Far Right

Far Right ex Wiki
Is a propaganda term used against Patriots, against Nationalists; it is a lie used by Propagandists of the Left, such as the BBC to denigrate Patriots. The Wikipedia alleges that Nazis are right wing extremists rather than Socialists. It lies. Far right is just one example of their bias. 

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May And Merkel Condemn 'Far Right'  [ 14 August 2017 ]
Theresa May today condemned the 'Far Right' after a white supremacist rally in Virginia erupted into violence [ due to Left Wing crazies attacking - Editor ].

The Prime Minister and Angela Merkel have joined those speaking out against racism following the bloody episode over the weekend. But Downing Street stopped short of criticising Donald Trump over his muted response to the clashes - which saw him merely decry 'violence on many sides'........

'What the President says is a matter for him,' the PM's spokesman said. 'We are very clear. We condemn racism, hatred and violence [ unless the perpetrators are Third World parasites or Hard Left criminals - Ed. ]. 'We condemn the Far Right.' 

On Saturday a Nazi sympathiser, 20-year-old James Fields of Ohio, used his Dodge Charger to run over people protesting against the march, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring 19 more. Fields has been charged with second degree murder. 
Merkel has imported well over a million parasites who have murdered and raped dozens, if not hundreds. May is doing the same.