The Tyneside is up North, seriously so. It is Newcastle and surrounding areas, including part of Northumberland. The local Northumbria Police  are running Operation Sanctuary because there has been extensive Paedophile abuse by Pakistani Perverts. The Main Stream Media allege that they are mainly 'Asian' but then the media lie.

Operation Sanctuary Probes Child Sex Exploitation [ 28 Mar 2014 ]
A police probe into the sexual exploitation of teenagers on Tyneside has uncovered a hidden epidemic of abuse stalking our streets.

Northumbria Police launched Operation Sanctuary in January with a wave of arrests after receiving a report expressing concern for one girl. But as the investigation continues detectives have discovered a widespread problem of vulnerable women and girls being abused by predatory men.........

So far 67 people have been arrested and officers have identified around 80 potential victims.

But Northumbria Police’s Deputy Chief Constable, Steve Ashman, told the Chronicle those figures are likely to rise as detectives learn more about a secret culture of abuse that is blighting Tyneside communities.....

“There are elements of men sharing women between them. Some will approach a vulnerable young woman and over a period of time they will end up in a relationship. They will become boyfriend and girlfriend. But we would say it was an abusive relationship. And she might then be taken to a party, abused and passed between other men.” Mr Ashman explained. “But that’s only one part of this.

“We have also had two cases where males have purported to be taxi drivers. They have rocked up in a vehicle and these women were drunk and not in a position to look after themselves. They were not vulnerable for any reasons other than they had had to much to drink......

But Operation Sanctuary is expected to continue long into the future
The media is hedging round the fact that it is Pakistanis at it. The Daily Mail is not so mealy mouthed. See the next one.


Police Arrest 45 Pakistani Perverts As A Publicity Stunt [  5 February 2015 ]
In a separate case, 25 men from Halifax, West Yorkshire, were charged with a number of historic and child-related sex offences.

Almost all of the men in both cases are from Asian backgrounds, prompting police leading one of the cases to warn that far-Right groups may use the issue to stir up racial tension.

Northumbria Police launched Operation Sanctuary when two women walked into a police station 13 months ago and made a number of allegations.
UNQUOTE took 13 months and lots of publicity for the police to decide that they would go through the motions of enforcing the law then allege that honest people who object to Third World criminals being pandered to are Far Right. The police lie the way they breathe.