Berlin Massacre

The Berlin Massacre happened on 20 December 2016. A Third World thug killed 12 people. The Main Stream Media allege that he is not a Third World parasite. They are liars with an agenda, an anti-White agenda. They are also Racists & Propaganda machines.

The silver lining in this one is that Merkel, who imported the perpetrator and a million like him has lost votes. If Brer Hun votes her back in he is a Brainwashed fool for his pains.
PS The Wikipedia has not written this one up; proof of an agenda? It is disappearing down their very own Memory Hole

Pakistani 'Refugee' Murders Nine People In Berlin - Merkel Alleges Sympathy [ 20 December 2016 ]
A Pakistani pretending to be a refugee in Germany has been identified as the hijacker of a Polish truck which plowed into a Christmas market in Berlin, Die Welt newspaper has reported. The invader arrived as a “refugee” in Germany in February 2016.

The attack took place shortly after an Islamist in Turkey publicly murdered the Russian ambassador to that country “in revenge” for the fall of Aleppo to anti-terrorist forces...............

The attack—which was immediately claimed by ISIS—follows the pattern set by the earlier attack in Nice, France, and the guidelines laid out in the ISIS magazine which spelled out how to attack crowds with trucks to cause maximum fatalities.
Merkel imported this comedian and a million more like him, men of fighting age; she did it with malice aforethought. Merkel is a Traitor, an Enemy Of The People. Why is she betraying us? She was perverted by the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies. The Trahison des Clercs, treason of the quasi-intellectuals is being used to destroy Western Civilization. If you doubt, read on.
PS The death toll has risen to a dozen.


Main Stream Media Pretend Berlin Massacre Perpetrator Was Not A Pakistani Imported By Merkel [ 20 December 2016 ]
This particular Pakistani has a number of convictions; they are just ones in Germany.


UKIP Donor Arron Banks Sparks Fury Laying Blame For Berlin Attack With Angela Merkel [ 23 December 2016 ]
A key UKIP donor has sparked anger by suggesting Angela Merkel 'might as well' have been driving the lorry that ploughed through a Christmas market in Germany [ & murdering 12 people - Editor ].

Brexit figurehead Arron Banks made the controversial remark as populists across Europe rounded on the German chancellor over her open-doors immigration policy.

Banks also said he was 'fed up with diplomacy' as he backed former UKIP leader Nigel Farage who said the attack that claimed 12 lives, was 'no surprise' and would be part of Merkel's 'legacy' 

Populists and far-right groups across Europe have seized on the truck attack in Berlin as a way to criticise Germany's immigration policy - but key players have held back on jumping to conclusions as the investigation continues............

On Wednesday Farage faced a backlash after linking the widower of British MP Jo Cox, who was assassinated by a neo-Nazi, to groups he labelled as 'extremists'.
Who are the 'furious'? The Daily Mail doesn't say but they are the usual suspects, the Hard Left, the Ultra-left, those who believe the Propaganda about White Guilt. The Mail mentions Brendan Cox, lately the husband of Jo Cox until she was killed by an honest patriot. Recall that Cox was sacked by resigned from Save The Children because he wouldn't keep his hands to himself. See Cox Husband Resigns After Women Complain
PS Save The Children, a registered charity is a criminal organisation in the business of smuggling, of Illegal Immigration.


Berlin Massacre 'Suspect' Killed By Policeman In Milan [ 23 December 2016 ]
He was complaining about the crusader airstrikes [ perpetrator, D Cameron the well known War Criminal ]. Now there are another million invaders left to sort out.