7/7 Massacre

The 7/7 Job was perpetrated by vicious Islamic crazies putting the frighteners on. The List Of Terrorist Attacks In London shows mainly Irish Republican Army operations. There are Islamics too. The Jews attack by Subversion, by treachery, by Political Manipulation. They are far more dangerous. They imported the Third World crazies who did this one. More and better details at 7/7 Investigative Documentary Compilation - take 3. The Jew gets a mention there as well.

7 July 2005 London bombings ex Wiki
The 7 July 2005 London bombings (often referred to as 7/7) were a series of co-ordinated suicide attacks in London which targeted civilians using the public transport system during the morning rush hour.

On the morning of Thursday, 7 July 2005, four Islamist home-grown terrorists detonated four bombs, three in quick succession aboard London Underground trains across the city and, later, a fourth on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square. Fifty-two civilians and the four bombers were killed in the attacks, and over 700 more were injured.

The explosions were caused by homemade organic peroxide–based devices packed into rucksacks. The bombings were followed exactly two weeks later by a series of attempted attacks.
At least the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_July_2005_London_bombings admits that the perps were Islamics. This one will go down the memory hole for that precise reason.


7/7 Investigative Documentary Compilation - take 3
Despite repeated calls from the families of victims and survivors there has still been no enquiry into the London Bombings of July 7th 2005. The tragic events of that day have therefore been shrouded in doubt and confusion. With the absence of inquests the rule of law appears to have been suspended for this bomb attack which killed just over 50 innocent Londoners.
No public inquiry? Could it be another suppression of the truth? YES!


Faulty bombs imply sloppiness or old explosive [ 22 July 2005 ]
The 7/7 job was set up by experts even if the carriers were mugs. Some comedians were having a laugh or what ever.


Bombers are here legally [ 26 July 2005 ]
They were imported with the connivance of Her Majesty's Government. Ditto for the people hiding them. They are enemies of England too.


Leading cleric rails at injustice of 'Muslim bashing' [ 28 July 2005 ]
Mohammad Naseem, the chairman of the city's central mosque, called  Blair a liar and an unreliable witness. They thought that he was going to come out with the kind of left wing drivel that they want. Boy, did they [ who ?? ]  foul up. He won't be invited back any time soon.

Of course if Blair objects to being called a liar he can always sue for libel. He got away with being impeached for "misleading" Parliament so I doubt that he will try it. I'll buy Naseem a pint if I meet him. The chances of any Islamics grassing their mates is small to disappearing.


The Morals of Tony Blair [ 30 July 2005 ]
Has he got any beyond those of a slimy little salesman on the make?

9/11. 3/11. Then 7/7 and 21/7


Extraordinary admission to interrogators by London bomb suspect  [ 31 July 2005 ]
A dodgy headline.  Blair lies   Brit dies -  would have been better. Blair attacked Iraq. A Somali attacked England. To be fair Blair has killed far more people than  irate Islamics so far. It could change for the worse. BTW, this was an independent operation, a part  of a leaderless resistance. Somali attacked because of Blair and Iraq.