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Liberty sounds like a good idea to most people. It can be overdone. Total liberty means Anarchy, which leads inevitably to  chaos. Some government is good. A necessary minimum makes sense. That is totally different to the government being imposed - not offered - by the Labour, Tory and Liberal parties in England. It is just as bad with the Republicans and Democrats in America.

An honest government would deal with drains, roads and other issues competently and economically. It would also deal with internal security and external security. All of this means armed forces, police and prisons. That would be about it. Actually we need the trio that make a standard government, law makers [ Parliament ], law enforcers [ Police ] and a small civil service as administrators along with courts [ Judges ]. Otherwise there would be a power vacuum which would be filled by crooks and petty dictators.

Anything more than a reasonable minimum of regulation prevents people from developing, using their initiatives and making life better. This is all explained in The Road to Serfdom by  Friedrich Hayek. It was written about by Alexis de Tocqueville. Another good source is On Liberty by John Stuart Mill, an English philosopher.

It is a fact that Europeans have risen to a level because of their competence. We invented the steam and Diesel engines which helped replace man power. Other developments like printing and computers helped us to learn. Other races have achieved their own levels. Some are low or lower. But that is for another essay. Here are some sources.

Sean Gabb
Doctor Gabb is the director of the Libertarian Alliance which is a small voice in English politics. It should be louder and heard more. Doctor Gabb does however get heard in the Main Steam Media. He sounds sufficiently inoffensive to pass muster when programmers have spaces to fill at 3 o'clock in the morning and other difficult times. And of course the Internet is a Godsend to anyone who is not part of the Main Stream Media. The Net is a truth machine, unloved by governments and other corrupt interests.


Another New Surveillance Law
At the beginning of April 2012, the BBC and a couple of newspapers reported that the British Government was considering a new surveillance law. This would allow it to monitor the telephone calls, text messages, e-mails and website visits of everyone in the United Kingdom..............

This is how every law allegedly made to protect us from terrorism and serious crime has been used in practice. This is why we should be so suspicious of the new electronic surveillance proposals..........

I suggest, given all the available evidence, that this county is ruled at best by some very stupid and incompetent people. At worst it is ruled by people who say they need a police state because they want to fight crime and terrorism, but in fact need fears of crime and terrorism because they want a police state. Whatever the case, they should not be given the right to gather and store details of our electronic communications.
Doctor Gabb lays into them. Doctor Gabb gets it right. Follow the link to see the whole thing.


The Koch Brothers
Are seriously rich, libertarians & hated. They seem all too keen on importing illegal immigrants as cheap labour.


Libertarian Alliance
Is England's leading libertarian outfit.


Liberty - The Basic Justification
The only right recognised within the mainstream liberal tradition is to free though reasonable use of one’s life and property. From this derive the practical rights to freedom of speech and action and to due process of law, and such further rights as can be derived from these. Privacy is not among these further rights. Doubtless, privacy is a desirable thing. But so is education and an income of not less than £50,000. But their desirability does not in itself make them into enforceable rights. And any attempt to create a right to privacy must inevitably involve censorship.
Sean Gabb explains all.


Carol Thatcher Harassed By War Criminals
Sean is spot on regarding the evil that is the BBC.


Freedom Force International
Freedom Force International is a network of men and women from all parts of the world who are concerned over loss of personal liberty and expansion of government power. They are not mere complainers. They have a plan to do something about it. They also share a common belief in The Creed of Freedom, which is a statement of principles that guide them in their mission to build a better world.
They look competent. They could be effective. They were bright enough to finger Blair regarding the Fabian Society and the Fabian  Window


Free Life Commentary
Sean Gabb puts a view of whatever. Agree with him or not but think about why.


Free Enterprise is the Antidote To Corporate Plutocracy
You will have noticed that some banks got billions of our money [ in 2009 ] and still paid millions to the bankers. Others made billions from us by other means. Are there better ways? Yes! Albeit Mr. Preston sounds rather extreme.


Georgia And The Neocons
Sean Gabb puts a libertarian view of British foreign policy as stupid at the very best.


Left and Right The Prospects for Liberty
Murray Rothbard explains all.


Libertarian Alliance
The Alliance is not a party. A political party needs an agenda. That is where libertarians would argue and fall apart which is a pity. But their ideas have a lot to recommend them.


A Libertarian Agenda
An American writes and goes to the heart of the issue. Tax is slavery, just like the corvee and the sort of slavery that we are told is so awful when it happens to blacks - unless blacks or Jews are the perpetrators that is.


A Libertarian Case against Mass-Immigration
Is not a bad one. It does not touch on the major issue, Ethnic Fouling to be followed by Genocide.


Libertarianism In England
Doctor Gabb explains all.


Liberty versus Utopia
An essay. But read for yourself.


Liberty - Ex National Council For Civil Liberties
It is run by a woman these days; she's a Pakistani to boot. What does it do? It seems to get noticed by communist subversives of the BBC. This is not a good sign. It makes noises and that is about it.


Libertarian Is An Ignoramus
During his concession speech, former Libertarian Party candidate for president, John McAfee, noted that we should be ashamed of the fact that well over 90% of libertarians are white.

Libertarians are so zealous to see the spread of liberty and the reduction of state power, and to place the blame at our feet is, frankly, ignorant. Our counter argument must go beyond this, however – there are definite socio-biological factors which gave rise to the unique manifestation of libertarian principles in Western civilization and which continue to sway people of European origiroun toward a more individualistic perspective.

The reason McAfee is ignorant is because academe has been dismissing socio-biological explanations for cultural variations for decades.......

Continue reading at
Rik Storey is kinder than my headline suggests. We have all been mislead to some extent by the Propaganda machines of the Main Stream Media & the Education industry.


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