NSA is short for the National Security Agency or, sometimes No Such Agency. It does have a nice logo, a huge budget, headquarters at Fort Meade and listening posts all over the world. There is some good background at   In U.S. snooping affair, Israeli firms at risk. They are security slack amateurs.


It's Time To Break Up The NSA
Says Bruce Schneier. Bruce is right.


How the NSA Threatens National Security
again Bruce is right.


Edward Snowden
Exposed the NSA as a criminal organisation, which lies to Congress and the People.


Surveillance And Scandal
Alfred McCoy, a professor of history tells us that the NSA is being used to control politicians by blackmailing them. Sounds right to me.
PS The CIA tried to murder him for telling the truth.


NSA Whistle Blowers Talk [ 18 June 2013 ]
NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so - In a roundtable discussion, a trio of former National Security Agency whistle-blowers tell USA TODAY that Edward Snowden succeeded where they failed.

When a National Security Agency contractor revealed top-secret details this month on the government’s collection of Americans’ phone and Internet records, one select group of intelligence veterans breathed a sigh of relief.....

For years, the three whistle-blowers had told anyone who would listen that the NSA collects huge swaths [ sic - try swathes ] of communications data from U.S. citizens. They had spent decades in the top ranks of the agency, designing and managing the very data-collection systems they say have been turned against Americans. When they became convinced that fundamental constitutional rights were being violated, they complained first to their superiors, then to federal investigators, congressional oversight committees and, finally, to the news media....... And they have warnings for Snowden on what he should expect next.
Real power is the power to abuse power. That is what the NSA has. That is what Obama uses.


Skype Colluded With Illegal NSA Spies [ 21 June 2013 ]
Skype, the web-based communications company, reportedly set up a secret programme to make it easier for US surveillance agencies to access customers' information.

The programme, called Project Chess and first revealed by the New York Times on Thursday, was said to have been established before Skype was bought by Microsoft in 2011. Microsoft's links with US security are under intense scrutiny following the Guardian's revelation of Prism, a surveillance program run by the National Security Agency (NSA), that claimed "direct" access to its servers and those of rivals including Apple, Facebook and Google.......

The US spying apparatus and Silicon Valley's top tech firms are basically in the same business, collecting information on people, he said. "It's a weird symbiotic relationship. It's not that Facebook and Google are trying to build a surveillance system but they effectively have," he said. "If they wanted to, Google and Facebook could use technology to tackle the issue, anonymizing and deleting their customers' information. But that information is how they make their money, so that is never going to happen."
Regard all phones as totally compromised. Being paranoid does not mean being wrong. Your mobile is a GPS signal telling them where you are. They know who you phone. It is just the content which might not be recorded.


Israel And The NSA Scandal
The American establishment has been heavily infiltrated by Jews. Most of them are spies. They put Obama into power. He is their front man. Would you believe that the New York Times has suppressed the Israeli connection? I would. I do. The media are controlled too. But Jews sometimes tell the truth among themselves. See e.g. In U.S. snooping affair, Israeli firms at risk


NSA Endangers National Security [ 21 January 2014 ]
The NSA is a bunch of very expensive liars who did not prevent the 9/11 Job. Broken security is vulnerable to anyone. This comes from Bruce Schneier a real expert and, although not many people notice a Jew.


NSA Is A Criminal Organisation Says Julian Assange [ 10 March 2014 ]
Julian is right of course. We must act he says but not how.


GCHQ Is Not A Criminal Organisation Spying On Us It Seems  [ 10 April 2014 ]
Sir Anthony May QC PC LJ, the Information Commissioner said that:-
members of the public who do “not associate with potential terrorists or serious criminals” can be assured that the agencies do not have “the slightest interest in examining their emails, their phone or postal communications or their use of the internet.”...........

As May cleared GCHQ of any wrongdoing, Edward Snowden told the Council of Europe by a video link from Moscow on Tuesday that the NSA had targeted human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International."
Believe who you will. This is an action replay of The New Despotism, a book written by Lord Hewart of Bury, the Lord Chief Justice of England telling us that Parliament was passing abusive law to make arbitrary rule easier for Ministers. His Majesty's Government set up the Donoughmore Committee, a bunch of Socialist crooks to claim that the Lord Chief Justice didn't know what he was talking about. That was in 1929. It has gotten worse. They just don't care about the Consent Of The Governed or the Rule Of Law.


NSA Carries On With Illegal Spying   [ 10 April 2014 ]
Perhaps Sir Anthony May QC PC LJ will tell us they are not criminals either.


Everyone Is Spied On By The NSA [ 4 May 2014 ]
General Hayden [ CIA ] & Dershowitz, a loud mouthed liar & Jew who advocates torture claimed that they do not spy on everyone. Most of the audience were not stupid enough to believe them.


NSA Broke Internet Security Deliberately, With Malice Aforethought & $250 Million Budget  [ 15 May 2014 ]
You can buy a lot of high grade mathematicians with that kind of money; feed them some fairy stories about nasty, rough Islamics in order to get all the dirt on your rivals. It makes it easier for other crooks to break in.


NSA Preparing To Destroy Our Computers & The Internet [ 16 February 2015 ]
Normally, internship applicants need to have polished resumes, with volunteer work on social projects considered a plus. But at Politerain, the job posting calls for candidates with significantly different skill sets. We are, the ad says, "looking for interns who want to break things."

Politerain is not a project associated with a conventional company. It is run by a US government intelligence organization, the National Security Agency (NSA). More precisely, it's operated by the NSA's digital snipers with Tailored Access Operations (TAO), the department responsible for breaking into computers.

Potential interns are also told that research into third party computers might include plans to "remotely degrade or destroy opponent computers, routers, servers and network enabled devices by attacking the hardware."...........

Surveillance only 'Phase 0'
From a military perspective, surveillance of the Internet is merely "Phase 0" in the US digital war strategy. Internal NSA documents indicate that it is the prerequisite for everything that follows. They show that the aim of the surveillance is to detect vulnerabilities in enemy systems.
The NSA is spying on us, all of us. It is getting ready for Internet Armageddon. Why is this not reassuring? Does it mean that big Internet companies are being bullied into allowing break ins, the theft of our data? Believe it. They were very annoyed when Edward Snowden let the cat out of the bag. Ed told the truth. Be grateful for his courage.

There is encryption that slows the NSA down even if it does not keep them out entirely. GPG, TrueCrypt & TOR are the way to go.

PS Notice that Der Spiegel has been keeping us up to speed. English Main Stream Media has not.


Jew Infiltrates NSA [ 14 September 2015 ]
This story is packaged to make it appear new and anomalous that a Hasidic individual would be involved in 'the intelligence community.' The truth is that the 'intelligence' and 'security' rackets have been essential components of the rabbinic ghetto as long as there have been rabbinic ghettos.......

From http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4699709,00.html
At the age of 31, she landed like a human meteor in Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' bureau in the Pentagon, and today, at the age of 39, Anne Neuberger holds a very senior position in the National Security Agency (NSA) ...

"My family is Satmar, old style Satmar. We speak Yiddish with a Hasidic heavy accent. I grew up in Borough Park. I went to Bais Yaakov a huge girls' school of 2,000 girls and to Bais Yaakov High School," she says.
This Jew is dangerous, very dangerous. Risk management means running internal security, having access to everything, names of spies, espionage methods and she is not even American in any meaningful sense. How did she get high level security clearance or, indeed any? The NSA is broken.


The NSA Is Hoarding Vulnerabilities  [ 16 September 2016 ]
The National Security Agency [ NSA] is lying to us. We know that because of data stolen from an NSA server was dumped on the Internet. The agency is hoarding information about security vulnerabilities in the products you use, because it wants to use it to hack others' computers. Those vulnerabilities aren't being reported, and aren't getting fixed, making your computers and networks unsafe................

All of them are examples of the NSA -- despite what it and other representatives of the US government say -- prioritizing its ability to conduct surveillance over our security............. Those passwords can then be used to decrypt virtual private network, or VPN, traffic, completely bypassing the firewalls' security. Cisco hasn't sold these firewalls since 2009, but they're still in use today.........

I doubt we're going to see any congressional investigations this year, but we're going to have to figure this out eventually. In my 2014 book "Data and Goliath," I write that "no matter what cybercriminals do, no matter what other countries do, we in the US need to err on the side of security by fixing almost all the vulnerabilities we find..." Our nation's cybersecurity is just too important to let the NSA sacrifice it in order to gain a fleeting advantage over a foreign adversary.
The government is lying to us. Who would have thought it? Lots of people. It's SOP [ standard operating procedure ]


Worldwide Cyber Attacks Used NSA Weapons [ 14 May 2017 ]
A global cyber attack described as unprecedented in scale forced a major European automaker to halt some production lines while hitting schools in China and hospitals in Indonesia on Saturday, though it appeared to die down a day after its launch.

Capitalising on spying tools believed to have been developed by the U.S. National Security Agency [ NSA ], the cyber assault has infected tens of thousands of computers in nearly 100 countries, with Britain’s health system suffering the worst disruptions.

Cyber extortionists tricked victims into opening malicious malware attachments to spam emails that seemed to contain invoices, job offers, security warnings and other legitimate files.............

The ransomware encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments of $300 to $600 to restore access. Researchers observed some victims paying via the digital currency Bitcoin, though no one knows how much may have been transferred to extortionists because of the largely anonymous nature of such transactions.
The  NSA doesn't just know about Windows weaknesses; it arranges with Microsoft to put them there. In the alternative they put Gates in prison. More at The Myth of Microsoft Security.
PS Notice that the ransoms demanded are quite modest but thousands of them add up to a lot of tax free income.