2017 AD (MMXVII) is, or was the current year in most Pacific islands west of the International Date Line, as well as in New Zealand, parts of Australia and parts of the Russian Far East. This applies everywhere east as well as west of the International Date Line of course. Quoting the Wiki does not always make sense. In the Gregorian calendar, it is the 2017th Year of Our Lord (AD) or Anno Domini. Jews call it Common Era (CE). Jews push the CE notation because they hate Christianity. So does the Wiki.

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White Renegade 2017 has been announced by AmRen. He is  John McCain, a worthy choice, whose most recent stunt was an attempt to start World War III. Earlier he betrayed his wife, solemn wedding oath notwithstanding.

My nominations are:-
Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who runs Médecins Sans Frontières a major smuggling organisation &
Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, an arrogant rogue who is leading the Brussels Bureaucrats Bullying Poland into allowing Ethnic Fouling & Genocide. He is just much an Enemy Of The People, a Traitor as Thorning-Schmidt.


Top Stories 2017 covers major events.
The big theme is Immigration, especially Illegal Immigration & the Treason of the politicians who allow it, who encourage it. This is why Angela Merkel qualified as Race Traitor 2015 & why Cameron was nominated as Race Traitor 2016; in the event he was Glen Beck. Who he? Pass but doubtless American.


2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry
It is still carrying on, isn't it? It is certainly making lawyers rich while doing nothing for English girls in Rotherham.


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