The IRA or Irish Republican Army is one of the world's most effective guerrilla outfits. Their more recent operations are given cursory coverage at Irish Republican Army (1922–1969). It seems there were 1707 kills in toto. It was nationalist as far as its propaganda went. It became active and Marxist again in the 1970s. Marxist? See what their murals in the Falls Road road show. It is evidence for the prosecution.

The most recent nausea kicked off with the 1969 Northern Ireland Riots. Max Hastings wrote Going to the Wars telling us inter alia that the Prods attacked Bombay Street in Belfast on 14 August 1969 during the 1969 Northern Ireland Riots, with the enthusiastic connivance of the police, fire brigade etc.; page 37. Further that 38 houses had to be demolished; page 50. The Micks got the first kill that night; page 39. The Prod police got theirs by shooting up the Divis Flats with a .30 cal. Browning. They murdered one 9 year old boy; page 42


Bloody Friday (1972)
Was the IRA's doing. It got nine kills and 130 injuries. It was allegedly a response to Bloody Sunday when the Parachute Regiment got 13 kills.


Gerry Adams
Was the leader of the IRA, therefore a murderer at second hand if not first, politician and first class shit on the make. He is encouraging blacks to infiltrate Ireland.


Bernadette Devlin
She is a nasty bit of work, sincerely nasty but still nasty. She dropped her bastard and lost support thereby. She is a communist inflicting blacks on Ireland. The people of a once decent land seem not to have worked out that she is just as evil as Adams,


Martin McGuinness
Was very senior in the IRA and there on Bloody Sunday armed with a Thompson submachine gun. He alleged that he did not/cannot remember firing. Believe him if you want.


IRA As A Communist Front
True or false? It very well be true. The Soviets would not have hesitated to move in.


IRA Finance
A criminal organisation finances itself through crime. Obvious enough, easy enough, profitable enough to pay for some very comfortable life styles. It is all tax free too. Her Majesty's Government does not rock the boat because it would cause aggravation. The IRA is a state within a state.


The IRA took on the Royal Army Educational Corps, the RAEC lost. This was in the grounds of Eltham Palace


The Green Book Of The IRA
The IRA Green Book is a training and induction manual issued by the Irish Republican Army to new volunteers. It was used by the post-Irish Civil War Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Cumann na mBan, ("League of Women"), along with offspring groupings such as the Provisional IRA (PIRA). It includes a statement of military objectives, tactics and conditions for military victory against the British Army and their allies. In the IRA's and PIRA's understanding this military victory was to be achieved as part of "the ongoing liberation of Ireland from foreign occupiers". The Green Book has acted as a manual of conduct and induction to the organisation since at least the 1950s.

While splits in the IRA since 1922 up to the 1950s do not appear to be noted in the 1956 document, developments in the fields of insurgency & counter-insurgency are. Both T. E. Lawrence and Field Marshal Sir William Slim are quoted. The 1977 edition appears to have been more heavily influenced by the work of Brigadier General Frank Kitson.
The fact that they are using British sources is interesting.


North to benefit from a €144m peace dividend
THE North has secured a further €144m from the European Union Peace Fund towards generating economic and social integration in areas most scarred by the troubles. The European Commissioner for regional policy, Danuta Hubner, announced a two-year extension of the Peace II programme in Belfast yesterday.  The programme aims to foster greater cross-border co-operation, and border counties in the South are also in line to benefit from the latest round of peace funding. Over €66m of the two-year investment has been pledged by the European Union. The other €78m is expected to be subscribed by the British and Irish governments. 
Tax free income sounds good to me - if I happen to be at the receiving end.


IRA Captured A Ship Full Of guns In 1922
There were plenty of Maxim and Lewis guns with spares, ammunition enough to start a small war. They did well.



Foreign Criminals Fill Irish Prisons [ 26 September 2008 ]
PRISON officers have called for language training to help them cope with the surging number of foreign prisoners in Irish jails. The Prison Officers' Association made the call as figures showed the number of non-nationals jailed here rose by 36pc in five years........ Figures from the Irish Prison Service show that, excluding UK nationals, there were 2,675 foreign prisoners in Irish jails in 2006 -- almost 30pc of all inmates. The figure rose by 36pc from the 1,956 foreign prisoners in jails in 2002.
Government policy is working; import foreign criminals to cause problems. It is Cultural Genocide and it is being done deliberately by governments across the whole of Christendom. Holy Mother Church is guilty too.


Irish Quango Funds IRA Criminals Fraudulently [ 26 September 2008 ]
Combat Poverty is a government funded quango with a staff of 35 which gave €865,120 to ex-prisoners; that means IRA thugs with convictions to prove it while spending €2,276,065 on wages. They managed to dispose of €889,499 on rent and admin, rather more than those alleged victims came in for. Their average pay is €65,000 which is a lot better than the average man gets. Throw in the job security, a big plus with depression looming and an inflation proof pension and ask yourself whether the tax payers are getting value.

Bonus benefits are that one of the groups they give money to is run by an aspiring murderer and another one spent almost €700,000 to do up one house. In other words a very large most of the money given to those victims was stolen.

That's how one government runs things. Are the rest different? This is in a western country where corruption is not rampant in the way you expect in Nigeria. More on this nasty little bit of corruption at Six 'ex-prisoner' groups get almost €1m annually and
Figures supplied to Stormont last December from the EU show that "ex-prisoners" groups -- many of which double as Sinn Fein centres -- raked in more than €20m from the European Union Peace Fund alone between 2002 and last year and are clearly continuing to receive other funding from both the British and Irish Governments even though the last IRA prisoner was released in 2000.
Crime pays big time.


Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams - Gaza is an open-air prison [ 10 April 2009 ]
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams Thursday denounced the Israel-led blockade on Gaza as having turned the coastal strip into an "open-air prison," news agencies reported. "This is a total denial of the rights of the people of Palestine. This is an open-air prison," The Guardian quoted the Sinn Fein president as saying during a visit to the Hamas-ruled territory. "People can't travel out of here, they can't travel in.".......... "I outlined to him Sinn Fein's view that there should be a complete cessation of all hostilities and armed actions by all sides. The obligation is that what happened here doesn't happen again," Adams said, referring to the destruction the IDF caused in one Gaza neighbourhood during Operation Cast Lead.
Related articles:
Gerry Adams: Law limiting family reunification is a 'terrible thing'
Adams has no compunction about murder. It is a good way to get taken seriously.


Sinn Fein Boss's Brother Is A Paedophile [  20 December 2009 ]
Gerry Adams is facing questions about his younger brother who is wanted over a string of sex abuse offences. The Sinn Fein president’s brother Liam is accused of assaulting his daughter Aine Tyrell when she was a child. Mrs Tyrell, now 36, waived her right to anonymity to make the allegations during a television documentary shown in Northern Ireland on Friday night. Gerry Adams, 61, was also interviewed on the show, where he appealed for his brother to hand himself in and claimed he had not seen him for 15 years until 2003....... Yesterday Sinn Fein spokesman Richard McAuley admitted Gerry Adams had seen his brother in a series of meetings before he disappeared.
Adams is a liar of course. He would doubtless claim he is not a murderer too. He would still be lying. But he is political so he gets away with things, just like Blair. Now he claims more - Adams reveals his father abused children


IRA Terrorist DOA In Dublin [ 4 September 2012 ]
A leading terror figure has been killed and an associate injured in a gangland-style gun attack in north Dublin. The victim, named locally as Alan Ryan, has several previous convictions and is known by detectives for his links with the Real IRA (RIRA). The 32-year-old was notorious for racketeering - extorting cash from drug dealers and businessmen across the city and demanding protection money from firms.

He was previously convicted of taking part in a RIRA weapons training camp in Meath in 2001 and served time for possession of a firearm in a separate incident. A Garda source said: "He was very dangerous. He won't be missed. Anyone could have done this. Even one of his own."......

Ryan was due to go on trial - along with three other men - for threatening a city-centre publican and making him cease trading within 24 hours.
When the Troubles wound down IRA men diversified into narcotics, unless of course they were there already. It worked for the CIA in funding their criminal operations. The IRA was already into extortion. They had the weapons, training, organisation, experience. Why change?


IRA Smuggling Financed Their Operations [ 20 February 2014 ]
So did the extortion. Then there is their grip on Free Trading. They supplied the Narcotics. They still do. They have the weapons, the communications, security, everything a criminal organisation needs. Why change? Why earn an legal honest living? Crime pays.


Blair Let IRA Get Away With 300 Murders [ 9 May 2014 ]
No one is above the law unless they are War Criminals like Blair,  Bush, IRA thugs et cetera.
PS Notice that Blair's Get Out Of Jail Free cards have become 'letters of comfort'. The Guardian is run by cunning liars.




IRA Finance
The Irish Republican Army finances itself in much the same way as the Norman conquerors of 1066 and Her Majesty's Government today, that is by threats and extortion. It also does a fair amount of free trading in the narcotics industry. The Grauniad was writing about this in 2005. Now in 2010 it is clear that IRA men are working in Dublin as narcotic traders. They had connections with South America, with Sendero Luminoso for example. Providing training in guerrilla operations gave them the entree. The IRA has the covert organisation, the weapons, the military training, the intelligence organisation, in fine everything it needs for organised crime. Robbing banks is an obvious way to go if you have explosives. Sinn Féin is part of it naturally enough. Gerry Adams denies it naturally enough. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

More on IRA financial operations at Police seize £2.3m in Northern Bank investigation &


Spotlight turns to slick IRA money-making machine
Spotlight turns to slick IRA money-making machine

Angelique Chrisafis
Saturday February 19, 2005
The Guardian

The Provisional IRA's finance department is a slick machine with 30 years' experience in moving money through the international banking system, as well as hiding millions of dollars in donations from Libya and the US.

They have become expert money launderers who, observers say, "clean" cash through high-turnover businesses which they control directly or indirectly.

The IRA is reputed to own a portfolio of front businesses in Belfast, Derry and the border counties of the Irish Republic, from small supermarkets to cafes, pubs and hotels. It has extensive property interests which opponents have long claimed also fund Sinn Féin.

The ceasefire watchdog, the independent monitoring commission, said last year the IRA was deriving a "substantial income" from smuggling and other crime.

Northern Ireland's organised crime taskforce said the IRA was involved in money laundering, tax and VAT fraud, and generated an income from robberies, hijackings, smuggling and counterfeiting. It is thought the group makes up to £10m a year from crime alone. One business source in Derry yesterday estimated it made half as much again from its "legitimate" business and property development.

Ed Moloney, the author of A Secret History of the IRA, said it usually bought businesses above the going rate to keep the previous owners onside. A week after the deal is closed, turnover suddenly multiplies on paper by six or seven times. "This is a way of producing legitimate funds." He said that at one stage in Derry so many businesses were controlled by the IRA it was believed it stopped its bombing campaign there because it would be blowing up its own premises.


The Derry business source said the IRA also controlled firms which it had not bought outright. It lent money to businesses and controlled slot machines in pubs in a similar way to loyalist paramilitaries.

The source said the IRA front businesses had not come under scrutiny from government agencies, police or the media because the government did not want to destabilise the peace process.

Until now, IRA funding and criminal assets have not come under the full investigative spotlight shone on other paramilitaries. In the Irish Republic, the criminal assets bureau which has targeted the Real IRA, had not, until this week, launched a major investigation into the IRA.

In Northern Ireland, the Assets Recovery Agency, which law enforcement agencies instruct to freeze the assets of criminals, has not been seen to target the IRA, nor has it publicly linked the organisation to any assets it has frozen.

Sinn Féin, the richest party on either side of the Irish border, has consistently denied the accusations and called on its critics to present proof.

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Crime pays - if you have political power - Mao Tse-Tung said Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Mao Tse Tung was right. Mao Tse Tung could afford to tell the truth because Mao Tse Tung had lots of guns and lots of power.


IRA Racketeers Financed Sinn Féin  [ 13 December 2010 ]
The IRA used the Celtic Tiger economic boom in the Irish Republic to diversify into "more sophisticated business enterprises" by buying up properties in London, Dublin and Spanish resorts, according to leaked US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks. A senior Irish police officer told the American embassy in Dublin that the IRA used the booming Irish economy to move on from 1970s-style racketeering as it turned to "apparently respectable businessmen" to raise funds.............

The IRA's changing business practices are revealed in a cable by Jonathan Benton, the then deputy chief of mission at the American embassy in Dublin, which reported on meetings with senior Irish police officers and senior officials from the department of justice.......... The cable added: "While the IRA had been proficient in smuggling, robbery, and racketeering since the 1970s, the Celtic Tiger economic boom of the 1990s had prompted the IRA to diversify into more sophisticated business enterprises.
The  IRA was one of the most competent guerilla outfits in the world. It made Umkhonto we Sizwe look the third rate amateurs they are. So the fact that they moved into relatively legitimate business is not surprising. It makes security issues less of a problem.
More and better stories at:-
Cable describes legacy of distrust left by Finucane killing
Sinn Féin leaders 'were aware' of Northern Bank heist plans
IRA used Irish economic boom to turn to 'respectable' business ventures
Nicholas Watt: Will Cameron now sanction a public murder inquiry?


Sinn Féin Leaders Knew About The Northern Bank Job Plans  [ 13 December 2010 ]
Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness held lengthy negotiations with the former Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern to save the Northern Ireland peace process in the full knowledge that the IRA was planning to carry out the biggest bank robbery in its history, according to leaked US cables passed to WikiLeaks. Ahern, who was instrumental in drawing up the 1998 Good Friday agreement, judged that the two Sinn Féin leaders were aware of plans for the £26.5m Northern Bank robbery in 2004 because they were members of the "IRA military command" with a deep knowledge of its operations.....

A Sinn Féin spokesperson said: "Brian Cowen is a political opponent of Sinn Féin. As a former finance minister and now as taoiseach he has brought the country to its knees."
Nowadays Sinn Féin is the political branch of the IRA. Anyone who believes they were not in total collusion should rethink. It is fair to say that Cowen did more damage then the IRA but murdered fewer.


More on IRA financial operations at Police seize £2.3m in Northern Bank investigation &

From Sinn Féin crisis over police raids

Sinn Féin crisis over police raids
Adams shaken by 'serious situation'
Angelique Chrisafis, Ireland correspondent
Saturday February 19, 2005
The Guardian

Sinn Féin was in grave crisis last night as one of its prominent members in the Irish republic was dragged into the multimillion pound IRA money laundering investigation which police say may connect republicans to the £26.5m Northern Bank robbery.

As the first of several people arrested this week in raids across Cork and Dublin appeared in court charged with Real IRA membership, a former Sinn Féin vice-president and one of the best connected bankers in Ireland was helping police with inquiries.

Phil Flynn, 61, came forward to say he was co-director of a firm run by a Cork financier at whose home police found £2.3m in mixed sterling notes.

The already stalled peace process now seems destined to be put into the deep freeze. With the Democratic Unionist party demanding that Sinn Féin is immediately excluded from talks and any new devolved government, the chance of compromise seems remote.

Following the robbery, Sinn Féin has become more isolated on both sides of the border. The taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, was strongly critical. But while unionists demand financial sanctions against Sinn Féin, Mr Ahern is adamant that the largest nationalist party in Northern Ireland should not be excluded from talks.

Gerry Adams, the party's president, last night rushed back from promoting his book in Bilbao, and sounded uncharacteristically shaken in an interview with the Irish state broadcaster RT É. "I do think it is a serious situation," he said. "Of course I am concerned. I am flying back to try and get a handle on this."

Mr Flynn, who has acted as an adviser to the Irish government, last night resigned as chairman of Bank of Scotland in Ireland, and from a committee that advised the government on decentralisation. He has not been arrested and denied he was involved in any wrongdoing or had ever been involved in money laundering. He told RT É: "If I'm proven wrong, I'll run up and down the street naked for you."

Meanwhile, the huge investigation into alleged IRA money laundering took a series of twists during the night while Sinn Féin continued to deny assertions by Tony Blair, the Irish government and the police that the IRA was behind the Northern Bank robbery in Belfast in December - the biggest bank robbery in UK or Irish history.

In the early evening, Irish police arrested a man in the town of Passage West in Cork in connection with the discovery of assault rifle rounds, following a tipoff that a man was burning sterling bank notes in his backyard.

Then, just before 10pm, a quantity of Northern Bank notes was discovered in a leisure complex in Belfast used by Northern Ireland police officers. Police were last night investigating whether the notes found inside a building at Newforge Country Club in south Belfast were connected to the Northern Bank raid. A spokeswoman said: "Initial checks would suggest this incident is an effort to distract police investigating the Northern Bank robbery, and also to divert attention away from events else where over the last two days."

Earlier, Don Bullman, a 30-year-old chef from Cork, appeared in court in Dublin charged with membership of the Real IRA. He is alleged to have had over €90,000 (£62,000) in a box of Daz washing powder in the back of his four-wheel drive. Two men from Derry arrested with him were released without charge.

The Cork financier Ted Cunningham, 57, was still being questioned last night with his partner after they were arrested at their bungalow in the village of Farran outside Cork, where over £2m was found. The notes are being examined in Dublin. It also emerged that a man walked into a police station in Cork on Thursday and handed over £175,000 he said Mr Cunningham had asked him to look after.

Mr Cunningham, a registered money lender, is the director of several companies including Chesterton Finance, in which Mr Flynn holds a 10% stake. Mr Flynn said he had been questioned by the Criminal Assets Bureau and handed documents to the Irish police.

The former Sinn Féin parliamentary candidate Tom Hanlon, 37, who was arrested in a separate raid in Cork this week, was last night released without charge along with another man who had been arrested in Cork. In further raids yesterday on several businesses and homes, computers and financial documents were seized.

Sinn Féin is already facing a crisis in its support base in Belfast after the alleged IRA murder of an innocent father of two in a bar brawl.


IRA Diversified Into Fraud With Mafia [ 6 March 2013 ]
Italian police say they have broken up a massive money-laundering scheme run by the IRA along with one of most feared Mafia groups in the country which has allegedly duped hundreds of holiday home investors across Europe.

A British [ Irish in fact - Ed. ] man, said to be involved with the republican terrorist organization, is being sought by detectives investigating the £390m fraud which was based tourist village scheme on the beautiful coast of Calabria in Southern Italy.

Italian authorities yesterday arrested 16 people in dawn raids and issued a warrant for the arrest of Henry James Fitzsimons, 63, from Belfast, saying he was "a subject considered by the British authorities to be close to the IRA, the Irish terrorist organization."......

The wanted man is understood to be the same as Henry James Fitzsimmons, now 63, who once served 15 years in jail for an attack on a Belfast hotel.......

He was also jailed for blowing up the Collin Glenn bacon factory where he had worked and stealing the £7,000 pay roll in November 1971...  The Real IRA and other groups are heavily involved in cigarette and diesel smuggling and need ways of laundering the illegal proceeds from such activity......... Mafia godfathers are able to get round planning regulations by buying off corrupt local politicians.
The IRA was probably the best guerrilla outfit in the world, one with international connections to the Mafia etcetera from way back. You can see for yourself by looking at the murals on the Falls Road. When the Troubles quietened down diversifying into crime made lots of sense. They have the weapons, explosives, experience of espionage, security etcetera. Extortion was always a nice little earner; Drugs ditto. Smuggling goes with the territory; it always did. Gerry Adams could confirm that there are significant advantages in the tax position. He even claims he was not the boss of the IRA. Believe him you want.