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Newspapers out there published this on the net. True or false or a mixture, it is what we are being fed but now we are part of a worldwide audience. If you are fluent in a dozen languages and have the time you may be able to find what is important and relevant. There again if nobody is talking you cannot.

That is precisely what happened when Monica Lewinsky was at it with Clinton. Hundreds of newspaper reporters in Washington failed to know, or failed to tell or were told by their editors not to tell. It was all left to Matt Drudge, who is, like Lewinsky, a Jew and a show business gossip writer [ with the Drudge Report ] in far away Hollywood to let the cat out of the bag. Here are some articles that have something relevant, interesting or funny for us. Media Lies are part of the game.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.... he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,... he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.... The traitor is the plague." Cicero on Treason

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Obama, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run   

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16 January 2018  
On this day in 1919 Prohibition began in America.

Pakistanis Forged Home Office Papers To Import Illegal Immigrants - Allegedly
The court heard that by February 2016, Home Office investigators had identified 437 potential cases, but these were narrowed down to more than 20 for the ten-week trial, which opened on Thursday, because there was not time to investigate them all.

Iqbal, an administrator working for the asylum workload and administration team, was suspended in May 2015 and sacked in October. Iqbal, Usman, Hussain and Ali had each other’s numbers saved on their mobile phones and data shows they corresponded with one another........ Iqbal, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, Usman, from Wandsworth, south London, Hussain from Colliers Wood, south-west London, and Ali, from Ilford, Essex, all deny charges of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration.

Ali also faces a count of unlawful possession of two British and 11 Bangladeshi passports relating to someone else, which he also denies. The trial continues.
See the mug shot and wonder why Iqbal ever got a job sweeping the street, let alone in a position of trust.


Art Industry Should Be Infested By The 'Diversity' Says Jew
The arts must do more to embrace diversity, former Tate chief Sir Nicholas Serota has said. Sir Nicholas, now chair of Arts Council England, said that the issue was "crucial" to the way in which society and the arts connect.

In a report on the issue, he writes: "Arts and culture have a part to play in ensuring that opportunity does not become confined to an ever smaller and self-selecting demographic."

And he adds: "It is not only a matter of choosing to do the right thing, but of understanding diversity as a source of cultural inspiration"..............

At the highest level, women are also under-representing, making up just 35% of artistic directors and chairs, despite being 46% of the total workforce...........

And he says the arts have to respond to the "demands and opportunities of a new political, social, economic and technological era" [ Does that mean something? - Editor ].
Perhaps women are under-represented but Serota keeps quiet about the fact that Jews are over-represented. E.g. Poju Zabludowicz [ allegedly British ], Saatchi, Rothko, Guggenheim. They run the art racket to mulct rich fools while palming off ugliness as part of the Culture Wars against Western Civilization. NB Diversity is the current Euphemism for Third World infiltrators, in the same way as Diversity Hires.


Third World Granny Farmer Got Rich Abusing His Patients
A millionaire care home owner who left his residents to live in squalor while he partied in paradise has been banned from nursing. Urine and mould were found in three care homes in Surrey, owned by Soondressen Cooppen and his wife Maleenee, in an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Residents staying in Cooppen's care homes were found to be malnourished and dehydrated and as a result he has been struck off the nursing register for life.

Following the closure of Merok Park in Sutton after residents were evacuated Cooppen escaped criminal prosecution.
Why aren't they both doing life? Because Her Majesty's Government is corrupt; importing their sort is the main policy of the entire political class; it is the Ethnic Fouling Of England, causing Genocide. It is also Treason.
PS The comments have been censored so there are only six but the number of likes shows that the reader are not amused by evil.


15 January 2018
On this day in 1919  Rosa Luxemburg, a Jew and communist subversive was killed in Berlin. Tobias Langdon, who I take to be an honest man tells us in Reflections On Red Rosa that she was not perhaps inherently vicious. Karl Liebknecht came unstuck too. They were trying to create the Soviet Socialist Republic Of Germany. See the March Action for more and better details.

The Bourgeois Left Has Abandoned The Working Class To The Neo-Fascists
There has been some – but not nearly enough – discussion of the startling shift in the political landscape of the West. That is, that the Left has become the voice of national elites in the countries which are generally thought to set the pace of First World discourse.

This move, which was quite sudden and scarcely anticipated, is being openly embraced by parties that were traditionally identified with concern for the poor and disadvantaged, but which now express explicit dislike of their own historic constituency. It has been noted that Labour in its Corbynite incarnation is campaigning on behalf of north London rather than the north of England, and that the Democrats in the United States are obsessed with metro-centric identity politics rather than the despair of the post-industrial working class........

 Labour’s problem was that it seemed too concerned with the needs of those at the very bottom of society: that it concentrated entirely on the welfare-dependent underclass, the supposed victims of benefit cuts and Tory “austerity”. Instead of being the champion of the working class, it had become the defender of the non-working class, implicitly accusing almost everybody who was actually in employment of callous indifference to the plight of those unfortunate enough to be in need of state support........

That message turned out to be electorally suicidal. Not only was it deeply unpopular with hard-working voters who were determined to support themselves and their families and who resented those in their own communities who, as they saw it, “chose” to live on handouts, but the recipients of all this official Labour sympathy turned out to be politically inactive. People who lived on benefits, either for practical reasons or out of despair, mostly did not vote............

 To hell with the old industrial working class: they are dying out anyway (not fast enough to judge by the statements of some metro-chic spokesmen) and the ones who are still around are nativist bigots as shown by their determination to vote Leave........

Who – apart from the neo-fascists – is going to speak for the wastelands of Middle America and the deserted, disowned white working class of Britain? Somebody had better – or they will drop out of the electoral process and take to the streets.
Janet Daley, herself once of the Left puts a view. The people that run the Labour Party were never, with a few exceptions Working Men. They screwed the workers but get some votes from government employees. Their main thrust is pandering to the dole bludgers, especially Third World parasites. Then they use Pakistani Perverts for wholesale Vote Rigging in sad little towns like Rotherham. The quid pro quo is allowing those same Pakistanis to Rape daughters of the Working Classes. See more at Muslim Grooming Paedophile Map.


National Trust Chairhuman Makes Excuses For Inciting Homosexuality
The Trust was infiltrated some years ago by Marxists using the techniques worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communist party, in particular Entryism. Now they have made it into a Propaganda machine. The Telegraph does not tell us whether Tim Parker is one.


Blacks' New Game In Ireland - Irritating People - Deliberately, Blatantly 
They are getting away with it too. Running a few over would discourage them. Then there would be whining about Racism


14 January 2018  

American Government Evil Halted By An Honest Judge
Lost in the tumbling headlines of a busy week was a ruling that reminds us the corruption of federal justice is not confined merely to a few politicized bureaucrats monkeying around in the Hillary and Trump investigations. On Monday, US District Court Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed with prejudice (against the Justice Department) all charges against Cliven Bundy and his sons. If you've forgotten the Bundys' stand-off with the Feds in Nevada, here's how National Review's David French summarizes it:

On one side was a collection of dangerous, out-of-control armed men who were deliberately provocative, prone to saying unhinged things in a single-minded quest to destroy their enemies, and who lied time and again to cover their misdeeds.

On the other side was Cliven Bundy.

That's an entirely reasonable characterization given Judge Navarro's finding that "the universal sense of justice has been violated" and the government is guilty of "a deliberate attempt to mislead" the court. "The government's conduct in this case was indeed outrageous," she ruled. "There has been flagrant misconduct, substantial prejudice and no lesser remedy is sufficient" - other than a dismissal "with prejudice" to prevent the Justice Department embarking on new ways to screw the Bundys over for another few years. (They're already spent most of the last two in jail.)
Does that sound overstated or exaggerated? It is neither. Government apparatchiks of the Bureau of Land Management & the FBI who lied, suppressed evidence etc. in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice are exactly the same as the thugs who brought us the Ruby Ridge Massacre under Bush. and then the Waco Massacre, on Clinton's watch. Some things have not changed for the better.

BTW read what the Wikipedia has to tell us about Mr Bundy and see just how biased it is. None of this nonsense of taking it down the middle with its editors. By the same token its article on the Bureau of Land Management ignores its malfeasance in this matter. NB Mr Bundy was not murdered by the government thugs with sniping rifles because there were too many witnesses with cameras.


Meghan’s Seed Will Taint Our Royal Family Says UKIP Chief’s Glamour Model Lover, 25
Shock, horror revelation or the truth? The Daily Mail goes for the testicles again. It is a Propaganda machine used to deceive to Patriots while inciting anti-white Racism.


13 January 2018
On this day in 1898 Émile Zola published J'accuse…!, whence l'affaire Dreyfus. He was prosecuted as a spy because he was a Jew. He beat the rap eventually.

Stormy Daniels Accuses Donald Trump
Stormy Daniels, the well known porn star & proud winner of the 2007 Gold G-String Award says that Donald Trump wanted her. It is great publicity, that made it to the front page of the Daily Mail. It's an excuse for more pictures of Stormy looking wanted. Any publicity is good publicity and make sure you spell the name right. That's what Hollywood said. Just look what it did for Harvey Weinstein.

Don's victim.


Pakistani Thief Stole £15 Thousand By Claiming That Trains Were Late
He stayed out of prison so he won, apart from being ordered to pay the loot back. It is fair to say that British Railways gets away with extorting billions, or is it only millions from captive customers?. A London return ticket was 4/9d once. That is under 5/- i.e. five shillings or 25p.


Indian Gets Away With Indecent Assault After Admitting His Guilt To FBI Agent
The moral is that there are juries in Miami that will not convict Third World criminals. The parent are suing the cruise line company instead.


Spain Wants A Good Brexit Deal Too
SPAIN has become the latest to join a growing list of EU countries who want to give Britain a good exit deal. The Madrid government’s support for a minimum tariffs agreement emerged after its talks with another pro-UK country, the Netherlands.

It leaves Germany and France more isolated, as the two member states pushing to hit the UK with the toughest conditions for market access. The countries’ two economy ministers agreed to push for a Brexit deal “that keeps Britain as close to the EU as possible”, Bloomberg reported. The Pound soared on the news............

On top of the Dutch, the leaders of Italy, Poland, Hungary and Ireland have all spoken out publicly to call for the EU not to punish the UK for Brexit.

But Spain is also still demanding a say on Gibraltar’s future and has been given a veto on any Brexit deal over it by Brussels [ in order to create problems - Editor ].
Merkel is an enemy of England, Germany & indeed Western Civilization. The French can be perfectly charming but Barmier is another wrong one. That is why Brussels is using him.


Football Coaches Abused Blacks Two Decade Ago Alleges Daily Mirror
Police decided there was no case to answer after investigating for seven months. Is the Daily Mirror an anti-white Propaganda machine


Black Gang Raped By Six White Men Alleges Daily Mirror
Whatever happened 70 years ago is history without evidence. The Daily Mirror is still  an anti-white Propaganda machine.


12 January 2018

National Geographic Markets Anti-White Racism Using Proven Fraud      
Morgan Freeman
uses a lie in the first minute of the first episode and never looks back. Michael Yon, who served all over with American special forces knows the background, the reality. He explains the lies, the cheating. NB The Independent markets Freeman as a wonderful human being - see Morgan Freeman explains how he got his iconic voice


Swedish Government 'Investigates' Huge Rape Epidemic Created By Third World Immigrants
Sweden has launched an investigation into the soaring number of rapes after it emerged that one in 24 women have fallen victim to a sexual offence. The Swedish Crime Survey found that 4.1 per cent of women had experienced some form of sexual offence between 2012 and 2016.

The country's Moderate Party has now demanded to know if the alarming figures are linked to migration  after a probe was launched to find out the reason for the spike in incidents.
The Left Wing fools who run Sweden made Malmö into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia then pretended they did not know. It is Pathological Altruism in action. Recall that the Swedish Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded its blessing to Menachem Begin, a terrorist Jew with murder warrants outstanding.
PS The Mail's readers aren't stupid enough to believe they will tell the truth.


Rape Allegation Fails
Both drunk. No witnesses. No case to answer. Simple enough but the Crown Prosecution Service leaned on him anyway. It is one of a string of bad cases.


Venezuela Has Socialism And Starvation - Comrade Corbyn Keeps Very Quiet About It
A shocking video showing a starving Venezuelan mob beating a cow to death with stones has gone viral amid violent protests that have left four people dead. Dozens of men shout 'we are hungry' and 'people are suffering' as they surround the cow in the field, throwing stones at it and beating it with a stick. The helpless animal was slaughtered at the Hacienda Miraflores, in the fishing village of Palmarito in Merida, during a day deadly of civil unrest and looting in the state.
Maduro produced Socialism while Comrade Corbyn wants to. Did Comrade Stalin say that the dead don't vote? Starvation is de facto policy. But Jeremy Corbyn still cannot bear to condemn his fallen idols in Venezuela


Pakistanis Played Dodgem Cars As Feud Turns Nasty In Bradford 
Destroying other people's cars is fun, for vicious Third World parasites. Albeit the Daily Mail is keeping quiet about that aspect.


11 January 2018


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What lies ahead? Pass but there could be some good things.

I was brought up with lies all the time . . . that's how you got along. . . . I have lied my entire life The Quote of the Century

Judge The 2010 Gold G-String Award In New Orleans
This is a rare opportunity to exercise your skill and judgment. Have you got what it takes? NB It may not qualify for the Job Seekers' Allowance. See Stormy Daniels, a past winner and think for yourself.


Jewish Pimp Pleading Guilty In Spitzer Case
An Israeli man [ tthe Jew, Mark  Brener ] accused of running an escort service that brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer in March was set to plead guilty on Thursday afternoon to money laundering, prostitution and conspiracy, according to his lawyer......... "It does appear that there's a continuing investigation," noted criminal defence attorney Gerald Shargel told WCBS-TV. "The manner in which the investigation is being conducted strongly suggests that Gov. Spritzer is a target."
UNQUOTE You have to admit that the pimp dealt in quality, albeit there is no kindness in her face. You might also wonder why Mr Spitzer got aggravation. He was fingered while the rest of her clients walked away. Spitzer did annoy Bush as well as other rich criminals. See Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed  for more on this one.

This is not one of the 18 known pictures of her at Kristen the definitive gallery so she'll just have to do until one comes along.


Today's Girl
Is for light relief.

Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
Brown is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.

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