Bill Gates was the right man, in the right place at the right time. He was writing programmes before most of us had heard of computers. Given brains, commitment, unmitigated greed and cunning meant getting ahead before 99% of us had even started.  He is now the world's richest man and even has his own special outfit to spend his money for him. Meanwhile Microsoft goes on screwing the public.

Windows 10 Is A Spy Tool
It is that simple, that straightforward, that dangerous. The USSR spied on the their people the hard way, by using informers. Now Western governments do it the easy way, by commandeering the Internet. They lean on Google et al. Getting access to all data means knowing all too much. Gates complies, Gates keeps quiet about the whole thing, Gates gets to be the world's richest man. You doubt that it can be that bad? See the next one.


The NSA is Commandeering the Internet
In fact it already has but that is to split hairs. Data protection laws are totally irrelevant; they obstruct us but Big Brother knows all. He makes the rules, he breaks the rules.


Microsoft's Lost Decade
Vanity Fair  says that the Jew, Ballmer has made a pig's ear of selling shoddy goods at excessive prices.
Once upon a time, Microsoft dominated the tech industry; indeed, it was the wealthiest corporation in the world. But since 2000, as Apple, Google, and Facebook whizzed by, it has fallen flat in every arena it entered: e-books, music, search, social networking, etc., etc. Talking to former and current Microsoft executives, Kurt Eichenwald finds the fingers pointing at C.E.O. Steve Ballmer, Bill Gatesís successor, as the man who led them astray.
Vanity Fair says these things at length. This is not to say it is wrong. Saying that Ballmer looked like an NKVD wallah sounds right to me.


A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection
Vista is an attack on you and me. An attempt to screw us out of our hard earned money.


Microsoft Versus The Customer
We are the enemy. Microsoft are the thieves, bandits, blood suckers. Selling shoddy goods for the maximum price is the name of the game.

Microsoft Vista
Vista is part of the game plan. Robbing us is the objective. Locking us in to Gates' rubbish is the means to the end. Linux is the answer; it was written by people for people, not Bill Gates.


The Myth of Microsoft Security
Do Microsoft care about security? Not once they have our money. The NSA_KEY story is a red herring. You don't have to believe that they collude with the NSA, CIA and other TLAs [ three letter abbreviations ] but you should.


Bill Gates
Founded Microsoft with Paul Allen.


Paul Allen
Is the co-founder of Microsoft.


Steve Ballmer
Is the Jew who runs Microsoft now that Gates has decided to pursue other interests. His greed is like Gates', insane and unlimited. It puts him in the same league as the Jew, Berezovsky who is on the run from major fraud raps. He also manages to look utterly absurd in a video which is at Ballmer Dance Monkey Boy


Is a Linux variant and rival of Microsoft.


Microsoft Windows Is Rubbish Says London Stock Exchange [ 5 July 2009 ]
Anyone who was ever fool enough to believe that Microsoft software was good enough to be used for a mission-critical operation had their face slapped this September when the LSE (London Stock Exchange)'s Windows-based TradElect system brought the market to a standstill for almost an entire day. While the LSE denied that the collapse was TradElect's fault, they also refused to explain what the problem really was. Sources at the LSE tell me to this day that the problem was with TradElect............

It's not often that you see a major company dump its infrastructure software the way the LSE is about to do. But, then, it's not often you see enterprise software fail quite so badly and publicly as was the case with the LSE.
Microsoft abuses its monopoly to sell third rate programmes at grossly inflated prices.


Microsoft Vista Is Rubbish Says Ballmer [ 4 October 2009 ]
Microsoft's reputation has never recovered from the launch of Vista, Steve Ballmer, chief executive, said as the company gears up for the release of its latest incarnation of Windows. Microsoft continues on the acquisition trail and is likely to buy around 15 companies this year, in line with previous years, said Mr Ballmer......... The company's reputation took a beating after the release of Vista, which caused machines to stall indefinitely while deleting, copying and moving files, among many other issues.
Ballmer was not quite so direct but that is the strength of it. For the seriously in depth analysis by a genuine expert go to A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection. Vista was designed to screw the punter and achieve the impossible. See Ballmer at Ballmer Dance Monkey Boy and wonder why he is not locked up.


Windows XP Is Finishing - Time To Move To Linux  [ 7 April 2014 ]
Microsoft is all about abusing a monopoly to sell shoddy software. Linux is a freebie written by nerds for the fun of it. It is used by the Red Army, Brazil, Munich, Kerala, Portugal and others.


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