Stephen Sizer

Doctor Sizer is a Church of England man hated by Zionist crazies. This means he is on the right lines. He is also very public, a writer, a speaker. He looks all right. Given that he is a padre he knows Christian doctrine and knows that Christian Zionists are another bunch of crazies. Writing him off as ignorant is impossible so the Jews are claiming that he is malicious. See e.g. Another lot of Jews trying it on are the Board of Deputies which is run by a slimy Zionist chancer called Sacks - see The Metapedia tells us that Dr Sizer is a proponent of Liberation theology, an heretical outfit. I am disposed to believe that he is a decent man even if is misguided. 

Stephen Sizer ex Wiki
The Reverend Dr Stephen Robert Sizer (born 1953) is the incumbent at Christ Church, Virginia Water, an Anglican parish in Surrey, England. In addition to his parish ministry, he has a number of external roles and is known internationally as an author and speaker specializing in topics relating to the land of Israel. He has written numerous books and articles on this subject and is regularly invited to teach in churches, seminaries and universities in Europe, the Middle East and USA, as a theologian and evangelist. His views on Zionism and Christian Zionism have proved controversial, attracting both praise and condemnation.
This is one of the Wikipedia's better attempts at doing a knocking job while pretending to be neutral. Perhaps it is because Doc Sizer is big enough to hit back.

He looks quite jovial.
PS He wrote:-
Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon?
Zion's Christian Soldiers?: The Bible, Israel and the Church
See Christian Zionism for more on this.