaughter in Harris County deputy’s death
Somali immigrant teen admits break-in, rape Under plea deal, he faces prison and may then be deported

Two Mexicans plead guilty in federal rape case

Illegal immigrant wanted for raping child arrested in Hyattsville

Illegal immigrant pleads guilty to raping 6-year-old girl

Alfredo Lopez Cruz
, an illegal immigrant gets 3 life terms for rape of 9-year-old girl
Illegal immigrant accused of rape of 11-year-old girl

Are Third World aliens an asset to a country? NO! Do governments want them flooding in? YES! Is Her Majesty's Government a Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ],  an enemy of England? YES! Is it the same in America? YES! Who controls our governments? The Puppet Masters, paranoid Zionist crazies who are attacking us. They are creating the problem. They are creating need to counter-attack, to break their power.


Illegal Immigrants Riot, One Dead 77 Injured [ 21 February 2014 ]
They are vicious, they are dangerous, they are criminals. Political Criminals market their Propaganda , claiming Western Guilt, that we ground down Third World aliens. They are the Puppet Masters destroying Western Civilization with a flood of Third World savages. It is Subversion, it is Treason.


Paedophile Is Illegal Immigrant Claiming Asylum To Avoid Deportation [ 7 March 2014 ]


Illegal Immigrants Pour Into Calais To Steal Dole, To Rape, To Rob - Cameron Lets Them [ 29 October 2014 ]
Immigration - what a mess! 50,000 in Britain illegally are missing, minister says we'll never control our borders while in EU, and France says we are migrant 'El Dorado' Britain’s immigration shambles is rapidly getting worse as staff fail to cope with a huge backlog of asylum claims.........

Officials have lost track of 50,000 illegal immigrants and failed to kick out another 175,000, and the situation has worsened despite Home Secretary Theresa May’s attempts to tackle the crisis. Now there are calls for ‘urgent steps’ to sort out the ‘mess’.
Her Majesty's Government lets them in with the enthusiastic collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. Presumably Cameron is aware that they will be bribed into Vote Rigging for the Labour Party; it is where they get their power from now that they have betrayed the Working Class. The likes of Blair are deeply sincere Capitalist Swine. One straightforward, effective solution to the problem is shooting them. Hanging is another.


Boatload Of 450 Third World Criminals Heading For Europe2 January 2015 ]
Are they going to sink a ship of thieves? No they are going to rescue them so they can get to Italy, helping destroy Western Civilization by Disease, Rape & robbery. This is the second try on this year - see Illegal Invaders Arrive In Italy.


Illegal Immigrants Are A Major Growth Industry As Parasites Swarm Into Europe [ 3 January 2015 ]
At least six ‘ghost ships’ packed with hundreds of migrants have been abandoned to their fate by traffickers in the Mediterranean during the past month, it emerged yesterday......

The Italian coastguard rescued 450 migrants yesterday – many of them women and children – who were on board the Ezadeen, a 50-year-old cargo ship designed to transport cattle. 

It came just 48 hours after six officials were dropped on to the deck of another ship, the Blue Sky M, packed with nearly 1,000 Syrians and Kurdish migrants that had been ‘locked’ on a crash course with the Italian coast.
The Italian government could stop them - if it wanted. It doesn't. The European Union could too. Various governments are allowing them, if not inciting them. The Pope is part of the problem too - see e.g. Pope Denounces Racist, Xenophobic Attitudes Toward Immigrants. But when Jews put black intruders in Concentration Camps pending export that is different. Saying anything would be Racism after what naughty Adolf did to them. Jews use their Prevention of Infiltration Law against Illegal immigration from Africa to Israel. The Main Stream Media keep quiet. They are run by Jews.


Four Million Foreign Born Voters Dominating Two London Constituencies [ 31 January 2015 ]
Of course millions of foreigners were born here making it even worse. It is Ethnic Fouling. It is Genocide. It is Treason. It is policy.


400 Black Invaders Attack Melilla Border [ 2 February 2015 ]
Spain says 400 African migrants tried to storm border fences separating its North African enclave Melilla from Morocco and has warned of a buildup in numbers across the frontier. The Interior Ministry said the migrants charged past Moroccan border forces Sunday by throwing rocks, but were repelled by Spanish guards. A statement said groups of around 1,000 migrants have approached the border fences almost every day throughout January. Thousands of African migrants living illegally in Morocco try to enter the Spanish enclaves each year, hoping to reach a better life in Europe.


Illegal Immigrants Have Sheds With Beds  [ 4 March 2014 ]
There are 319 in Harrow alone. There are thousands nationally. What will Cameron do about it? He will let them carry on. Pandering to Sikhs, to anyone with a vote, legal or not is policy. Cameron Sneers At Brits While Snivelling To Third World Aliens

He gets to wear the silly hat, not a proper turban.


Illegal Immigrants Live In Filth [ 1 April 2015 ]

They are all coming to live with us in England, at our expense. Aren't we lucky? Hint: NO!


700 Illegal Immigrants Drown In Mediterranean - Italian Prime Minister Is All Broke Up [ 20 April 2015 ]
Italy’s prime minister called for an emergency European summit this week to deal with the deepening migrant crisis off its southern coast after as many as 700 men, women and children were feared to have drowned in a Mediterranean shipwreck.

With the crisis set to dominate a meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg on Monday, Matteo Renzi said that concerted EU action had to be a priority after the latest tragedy 60 miles north of Libya in which a prodigiously overladen vessel capsized late on Saturday, leaving hundreds in the water.

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said governments worldwide should show solidarity and take in more refugees, adding he was “shocked and deeply saddened” by reports of the latest shipwreck.

Governments must not only improve rescue at sea but also “ensure the right to asylum [ Which right is that? - Editor ] of the growing number of people worldwide fleeing war who need refuge and safe haven”, Ban added.
700 fewer criminals will infiltrate Europe. Why is this a tragedy? Ask politicians to get treasonous answers. Ask honest men to get the truth. See Italians Revolting Against Third World Illegal Immigrants.  Blacks want out of Africa because it is run by blacks. Marxists told them that getting rid of us, of the White Man would make them happier, well ruled, prosperous. Marxists lied deliberately, with malice aforethought. Now Marxists want them inflicted on us in order to destroy Western Civilization. What do blacks do when they get into civilization? See the next few.


Most Illegal Immigrants In Mediterranean Will Be Sent Back [ 23 April 2015 ]
Only 5,000 resettlement places across Europe are to be offered to refugees under the emergency summit crisis package to be agreed by EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday.

A confidential draft summit statement seen by the Guardian indicates that the vast majority of those who survive the journey and make it to Italy – 150,000 did so last year – will be sent back as irregular migrants under a new rapid-return programme co-ordinated by the EU’s border agency, Frontex. More than 36,000 boat survivors have reached Italy, Malta and Greece so far this year......

Instead, the EU leaders are likely to agree that immediate preparations should begin to “undertake systematic efforts to identify, capture and destroy vessels before they are used by traffickers”. The joint EU military operation is to be undertaken within international law.
So now we know; they can send them back - if they want. Cameron doesn't want. Cameron is a Traitor, one of the Enemy Within creating an ever growing Trojan Horse to destroy our country by Ethnic Fouling, which merges smoothly into Genocide. The Guardian alleges that Cameron believes what he sees in the Main Stream Media regarding the victims of Illegal Immigration as distinct from the perpetrators. The Daily Mail says the opposite - see Voters tell Cameron to act on migration: Barely one in ten say they are satisfied with border policies as Tories switch to UKIP. Believe who you will.


500 Illegal Immigrants Waiting For Eurostar In Paris [ 2 May 2015 ]
They know that the English dole is far better than the French would give them. So we get lucky? NO! No dole = no illegals. Money saved = billions. Vote UKIP; it is less corrupt.


Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants Pour Through Serbia En Route To EU [ 19 July 2015 ]
As Hungary begins work on a border fence to keep out migrants, its neighbor Serbia is struggling to cope with the steady flow of people making their way toward the European Union. At a new refugee center in the town of Presevo, volunteers are offering what little aid they can to migrants from Syria, Iraq, Congo, and elsewhere before they continue westward.
Some, maybe most of these criminals are aiming for England because they have heard about the rich fools who will give them food, money, the chance to Rape our girls et cetera. The Enemy Within, i.e. Her Majesty's Government, Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition & the Zionist crazies who control them is bribing them to come here to cause Ethnic Fouling followed by Genocide.
PS The ghastly Hellholes they are leaving are bad because we don't run them. Marxists said they would be better off without us; that Decolonisation meant progress. Marxists lied. That is what Marxists do. Marxists are using these Third World aliens & Lenin's Useful Idiots who have fallen for the Western Guilt story to destroy Western Civilization. They are succeeding brilliantly.


Third World Alien Murdered Four Marines In Tennessee [ 20 July 2015 ]
A gunman of Middle Eastern descent killed four U.S. Marines and wounded another in a shooting at a Navy reserve center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Thursday, before being fatally shot in an attack officials called a brazen, brutal act of domestic terrorism.ties [ sic ] said.

The FBI identified the gunman as 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez of Hixon, Tennessee, just a few miles from Chattanooga. He is believed to have been born in Kuwait, and it was unclear whether he was a U.S. or Kuwaiti citizen.
Another Third World enemy imported by a corrupt government controlled by the Puppet Masters.


Illegal Alien Murders Three Year Old After Being Deported Five Times [ 24 July 2015 ]
Government policy is to incite crime. The Right Of Revolution needs thought & the Armed Citizen. Politicians don't like either.


UN Man Incites Illegal Immigrants Going To England [ 9 August 2015 ]
A UN envoy has condemned “racism” towards “courageous” migrants trying to cross the Channel from Calais. François Crépeau, the UN’s special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, compared their attempts to steal into the UK to westerners taking a “vacation in Thailand”.

The Canadian academic added: “It is remarkable that in most of our countries we have nothing against numerous Germans and French coming in and we dislike profoundly that people with darker skin colours are coming in. “So there are elements of racism in this nationalist, populist reaction to migration.”
Another chancer incites Illegal Immigration. The fact that Illegal Aliens Cost Billions is duly ignored. He alleges Racism. At best he is one of Lenin's Useful Idiots if only because he doesn't have blacks living near him.


One Hundred Thousand Illegal Immigrants Arrive In One MONTH [ 20 August 2015 ]
Revealed: How more than 100,000 migrants found their way to Europe's shores in just one month Greece saw 21,000 migrants and refugees arrive in the last week, while about 107,000 arrived in Europe in July Hungary is planning on sending hundreds of soldiers to Serbian border to help stem the flow of people  Meanwhile Turkish tourist shops are now doing a roaring trade selling lifejackets to the migrants risking their lives This morning alone, five refugees died in the sea off the coast of Bodrum while trying to reach the island of Kos........

The figures released by Frontex, also show the number of detections between January and July reached nearly 340,000, compared to 123,500 in the same period last year and 280, 000 in all of 2014.
UNQUOTE What is Cameron doing about them? Letting them get in while pretending to try to stop them. Add in the fact that he sent the Royal Air Force to murder people in Syria & Iraq because....... Why? There is no way he is going to tell us that. Pandering to Zionist crazies who want total control in the Middle East is, at the least plausible. Does this sound Paranoid, unlikely, improbable or even impossible? Look at The Israel Lobby to know who controls politicians.


American Gets 400 Thousand Anchor Babies Per Year [ 24 August 2015 ]
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for an end to birthright citizenship has focused new attention on the law deemed to grant automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. to illegal alien parents.

Children gaining birthright citizenship are pejoratively referred to as "anchor babies" because they provide an anchor in the U.S. for family members seeking to enter the country legally............

The number of babies gaining birthright citizenship has been steadily rising and is now estimated to top 300,000 and reach as high as 400,000 a year, according to John Feere of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). The Pew Hispanic Center puts the estimate at 340,000 a year.

In the most recent analysis, nearly three-quarters of all children of undocumented immigrants were U.S. citizens, and the children of illegals cost taxpayers some $52 billion a year in education expenses alone, Judicial Watch disclosed.
Illegal Aliens Cost Billions, lots of them - the billions and the criminals.


Illegal Immigrants Might Go To Prison Eventually - Says Minister Pretending To Stop Criminal Invaders [ 25 August 2015 ]
Illegal immigrants will face six months in jail if they come to work in the UK and late-night takeaways and taxi firms will be closed if they employ them, ministers will announce.

Ahead of net migration figures on Thursday that are expected to show a record number of foreigners are coming to the UK, the Government will unveil its latest crackdown on illegal foreign workers.

As part of the plans drawn up in the wake of the Calais immigration crisis, the Government will create a new offence of illegal working which will come with a prison sentence of up to six months as well as an unlimited fine.
The reality is that Cameron wants them, Capitalist Swine want them. The Tories want them as cheap labour. The Labour Party are different; they want Illegal Immigrants to do their Vote Rigging. Labour bribes them with free housing, better than an Englishman would get - see Illegal Immigrant Housing plus free medicine, free all sorts. They are Traitors all, abetting crime by ignoring it.
PS Cameron knows, or should that Pakistani taxi drivers brought us the Rape of 1,400 English girls in Rotherham alone. He let them get away with it. Banning foreigners would be very beneficial.


50 Criminal Immigrants Die In Austria In A Parked Lorry  [ 28 August 2015 ]
The truck broke down. The driver left them to get on with it. They won't be getting the dole, free medicine or sympathy from supercilious rogues who want cheap servants.


200 Criminals Die After Boat Sinks [ 28 August 2015 ]
They are just a drop in the ocean. Thousands are getting away with it because Cameron allows them to. It is a good time for sharks.


Mob Attacks Police Looking For Illegal Immigrants In Melbourne [ 28 August 2015 ]
are the self-righteous, who are being used to inflict Third World aliens on Western Civilization. They believe the Propaganda marketed by Zionist crazies about Western Guilt. It starts with decent instincts then becomes Pathological Altruism.
PS The thugs who run the Stolen Land, which they call Israel have Concentration Camps for black incomers. They don't want them, whence the barbed wire at Saharonim.


Illegal 17 Year Old Teenage 'Boy' Killed [ 31 August 2015 ]
Teenage migrant killed in 'shootout' between smugglers and border police off Turkish coast. Death of 17-year-old boy onboard was 'probably caused by gunshot,' according to the coast guard
A Latvian patrol boat intercepted Illegal Immigrants off Turkey. The criminals tried to steal a gun. A 17 year old 'boy' was shot. 'Boys' of 17 are old enough to rob, rape, steal and murder. 17 year old boys do just that but the other 70 got away with crime. They are abusing the human rights racket with the connivance of Subversives who infiltrated politics. The Long March Through The Institutions is paying off for them. They are destroying Western Civilization using Third World aliens to cause Ethnic Fouling & Genocide.


Austria And Slovakia Close Border To Illegal Immigrants [ 15 September 2015 ]
• Austria and Slovakia impose border controls
• EU 'approves' military action against people smugglers
• Austria says it will deploy military to deal with influx
• Austria should copy Germany and reintroduce border checks, says minister
• Germany could receive up to one million refugees
Berlin reintroduces border controls
Not before time. Cameron is using the Royal Air Force to bomb Syria, to murder people. No wonder they want out. Cameron is  murderer. Cameron is bribing them to come to England as cheap labour. Cameron is a Capitalist SwineCameron bombed Libya; murder is fun for psychopaths. Then that lot started coming here. Libya is about stealing Oil. Brent Crude is down over 50%.


Cameron Imports Over 500 Thousand third World Aliens [ 23 September 2015 ]
How many cheap servants does Cameron want? This is not just Ethnic Fouling; it is Genocide, it is intentional.


Illegal Immigration Will Get Much Worse [ 23 September 2015 ]
Gwynne Dyer accuses European leaders of gross incompetence. He makes a good case. I blame Treason driven by bribery and blackmail. The decent believers in the victim story are, in their turn victims of Pathological Altruism. They have fallen for life-long Propaganda pushing the idea of Western Guilt, that we were to blame for black slavery in America. This line is being marketed by Jews, by the perpetrators. You doubt? See Blacks And Jews for more and better details.


Illegal Immigrants Attack Other Criminals In German Refuge [ 3 October 2015 ]
Some 200 Syrian and Afghan refugees clashed in a crowded German refugee centre in Hamburg overnight, leaving four people injured in the third such riot this week, police said Thursday. Fifty police were called in to contain the mass brawl, which broke out in an argument in a shower block, local newspaper the Morgenpost reported. The two groups attacked each other with iron bars and furniture and by hurling rocks, reported the daily and DPA news agency, citing emergency personnel in the northern port city.......

In earlier disturbances in Germany this week, 14 people were injured Sunday in a centre in the central city of Kassel when 70 Pakistanis clashed with 300 Albanians.

On Tuesday, dozens of Syrians and Pakistanis came to blows in a refugee shelter in the eastern city of Dresden.
They are vicious, they are dangerous, they are enemy. That is why they are being imported by the Invisible Enemy. Inciting them to hate is easy. Using them to destroy Western Civilization is the objective.
PS The Jews have answers to this sort of scum when they infiltrate Israel; they put them in Concentration Camps. One is called Saharonim Concentration Camp. It is, perhaps a bit nicer than Auschwitz.


British Anarchists Help Illegal Immigrants Invade Through Channel Tunnel [ 4 October 2015 ]
They failed. It really is time to start shooting these thugs. Real refugees stop at the first safe country they get to. These are thieves trying to defraud us using the dole, free medicine, free all sorts. We are the victims of Pathological Altruism and a Government of Traitors


84 More Black Criminals Get To Spain - Others Invade Greece [ 5 October 2015 ]
84 African migrants including two pregnant women and a baby rescued off Spain's coast as boatloads more land on Greece's shores 

At least 188 African migrants, including two pregnant women and a baby, have been rescued from flimsy smugglers boats off the coast of Granada, south-east Spain. A Spanish rescue boat found 103 migrants from Morocco and another 84 from the sub-Saharan region floating in the Alboran Sea............

More than 500,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe this year - double the number who crossed in the whole of 2014 - and 100,000 landed in Greece in August alone. Around 1,500 landed in the country on Thursday, which is down from 5,000-a-day in recent weeks, the United Nations Refugee Agency claimed......

Turkey is currently hosting [ sic ] almost two million Syrian refugees.
Silvio Berlusconi, the much abused, much envied fornicator & prime minister had an arrangement with Colonel Gaddafi; stop boat trips. It worked. Then Cameron started murdering people in Libya so they started pouring out, whining about the hooligans trying to kill them. Various other chancers took the point. Cameron & Obama are murdering people in Afghanistan, so they come to England, full of hate, fully justified hate. Afghans are first class fighting men as we will find to our cost once again.

Look at them pouring in. It's not dangerous; it's fun for them. Propaganda machines like the Daily Mail & The Guardian pretend there are lots of women and children. They are liars with an agenda.


Our New Neighbours Arriving From Syria [ 20 October 2015 ]
Notice that it pretty much all men of fighting age - the women stay to look after the children.

Aren't we lucky to have all these thugs/rapists/robbers etcetera? Hint: NO! Recall that Cameron sent the Royal Air Force out there to murder them. Now they are coming to get their own back while living on the dole.


Thousands More Illegals Pour In Through Croatia  [ 22 October 2015 ]
Thousands every day adds up fast. At least 90% are men of fighting age, fit, vicious, determined. Lots know about Guerrilla operations. Let them in, bribe them to come in then incite them to hate & see just how much damage they can do. That's Cameron's game. That's Treason. It's what Merkel is up to as well. The Main Stream Media are abusing our sympathy, our better feelings to market Pathological Altruism

How many of them are even European? Most are Third World aliens of one sort or another.

Nasty Rough Germans Abuse Illegal Immigrants Says The Quislinggraph  [ 22 October 2015 ]
Neo-Nazi sympathisers and other far-Right elements are infiltrating German refugee centres leaving migrants vulnerable to abuse, a German television investigation has found [ stated/claimed/alleged - delete to taste ].

The highly disturbing findings will fuel fears that Germany is experiencing a resurgence of far-Right extremism as it struggles to cope with an influx of up to 800,000 migrants this year..............

In another case in Heidenau, Saxony, a security guard at a refugee centre allegedly posted propaganda for the far-Right NPD party, announcing that the “asylum cadgers” were arriving.......

In a third case in the eastern town of Freital, outside Dresden, where there have been a series of far-Right demonstrations against refugees, a suspected far-Right sympathiser was suspended after he was discovered working at the town’s main migrant hostel.
So they managed to find three cases of alleged Xenophobia, alleged Racism; disappointingly low. Merkel is a Racist, an anti-German racist & Traitor.


12 Thousand Criminals Invade Slovenia In One Day  [ 23 October 2015 ]
Slovenia has brought in tanks and riot police to help control the tens of thousands of migrants streaming into the country from neighbouring Croatia and Hungary. More than 12,000 migrants have crossed into Slovenia in the last 24 hours and thousands more are expected. They had been heading to Hungary, a member of Europe's Schengen zone of visa-free travel, before it closed its border with Croatia on Friday.
The Daily Mail is still marketing the victim story. The Daily Mail's owner is an offshore alien - for tax purposes. He is not stupid enough to pay for Illegal Immigrants or for the superior Illegal Immigrant Housing they get while English families go without.


Thousands Of Enemy Aliens Flooding Us [ 27 October 2015 ]
The Daily Mail alleges that there are women and children among these 'victims'. The Daily Mail is a propaganda machine. The Daily Mail lies.
PS Cameron sent the Royal Air Force to Syria to murder people because.........? Pass. To steal oil perhaps. To help Zionist crazies control the Middle East? Almost certainly. At all events Cameron isn't going to tell us the truth. We just get to pay with money and men's lives, while these Third World thugs rape our womenfolk import disease etc.


A Million Third World Aliens With Deportation Orders Stay In America [ 3 November 2015 ]
Nearly a million aliens with final orders of removal remain in the U.S., about 20 percent of whom have been convicted of a crime, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Detailed in DHS responses to questions posed by  Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, as of September 918,369 non-detained aliens with final orders of deportation remained in the U.S.

Of those 918,369 aliens with final orders of removal, 179,027 have criminal convictions and remain at large in the U.S.

“It is important to realize that 180K figure includes only the aliens convicted of a crime and ordered deported who remain in defiance of said order–it is not an estimate of total aliens who have committed crimes who are present in the U.S. or total aliens convicted of crimes who are present in the U.S., which would necessarily be a vastly larger figure,” a committee aide noted in an email.
Obama wants Illegal Immigrants but then Obama is an illegal president, a foreign born president in defiance of the American Constitution. He is a front man for the Enemy Within.


Libya Threatens To Flood Us With More Illegal Immigrants [ 3 November 2015 ]
Libya has issued a veiled threat to send "hundreds of thousands" of extra migrants to Europe if Brussels does not give official recognition to its self-declared Islamist government.

Officials say they could hire boats to send large numbers of African migrants across the Mediterranean, massively adding to the numbers already reaching Europe's borders.
Perhaps this faction has not taken the point that the political elite in European want Illegal Immigration; that they are Traitors controlled by the Puppet Masters, that is the Zionist crazies running the Stolen Land they call Israel.


218 Thousand Illegal Immigrants Infiltrated In One Month [ 3 November 2015 ]
More than 218,000 migrants and refugees crossed the Mediterranean to Europe in October, more than the total number of arrivals in 2014, the United Nations said Monday.

Last month broke all records for people making the crossing, with a majority of people arriving in Greece after making the shorter journey across the Aegean Sea from Turkey rather than aiming for Italy and Lampedusa.

It is believed that fears that the EU is about to close its borders has caused a spike in numbers as thousands of desperate refugees risk their lives by crossing the Mediterranean......... 

Some 3,440 people have died or gone missing trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year, according to UNHCR numbers last week.
The Daily Mail alleges that these criminal invaders are desperate, that they are victims. The Daily Mail is lying. They are chancers on the make. Recall that after the Second World War Marxist agitators told blacks in Africa that they were victims of the nasty White Man, that they could run their own lives, rule countries and get rich. They incited Black Hate and White Guilt. The Marxists lied; they always do. Decades of misrule by Blacks have reduced them to real poverty. Now they are being inflicted on us.


Illegal Immigrants Whine About Their Right To Sponge Off The British Taxpayer Being Unfulfilled [ 4 November 2015 ]
Migrants held in a British military base on Cyprus have likened their captivity to being held at Guantánamo Bay prison, as they pleaded with David Cameron to let them into Britain.

The 114 people from Lebanon and Syria asked the Prime Minister to show “humanity” a day after disturbances broke out and members of the group burnt down two tents at the holding camp.

The migrants are being held at the base in Dhekelia as Cypriot authorities process their asylum claims and details, two weeks after they washed up at Britain's other soveraign [ sic ] base on the island, RAF Akrotiri.
This greasy lot of crooks is a bunch of liars on the make, committing arson. Sending them back makes sense. Shooting them would be cheaper, quicker and very cost effective.


Czech Camp For Illegal Immigrants Allegedly 'Worse Than Prison' [ 9 November 2015 ]
These 'refugees' are Illegal Immigrants on the make. Genuine refugees stop at the first safe country they come to. The rest are criminals.


Israel Deports Illegal Black Immigrants  [ 3 December 2015 ]
The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants and a group of other NGOs filed a petition with Israel’s High Court of Justice today asking it to firmly strike down the government’s policy of indefinitely imprisoning African asylum seekers unless they agree to accept so-called “self-deportation” to an unnamed African country that is not their homeland, the Jerusalem Post reported. Many of the African asylum seekers in question have – often unjustly – been denied refugee status by the government even though they almost always meet international refugee standards under international accords Israel has signed...........

A total of about 45,000 African asylum seekers remain in Israel. Those who are not Eritrean are overwhelmingly from southern Sudan and the Darfur region. They are also regularly mistreated by the Government of Israel. Many right-wing, haredi and Zionist Orthodox politicians have attacked the African asylum seekers, calling them “rapists,” “thieves,” and a “cancer” that will destroy the supposed ethnic-religious purity of Israel and the Jewishness of the state. [ Are they wrong? - Editor ].
The thugs that run Israel, the Stolen Land are grossly Racist. It is not just a side effect; it is main line government policy but it seems that some/a few/ a tiny minority/whatever believe in human rights for blacks. They can do it. The Main Stream Media say nothing. Our governments can IF they want. But they like having Third World aliens.
PS Viktor Orbán protects Hungary. Vik gets abused for his pains.


Illegal Immigrants Paying Up To £13 Thousand Each To Get To England [ 13 April 2016 ]
Migrants desperate to reach the UK are paying social media smugglers £13,500 per head [ Believe it if you want - Editor ] so they can covertly enter Britain via quiet ports on the south and east coast.

The criminal gangs, who help bring migrants to Britain by sea or air, are advertising their five-figure services on more than 200 websites, including the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

They charge migrants up to £13,500 to arrange flights and false documents while a crossing over the Channel in inflatable boats can come up at around £12,000.

The National Crime Agency - the UK's equivalent to the FBI - also revealed that criminal networks are now targeting quieter ports such as Hull and Portsmouth, as well as the key hotspot at Kent, in a bid to covertly smuggle migrants into the country.
One simple, cheap effective answer is to stop bribing them. It would save million if not billions while cutting crime  and disease. You doubt? See e.g. Illegal Aliens Cost Billions or Illegal Immigrants Import Diseases.


Macedonia Uses Tear Gas On Criminal Attacker But Italy Makes It Easy By Helping 4,000 Illegals In [ 14 April 2016 ]
Macedonian police today fired stun grenades and tear gas at stranded [ illegal ] migrants trying desperately to pull down a fence on the country's border with Greece. Greek authorities say neighbouring police resorted to crowd control measures in an attempt to stop about 30 people from trying to get over the razor-wire fence using blankets.

No injuries were reported from the clashes, which occurred at the closed Idomeni border crossing in northern Greece........

Meanwhile, Italy’s coastguard says it has rescued some 4,000 migrants in the past two days, adding to fears of a fresh push to reach Europe via that route as the number of migrants landing in Greece sharply recedes.
Angela Merkel and other Treasonous politicians want Illegal Immigrants, which is why they make it easy for them and bribe them too. Politicians are importing foul scum like the dirty rogue in the next one. Notice in the photos that they are all men of fighting age. Cameron is creating a Trojan Horse to destroy England. Inciting Islamic layabouts to hate is all too easy.


Illegal Immigrants Heavily Involved In Cross-Channel Smuggling Operations [ 7 May 2016 ]
Britons are deeply involved in cross-Channel smuggling, a French prosecutor confirmed on Friday, telling the Telegraph she is following 15 trafficking cases involving UK-registered vehicles. The revelation came a day after a British-registered car carrying a gang of suspected people smugglers was raked with gunfire by Belgian police after being involved in a high-speed motorway pursuit in which an innocent motorcyclist was killed............

The four, who are all being treated in hospital in Lille, northern France, have been identified as Iraqi Kurds.

Amélie Le Sant, Dunkirk's public prosecutor, said that "all investigations, including this one, lead to the UK."

"There is always someone in Britain, a UK national or otherwise, who receives either money or migrants or has links with transport companies to arrange for drivers to smuggle people through," she said. "There are links in every case..........

Despite French claims that virtually no migrants are now getting through to the UK, she said that smugglers were bringing "dozens across per week, sometimes per day", raking up hundreds of thousands of pounds in profit. In one smugglers' court case in Dunkirk yesterday, one major people trafficker's family cited him as taking $1 million (£700,000) in earnings.........

"These smugglers make huge amounts of money. Passage to England without guarantee, in other words without the driver's complicity, is £5,000 per person," said Ms Le Sant. "A 'guaranteed' trip usually costs migrants between £9,000 and £12,000."
The Telegraph chooses to allege that Brits are deeply involved. I choose to allege that in my considered opinion that it is lying.  The Telegraph is called The Quislinggraph with good reason. It is a Propaganda machine just like the BBC. Of course there are plenty of Third World criminals involved as Free Traders. Your accountant will confirm that there are significant advantages in the tax position. 


The missing million  Are we undercounting Britain's immigrants? [ 12 May 2016 ]
Yes, we are. In fact it isn't as bad as The Telegraph suggests; it is worse. Our wonderful grocers know who much food they sell. They know how much people eat. That is why Tesco Says The Population Is At Least 77 Million.
PS The headline is verbatim.


More Albanian Criminal Invade England As Naval Defences Taper Down To Zero [ 30 May 2016 ]
Does Cameron care? NO! He wants England overrun with Third World aliens to use as cheap labour. Does he care if they are Pakistani rapists? NO! At all events he has kept his mouth firmly shut about the police and politicians allowing them to abuse 2,000 English girls in Rotherham alone.

A few enemy have been intercepted, more by good luck than good management.


More Than 700 Criminals Die Invading Civilization [ 30 May 2016 ]
A woman migrant was decapitated in a horrific accident as a boat carrying 500 people started to sink in the Mediterranean.

The vessel, which had no engine, was being towed by another smuggling boat - also with more than 500 on board - when it started to take on water off the south coast of Italy..........

The tragedy happened as it emerged that more than 700 migrants - including 40 children - have been killed in shipwreck disasters in under a week.........

Italy's Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Saturday that Europe needed 'a quick agreement with Libya and African countries' to halt the crisis [ Little Silvio Berlusconi had one so there was no problem until Cameron started murdering them - Editor ]
Why do Third World aliens want out? Because of Decolonisation. Why did that happen? Because Marxist propagandists told blacks that we were Colonial oppressors. But of course they kept quiet about oppression in the USSR. The blacks fell i for so they got robbed blind by their own. Now the same Marxists and Lenin's Useful Idiots are inciting them to come and destroy Western Civilization. If they go to Israel they get treated as criminals pending deportation.  Marxists don't want them among their own, among God's Chosen People.
PS The Daily Mail is playing this one as tragedy. The readers aren't buying it.


A Quarter Million Illegal Immigrants Arrive This Year [ 6 July 2016 ]
Notice that none of these Islamic criminals go to In Saudi Arabia. They won't get featherbedded there.
Migrants crossing the Med rise by 60 per cent in a year: More than 227,000 estimated to have arrived in Europe since start of 2016........ The main departure point for those looking to reach Europe is Libya, followed closely by Egypt, the report added..........

On Monday, an Eritrean former people smuggler told the Italian authorities that migrants unable to pay for their journeys across the Mediterranean were being sold to Organ Traffickers.

Nuredin Wehabrebi Atta, who has been given witness protection after his information led to dozens of arrests, said desperate refugees had been sold for around 15,000 euros ‘to groups, particularly Egyptians, who were involved in removing and selling organs’.
The major reason why Third World aliens want out is Decolonisation. We ran Africa fairly well. Then Marxists told the blacks that they were being screwed, that they could run the place better. Marxists lied in their teeth; they lied with malice aforethought. In 1959 Liberia was quite a nice place. Now it is Hell on earth because it is run by blacks. See e.g. VICE Visits Liberia & Gets Out Alive. Recall that Joe Slovo and other Marxist Jews of the South African Communist Party used Nelson Mandela to break the South African government and impoverish everybody, black & white. But it is was different with Jews like the Oppenheimer family. They carried on controlling the gold and Diamonds.
PS The other reason why blacks are leaving is that they are being bribed to go to Europe. Politicians controlled by the Puppet Masters i.e. Jews incite them.


Somali Rapist Gets Out And Does It Again [ 15 July 2016 ]
The deportation order was ignored. Does Her Majesty's Government care?
Abdi Waise was convicted of supplying class-B drugs, one count of kidnap and four counts of attempted kidnap
He looks arrogant & vicious but then he is.


Third World Immigrants Infest Lake Como By George Clooney's Mansion [ 14 July 2016 ]
wants Immigration as long as the perpetrators don't get too near him. This is allegedly why he is thinking of selling this house.


African Blacks Storming France & Switzerland [ 11 August 2016 ]
African invaders flooding across the Mediterranean Sea have laid siege to the borders of France and Switzerland in their attempts to break into welfare-rich northwestern Europe.

Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano announced that Ventimiglia had become “Europe’s new immigration emergency” and that they were trying to prevent it becoming another Calais “Jungle.”

The Italians are trying to transfer the invaders to “reception centers” in other parts of the country in order to prevent the development of a ramshackle camp which already houses nearly 1,000 Africans near the town.

“The future of Europe is being played out on the Ventimiglia border, including at the Italian-French border post,” Alfano said in an interview with La Repubblica newspaper.
The future is being played out on the shores but the problem was set up by politicians with malice aforethought. Merkel is the most blatant which is why she is now Race Traitor 2015.

See the face, see the hate.


Third World Smuggler Captured With Eighteen Illegal Immigrants In France [ 12 August 2016 ]
The Daily Mail alleges that he is British; he isn't, he's a Kurd. But he is still dangerous, still effective, still should he hanged.


Afghan Terrorist Taken Alive [  20 September 2016 ]
He was a 'refugee', one totally ungrateful indeed malicious & full of hate. He has not worked out who his real enemy is. The Americans invaded Afghanistan because they are controlled by the Puppet Masters, by Zionist crazies.


Afghan 'Boy' Dies Invading England [  20 September 2016 ]
A 'boy' of 14 is old enough to herd animals, shoot to kill, father a child, rape a woman, invade England & even, perhaps to die like a man. the Daily Mail is being disingenuous, working the sympathy angle.


Croatia Barring All Illegal Invaders  [ 22 September 2016 ]
No more Third World invaders will be allowed to pass through the territory of Croatia, its president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has announced. Speaking during a press conference in New York, President Grabar-Kitarovic said that if a “new migrant wave” reaches Croatia, they would not be allowed to pass through.........

The president, who is in New York for a United Nations mini summit on the invasion, said that last year, Croatia let the invaders pass to other countries because there were no fences at the borders with Slovenia and Hungary. Now, however, there are fences and the borders are closed. Furthermore, she said, it “turned out that over 85 percent of them were economic migrants and not genuine refugees.”.........

She also reiterated that the invasion is not a “European problem” per se, but rather one caused and created in the originating countries.
The President is right. People want out of ghastly Hellholes because they are run by blacks; the result of Decolonisation. That was incited by Marxists, by Zionist crazies.


Iraqi Smuggler Made £364 Thousand A Month By Importing Illegal Immigrants [ 30 September 2016 ]
This is  Free Trade & tax free. Does Her Majesty's Government care? No, it wants cheap labour, Ethnic Fouling & Genocide.


Third World Thug In Germany Stabs Another In The Eyes [ 13 October 2016 ]
Multiculturalism is wonderful allege various enemies of Western Civilization.


Joe Arpaio To Be Prosecuted For Enforcing Law Against Illegal Immigrants [ 15 October 2016 ]
A corrupt judge orders Sherriff Joe to let Illegal Immigrants invade America. Joe Arpaio carries on enforcing the law. He should now put the judge in prison for Perverting The Course Of Justice.


Illegal Immigrants Make Paris Into A Slum [ 16 October 2016 ]
A filmmaker has captured footage revealing trail of devastation left behind by [ illegal ] migrants [ allegedly ] forced to leave on the street in the middle of Paris. An anonymous Frenchman wearing a hidden camera recorded the aftermath of a raid on a migrant camp on Avenue de Flandre in the north of the French capital.

After the migrants had been forced on to buses by police officers in full riot gear, all that was left was sidewalks blocked with trash, junk and mattresses.

The video also captures the scene before the hundreds of young Africans, mainly Sudanese and Eritreans, were confronted by riot shields and tear gas.
The Daily Mail has no compunction about lying by omission to make a story or to blame the victims. Illegal Immigrants are criminals on the make. The Mail is a Racist rag & a Propaganda machine to boot.


10-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged With Alleged Rape Of Pre-Teen  [ 17 October 2016 ]
An undocumented immigrant  alien who reportedly has been previously deported 10 times in the last six years stands accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in Kansas.


Two-Thirds Of Alleged Child Refugees Screened By Officials Found To Be Adults [ 21 October 2016 ]
Nearly two-thirds of "child" refugees who officials questioned about their real age were found to be adults, Home Office documents show. Figures show that in the year to September 2015, 65 per cent of the child refugees who had their age disputed were found to be over 18. It comes after Conservative MPs raised questions about the ages of 14 refugees who were brought to the UK this week from the “Jungle” migrant camp in Calais.
Helping children sounds like Altruism, the right thing to do. It is a fact used by liars & vicious Subversives abusing our better instincts. Theresa May bought into this one. Was she deceived or is she one of the malicious, using Pathological Altruism to destroy England.


Home Office Imports 100 Alleged Children From Calais & Hides Them From Cameras & Truth [ 24 October 2016 ]
Three coachloads of ‘child’ refugees were brought to Britain yesterday as extraordinary security measures were taken to hide them from view. The 100 new arrivals – the biggest influx of refugees since the Government started bringing over [ allegedly ]  juvenile refugees from Jungle last week – were shielded from view by a 15ft fence [ A flimsy camera proof screen in fact - Editor ] installed around the entrance to Lunar House in Croydon, South London, where the migrants are processed by immigration officials....... The Home Office said the fence was for ‘safeguarding reasons’ to protect the ‘vulnerable children’ [ It lied - Editor ].
Protecting the vulnerable, the "children" is a blatant lie designed to use and abuse our Altruism. It is Official Corruption in action again. This is deliberate Ethnic Fouling, is Pathological Altruism, it is Genocide, it policy, it is Treason. You doubt? See Theresa May Imports Third World 'Children'; they are men, they are chancers. At least one is a Psychopathic lunatic.


Invasion from Mexico Steps Up [ 27 October 2016 ]
Obama wants them, Obama gets them. Obama is a foreign born illegal president using a Forged Birth Certificate, by a black, out of a Marxist slut.


'Child' Refugees Cost £133,000 A Year Each [ 13 November 2016 ]
The dismantling of the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp has been marked by huge scenes of disorder with rioting, at least one gang rape, and much of the camp going up in flames. But there has been uproar in Britain too since the realisation that most of the thousands of “child refugees”, which the Prime Minister had agreed to accept, were neither children nor refugees.

From the moment these healthy, strapping adult male [ i.e. men of fighting age ] migrants stepped off the bus in London it was obvious that the British people had been subjected to yet another massive immigration deception. Those who enabled and organised this “child refugee” scam are brazening it out, safe in the knowledge there will be no comebacks for them.............

This fresh burden will be placed squarely on the local authorities that receive the immigrants, and they are going to have to dig deeply. While the government is providing £40,000 ($48,000) per annum for each young refugee, the total annual cost is around £133,000 ($162,000). So tax increases — or reduced services in other areas — are predicted..............

The tipping point in the long battle to admit these bogus “child refugees” seems to have been a multi-faith initiative in which more than 200 religious leaders led by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams and senior representatives from the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh faiths — signed a letter urging the Prime Minister to admit 3,000.
The refugees, these alleged victims are costing lotsa money. Where is it going? To the refugee industry. There are lots of parasites making a living out of this. The Charity industry is a racket while Christianity is perverted, an enemy force. See e.g. Archbishop Of Canterbury Calls For Sharia, for pandering to Islamics.


Obama's Treason Pays Off [ 18 November 2016 ]
Illegal invaders living in the United States are already starting to flee the country in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory, the “Washington Secrets” column in the Washington Examiner has reported.

This follows the realization that the 1.4 million invaders who signed up to Barack Obama’s “amnesty” offers have now only succeeded in handing immigration authorities a ready-made deportation list.

The Washington Examiner, which based its article on a blog post by the Center for Immigration Studies' John Miano, said that the 1.4 million illegals who signed up for the amnesty programs were now “top of the deportation hit list” under a new Trump administration.
The technical term for this is 'own goal'. These criminals, these Illegal Immigrants have set themselves up for justice.


Patriots Counterattack Third World Invaders On Greek Island  [ 20 November 2016 ]
Hundreds of nonwhite invaders have fled their camp on the island of Chios after Greek patriots carried out a devastating retaliatory counterattack with Molotov cocktails and rocks.

The invaders initiated the conflict by stealing fireworks from a local store and firing them into the Greek residential area the previous evening.

The Greek attack was launched from the battlements of the Castle of Chios, a Byzantine-era fortress located right next to the invader center.

According to media reports, a large group of Greek patriots—sick at the continuing destruction of their country by the never-ending nonwhite invasion—struck on Thursday night this past week with Molotov cocktails and massive stones “bigger than the size of a football.”

It was this attack which was the last straw for the Greek locals, who then launched the sustained attack on Thursday evening in retaliation for months of attacks and criminal activity carried out by the invaders.................

Earlier this week, a parliamentary delegation from Greece’s Golden Dawn party organized mass demonstrations against the invaders on Chios, and distributed flyers demanding their deportation.
Western governments refuse to protect their people. In fact it is worse. Those same governments are actively destroying their countries using by using Bribery to bring Third World parasites. They get preference over English people. Illegal Immigrant Housing is better than we get. It is  Ethnic Fouling, which morphs smoothly into Genocide. It is also Treason.


95% Of New Workers Are Foreigners [ 19 November 2016 ]
Employment levels in Britain are at an all-time high, fuelled by the biggest surge of foreign-born workers since the expansion of the European Union. The number of people in work increased by 454,000 between July and September last year and the same period this year. Workers born overseas made up nearly 95 per cent of the increase — just over 430,000............

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of MigrationWatch UK, which campaigns for lower immigration, said: “This continuing influx perhaps explains why the British people voted for Brexit. It is a sharp reminder that the forthcoming negotiations must get the numbers down.”
With millions on the dole do we need foreigners? The answer is a very definite NO, apart, possibly from a few well qualified exceptions. Capitalist Swine want cheap labour. Capitalist Fools give it to them.


Illegal Immigrants Attacking Border Staff In Greek Islands [ 22 November 2016 ]
The sensible answer is shoot them but governments won't do that. In fact governments encourage them using Bribery; free medicine, free dole, free housing, free everything. Her Majesty's Government's policy is to use Third World parasites for Ethnic Fouling In England, for population replacement; it morphs smoothly into Genocide. The Puppet Masters use the Propaganda of White Guilt to manipulate the Lunatic Fringe and Rent A Mob. With politicians they use bribery. It is different in Israel; there they use Concentration Camps like Saharonim for the black Untermenschen [ the Nazi term for moral degenerates and other undesirables ].
PS See the comments. The Daily Mail's readers have taken the point that Her Majesty's Government is betraying us.


Illegal Immigrant Mob Attacks En Masse In Turin
Over a thousand African invaders launched a mass attack on passersby and buildings in the city of Turin, Italy, on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and were only beaten back by a police contingent using armored vehicles and full body armor.

News of the African attack was almost completely suppressed by the controlled media outside of Italy, and details have only just started to emerge as coverage in Italian newspapers appeared online........

The invaders are illegally squatting in the former Olympic Park village housing complex on the outskirts of the city, where at least 1,500 have been living since being picked up at sea and brought to Italy by the European Union’s naval fleet in the Mediterranean.......

The Africans—from Ghana, Nigeria, and the Cameroon—also attacked a fire-fighting truck sent to douse the blazes they had started, and then proceeded to barricade the streets of the city.

The Libero Quotidiano newspaper quoted some of the African rioters as saying that they were acting out of “revenge” for their conditions, and that “Allah would guide” them further............

Libero Quotidiano quoted one of the Africans as follows:

”You Italians now tell your children that we are not dogs. Keep them quiet, because our patience will end, sooner or later. And then we’re going to take the gasoline cans and throw them at your windows.”

Another told Libero Quotidiano: “One of ours dead means the death of others. The Bataclan was the revenge of the excluded”—a reference to the invader terrorist attack in Paris in November last year, carried out by ISIS fighters who came to Europe as “refugees” and legal immigrants.
Now we know. Illegal Immigrants aren't criminals; they are victims. We are oppressing them. The Puppet Masters, which means Zionist crazies are marketing these lies. Various fools, rogues & Socialists are colluding with them using the White Guilt story. Some of them even believe it.


Turk Threatens To Let Thousands Of Enemy Aliens Into Europe [ 25 November 2016 ]
is a crooked rogue. One answer is to use the Army to sort out Third World invaders. Another is a well placed airstrike on Ankara. The first would be a legitimate act of defence - see Casus Belli. The second might qualify as a War Crime but the United Nations don't seem to care about these things, at all events not when Zionist crazies do them.


Third World Invaders Turn Nastier, Losing Two Dead [ 25 November 2016 ]
They are destroyers, vicious parasites on the make, determined to inflict themselves on Western Civilization. Shooting would make a big difference. It wouldn't even need to be many of them.


Kurd In Germany Acts Like Third World Savage [ 25 November 2016 ]
But then he is. To be fair it was only one of his own he was trying to kill.


Third World Invaders In Bulgaria Were Incited By Revolutionaries [ 27 November 2016 ]
Radical Islamist Radical Islamist sleeper cells were involved in this week’s violent riots in the Harmanli invader camp, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has revealed.

At least 400 “refugees” were arrested after Bulgarian riot police stormed the camp, using water cannon and rubber bullets to suppress the invader violence. At least 24 policemen were injured during the operation.

Speaking to Bulgarian media after visiting the scene, Borisov revealed that police investigations had shown that there were radical sleeper cells involved in the violence............

According to Bulgarian media, that country’s government has ordered the deportation of all the violent invaders who rioted last week at the Harmanli camp. The main organizer of the riot—an Afghan—has been arrested and “immediately deported.” Borisov told journalists that the Afghan in question had previously been arrested in Germany for running a drug cartel, had served 18 months in prison, and had been deported four months ago..........

The instant deportation—to be made in terms of an agreement between the EU and Afghanistan—shows that they have no reason to “fear” their homelands, and are faking those claims in order to parasite off European welfare. So the European Union can export enemy aliens to Afghanistan when it wants.


Illegal Immigration Is Government Policy - Charities Collude In Crime [ 6 December 2016 ]
For two months, using, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs, and, using data from We have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness of a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation.

NGOs [ non-government organisations ], smugglers, the mafia in cahoots with the European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people, assisted by the Italian coast guard which coordinated their activities.

Human traffickers  contact the Italian coast guard in advance to receive support and to pick up their dubious cargo. NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya. The 15 ships that we observed are owned or leased by NGOs have regularly been seen to leave their Italian ports, head south, stop short of reaching the Libyan coast, pick up their human cargo, and take course back 260 miles to Italy even though the  port of Zarzis in Tunis is just 60 mile away from the rescue spot.

The organizations in question are: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchteling, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat.

The real intention of the people behind the NGOs is not clear. Their motive can be money, we would not be surprised if it turned out to be so. They may also be politically driven; the activities of the Malta-based organisation, MOAS, by trafficking people to Italy is the best guarantee that migrants will not show up on the Maltese shore. MOAS is managed by an Maltese Marine officer well known in Malta for his maltreatment of refugees 1). It is also possible that these organisations are managed by naive “do-gooders” who do not understand that offering their services they are acting like a magnet to the people from Africa and thus they are willy-nilly causing more fatalities, not to mention that their actions are destabilizing Europe.

How high-minded the intentions of these organisations might be, their actions are criminal as most of these migrants are not eligible for being granted asylum and will end up on the streets of Rome or Paris and undermine Europe stability raising racially motivated social tensions..........

During the two months of our observation, we have monitored at least 39,000 Africans illegally smuggled into Italy, which was done with the full consent of the Italian and European authorities.
Smugglers working for Charities will claim that they are above the law; that they are driven by Altruism. That might well be true for some. But they are misguided criminals who have accepted the claims made about White Guilt. It is Pathological Altruism in action. The beginning of this problem was Marxists operating in Africa who told the locals that they were victims of the White Man. This led to Africanization & Decolonisation with the hearty approval of the BBC and other leftists. Blacks took over governments and destroyed their economies. One very successful wrecker was Mugabe, a Marxist mass murderer and thief. The Beeb keeps very quiet about his subsequent track record. The result is a flood of Illegal Immigrants. It is happening with the active collusion of western governments. E.g. the Home Office Imported 100 Alleged Children From Calais & Hides Them From Cameras & Truth  knowing full well that they were men of fighting age.


Who Wants Somali Immigrants? [ 11 December 2016 ]
Last week started off with another Muslim terrorist attack, this one on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. Shortly before 10 a.m. Monday a Somali immigrant, a student at the university, deliberately drove his car into a group of people, injuring several. Then he got out and stared stabbing bystanders with a butcher knife. Fortunately a campus cop was nearby. He shot the Muslim dead...................

The incident is mainly noteworthy for illustrating the utter absence of any sense or reason in our immigration and so-called “refugee” policies............. The answer is that the U.S.A. has an insatiable appetite for Somali immigrants. Ann Corcoran has dug out the numbers over at Refugee Resettlement Watch.......

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the most astounding statistic of the 21st century is, that the U.S.A. has taken in more Muslims for settlement in the 15 years since 9/11 than it did in the 15 years before.........

And these are Somalis: the group, of all Muslim groups, with the highest proportion of swivel-eyed fanatics and the lowest proportion of persons with any useful skill or literate in anything but Islamic mumbo-jumbo. Yet, as those numbers show, the U.S.A. has an insatiable appetite for more and more of them.

When I say “the U.S.A.,” of course, I don’t mean the ordinary people of America. Nobody cares what they want.

The appetite belongs in the first place to the refugee importers, the so-called Voluntary Agencies, who get vast grants of federal money to aid them in their efforts, and who pay their executives grand salaries; and in the second place to Midwestern meatpacking and food-processing companies wanting cheap labor.

It’s all a nice little money racket dressed up in humanitarian language.
As Americans say: Follow the money. Behind the money are the manipulators. With all due respect to Ron Unz, they are his co-religionists or tribesmen, the Puppet Masters; in turn that means Zionist crazies.


Third World Invaders, Allegedly Children Are Adults [ 9 December 2016 ]
Six hundred out of 800 nonwhite invaders pretending to be child refugees in Denmark have been exposed as liars after they were subjected to medical tests which proved them to be adults.

The testing was started after it became obvious that most of the lying invaders were far older than they claimed, and were hoping to cash in on extra benefits and fast-tack “asylum” processing.
It happens in Denmark, England too. Corrupt liars are abusing our better instincts, our Altruism. See e.g. Home Office Imports 100 Alleged Children From Calais & Hides Them From Cameras & Truth or Theresa May Imports Third World Children.

This alleged child is blatantly adult; a prime candidate for a lunatic asylum or, preferably the gallows.
PS , Sky News 2015-09-13 tells us about  Watch The Med,, Welcome to Europe and other organisations that tell invaders what lies to use. See e.g.


Tony Christie Attacked By Illegal Immigrants At Dunkirk [ 12 December 2016 ]
The 73-year-old musician and his wife Sue, 58, were sleeping on the Jumbo Cruiser vehicle as they headed through France following a gig in Germany.

But the couple got a rude awakening when a gang of five hooded migrants surrounded their driver, Gareth Owen, as he stopped off in Dunkirk to refuel the luxury motorhome. While the hooded men distracted Mr Owen another broke into a trailer of stage equipment.

The migrants struck close to Grande-Synthe migrant camp, which has been occupied since the demolition of Calais’ Jungle migrant camp in October. Comprised merely of wooden shacks, the camp was opened earlier this year by medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières.
Médecins Sans Frontières is a criminal organisation importing Illegal Immigrants; they have been given immunity from prosecution by the European Union. They might even brought over the criminals who attacked Mr Christie.


Invasion Force In Europe Is Twice The Size Of Luxembourg [ 15 December 2016 ]
From January 1 to October 31, a total of 1,093,729 [ known ] nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers landed in Europe—nearly double the entire population of the country of Luxembourg, which only has 530,000 residents.

This colossal invasion force is currently arriving at a rate of over 2,674 every day, with 82,914 landing in the month of October alone................

The top-three claimed citizenships of applicants remained the same as in previous months: Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq—all countries where there is no reason to flee in the first place, even by the ridiculous standards of the EU’s own definition of asylum..........

The claimants from Albania and Russia all tend to be mixed-race groups such as Gypsies, or Muslims from the southern states of the Russian Federation.

Once again, like “Syrians,” none of these nationalities have any valid claim for “refugee” status, and are obviously just flooding Europe with the hope of parasiting off the white taxpayers—and exploiting their political stupidity.........

These figures mean nothing less than a full-scale invasion of Western Europe by the Third World.
How many of these alleged refugees are women or children? Not many. This lot is at least 99% men of fighting age, being imported to fill another Trojan Horse, to make war against us.

Would you believe that Jews Are Actively Aiding Jungle Invaders? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Royal Navy Rescued 15 Thousand Illegal Immigrants In 18 Months [ 2 January 2017 ]
Royal Navy sailors have rescued nearly 15,000 migrants from the Mediterranean and dropped them off in Europe, figures show.

Marines armed with SA-80 assault rifles have also smashed up and burned 110 smuggling gang boats during their 18-month migrant mission.

The commanding officer of HMS Enterprise, one of the ships given the job of rescuing migrants, has praised the work done by his sailors.

Commander Philip Harper said: ‘Over the last year and a half my ship has rescued thousands of men, women and children at sea. 

'It has dented the activity of criminal groups. It has been humbling to see my sailors come to the aid of innocent [ sic ] souls in danger, and carry out their roles with professionalism.’ [ He is suffering from a severe lack of Moral Courage - what the Royal Air Force calls LMF, short for Lack of Moral Fibre but telling this sort of Politically Correct fib is worth Brownie points ] ...........

Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘It is quite right that we rescue people in peril in the sea and the Royal Navy is doing a terrific job. ‘However, we need to go after the trafficking gangs. If you can stop it at source then you end this evil trade.
If Peter Bone wants to deal with trafficking gangs he could start with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately prime minister of Denmark and now running the "charity" calling itself Save The Children. They have imported thousands of Third World parasites. She will get away with wholesale smuggling because she is a friend of Cameron & Obama; she is above the law.


Blacks Invaders Attack Spanish Border In Ceuta [ 3 January 2017 ]
Thousands of violent Africans attempted to storm the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in Morocco on New Year’s Day, attacking Moroccan and Spanish police with such ferocity that ten officers were badly wounded and one lost an eye.

A mob estimated to be between one and three thousand strong tried to jump over the double fence which surrounds the enclave—Europe’s only land border with Africa. Thousands of Africans, fleeing their self-created economic disaster nations—regularly congregate around the enclaves in the hope of breaking in.
Making the fence electric would be effective; so would shooting on sight. One very useful tactic would be to stop bribing with free houses, free medicine, free education & free dole. Blair, Brown, Cameron and now Theresa May aren't stopping; it follows that they want them, that they are Traitors, enemies of England.


French Court Allows Illegal Immigration [ 8 January 2017 ]
Claiming that a university professor from Nice who was captured with three Eritrean women in his car acted “to help persons in distress” is  Altruism gone wrong; claiming the Moral high ground is Pathological Altruism.


Illegal Immigrants Drown Off Libyan Coast [ 15 January 2017 ]
A migrant ship carrying around 100 people has capsized in the frigid waters off Libya, aid groups said. Only four survivors were rescued from the freezing waters after hours of searching, the groups added. Eight bodies were recovered but poor conditions were hampering the search taking place 30 miles off Libya's coast, Italy's ANSA news agency reported.

Flavio di Giacomo, Rome spokesman for the International Organization of Migration, said four people had been rescued out of an estimated 110 aboard. ...........

On Friday, around 550 migrants were picked up from four inflatable dinghies by Italian coastguard vessels, an Italian naval ship, an NGO boat and a merchant vessel.
The "aid groups", the "NGOs" are criminal organisations smuggling Illegal Immigrants into European. One such "Charity" is Save The Children. It sounds well meant; it isn't. Compare the reality of what they are doing to Western Civilization with what Ayalet Shaked says about illegal immigration from Africa to Israel; that it poses a threat to the state and also involves severe economic damage.


Africans Paying Thousands to Invade America [ 19 January 2017 ]
Africans pretending to be refugees are paying thousands of dollars to fly commercial airliners to Sao Paulo in Brazil and Quito in Ecuador—and then thousands more to smugglers—to invade America through Mexico, it has been revealed.

One invader interviewed by Reuters revealed that he had reached Mexico in December, after a four month journey that included a flight from Somalia to Brazil, and then across seven countries on bus, boat, and foot. He has spent US$10,000 so far, hiding dollar bills in his underwear and socks...........

There they join the hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, who, fleeing their own self-created crime-ridden economic disaster zones, have been pushing north for decades to live off white America.............

Now, hundreds turn up every day, and last year, between 150 to 700 African invaders arrived every day at Tapachula, with a total of 19,000 for the whole year, according to Mexican government figures.............

The route followed makes it clear that these Africans are not refugees by any definition of the word, but simply illegal immigrants seeking to parasite off any country which is still majority white, as is the case with the ongoing invasion of Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.
Obama allowed Illegal Immigration. He wants illegal immigration. Obama is a black Racist but Donald Trump must be better. The fact that so many Subversives hate him is clear evidence.


Refugee 'Children' Seek To Import Their Wives And Children [ 27 February 2017 ]
Parliament will investigate the refugee children seeking to fly their wives and children to Sweden............

[ The ] Parliamentary Research Service (PRS) will be asked next week to investigate the unaccompanied refugee children that seek contributions to be able to fly their wives and children to Sweden. The moderate senator Hanif Bali got information from officials in the municipalities that they receive such funds.........

Bali is currently writing up a formal order to PRS to be submitted on Monday. He can not reveal who tipped him about the refugee children seeking contributions to fly their wives and children to Sweden. The reason is that the grant applications are confidential and that the person who tipped him actually violated the law.
The socialists running Sweden may be well meaning but they are full of Pathological Altruism; inflicting Third World parasites on the country. Recall that Swedish twerps who give Nobel Peace Prizes to murderous War Criminals like Obama & terrorists such as the Jew Menachem Begin,


Gypsies Leave 30 Feet High Rubbish Dump In Paris [ 1 March 2017 ]
Riot police launched an operation to clear the slum near Porte de la Chapelle in the north of the French capital. Pictures show a huge wall of plastic sacks filled with rubbish at the site, along a section of the disused 'Petite Ceinture' circular railway line.........

French cities such as Nice and Paris have large Roma communities living in makeshift camps, and frequent efforts are made to raze them.

Most of the inhabitants come from Romania or Bulgaria, and are European Union passport holders, but they are still regularly stigmatised because of their links with organised crime, including gangs of street thieves. 
Gypsies have been causing problems for centuries. The Third World parasites being imported by Her Majesty's Government and other treasonous politicians will be far worse.
PS Rent A Mob and other Left Wing troublemakers running the Political Correctness racket have decided that Gypsies are to be called Roma; so it is with Blacks. Nor longer are they Negroes. The old word begins with N; it ends with igger. Using it will cause outrage.


15 Million More Third World Parasites On Their Way To Europe [ 2 March 2017 ]
Analysis by Austrian Military Intelligence, an agency of the Austrian Armed Forces, has predicted a sharp rise in unemployment across Africa, which would lead to millions of economic migrants travelling to Europe in search of work between now and 2020. 

The predicted numbers, reported by German newspaper Bild, dwarfs the estimated figure of one million migrants believed to have entered Europe during the current crisis.

The agency said one solution to the impending influx would be for Europe to bolster African nations’ economies, in order to support job creation, productivity and education.......

However, the agency recognised such payments are open to abuse by certain regimes, who would use the funds to “attack their own people” and only increase the number of people fleeing to Europe.
They aren't coming to work; they are coming for the free medicine, free education, free housing, which is better than anything an Englishman - see Illegal Immigrant Housing for more and better details. NB They are classified SECRET. Her Majesty's Government is Bribing them & betraying


Apache Attacks Illegal Immigrants Killing 42 Off Yemen Coast [ 17 March 2017 ]
More than 40 Somali refugees killed in helicopter attack off Yemen coast At least forty two Somali refugees were killed off the coast of Yemen late on Thursday when a helicopter reportedly attacked the boat they were travelling in.

Coastguard Mohamed al-Alay said the refugees, carrying official UN refugee agency (UNHCR) documents, were travelling from Yemen to Sudan when they were attacked by an Apache helicopter near the Bab el-Mandeb strait.

A top official with the UN’s migration agency confirmed later that 42 bodies had been recovered following the military attack on a boat carrying refugees off the Yemeni coast.......

Abdiker called the attack, which happened around 3am, was “totally unacceptable” and that responsible combatants should have checked who was aboard the boat “before firing on it.”
The Apache is a useful ground attack machine, used by Saudis or not as the case maybe. It is a very effective approach to Illegal Immigration. Recall that Illegal Aliens Cost Billions.


Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants Presumed Dead [ 24 March 2017 ]
Five migrants were found dead in the sea off Libya on Thursday after the boats they were travelling in sank, likely carrying hundreds more to their deaths, an aid organisation said.

Proactiva Open Arms, one of several groups operating in the area, said it was notified that an inflatable boat was sinking early on Thursday and found another going down shortly afterwards.

“We brought on board five corpses recovered from the sea, but no lives. It is a harsh reality check of the suffering here that is invisible in Europe,” the group wrote on Facebook.
Proactiva Open Arms is nominally a charity but it is a criminal organisation in the business of smuggling thousands of Illegal Immigration into Europe. It operates the Astral. This time their rendezvous failed.

Charities have immunity from prosecution granted by governments of traitors. One such is Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minister of Denmark; she runs Save The Children, another crime syndicate, which uses the Vos Hestia. Evidence is at Charity And Crime.. There are several others at it. Much of the funding comes from George Soros, a malicious Jew - see e.g. Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants [ but not for Israel ].


American Judges Perverting Law, Judges Creating 'Absolute Right To Illegal Immigration' [ 24 March 2017 ]
The courts aren’t just stripping the president of his authority to stop national security threats. They aren’t just endangering Americans. They aren’t just basing their rulings on pure ideology instead of the law.

The American judiciary is creating an “affirmative right to immigrate” to the United States for every person on earth, says David Horowitz [ Jew & ex Marxist ], Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review and author of “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America.”.................

“Even President Trump's o original orders were grounded in precedent and statute,” Horowitz told WND. “But these federal judges who have issued a halt to President Trump’s new executive orders have gone even farther. Not only did they simply refuse to address the legislation that gives Trump the authority to issue these orders, they started creating new rights out of thin air, which gives practically everyone in the world a future affirmative right to immigrate to the United States. Obviously, that means the end of the United States in any meaningful sense.”
That comes from an ex-Marxist Jew


African Immigration To Italy Booming With The Aid Of 'Charities' As EU 'Open Borders' Policy Continues   [ 25 March 2017 ]
Earlier this year, in January,1)wwe analysed how NGOs [ Non-Government Organizations mainly "charities" ]  in collaboration with the Italian government had been shipping migrants from the Libyan shores to Italy and how it later evolved into the exploitation of migrants on the Italian farms and in the prostitution business in collusion with organized crime.

The first data available for the beginning of 2017 show that the business is booming even further: a 57% increase compared to the first months of 2016, which goes up to 81% for the whole winter period,2)while the percentage of those transported by the NGOs ships has gone from 5% to 40% of the total in 2016, which becomes more than half in the last months of the year. NGOs are de facto replacing smugglers in the Mediterranean.

Italian newspaper Il Giornale managed to infiltrate the smuggling business, confirming the active role of NGOs: smugglers receive 2600-3200 Dollars to organize the human shipping from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria; they board about 45 people on a ship that navigates only a few miles until the migrants are taken over by the “humanitarian missions”.4)For the smugglers little work and a lot of profit, while for the NGOs the personal gratification of having helped migrants have their dream of landing in Europe fulfilled.................

In the meanwhile, a war among the poor is brewing in Italy: after hearing that the Italian government had assigned 10 houses to the cooperatives managing the migrant business in Taranto, Southern Italy, citizens revolted, occupied the building and brought in Italian families in need of housing.18)Elsewhere, in Caserta, a television reporter trying to film a documentary about a huge illegal market of counterfeited goods run by immigrants was chased down and beaten up by them.
To be fair about the Italians, they are hitting back. They are being betrayed by their government and the wonderful human beings that run the European Union. But England is a victim of the same evil, the Ethnic Fouling and we do nothing.


Malibu Becomes A 'Sanctuary City' But Keeps Third World Aliens Firmly Out [ 27 March 2017 ]
From the Los Angeles Times:

Malibu becomes a sanctuary city — in solidarity with its gardeners, cooks and others in the U.S. illegally
The discussion inside Malibu City Hall over whether to become a sanctuary city last week bore the usual hallmarks of the heated national debate over illegal immigration........

Like many sanctuary city resolutions, Malibu’s is largely symbolic. Backers said the move, which passed on a 3-2 council vote, is a chance for Malibu’s privileged to stand up for the city’s vulnerable population.

The city’s “population” that doesn’t actually live in the city, to be precise. The city of Malibu possesses 21 miles of oceanfront, but the population has never been allowed to reach 13,000.

Malibu has been world famous for about 60 years, but practically nobody lives there because the voters who currently live there like it that way. That’s because they are environmentally conscious and thus don’t want tacky commoners [ e.g. Hispanics or Blacks ] from Encino moving in. In contrast, you aren’t in favor of Open Borders for your country because you are a Racist Xenophobe, you hater, you..........

It’s only 40.2 miles each way from Compton to Malibu. That’s 2 hours and 16 minutes by public transportation.
The Political Correct, our Moral superiors want Illegal Immigrants because they NEED cheap servants. Do they care about America or Americans? Not a chance while they are getting rich.


Illegal Immigrants Destroying National Wildlife [ 14 April 2017 ]
A nonprofit group dedicated to protecting all native wild animals and plants has published a detailed report documenting how illegal immigrants crossing through the 350-mile Arizona-Mexico border have destroyed hundreds of acres of national forests and their habitat.

Titled On The Line: The Impacts of Immigration Policy on Wildlife and Habitat in the Arizona Borderlands, the 41-page report tells how illegal immigrants have devastated national parks by leaving mountains of trash and human waste, with recurring fires and by despoiling natural springs and vandalizing historic sites. The migrants have also created damaging illegal trails and roads that destroy sensitive and federally protected vegetation.

The manager of a seriously damaged federal park, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, said that 2 million pounds of garbage are scattered through broad valleys and desert arroyos every year. Cabeza Prieta houses 400 plant species and 300 types of wildlife, including ringtail cat, kit fox, bighorn sheep, javelina, badger, bobcat, mule deer and desert tortoise. It’s only a matter of time before their home is rendered uninhabitable. The same applies to the other five national parks, three wildlife refuges, three national monuments, two national conservation areas and national forest located along the Arizona-Mexico border.
Contrast this with Wildlife Conservation Groups Use Bogus Endangered Species Stories To Help Illegal Immigrants


Illegal Immigrants Drown Off Libyan Coast [ 17 April 2017 ]
At least 20 migrants trying to reach Europe have drowned off the coast of Libya, a Reuters photographer said.

Darrin Zammit Lupi, who was aboard the rescue ship Phoenix, said he saw 20 bodies while a dinghy was being helped by the ship's crew, run by the Malta-based Malta Offshore Aid Station (MOAS).

The deaths come one day after  the Italian coastguard and other boats rescued some 3,000 migrants from unseaworthy boats off the Libyan coast.
Malta Offshore Aid Station, run by Americans, is one of several Charities which are Criminal Organisations in the business of smuggling Third World parasites into Europe and England, causing Ethnic Fouling and creating Trojan Horses to carry out Genocide; it is how they are destroying Western Civilization. In this case they failed to make their rendezvous. The whole thing is done by collusion between the Lunatic Fringe and Barbarian smugglers with the full knowledge and approval of European governments controlled by the Puppet Masters, which means Zionist crazies. The Mail does not point out that a very large most i.e. well over 90% of these Illegal Immigrants get away with it.



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