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"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think e.g. of Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Merkel, Obama, Netanyahu, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run

Top Stories 2017
24 September 2017

Police Used Informants Against Blacks In Murder Case
The judgment was damning. Quashing the convictions of five men serving life for the brutal murder of footballer Kevin Nunes, the Court of Appeal said the case was one of the worst examples of police misconduct it had ever seen.

Lord Justice Hooper cited documents showing Staffordshire police had tainted the evidence of the main prosecution witness, a career criminal named Simeon Taylor, by promising him a £20,000 reward long before the trial. Astonishingly, they had concealed the fact that while he was living under constant police protection, Taylor had been allowed to take drugs; and that two officers had used a safe house where Taylor was staying to conduct an extramarital affair; and that by falsifying documents, officers had sought to cover up a theft of money by Taylor from police minders............

‘This is a very bad case of non-disclosure,’ he concluded. ‘It is to be hoped that the appropriate measures will be taken against those responsible for what appears to us to be a serious perversion of the course of justice.’
So the Staffordshire Police are crooked, just like their customers. Perverting The Course Of Justice is major crime until the police are the perpetrators.

Victims of police malpractice or career criminals who got lucky? They got compensation, a modest £200,000 but it is only taxpayers' money. Bent coppers will walk free. NB the black they sorted out was a drug dealer and, in all probability just as bent as them.


23 September 2017

'Anti-Fascist' Thugs Exposed
There had been brawls the last time Patriot Prayer – a [ allegedly ] far-Right nationalist group – rallied in the liberal city of Portland, Oregon.

This time police were ready. Officers lined barriers to keep the mix of white nationalists and Trump supporters in baseball caps and T-shirts separated from a black-clad band of counter-protesters, heads covered in hoods or helmets, faces hidden by masks or scarves. It wasn’t enough.

As the time of the rally approached, dozens of antifascists - or antifa as they style themselves - made their move, shoving at the barricade. Rocks, smoke bombs and water bottles arced through the air..........

More than 50 years after Berkeley’s campus became the centre of the 1960s student Free Speech [ for some ] movement, the stage is set once again for a new, bloody round of confrontation.
The Main Stream Media and the Education Industry incite hate, especially Black Hatred. It worked. The Long March Through The Institutions is paying of for the followers of Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communists. BTW Cameron is a member of 'Unite Against Fascism' [ UAF ]

So it is 'all right' to use obscenities but not very naughty words like Nigger - see e.g. the next one.

Black 'Singer' Says Nigger - White Women Get Abused
A University of New Hampshire sorority is facing backlash after some of its white members were filmed shouting the n-word as they sang along to a Kanye West song.

Members of the Alpha Phi Sorority were shown in the Snapchat footage Tuesday afternoon dancing and singing along to Kanye West's 2005 rap hit 'Gold Digger.'

They belted out to the lyric 'she ain't messing with no broke n****' [ niggas in his lyrics ] - and are now facing a furious outrage from critics who accuse them of racism.

The video was shared to the Facebook page 'All Eyes of UNH,' which is operated by community members at the university who have an 'intent to expose injustices' at the school, according to the 'about' section of the page.
So it is all right for Mr West, a professional black to say Nigger, misspelt or not but utterly disgraceful for White women to do precisely the same. That is the Party Line marketed by racist Propaganda machines like the BBC. They get believed by Lenin's Useful Idiots, by Rent A Mob. The Wikipedia chooses to allege that Kanye West is a great man; it does not even pretend to take it down the middle for him. You see his words at Kanye West Gold Digger Lyrics. West is part of the Culture Wars being waged against us. Racism is a Marxist construct invented by Trotsky.


Corbyn Moved Goal Posts To Keep Hard Left In Power
Jeremy Corbyn tightened his grip on Labour today as the party's governing body approved a rule change to make it easier for left-wing candidates to become leader. 

Labour's National Executive Committee waved through his proposals to tip the balance of power away from moderate MPs towards the party's more radical members. Under the change, would-be leadership candidates will only have to get the support of 10 per cent of MPs and MEPs - down from the current 15 per cent.

The move makes it far easier for the far-left to get on future leadership ballots and maintain their stranglehold on the party even after Mr Corbyn eventually goes.
Comrade Corbyn knows a lot about Entryism, the techniques used by Marxists in their Long March Through The Institutions. Recall that Ken Livingstone, another Hard Left enemy of the honest Working Man used a rule change & fraud to take over the Greater London Council. Some things do not change.


Black MP Was 'Wilfully Ignorant' Of Pakistani Rapists In Halifax Says A Victim
The main victim of the Halifax grooming gang scandal has branded Labour MP Chi Onwurah “wilfully ignorant” for claiming the issue of grooming gangs isn’t related to race or religion.
In the second of a three-part interview with Shy Society, Georgia expresses her fury at comments made by Newcastle’s first black MP in a Guardian newspaper article just days after the city became the latest to convict a gang over the widespread grooming of vulnerable young girls. As Georgia revealed in her first interview yesterday, racial and religious slurs were made against her on more than one occasion during her two year ordeal in a pattern which has been seen in similar cases up and down the country.

In the recent Newcastle case one of the men was heard to have said “All white women are good for is one thing, for men like me to fuck and use…
Is our little black friend a Racist ratbag on the make? Certain it is that she didn't make it by her looks. She might be less ugly than Diane Abbot.


Obama Spent $105 Million On Travel
Abusing the system? Yes. Extracting the urine? Yes. NB Donald Trump has spent just over $4 million so far.


Vatican Recalls Ambassador In Paedophile Pornography Investigation
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - A Vatican diplomat working in Washington has been recalled to the Holy See after the U.S. State Department said the priest may have violated child pornography laws, the Vatican said on Friday.

Prosecutors in the Vatican have opened an investigation into the case, which represents a fresh blow to the Roman Catholic Church as it struggles to overcome repeated sex abuse scandals among its clergy.........

Two years ago the Vatican put the former papal ambassador to the Dominican Republic on trial for child sex offences, a case that was seen as showing the pope’s determination to clean up the Church. The priest, Jozef Wesolowski, was charged with paying boys to perform sexual acts, of downloading and buying pedophile material. He died before a verdict was reached.

He was the first high-ranking Catholic official to stand trial in the Vatican on such sex charges and the case was closely watched by victims of priestly abuse, who have accused the Vatican of repeatedly hushing up previous scandals.

Earlier this year, Cardinal George Pell, a top adviser to Pope Francis, was charged with multiple historical sex crimes in his native Australia. The highest-ranking Church official to face such accusations, Pell has denied any wrongdoing. Just last month, in the foreword to a new book written by a Swiss man who was raped by a priest when he was eight years old, Pope Francis said sexual abuse of children by priests was a “monstrosity” and pledged to take action against perpetrators.
The Catholic Church has gone wrong from time to time and got very hostile abuse in the Main Stream Media for its pains. The systematic abuse of boys by Paedophile Jews has benefitted from major cover ups. Rabbis demand that their customers do not tell the police, in order to protect the perpetrators and  Pervert The Course Of Justice. This policy is called Mesirah; it is just like the Italian's Omerta. It is used to protect the Mafia, another criminal organisation. But there are a few Jews who tell the truth, e.g. the Failed Messiah; his Mikva Abuse gives us thousands of documented crimes.


22 September 2017

National Action British Soldiers Accused Of Joining Banned Neo-Nazi Terrorist Group Appear In Court
The headline is verbatim & a pack of lies. The Independent is a left wing Propaganda machine.
Three alleged neo-Nazis, including two British soldiers, have appeared in court accused of joining a terrorist group. Lance Corporal Mikko Vehvilainen, Private Mark Barrett and Alexander Deakin, a civilian, stand accused of being members of National Action.

It became the first [ allegedly ] far-right  group prohibited by the UK last year because of its “virulently racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic” ideology.
The Wikipedia tells us that Terrorism  QUOTE describes the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror, or fear, to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim. UNQUOTE. National Action are NOT terrorists but a member did post on Christogenea, a Christian Identity site.

While Main Stream Media incite anti-English, anti-White Racism other Racists, real racists but Islamic racists are real Terrorists, murderous Terrorists, trying to kill us for the sin of being English. See the next one for more and better details.


National Action, Islam And Britain's Treasonous Terrorism Policies
Her Majesty's Government chooses to prosecute Patriotic Englishmen while importing thousands of  real Terrorists as a matter of policy. Andrew Joyce Ph.D. explains. Perhaps this is why Sedition was down graded from major crime to a non-issue, to being legal - for politicians whose faces fit.


Rotherham Council Does  Corrupt Cover Up
Rotherham Council hired a mob calling itself Gowling WLG, lawyers who specialize in clean up jobs, in hiding corruption. It took over an English firm called Wragge Lawrence Graham. Suffolk couuncil paid them £115,000 to "investigate" and find nothing. They succeeded. Ditto for Lincolnshire's cover up of  Jim Speechley's corruption. That cost over £580,000. Doncaster hired Wragges to help stall a corruption investigation. That cost over £100,000. Wragges acted for Jo Wilson and alleged that she was not guilty; none of this nonsense of taking it down the middle.

Meanwhile the politicians and police who allowed/ignored/encouraged/concealed/incited/helped [ delete to taste ] Pakistani Perverts to Rape 1,400 English girls in one town alone walk free. The payoff, the wholesale Vote Rigging is the quid pro quo.
PS The 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is also another operation designed to Pervert The Course Of Justice & make lawyers rich.

Cyprus denies ‘selling’ EU citizenship to rich
'Cyprus' lies. 'It' charges EUR6 million each.

Cyprus Central Bank Governor Pleads Not Guilty To Bribery

Cyprus Land Fraud Extends Far Past Turkish Cypriot Property
So says the mayor of Paphos. NB his two predecessors are in prison. He is keen on staying out.


21 September 2017

Britain First Leaders Charged With Harassment
The leaders of the [ allegedly ] far-right group Britain First have been charged with causing religiously aggravated harassment.

Paul Golding, 35, and Jada Franken, 31, have been charged by Kent Police after allegedly distributing leaflets as four men stood trial for gang rape. The trial involved three Muslim men and a teenager who were eventually convicted of rape and jailed................

They were investigated over their alleged behaviour during the trial of four men for raping a teenage girl above the 555 Pizza takeaway in Ramsgate.

Shershah Muslimyar, 21, Tamin Rahmani, 38, and Rafiullah Hamidy, 24, were sentenced to 14 years each in prison while a teenager was jailed for seven years after brutally attacking the girl in September last year. As the men stood trial in May, Golding and Franser are said to have distributed leaflets in the Thanet and Canterbury areas, and posted online videos during the court proceedings.
They could have been charged with contempt of court. It would have made more sense. In the event they are being harassed. Albeit they have unpleasant friends. Nick Griffin's major contribution to politics was subverting the British National Party.


20 September 2017

Africa Will Be Given $57 Billion Aid By The World Bank
It will then be stolen or wasted because Africans are stupid and corrupt. They have already had trillions, as a result of Altruism, by the well meaning who believed the stories about Western Guilt. Now blacks will carry on proving that it is money down the drain & Pathological Altruism to boot. You doubt it? Then see e.g. Police Kill Black Cannibal As He Was Eating A Woman.


American Navy Has Gone Bad As War Looms
Is America Ready to Fight?
Where does this leave the United States? A crucial aspect in American decision-making must be our own military readiness. Are we ready to face the DPRK [ North Korea ] even in the best of times?  

Sadly, these are not the best of times for the US military. For example, the US Navy’s 7th Fleet, tasked to the region, has demonstrated unreadiness for major conflict. In less than four months, the 7th Fleet saw four major incidents, including three collisions on the high seas. Another ship ran aground.

These incidents caused loss of life and much damage to the ships. There is no evidence of the mistakes being a part of some electronic trickery. By all accounts, the blame lies with nothing more than bad seamanship. How can the Navy avoid enemy submarines hunting Navy vessels, when they cannot even avoid giant, slow-moving commercial ships which are doing everything possible to steer clear of collisions?

The problem is readiness and leadership. The Commander of the 7th Fleet was relieved last month.

But there is more to Navy headaches than just the crashing of ships at sea. Something has gone badly wrong with naval leadership, as evidenced by the amazing Fat Leonard corruption scandal that continues to unfold like a US Navy soap opera, ensnarling dozens of people, including high-ranking officers.........

There were payoffs, massive security violations, copious numbers of prostitutes, and lavish parties for officers. The only thing missing was murder and a space alien. If either of those were involved, the Fat Leonard case would be big screen material. As it is, Fat Leonard is just further evidence that the US Navy has sunk to a low state............

In 2014, Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina was removed as deputy head of US Strategic Command after a gambling and counterfeit poker chip scandal. Giardina was second in charge of all US nuclear weapons............

Yet in case after case that I looked into, such as the submarine commander faking his death, there was cause for dismissal. This is not to imply that I looked into all the cases – there are too many – but the Fat Leonard scandal, and many other cases, were not politically motivated. As far as I can tell, the US Navy is bleeding from self-inflicted wounds.
We all have our ups and downs. This is not a good one.


19 September 2017
Is the anniversary of the Battle of Poitiers in 1356 AD. It was won by 2,000 English and Welsh archers against the flower of French chivalry. 

Pensioner Killed Murderous Thief
A pensioner has admitted shooting dead a burglar he caught breaking into his caravan home in the middle of the night with his illegally-kept double-barrelled shotgun.................. Gregory, initially arrested on suspicion of murder, was later released and told he would not be prosecuted for the death of Wayne Digby, 48, who he caught trying to remove the door from his caravan....................

"It should be pointed out that next to Mr Digby's body was a rucksack. That rucksack was later searched by police who found a mallet, cable ties that had been placed in a position to restrain a person, a bottle of bleach and a funnel..............

Mr Digby died after he was shot in the stomach when he tried to burgle the pair's caravan on June 12 and a third man arrested in connection with the incident, Tony Hearn, 48, was charged with a single count of conspiracy to commit burglary............

Nearby residents described the Mr Digby, who had died instantly after being shot, was a known heroin addict and also had been involved in previous incident involving the Gregorys.
The burglar was a vicious chancer who came unstuck. He didn't die instantly and deserved what he got. Mr Gregory deserves public thanks; he is getting aggravation instead.


Police Kill Black Cannibal As He Was Eating A Woman
A cannibal caught eating a woman he beheaded has died after a police shot him in South Africa. Aphiwe Mapekula, 23, collapsed in a hail of bullets with arm, leg and stomach injuries when police officers tried to arrest him at his home.

He is said to have ignored several warning shots as he continued to eat Thembisa Masumpa's raw flesh. Officers finally opened fire on him when he attacked them with a knife, police said. Mapekula is said to have slit 35-year-old Thembisa's throat and hacked off her head in Mount Frere, South Africa. His horrified mum called cops after witnessing the gruesome slaughter.

But officers said he was tucking in to Thembisa's raw flesh by the time they turned up. He then attacked them with a knife before being shot, said police Captain Edith Mjoko. 
South Africans need to eat; there are plenty of them. Two ideas come together for, what is laughingly called the Noble Savage.


Royal Navy Has Three Quarters Of Fleet Shore Bound
The Royal Navy can only send a quarter of its warships to sea due to spending cuts which have left the armed forces "struggling to protect Britain's citizens", the Telegraph has learned.

Currently 13 of the Navy's 19-strong fleet of Type 23 frigates and Type 45 destroyers are unable to go to sea due to a lack of manpower, fuel and supplies, senior military sources have revealed. The cuts to defence spending have also severely hampered Britain’s response to Hurricane Irma.

HMS Ocean, the amphibious assault ship that currently serves as the Royal Navy’s flagship, was sent to provide support to the British overseas territories in the Caribbean but suffered engine problems while loading in Gibraltar.

Tonight the source said that Britain's response has turned the Navy into a "laughing stock".
A very(?) senior officer of the Royal Navy is disgruntled & quite likely right. Blair, Brown & Cameron have been screwing Her Majesty's armed forces in order to waste money on Third World parasites and other free loaders. NB This is why have a wonderful new aircraft carrier with no aircraft to carry. The F35 is still being developed. Its price is, naturally enough monstrous.


History & Journalism Have Been Weaponized
Yes, history books are weapons of the Culture Wars being waged against us. As George Orwell told us:- Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. Yes, write the books, control the narrative. The same applies to the Main Stream Media, or did until the Internet came along to bypass it. Paul Craig Roberts explains all; he was in politics for real. Now he tells the truth.


18 September 2017

European Union Banning Cash Transaction Over EUR 10 Thousand
The purported [ alleged/claimed/stated - delete to taste ] objective of EU Directive 2015/849 is to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism and organised crime................ In simple terms, any legal purchase of a good or service over that amount will need to be done with plastic or mobile money.

A ministry official confirmed the bill would be presented to the cabinet by the end of the month. Once it is approved, it will be tabled to parliament.......... The EU has already discontinued its production of €500 banknotes.

In the EU, all laws are initiated by the European Commission – a group of unelected officials – with the European Parliament reduced to the passive role of modifying legislation before voting on it.

Concerns have been raised over the drive to phase out cash, which affords both anonymity and privacy. In Germany, attempts by the government to set a threshold of €5,000 triggered a fierce public backlash. The German tabloid Bild published a scathing open letter titled “Hands Off Our Cash.”

For the man on the street, another perk of cash is that serves to limit central banks’ ability to continue conducting negative interest rate policy (NIRP). As long as cash exists, there’s no way of preventing depositors from doing the logical thing – taking their money out of the bank and parking it where the erosive effects of NIRP can’t reach it.
NB The EU Accounts Are Fraudulent Again As Auditors Refuse To Sign Off For 19th Time; that was back in 2013. Be aware that European representatives know a lot about fraud. See more and better details at Euro MPs and Their Expenses. This thing is about clamping down on little people, the mugs who pay taxes while the rogues who run the financial system steal billions. See the next one.


Banks Hide $14 TRILLION In Footnotes Of Their Accounts 
The world’s top financial watchdog has uncovered $14 trillion of global dollar debt hidden in derivatives and swap contracts, a startling sum that doubles the underlying levels of offshore dollar credit in the international system.

The scale of this lending greatly increases the risk of a future funding crisis if inflation ever forces the US Federal Reserve to tighten hard, draining worldwide liquidity and potentially triggering a dollar surge. 

A forensic study by the Bank for International Settlements says enormous liabilities have accrued through FX swaps, currency swaps, and ‘forwards’. The data is tucked away in the “footnotes” of bank reports. “Contracts worth tens of trillions of dollars stand open and trillions change hands daily. Yet one cannot find these amounts on balance sheets. This debt is, in effect, missing,” said the BIS analysis, written by team under chief economist.
A trillion is a thousand billion & very serious money. Casino bankers love gambling with other people's money, their retirement funds etc. Wall Street is about utterly unlimited greed. It is private profit and public loss. When Goldman Sachs fouls up we get to pay. That is why they have their own running the Federal Reserve. The current boss is Janet Yellen, a Jew, the previous two were Bernanke & Greenspan, Jews both, just like Goldman. You might notice a pattern here, one of monstrous shenanigans/goings on/manipulation/finagling or even [ whisper it ] fraud. Of course auditors are worthless. E.g. Arthur Andersen passed Enron's accounts, multigigabuck fraud notwithstanding. The same clerks are now doing the same with different firms.


Blacks Riot After Criminal Is Killed By White Policeman
Protests in St Louis have turned violent for the second night in a row following Friday's acquittal of white cop Jason Stockley, who was accused of murdering black drug dealer Anthony Smith in 2011 on Friday after years of anticipation.

Friday night's upheaval saw 33 people arrested and at least ten officers injured - including one who had his jaw broken and another who dislocated his shoulder. On Saturday, another 300 marched at West County Center Mall to carry on their demonstration for a second night; that event ended peacefully, but around 11pm demonstrators began to clash with police and smash storefronts.

Multiple people were seen being hauled off by police, and one man was seen with his face drenched in pepper spray. 'Almost every storefront in the Loop is destroyed,' tweeted KDSK reporter Jacob Long as the violence got out of hand.
The Main Stream Media, especially Television incite Black Hatred as a matter of policy. They also market White Guilt but keep very quiet about who imported black slaves into America. Louis Farrakhan, a rather sound chap in his way fingers Jews in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. It gives us the evidence, the sources, the proof. Jews hate him for it - and control the media. You doubt it? See Who Controls Television. Who Controls America?


17 September 2017
On this day in 1939 the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east, occupying the territory east of the Curzon line as well as Białystok and Eastern Galicia. The Polish army was defeated and Warsaw surrendered to the Germans on 27 September with final pockets of resistance surrendering on 6 October.
The Battle of Arnhem began this day in 1944. The objective was the bridge over the Rhine. It was taken by 2 PARA but not held. Jim [ RIP ] was there, on the bridge, on the day.
The United States Constitution was signed into law on this day in 1787. It is the supreme law of the United States of America; one which Bush treats with utter contempt. The Supreme Court does too but pretends to obey it.

Black Raped 14 Year Old Girl In Broad Daylight In London
A 14-year-old schoolgirl was raped in a park in a 'horrendous' daytime attack.

The teenager was assaulted by a man in a secluded area of Avery Hill Park in south east London between 9am and 1pm on September 4. The Metropolitan Police's Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command are still looking for the attacker and no arrests have been made.
Black criminals like this are imported, as a matter of policy by Blair, Brown, Cameron, Merkel, Theresa May et al. They have the wholehearted connivance of Comrade Corbyn & other Marxist apparatchiks.


Islamic Thug Attacks In Toulouse
The Mail claims that he is a lunatic but does not admit that he is a North African. The truth is a bad second to the Propaganda. What are our wonderful politicians doing about it and him? Inflicting millions of Third World thugs like him on us and saying:- Get Used To It Suckers.


16 September 2017
On this day in 1982 Jews perpetrated the Sabra and Shatila Massacres. It was done by Lebanese troops under Jewish command, attacking and murdering people using the pretence that there were guerrillas there. Jewish troops surrounded the area to stop people escaping and gave the Lebanese ammo resupplies. The action went on for at least 36 hours. The command structure [ that is Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, thief and mass murderer ] let it carry on. See Sabra and Shatila Aftermath - the Pictures The cover up failed inter alia because civilian Jews complained. Elie Hobeika, a Lebanese who was in direct command of the operation was murdered on 24 January 2002 just before he was due to give evidence against Sharon. A Jewish source gives a toned down version - see Sabra and Shatila Massacre.

ISIS Claims Terror Attack On London Underground Railway
Alarmed police have flooded London's streets as the terror threat level was raised to critical amid fears the Parsons Green bomber could strike again. The introduction of Operation Temperer will see soldiers replacing police at key sites including nuclear power plants to free up extra armed officers for regular patrols. Scotland Yard said last night it is making 'excellent' progress in hunting the suspected terrorist who set off a crude bucket bomb on a packed commuter train by Parsons Green tube station in west London on Friday.

Had it worked as intended, a massive blast of fire would have killed dozens on the new, open-plan style train which – at 8.20am yesterday – was close to its capacity of nearly 1,000 people.

Mrs May said in a statement from Number 10: 'The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has now decided to raise the threat level from severe to critical - this means their assessment is that a further attack may be imminent.'
Theresa May says it might happen again; she is right. Theresa May imported thousands of Third World parasites full of hate, potential perpetrators, i.e. Islamics. She is one of the Enemy Within. Of course previous prime ministers are just as guilty, just as much Traitors as her. Comrade Corbyn agrees with her on this issue, on achieving Ethnic Fouling, on population replacement, on Genocide. See the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide for more and better details.


Theresa May Attacks Free Speech Using Islamic Thugs As An Excuse
Internet giants have blood on their hands - allegedly. Theresa May imports mass murderers and blames others. Of course Blair, Brown, Cameron, Merkel & Obama are all guilty as Hell. The politicians, manipulated by the Puppet Masters are destroying England.


Libyan Coast Guard Fires On People Smugglers
The Libyan coast guard—in a desperate attempt to stop the European race-traitor “charity” NGO ships form cooperating with the human traffickers smuggling thousands of African invaders—has opened fire on one the vessels, the Spanish Proactiva "Open Arms". According to a report in the Spanish-language Ara newspaper, the Proactiva Open Arms ship—which operates in the central Mediterranean—reported this week that the Libyan Coast Guard fired warning shots at them and “threatened to shoot their ships if they approached the coast.”.........

The founder of Proactiva Open Arms, Òscar Camps, said on Twitter that the NGOs were becoming “criminalized with untested accusations,” and that Italy had on Monday this week denied entry to one of their ships on the island of Lampedusa in the south of the country to land three people who had been “rescued” overnight in the Mediterranean.
It sounds as though the Italian government is coming to its senses and getting the Libyans on side. There was no problem when that nice little Silvio Berlusconi ran the place but then he got there through Democracy, by getting votes from real people, unlike the current lot. The Main Stream Media kept very quiet about this but see Criminal Charities for more and better details.


15 September 2017

Islamic Full Of Hate Attacks Soldier In Paris
He is an incompetent thug; failing to kill proves that but the hate is real. Importing vicious rogues like him is government policy; it is being done to destroy Western Civilization. Politicians are being manipulated by the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies full of hate.


Ten Blacks Get 168 Years For Murdering Arab
The Libyan who came unstuck was a friend of an Islamic mass murderer.


Didgeridoo Playing Cures Snoring
They're known as some of the strangest awards among the scientific community, and last night's Ig Nobels certainly lived up to their expectations..................

Winners this year included the scientists who discovered that old men really do have big ears, that playing the didgeridoo helps relieve sleep snoring and that handling crocodiles can influence gambling decisions.

Dr Heathcote, whose study on ear size was published in the prestigious British Medical Journal in 1995, was inspired when he and several other general practitioners were discussing how they could do more research.........

Women's ears grow with age, too, but their ears are smaller to start with, and men's big ears may be more noticeable because they tend to have less hair, he found.

The 27th annual awards were announced last night at Harvard University in Boston.

The ceremony featured a traditional barrage of paper airplanes, a world premiere opera and real Nobel laureates handing out the 10 prizes.

Dr James Heathcote a GP from Kent, who won the IG Nobel for his big-ear research, said: 'It's a strange honor to have, but I am thrilled.'  This year's winners - who each received $10 trillion cash prizes in virtually worthless Zimbabwean money - also included scientists who used fluid dynamics to determine whether cats are solid or liquid; researchers who tried to figure out why some people are disgusted by cheese; and psychologists who found that many identical twins cannot tell themselves apart.
The Ig Nobel Prizes are fun; they also make much better sense than some of the "real" Nobel Prizes granted by Politically Correct, self righteous fools to third rate chancers.


14 September 2017  

Pakistani Security Guards On Trial For Stealing £7 Million
Two Loomis security guards stole £7million in cash from a Credit Suisse in a Heathrow Airport heist described as one of the biggest in British criminal history, a court heard. Twenty eight bags of cash were taken from a van at the airport and have never been recovered. Jurors were told it was an 'audacious' theft worthy of a Hollywood script called 'the Heathrow Heist' and a classic 'inside job'. 

Van driver Mohammad Siddique, 31 and guard Ranjeev Singh, 40, are both charged with conspiracy to steal the cash belonging to the Swiss Bank, which was picked up by their Loomis intentional truck to deliver to the Bank of Ireland. 
The prosecutor is also a Pakistani so maybe he is taking a bung as part of this one.


13 September 2017  

Marxist Union Leader Wants Trouble
Len McCluskey compared himself to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela last night as his fellow union barons threatened a wave of illegal strikes. The hard-Left leader of Unite sparked outrage by suggesting that unlawful industrial action was no different to landmark campaigns for civil rights.............

Mr McCluskey suggested unions had a duty to defy a legal requirement for strike action to be approved by a ballot of more than 50 per cent, saying the threshold was 'artificial'.

'If that means we are outside the law, then so be it,' he said. 'The reality is that the law is wrong and it has to be resisted. I daresay if you'd have been interviewing Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi or the suffragettes you'd be telling them that they were breaking the law.

'When a law is wrong, not only is it important to stand up and say so, it is our duty to resist.'...........

Jacob Rees Mogg, Tory MP for North East Somerset, said: 'To compare himself to such people shows the vanity of a peacock. Breaking the law in a democracy is fundamentally different from doing so in an authoritarian state. Our laws are validated by the consent of the people.' [ Mogg is clearly a twerp who doesn't know what Democracy means - Editor ]
It looks as though the Hard Left wants trouble and thinks it can get away with it.  McDonnell is another agitator. See e.g. Corbyn's Marxist Mate Wants Revolution.


Afghan Rapist Is A Murderer
An Afghani [ sic ] migrant charged with the rape and murder of a German medical student also allegedly raped a young girl in his native country, local media reports. Hussein Khavari is currently standing trial in the south-western German university city of Freiburg over the death of 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger last October.

It has now emerged that Khavari might have carried out a similar attack in his native Afghanistan, raping a 12-year-old girl.
This comedian is serious evidence for flogging and hanging. Any stories about being a refugee are nonsense because Afghanistan is a "safe country". The UNHCR is sending thousands like him back there.


12 September 2017  

Corbyn's Marxist Mate Wants Revolution
McDonnell, who is Jeremy Corbyn's closest political ally, appears to have been plotting anti-democratic action for as long as four years. Video footage obtained by the Mail from 2013 shows him using the word insurrection – defined in the Oxford Dictionary as 'a violent uprising'.

'Parliamentary democracy doesn't work for us, elections aren't working for us,' he told hard-Left. 'We used to call it insurrection. Now we're polite and say it's direct action. Let's get back to calling it what it is: It's insurrection. We want to bring this Government down by whatever mechanism we have.
Does the Labour Party have anything to do with labourers, with the Working Classes? No! It is just a gang of politicians on the make, like the Tories. If they can't win using Vote Rigging by Pakistani Perverts they will use any other method they can find. Has Comrade Corbyn ever done an honest day's work in his life? McDonnell was sacked by Ken Livingstone for being too left wing. Need one say more?


Liberal Democrat MP Was Suspended For Saying That Israel Is An Apartheid State
Telling the truth is verboten by the Political Correct. It will help him get Pakistani votes in Bradford though. But he is running against a real Pakistani so it probably will not be enough.
PS Bradford Candidate Sacked By Liberals After May Complained Mrs May panders to Jews as well.


11 September 2017  
On this day in1683 Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland arrived at the Gates of Vienna  to throw back the Islamic horde. He did. We could today were it not for traitors within the Gates. French treachery then made it a close run thing. Some things don't change.

This is the anniversary of the 9/11 Job in 2001 - perpetrated by  Islamics. What a surprise? No! To be fair it may well have been a False Flag Operation set up by Jews. The Dancing Jews were there to film it in real time. The KNEW it was going to happen. The BBC Reported That  Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Early.

Ayia Napa Massacre Suspects Get Life Sentences
Two men were jailed for life on Friday after being found guilty of the quadruple gangland killing in the popular holiday resort of Ayia Napa [ in Cyprus ] last year.

Panayiotis Pentafkas, 30, and Serbian national Dejan Loy, 42, were found guilty of premeditated murder, a charge that carries a mandatory life sentence. They were handed four life sentences. The pair faced charges in relation with the murders of businessman and suspected underworld figure Phanos Kalopsidiotis and police officer Elias Hadjiefthymiou, 46, and his wife Skevi, 39.

The three were gunned down while having dinner at the Stone Garden restaurant on the evening of June 23. One of the shooters, Albanian Yiani Vogli, was also killed...........

Loy, who worked as Kalopsidiotis’ bodyguard, was accused of collaborating with the shooters by confirming that the victim was at the restaurant shortly before they burst in, guns blazing. He was in the toilet during the shooting. Four other people implicated in the shooting had been sentenced earlier this year and last year after they admitted guilt.
They wanted the "businessman". They got him four years to the day after the last try. Why was Kalopsidiotis talking to the police? Why were they armed off duty? We will probably never know.


Corpses Of Orphans Who Died In Care Found In A Mass Grave
Up to 400 children who died at a Scottish orphanage are believed to have been dumped in a mass grave, research has revealed. The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul rant he Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanark from 1864 until it closed in 1981. The nuns previously acknowledged that children had been buried in 158compartments in the town's St Mary's Cemetery.

But a joint investigation by the BBC's File on Four programme and the Sunday Post newspaper has shown 402children died at the orphanage. It is thought that most were buried in an unmarked section at St Mary's..........

Records show names and dates of birth and death. Descriptions of causes of death include accidents and diseases of the time such as TB, flu and scarlet fever. Some died of malnutrition.
Another day, another story of malpractice, accusing the Catholic Church but that is the BBC & the Mail for you. The Beeb has little say about why it markets Feminism, Homosexuality& Racism but only of the anti-English sort. They are Propaganda machines. NB The Beeb is very quiet about protecting Paedophiles such as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris,Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Peter Jaconelli, Cyril Smith, Greville Janner& Mark Trotter. Who controls the BBC? Try the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies who are so very good at hiding their pleasure in being Paedophile Jews. You doubt it? Is this a Big Lie? No! The Failed Messiah, another Jew tells us about their evil in Mikva Abuse. 2,445 sourced posts sound convincing.


10 September 2017  

Brussels Bureaucrats Get Tough On Illegal Immigrants Too Near Them
Brussels has begun to ramp up its efforts to combat the escalating number of migrants entering the area, after fears the EU capital could become the new 'Jungle'. 

Around 50 people were arrested during the Belgian police's first wave of checks carried out on the hundreds of refugees setting up camp in Maximilian Park in Brussels this week.

'We want to avoid a tents camps in Calais, the local and federal police will check more often and at different times of the day,' said Interior minister Jan Jambon, according to local media.
What is wrong with having all of those poor, innocent refugees, victims of society, those Noble Savages on our doorsteps? Everything is the answer but Brussels is keen to inflict Calais on us. They are Tyranny destroying Western Civilization.


Triumphant Brussels Regime Likens Brexit To The Third Reich
In EU eyes Brexit matches the Bolshevik Revolution for spectacular self-harm. The suggestions are beyond parody So it has come to this. Brexit is now akin to the worst episodes of totalitarian mass murder in the 20th century. “EU policymakers and officials are returning to their desks with a spring in their step,” writes the Brussels think-tank, Friends of Europe, the high priests of EU orthodoxy................

 The most significant climb-down has been London's grudging acceptance that EU law, and thus the rulings of the European Court, will continue to hold sway in Britain,” it said. Actually London has agreed no such thing, beyond a transition phase over limited issues, and even then the role of the ECJ may be ‘indirect’. But never mind.

“That concession looks set to be followed in many other areas. Theresa May's Government had previously been adamant about cutting connections and ‘taking back control’, yet on key questions like electronic data regulation and privacy the UK has advanced suggestions for maintaining links with Brussels.”..................

The French elections in May were not a validation of the European project. Some 49pc voted for extreme parties or protest movements with a Eurosceptic hue in the first round. The fact that Emmanuel Macron ultimately won does not conjure away this landscape. The Front National’s Marine LePen won 34pc (compared to 1.8pc for UKIP in June). Such a result was once unthinkable................

There is still no fiscal union, no debt union, and no shared banking liabilities. The German constitutional court has ruled that any serious move in such a direction would violate the Grundgesetz in any case. If there were a fiscal union – by some miracle – it would advance the EU project from its current state of authoritarian technocracy to outright tyranny.  

It would concentrate parliamentary powers to tax and spend in the hands [ of ] the Eurogroup, a body that answers only to itself. Given the way that EMU officials toppled Greek and Italian prime ministers, forced the Irish state to swallow vast sums of junior bank debt to shield the European banking system, and secretly ordered changes to the Spanish constitution, I hate to think where this would go.   
We knew the French were going to be a pain. Now they have gotten cocky. We stood alone in 1939. We won't be friendless this time. Recall what Mikhail Gorbachev said:- The EU is the old Soviet Union dressed in Western clothes - source AZ Quotes [ attributed but see Quote by Mikhail Gorbachev].


BBC Marketing Homosexuality AgainThe BBC is a Propaganda machine inciting evil. It protects Paedophile perverts too. E.g. Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Peter Jaconelli, Cyril Smith, Greville Janner & Mark Trotter. These are just known perpetrators.


9 September 2017  

BBC Marketing Homosexuality AgainThe BBC is a Propaganda machine inciting evil. It protects Paedophile perverts too. E.g. Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Peter Jaconelli, Cyril Smith, Greville Janner & Mark Trotter. These are just known perpetrators.


Holocaust® Story Marketed By Daily Mail
The Mail feeds us the sob story but says nothing about Jews bullying Arabs in Palestine, the Stolen Land that thieves call Israel. The German government made it a crime to say that the Holocaust® Story is a pack of lies. Too many Germans know the truth. But it is legal to say that the Jews have done very well out of the Holocaust® Industry. It was Spiegel, a respectable Main Stream Media operation which told us that Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2Billion. That was back in 2007, tax free and largely stolen. It is more now of course.


England's Far Right Is Resurgent Alleges Daily Mail
The chilling resurgence of Britain's Far Right: UK extremists are on the march again - and they're recruiting middle-class female graduates to push their warped ideology...............

They could easily be taken for young squaddies heading for the gym. Some of them are, indeed, members of our Armed Forces, and the unit is used regularly for combat training.

But the training has nothing to do with the British Army. This is to all intents and purposes the headquarters of National Action (NA), the Far-Right extremist organisation banned by Home Secretary Amber Rudd last December.................

Those of us who have followed [ infiltrated, in fact ] these extremists since the group's inception in 2014 know that its followers are a new breed of extremist; often smart, middle-class graduates and, extraordinarily, including educated young women........

So how does NA continue to operate, and even maintain a base, in the face of the ban? The group now uses three interchangeable titles: Scottish Dawn, NS131 and the National Socialist movement. But the goals of these groups are identical, so it is worth reflecting on the actions which stung the Home Secretary into making NA the first proscribed Far-Right group in Britain.
This was, presumably written by QUOTE Richard Price, who led the EDL's West Midlands division, has been convicted of violent behaviour, downloading indecent images of children and possessing drugs.[52] UNQUOTE ex Rationalwiki- see English Defence League. He does not mention that Oswald Mosley was a Labour Party man and a Fabian at that; translate that as Hard Left or something very like it. Fun Fact: His policies were endorsed by the Daily Mail.

Is Nationalism really so very awful? It is just the same as Patriotism but the Main Stream Media are not going to admit that. The truth comes nowhere again.


English Slut Betrayed Girls To Pakistani Perverts
A mother-of-two who found young white girls for Asian men to sexually exploit told police: 'It's self inflicted and I've got no sympathy for them'. Carolann Gallon, 22, known as Chucky to friends, trafficked victims across the north of England and was jailed for six years and three months today.

She sobbed in the dock and yelled: 'Love you dad' as she was taken away - her father Jimmy then shouted out: 'Can I just say how cruel a judge can be'. 
Her father is just as evil as her. The Mail's readers are not amused. They are realising that Third World thugs and parasites were imported with malice aforethought by Her Majesty's Government & Her Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition.


8 September 2017  

Child Abuse ‘Whitewash’ As Rotherham Council Chiefs Escape Blame
New inquiries into the Rotherham child abuse scandal were criticised last night after they failed to recommend disciplinary action against any of the council’s former senior executives.

Sarah Champion, the South Yorkshire town’s MP, labelled the reports a “wasted opportunity”, while a young woman who as a child fell victim to multiple sex offences condemned the findings as a whitewash.

Six independent [ sic ] investigations were commissioned by the local authority, at a cost of £440,000, after the 2014 Jay report, which revealed that 1,400 girls from the town were targeted for abuse, including rape and sex trafficking, from 1997 to 2013. The lead inquiry was asked to investigate the “performance and conduct” of senior employees in those years, to determine whether there were grounds for disciplinary proceedings against any present or former staff.

Its finding was that the council’s “shameful” response to child sexual exploitation was the product of “multiple and systemic failures" but was “not the responsibility or fault” of any one person.
If Her Majesty's Government actually cared about the 1,400 English girls known to be victims of Pakistani Perverts they would have investigated the politicians & police who were instrumental in letting them be raped. Using outside police or MI5 to investigate would imply that they were serious. They are not. The in house 'investigation' went through the motions. The firm will carry on getting lotsa business from the council.


5 September 2017  

Islamophobia Holding Back Muslims In Workplace Says Study
Young Muslims in the UK are less likely to succeed in the workplace due to Islamophobia, a new report suggests [ states/implies/claims/alleges - delete to taste. Editor ].

The report found that among 16 to74-year-olds, only one in five (19.8%) of the Muslim population is infill-time employment, compared to more than one in three (34.9%) of the overall population in England and Wales. 

Research by the Social Mobility Commission found young Muslims feel they are being hampered in getting jobs because applicants with ethnic-sounding names are less likely to get interviews.
The Daily Mail is in Propaganda mode; it is anti-English fairy stories again. Its readers are not fool enough to believe it.


Russian And China Using Fat Fool In North Korea To Trip Donald Trump
Just after the latest [ North Korean ] detonation, I asked a well-connected friend what he and his contacts think.................

The test is a red line and the bet by Russia, China, and DPRK is that the US will not cross it.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the DPRK is the sock puppet of an international conspiracy headed by Russia and China to destabilize the Pacific and the adjacent east and southeast Asian landmass.

To not cross the red line and PUNISH the DPRK is to throw Seoul under the bus, which is exactly the same as throwing Japan and the wider southeast Asian nations, plus Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and in the long run, India under the bus. American credibility is being severely tested, which is precisely the goal of China and Russia. The DPRK is the low risk/high reward stooge in this massive geopolitical power play, but given their resources and dependence on the kindness of "strangers", they have no choice in this game of brinkmanship.

Generally, both the DoD and DoS agree that war is the only long term solution to this issue. It is an international crisis perpetrated by wanna-be global powers to bring down the US's influence in the Pacific and diminish the US maritime reach (military, trade, influence, and defense)......................

But, to allow DPRK to get away with this provocation means we lose the Pacific and China will see this as a green light to run amok and seize whatever they want and intimidate the rest. Generally, my contacts see war or capitulation.
This is poker with very high stakes. World War III is the threat, the bluff, possibility.


The  EU was accused of 'raping' its own values yesterday after its top court ruled that countries should be forced to accept refugees under a relocation scheme.

In an escalating row over its migration policy, Brussels threatened to sanction any member states who refuse to comply after the European Court of Justice dismissed a complaint about the rules.

But the warning was met with a furious response by Eastern European countries who have opposed the system, highlighting escalating splits over how to deal with the ongoing migration crisis.
Judges in the European Court of Justice are well aware of the United Nations & its position, set forth in the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The UN also take a position on Ethnic Fouling. See the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. These judges are criminals guilty of Misconduct In Public Office, Subversion & Treason. They are prime candidates for action by the International Criminal Court.


British Passports For Illegal Immigrants Costing £500
Criminal gangs are selling genuine British passports for less than £500 to migrants in Europe, it can be revealed today.

The price of a stolen passport has dropped dramatically from £2,000 a year ago, after more than 20,000 identity documents flooded on to the black market.

It raises fears that Islamic State fanatics intent on committing terror attacks in the UK are finding it easier than ever to reach our shores.
Market forces affect Free Traders but they have significant tax advantages over the rest.


4 September 2017

Bengali Policeman Says We Have Imported Terrorists In Our Midst
Isolated communities are fuelling an unprecedented terror threat, a senior police chief warned last night. Neil Base said the main danger came from Islamic-State inspired extremists 'in our midst'.

In an apparent reference to illegal Islamic schools, he said 'unregulated' education and home schooling were a breeding ground for home-grown terror. The counter-terror chief warned of the danger from extremists in 'segregated, isolated' communities.

He also highlighted weaknesses on our borders, calling for much stricter checks on arrivals. Warning that the terror threat would be severe for at least five more years, the Met deputy assistant commissioner said:.
Basu is stating the obvious. Third World parasite thugs full of hate have been imported by Her Majesty's Government with malice aforethought & by the million. They have the body guards. We have to take our chances & pay these free loaders. Official policy is Get Used To It Suckers.


Pakistani Drug Dealers Still On The Run
They got 27 years so they scarpered & will no doubt be safely ensconced in Pakistan. They will not be trouble the Rotherham dole office again.


Theologians doubt Pope Francis is Catholic
Anxious theologians and conservative cardinals have attacked the Pope by arguing that his reforms are heretical.

Controversy over his attempts to modernize church teaching on marriage, the Eucharist and papal authority itself have created astringe alliance that stretches from academics to cardinals who do not believe that there has been a proper pontiff since Pope Pius XII more than half a century ago.

At a conference in Kentucky, Cardinal Raymond Burke, the American conservative who has spearheaded opposition to the Pope’s reforms, said that Catholics needed to distinguish between the teaching of Francis the man and Francis the pope.

Cardinal Burke recalled that one of the “secrets” or predictions to emerge from the apparitions of Our Lady of Fátima to three Portuguese peasant children 100 years ago concerned “widespread apostasy in the church and the failure of the church’s shepherds to correct it”.........

The extremist fringes [ sic ] of the church hold that at least the last four pontiffs were impostors. The website claims that a third fragment of the secrets of Fátima related to the risk that the true faith would not be preserved in Rome. 
Holy Mother Church has been infiltrated by the Enemy Within. See Catholic Church Infiltrators for some of the perpetrators. The Church was the main target of the Long March Through The Institutions set up by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communist party in Italy.


Black Invaders Have Captured 100 Buildings In Rome
African invaders pretending to be refugees have seized more than 100 buildings in Rome and are illegally squatting in them, the populist mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has admitted in the wake of last week’s riots, carried out by sub-Saharans who had been living in Italy for the past five years.

Raggi added that the city government was now looking into the possibility of housing the thousands of African scroungers—who demand food, housing and welfare payments after illegally landing in Europe—in buildings confiscated from criminal cartels such as the Mafia. Mayor Virginia Raggi said city officials were mapping out the confiscated real estate to determine if any buildings were suitable for temporary housing. Police in the city used water cannons against the Africans—mostly from Eritrea and Ethiopia—who had been camped out on a central piazza after being evicted from a building they had occupied since 2013. Last week’s riots in the Italian capital were the worst since the nonwhite invasion of Italy started.........

Matteo Salvini, head of Northern League party, Tweeted his unequivocal support of police, saying “Go boys: Evictions, order, cleaning up and EXPULSIONS! Italians are with you.”

Criminals have Human Rights, especially if they are Black. Why shouldn't they get the dole, free medicine etc.? They would get away with it in England; see Illegal Immigrant Housing on the point. The ugly reality is that they are being imported by the political class, which is controlled by the Puppet Masters, by Zionist crazies to be the foot soldiers of World War III, filling the Trojan Horses. They will Rape and pillage. BTW Multiculturalism is wonderful - allegedly.
PS Ethnic Fouling is policy in Europe but it is Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine, in the Stolen Land that thieves call Israel. Jews don't want blacks among them.
PS See the next one.


Netanyahu Vows to Expel Africans from Tel Aviv 'We Will Return it to the Israelis'
The headline is verbatim and very sincere. It is based on the hope that Netanyahu will beat the fraud raps again. His attorney first time round got to be the attorney general. A quid pro quo?


3 September 2017  

Judicial Watch Forces State Department To Open  Up Clinton Emails
Way too slowly, but surely, the government is revealing, under our pressure, what it knows about Hillary Clinton’s scandalous misuse of email.

This week United States District Judge James E. Boasberg ruled that the Department of State must make public a FBI declaration detailing its efforts to retrieve the former secretary of state’s government emails (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Rex Tillerson (No. 1:15-cv-00785)).

I issued this statement regarding the decision:

We’re happy with the ruling but it is unbelievable we’re being opposed by Trump appointees in the State and Justice Departments on the Clinton email issue.  President Trump ought to be outraged his appointees are protecting Hillary Clinton. The State Department should initiate action with the Justice Department – and both agencies should finally take the necessary steps to recover all the government emails Hillary Clinton unlawfully removed.

Here is the background.
Hillary Clinton is deeply, sincerely corrupt, a ratbag on the make. Stealing furniture from the White House is just one detail but telling none the less. The fact that the Main Stream Media were desperate to have her as president of America tells us about their agenda, their evil. More and better details of her depravity are at Hillary Rodham.


George Soros Is A Terrorist Says White House Petition
Tens of thousands of American citizens have signed a petition that calls on the US President Donald Trump to declare Jewish billionaire George Soros a terrorist and to seize all his assets.

More than 80,000 people have signed the petition on the White House website since its launch on August 20, accusing Soros and his affiliates of systematic attempts to destabilize the situation and “commit acts of sedition” against the United States and its citizens.

The petition's author known as E.B. says the billionaire has created multiple organizations and funded them with a sole purpose to apply modern terrorist tactics for destroying the US government.......

Soros was a supporter of Trump’s Democratic rival,  Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 US presidential election, pouring millions of dollars into her campaign.
Soros is a Jew full of hate, abusing power to overrun Western Civilization using a flood of Third World parasites. See e.g. Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants or This is Europe’s Last Chance to Fix Its Refugee Policy.


Hate Filled Jews Hide Money In Cayman Islands
One of America’s most notorious Jewish extremist hate groups, the SPLC [ Southern Poverty Law Center ], has been exposed as stashing millions of dollars in cash—presumably from donors—in secret Cayman Island bank accounts, according to a new report in the Washington Free Beacon (WFB)  news service. The SPLC, which poses as an “anti-racist” organization, is merely another Jewish extremist pressure group—like its sister organization, the ADL, which specializes in attacking anyone not on the far left of the ideological spectrum—including President Donald Trump, which the SPLC last year listed prominently as one of the biggest dangers facing America. According to the WFB, the SPLC, which is registered as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, has pushed “millions of dollars to offshore entities.” Additionally, the Free Beacon said, the SPLC “pays lucrative six-figure salaries to its top directors and key employees while spending little on legal services despite its stated intent of ‘fighting hate and bigotry’ using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy.”...........

In addition, the WFB said, the SPLC “pays lucrative salaries to its top leadership,” using as an example its president and chief executive officer, Richard Cohen, who got $346,218 in base compensation in 2015, and $20,000 more in other reportable compensation and non-taxable benefits.  The minimum amount paid to an officer, director, trustee, or key employee in 2015 was $140,000 in base salary, not including other compensation.  The SPLC spent $20 million on salaries throughout the year, but reported spending only $61,000 on legal services in 2015...........

The SPLC has also recently been the subject of a number of law suits over its “hate map” which is not only obviously made-up (for example, the Iowa town Amana Colonies was listed as a hate center simply because of an anonymous and completely unsubstantiated internet post which claimed that a right wing book club meeting had allegedly taken place in September 2016 at a local restaurant), but which includes anyone who is not on the far left, including former Muslims warning about radical Islam, and Christian groups who support heterosexual marriage.
The SPLC has successfully incited hate & murder attempts but its other main rationale is greed.


2 September 2017  
On this day in 1939 the Second World War began as the Wehrmacht invaded Poland in the Polish September Campaign. The Soviets invaded Poland from the east a couple of weeks later.

African Invasion Of Europe Slows After Criminal Charities Investigated
African Invasion of Europe Drops by 50% Every Week because Fake Charity “Rescue” Ships Stopped
Only 365 African invaders pretending to be refugees landed in Italy during the week August 21 to 17, the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced—a dramatic drop from the thousands that were being brought ashore every day when the fake charity “rescue” ships were being allowed to collude with the smugglers in North Africa. According to the latest figures released by the IOM, the 365 who landed in Italy during the period August 21 to 27 represented a 42 percent drop from the previous week (August 14 to 20, when only 624 made it ashore............

The dramatic decline is obviously linked to the decision by the Italian government to help recreate the Libyan coast guard and launch criminal investigations into the so-called charities operating “rescue” ships in the Mediterranean. These fake charities—run by organizations such as “Save The Children,” “Doctors without Borders” and a host of other far-left groups—were shown to be actively colluding with the smugglers in North Africa and at least two of the boats were seized by Italian police.
This is good news for once, which maybe why the Main Stream Media did a news blackout on it. The Italian government seems to have come to it senses, stopping crime instead of inciting it. This happened after the French and Austrians closed their borders in Third World parasites.

Save The Children & Médecins Sans Frontières are just two criminal gangs, one of which is run by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minister of Denmark. This shows rather adequately that governments in Europe are a corrupt freemasonry that wants Ethnic Fouling in order to cause population replacement. That is major crime according to the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. There are more and better details at Criminal Charities. But the Jews who run Palestine, the Stolen Land that they call Israel are different; they are Racists who do not want Black free loaders. See the next one.


Jews Will Deport All Illegal Aliens From Israel
The Israeli Justice Minister has announced that Israel will shortly be introducing a law which will forcibly deport all non-Jewish illegal aliens—including all “asylum seekers”—from the Jews-only ethnostate following a High Court ruling in that country which approved Israel’s current deportation program, but limited it to those “volunteering” to leave. According to a report in the Jerusalem-based Times of Israel, the High Court of Justice on Monday allowed the Jewish ethnostate’s government to continue with its policy of deporting all illegal invaders from Africa back to Rwanda or Uganda—irrelevant of their original country of origin—but said that that state cannot jail those who refuse to go for more than 60 days.............

The Jewish judges unanimously rejected a petition by human rights groups against the deportation practice, but said that the “deportations could only to be carried out with the agreement of the illegal aliens. Previously Israel had detained “refugees” in an open prison [ Holot Concentration Camp ] in the middle of the desert for up to 12 months, imposing such harsh restrictions upon them that many chose to be “voluntarily deported” just to get out the Jewish state. The Times of Israel further reported that following the new court ruling, Israeli officials said they would amend the law so that the invaders could be deported without their consent. “...........

The Israeli policies are in direct contradiction to the “open borders” policies endorsed and propagated by all Jewish organizations, synagogues and religious bodies in non-Jewish countries in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. At the same time, all of these Jewish bodies support Israel. The hypocrisy is too blatant to be coincidental, and must be deliberate: Jews support “open borders” for non-Jewish countries, but “closed borders” for their own country.
Zionist crazies love Ethnic Cleansing of outsiders among their own but impose Ethnic Fouling on Western Civilization. They are evil and the Main Stream Media hide the truth about it.


The UK holds the cards in the EU 'divorce bill' row
What are these cards? The journo does not say. The French are just plain greedy.


Rotherham MP Sacked By Comrade Corbyn For Telling The Truth About Pakistanis Raping English Girls
Sarah Champion says London and the north of England have differing attitudes towards race and that segregation is still present in many post-industrial towns Victor de Jesus

The “floppy left” is failing vulnerable children because it will not confront the race factor in sex crimes involving street-grooming, according to a Labour frontbencher sacked for speaking out on the issue.

Sarah Champion attributed her party’s squeamishness to a liberal fear of being falsely branded racist.

The MP for Rotherham was dismissed from the shadow cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn last month after she wrote in an article for The Sun that Britain “has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”.
Sarah Champion is on Comrade Corbyn's hate list for life. Perhaps she is going to join another party. Or did she realise how much evil she was harnessed to? More and better details at Left turns a blind eye to sex crimes


Copycat Bomber Plotted Destruction Of Confederate Statue
This twerp has previous. The
Independent's Article is sympathises with the criminal, alleging inter alia that black victims are living in fear. It lies.


1 September 2017  
On this day in 1939 the Second World War began as the Wehrmacht invaded Poland in the Polish September Campaign. The Soviets invaded Poland from the east a couple of weeks later.

Jew On Trial For Ransomeware Attacks On Lloyds
A British [ sic] man has appeared in court accused of masterminding a wave of cyber attacks against two of the UK's largest banks.

Daniel Kaye, 29, was extradited from Germany after he allegedly orchestrated the 'botnet' assaults which targeted Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays in January. The three-day onslaught directed at Lloyds prevented some Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers using their online accounts after the banks refused to pay a ransom.

He is said to have developed malicious software enabling him to take control of computers all over the world, creating his own botnet.............

In one email to a potential client, he allegedly boasted he had between 555,000 and 1.5 million computers in his botnet. Authorities allege Kaye used a botnet, called Mirai #14, against the banks.
Another Jew, another thief.


Black Drug Dealer Killed His Best Friend
A drug dealer who crashed into a lamppost and killed his best friend when he was chasing members of a rival gang was today jailed for nine years.

Nassem Galleze, 17, was in Gary Brown's car as it roared down a 20mph road at 63mph after it was attacked by the 'Turnham Road Boys' in South East London. Brown, 22, who had never taken formal driving lessons, span out of control in the Vauxhall Corsa and police saw Nassem slumped unconscious in the back seat.

Paramedics were called and took the promising footballer - described as 'loving, caring, thoughtful and respectful' - to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Another "wonderful caring human being" associated with career criminals. Believe it? Not me. He was another Third World undesirable imported by a corrupt political class.


31 August 2017
On this day in 1997 Diana, Princess of Wales died in Paris. It is a tragedy being exploited by the Main Stream Media. It fills the spaces between the news and the advertisements. 

David Davis Rejects EU Demand For £100 Billion Exit Ransom
EU Brexit negotiators were left “flabbergasted” after their British counterparts launched a legal deconstruction of the so-called “Brexit bill” Wednesday as the Brussels talks headed for an increasingly acrimonious impasse, EU sources have told The Telegraph.

British negotiators spent three hours launching a painstaking, line-by-line rebuttal of the EU’s demands for €100bn divorce settlement to the barely concealed fury of EU negotiators.

"There was total amazement,” the EU source said, “Everyone was completely flabbergasted that this young man from Whitehall was saying that the EU's preparation on the financial settlement was 'inadequate'. It did not go down well.
These foreigners are a grasping lot of rogues. Have the French paid us a penny piece after we dug them out of trouble in two world wars? How much did the Germans pay us by way of reparations after causing those same wars? The answer is not much. Now the European Union are demanding our life's blood for the privilege of not being robbed by them. But they are prepared to kick Poland out for free. See e.g. Brexit latest as Donald Tusk admits 'Poland’s future in the EU UNCERTAIN’. It is fair to say that David Davis served, unlike too many politicians. Being in 21 SAS means that he passed Selection & Continuation as well as Resistance to Interrogation. He is not going to be a push over.


30 August 2017  
On this day in 2009 Ehud Olmert, the prime minister of Israel was indicted for obtaining by fraud under aggravating circumstances, fraud, breach of trust, falsifying corporate documents, and tax evasion. The indictment refers to three out of the four corruption-related cases outstanding against him: "Rishon Tours", "Talansky" (also known as the "money envelopes" affair), and the "Investment Center".[1] In July 2012, he was convicted on one count of "breach of trust" and acquitted on two fraud counts.[2] In March 2014, he was convicted of bribery, and he began serving a 19-months sentence on 16 February 2016 in Maasiyahu Prison.[3] Olmert was granted an early release by the Israeli Parole Board in June 2017 and released on 2 July 2017, after spending 16 and a half months in prison.[4]

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I was brought up with lies all the time . . . that's how you got along. . . . I have lied my entire life
Monica Lewinsky [ a Jew ] Explains All In
The Quote of the Century

Judge The 2010 Gold G-String Award In New Orleans
This is a rare opportunity to exercise your skill and judgment. Have you got what it takes? NB It may not qualify for the Job Seekers' Allowance. See Stormy Daniels, a past winner and think for yourself.


Jewish Pimp Pleading Guilty In Spitzer Case
An Israeli man [ the Jew, Mark Brener ] accused of running an escort service that brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer in March was set to plead guilty on Thursday afternoon to money laundering, prostitution and conspiracy, according to his lawyer......... "It does appear that there's a continuing investigation," noted criminal defence attorney Gerald Shargel told WCBS-TV. "The manner in which the investigation is being conducted strongly suggests that Gov. Spitzer is a target."
You have to admit that he dealt in quality, albeit there is no kindness in her face. You might also wonder why Spitzer got fingered while the rest of her clients walked away. Spitzer did annoy Bush as well as other rich criminals. See Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed for more on this one.

This is not one of the 18 known pictures of her at Kristen the definitive gallery so she'll just have to do until one comes along.

Today's Girl
Is for light relief.


Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
The man is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.


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