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Newspapers out there published this on the net. True or false or a mixture, it is what we are being fed but now we are part of a worldwide audience. If you are fluent in a dozen languages and have the time you may be able to find what is important and relevant. There again if nobody is talking you cannot. That is how it was when Monica Lewinsky, a Jew was at it with Clinton. Hundreds of newspaper reporters in Washington failed to know, or failed to tell or were told by their editors not to tell. It was all left to Matt Drudge, another Jew and show business gossip writer [ with the Drudge Report ] in far away Hollywood to let the cat out of the bag.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within..... The traitor is the plague."
Cicero on Treason

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton   quoted
Think e.g. of Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Eisenhower, Obama, Netanyahu, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run

“Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” 
In one quote Edward Snowden summed up why our privacy is worth fighting for

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22 February 2017 
On this day in

Donald Trump Picks New Security Advisor
President Donald Trump has picked Army Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster to be his new national security adviser.

Keith Kellogg had been doing the job since Mike Flynn resigned late last Monday. He will slide into the role of McMaster's chief of staff, the president announced this afternoon. McMaster is currently a director at the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. His new job will entail being Trump's in-house national security expert. He will stay on active duty, the White House confirmed.
So now we are back on course. Bolton would have been an appalling choice, another War Mongering rogue, who did what it took to make sure that he never heard a shot fired in anger.


21 February 2017 
On this day in 1848 The Communist Manifesto was published after being drafted by Marx and Engels in the Red Lion in Great Windmill Street in German.

Marine Le Pen Is Poll Front Runner
French [ allegedly ] far-right leader Marine Le Pen has gained ground on her main election rivals, it has emerged. Support for Le Pen, head of the anti-immigration National Front, has surged with frontrunner Emmanuel Macron's lead evaporating according to the Opinionway poll of voting intentions..........

Opinionway had Le Pen easily beating her four main rivals and winning the April 23 first round with a score of 27 percent to move through to the two-way run-off against either Macron or Fillon.

In a straight fight with Macron she would go down by 42 percent against his 58, while against Fillon she would lose with 44 percent to his 56, the poll showed.
Once Marine le Pen wins the first round the allegedly Left Wing and allegedly Right Wing will gang up on her because they are The Establishment & corrupt. It's all about screwing the workers and subverting Democracy. That's how they did it in Austria when People Voted Against Third World Immigration.


Pakistani Racist Walks Free After Attacking Nine Month Old Baby
An attacker spat into a nine-month-old baby's face and shouted 'white people shouldn't breed' in a sickening race-hate assault. Rezzas Abdulla left little Layla-Jean, who was just nine months old and in her pushchair, covered in saliva after the shocking street attack in South Shields last January.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the baby's mother, hairdresser Rebecca Telford, 25, was out walking with the baby when the 33-year-old attacker approached without warning. Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court: 'He lent into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter. 'As he did so, he shouted or said "white people shouldn't breed".' The court heard that when the baby's stunned mother confronted Abdulla, he told her to 'shut the f*** up' and walked off..........

Abdulla, who has two previous convictions for race-hate attacks on white women, was later tracked down through CCTV.
This a gross breach of the Public Order Act 1986 but that only applies to Englishmen. Letting the Pakistani get away with it because he wasn't breast fed, a lunatic or whatever is one approach to Perverting The Course Of Justice; it is public policy.


Zimbabwe Deports Illegal Immigrants With UN Assistance
Hundreds of illegal immigrants from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Malawi have been arrested in Zimbabwe since the beginning of 2017 and have been forcibly deported back to their home countries—all with the active help and cooperation of the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration, it has emerged...............

The Ethiopians all said that they were on their way to South Africa “to look for jobs.”........

In South Africa itself, the local black population is highly antagonistic toward other Africans coming illegally to that country.
Governments can deal with Illegal Immigrants if they want. In South Africa people do it instead. Necklacing involves a tyre full of petrol & burning them to death. See South Africans Dealing With Illegal Immigrants or Nigerians Come Unstuck In Durban. The Daily Mail explains - 'Necklace' lynchings that shocked Africa. Of course Lynching is very naughty when White Man do it but this is different.


Her Majesty's Government wants illegal immigrants; HMG bribes them. HMG is a criminal organsation, Traitors using Ethnic Fouling In England while other western governments do it to destroy Western Civilization.


20 February 2017 

Merkel Urges Europe To Take MORE Refugees As She Says Islam 'Isn't The Source Of Terror'
Angela Merkel has urged Europe to take in more refugees and said Islam is 'not the source of terror'. [ Lie 1 ]

Speaking at the Munich security conference, the German chancellor said Europe has an obligation to take displaced refugees from Syria and Iraq. [ Lie 2 ]

Mrs Merkel, who has been critical of a U.S. ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, also underlined that Islam itself was not the source of terrorism. [ Lie 1 repeated ]........

Germany has taken in more than one million refugees displaced by the war in Syria but the country's policy came under particular scrutiny after the Berlin Christmas market massacre last year in which 12 people died.  
Is Angela Merkel a fool, vicious or both?

See the face, see the hate. She is a liar - see e.g. Islamist Terrorism Is ‘Greatest Threat’ To Germany Says Angela Merkel, Months After Letting More Than A Million Middle Eastern migrants Into Her Country


Over A Million Iraqi Refugees Go Home
The claim that Iraqis “must” have “asylum” in Europe is rapidly collapsing with the news that recent military victories against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq have already seen more than 1.5 million internally displaced Iraqi nationals return to their homes.

According to new figures released by the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM), their “Displacement Tracking Matrix” (DTM) has “identified a recent spike of internally displaced persons (IDPs) returning to their location of origin across the country.”............

“Yet for the same period, DTM has recorded nearly 1.5 million returnees (a total of 249,327 families), that is, IDPs who believe their communities are safe enough now to return to. This represents an overall increase in the returnee population of 7 percent (98,946 individuals) just in the past month,” the IOM report added.........

The report reveals clearly that even in Iraq, the excuse for claiming “asylum” in Europe—or anywhere, for that matter—is increasingly hollow, because there have always been safe areas inside Iraq to which they could have fled
All over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance. The media like telling us that Illegal Immigrants, the "refugees" are women with small children or pregnant. Then they show the pictures of the invaders who are at least 90% men of fighting age, largely Islamic. All to often they are full of hate. The fact that their countries have been attacked by western War Criminals is one very good reason. Who are the perpetrators? Blair [ Iraq ],  Brown [ Iraq ], Bush [ Iraq ], Cameron [ Libya ], Obama [ Syria ], Netanyahu [ Gaza ] Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run.


Israel Using Ethnic Cleansing To Achieve Genocide
Empirical historical evidence combined with little common-sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual Apartheid or Ethnic Cleansing, or a mix of both.
Jews, especially Zionist crazies like Genocide when they are the perpetrators. They complain very loudly about naughty little Adolf and their Holocaust® Story but then they have made a lot of money out of it. See e.g. Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion. That was back in 2007. They have extorted more since. It was all tax free and very largely stolen.


19 February 2017 
On this day in 1861 Tsar Alexander II abolished serfdom by his Emancipation Reform 1861

Blacks Still Attacking The French In Paris
Paris rioters are tear gassed while protesting against the 'rape of a black man with a police truncheon' as demonstrations continue two weeks after the attack........

Thousands took to the streets in the French capital in support of a 22-year-old black man who was allegedly raped by a police officer with a truncheon.

Two officers were injured and 13 people were arrested following clashes between police and bottle-throwing demonstrators at the rally on Saturday.
Two weeks later blacks are still rioting but the [ chosen ] pictures show more White Men. They will be Socialist thugs, Rent A Mob & Rebels Without A Cause, what the Wikipedia describes as QUOTE emotionally confused suburban, middle-class teenagers UNQUOTE. The alleged victim is just an excuse; the alleged attack an impossibility.


Thai Authorities Arrest And Deport Thousands of Burmese Workers
Thai authorities have arrested and deported up to 10,000 Myanmar nationals working in the country as part of a crackdown on illegal immigrants during the last 10 days, an official from a Myanmar nongovernmental organization that helps migrant workers said Monday...........

Myanmar puts the number of migrant workers living in Thailand at 4 million, with only half legally registered to work there, while Thailand’s Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare puts the number at more than 1.4 million.
It can be done if the will is there. Her Majesty's Government wants them, encourages Illegal Immigration; it uses bribery, free medicine, free everything.


McCain Abuses Donald Trump
Arizona Sen. John McCain delivered a series of blows to President Donald Trump Friday during a speech in Germany, and at one point he compared today's political atmosphere to the Nazi years of the 1930s and 1940s...........

McCain then tried to dismantle Trump's foreign policy (America First), his recent immigration order that critics called a Muslim ban, and some of the alleged untruths that have emerged from Trump's White House.

"They would be alarmed by an increasing turn away from universal values and toward old ties of blood, and race, and sectarianism. They would be alarmed by the hardening resentment we see toward immigrants, and refugees, and minority groups, especially Muslims," McCain said.
McCain is not just a fool, he is a dangerous, War Mongering fool. He incited Don to step up conflict - see McCain says Russia testing U.S. in Ukraine, urges Trump to hit back. If he had got to be president, rather than Obama he would have started World War III within months. Now he is running Cold War II.


White House Making Hit List To Cut Government Waste
Don is starting small; $2.5 billion away from the current $4 trillion i.e. $4,000 billion but it a move in the right direction. The complaints will be out of all proportion.


Heath WAS A Paedophile Says Policeman
Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes 'covered up by the Establishment' 
Heath had an unwholesome interest in brown envelopes and choir boys, which is why he lived next to Salisbury Cathedral. Here he is with his little mate, Jimmy Savile another one of them.

The BBC covered up for both of them.


Paxman Betrays Mother Of His Bastards
But then Paxman is a BBC front man who kept quiet about Jimmy Savile, and all the rest of them.


18 February 2017  


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Top Stories 2017
What lies ahead? Pass but there could be some good things.

I was brought up with lies all the time . . . that's how you got along. . . . I have lied my entire life
Monica Lewinsky [ a Jew ] Explains All In
The Quote of the Century

Judge The 2010 Gold G-String Award In New Orleans
This is a rare opportunity to exercise your skill and judgment. Have you got what it takes? NB It may not qualify for the Job Seekers' Allowance. See Stormy Daniels, a past winner and think for yourself.

Jewish Pimp Pleading Guilty In Spitzer Case
An Israeli man [ the Jew, Mark Brener ] accused of running an escort service that brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer in March was set to plead guilty on Thursday afternoon to money laundering, prostitution and conspiracy, according to his lawyer......... "It does appear that there's a continuing investigation," noted criminal defence attorney Gerald Shargel told WCBS-TV. "The manner in which the investigation is being conducted strongly suggests that Gov. Spitzer is a target."
UNQUOTE to admit that he dealt in quality, albeit there is no kindness in her face. You might also wonder why Spitzer got fingered while the rest of her clients walked away. Spitzer did annoy Bush as well as other rich criminals. See Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed  for more on this one.

This is not one of the 18 known pictures of her at Kristen the definitive gallery so she'll just have to do until one comes.

Today's Girl
Is for light relief.

Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
Brown is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.

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